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Senior chief Musele shoots his subject

Rural News Senior chief Musele shoots his subject

Senior Chief Musele of Solwezi district has shot and wounded a suspected mentally challenged person after mistaking him for a trespasser.

The incident happened last night around 23:00 hours at the chief’s palace in Musele area.

Outgoing North-western Province Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote, confirmed to ZANIS today that Dawson Kaona, aged 54, of the same village, was shot with a revolver pistol on his right foot and left elbow and also sustained a deep cut on the forehead.

Mr Sibote said Chief Musele told Police in his statement that Mr Kaona trespassed at his palace.

He added that police found seven empty cartridges that were fired from the same pistol.

Mr Kaona, who is a suspected mentally challenged person, is admitted at Solwezi General Hospital.

Mr Sibote said police have not charged senior chief Musele but is waiting for him to avail documents for the pistol that was used in the crime.

Last month, just before the January 20 Presidential by election, senior chief Musele was found in possession of 538 national registration cards for his subjects.


  1. “…police found seven empty cartridges that were fired from the same pistol…” The chief should be caged for seven counts of attempted murder. Looks like he should train how to use a fire-arm better. He could have apprehended this unarmed man and subjected him to proper questioning/examination.

    • For sure Seven empty cartridges may tell the chief intended to kill.
      By the way, why shooting at an unarmed trespasser?

  2. This Chief is violent. This is not the first time there are gun shorts or killing of people in his chiefdom. I think the mone he was demanding unreasonably from the Minig Company has gotten to hi head. The Police should do their work and arrest him what are they waiting for

  3. Mr sibote,spare us this shame sir! 7 cartridges tell that the motive was to kill,if it was me as a police officer who did that you would have by now detained me in cells.With due respect to the law,can the DCIO immediately record warn and caution statement from that suspect for attempted murder,nama civilians baletuchila ukuntontokanya sure?an educated man like you!Lets show our people that we are here to protect every Zambian.

  4. @SPOTLESS ZEBRA muli bapuba..read and learn how can a membership card be compared to a national registration card..the id1ot was found with nrc’s and not the stup1d1ty you are displaying.

  5. Some of the short where just warning shorts. When he did not move that is when he short to immobilise him. That is allowed.

  6. Too much power vested on chiefs. How can he hold the NRC during voting time. Bullying or what??? His subjects BUT not his kids : )

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