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Abandoned, abused girl: Where are the NGOs?

General News Abandoned, abused girl: Where are the NGOs?

Dear Editor,

I am saddened to learn that a girl who was defiled by her father while she was bed-ridden in the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) in Lusaka,has been abandoned and is depending on nurses and other well-wishers for survival.

We have countless non-governmental organisations that are championing the agenda of women who are expected to take an interest in such cases.These NGOs receive huge amounts of money from foreign and local donors to help the vulnerable, but are not helping victims of sexual abuse.

Most cases of child sexual abuse remain unreported because of lack of safe homes for the victims who are brave enough to come out and report the cases.We have seen enough workshops and heard enough champagne popping talk from the women movement.

It is time to invest part of your funding in the construction or acquisition of safe homes where victims of abuse can take refuge when they decide to speak out or leave abusive relationships.

Wisdom Kaunda,

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  1. The NGO’s are busy organising seminars to how to stop Gender Based Violence GBV.After that they will collect their hefty allowances and fly to Dubai or Turkey for shopping. ..Very sad indeed!!!!

    • This is one of those occasions that I agree with MUSHOTA.

      The heading of this article is an embarrassment. If the author of this article is concerned, why cant he/she start by funding raising for this girl or indeed do something about this issue, such as finding the girl a better home.

      As much as NGO do help, there is only much they can do. Even in the western developed world, NGO cannot pick up every child that is abused. Social Services which run by governments fail too.

    • Mushota.At times it pays to take time to read through an article before you react.The author of the article is clearly stating that there are specialized NGOs who go out to donors with a begging bowl for funding which they claim will be used for vulnerable girl children and get funded.The case of the young lady in UTH is a classic example of a victim who needs such support.Women are very vocal in demanding for appointment to decision making positions.Let them show the same vigor in helping out that UTH ABUSED young lady.

    • @Mushota, try to use your head to respond to statements, rather than use your arse to respond. How do you know the author has the resources to adopt the abandoned girl?


    • NGOs have become a way of getting rich. Most of these so called do gooders are not really interested in helping the powerless and the less privileged. The mandate of the NGOs is to speak on behalf of the less fortunate but do they. Show me an NGOs that does! The face of NGOs has changed now people are in it for the funding!

  2. There are many people who would support a good cause, that being the safe houses and all but in Zambia, NGOs are personal organisations run like a family business. Whatever monies are donated to these organisations is used to build multiple mansions for those on top and they are accountable to no one.
    YWCA, this is your case. Step up to the plate.

    • Mushota use your head. Even if this girl was to be adopted it would not resolve the issue of abuse. This is an issue to be dealt with the relevant governmental department, relevant NGOs and the community.
      Adopting someone who has been abused is no easy thing especially in a country where the support services are so bad.
      You have no empathy is what I can gather from your answer.

  3. Zambians are a greedy people. i was shocked also, they stupid ngos all the do is talk talk talk and criticize, thats what they are good at. instead of offering help to the girl all they were saying is arrest the father what about the child who is going to take care of them. zambia will never develop because of our greedy attitude. no wonder mushota always talks ill abt zambia.

  4. And if Wisdom Kabwe is just a fellow concerned teenager, how do you expect him to adopt her? I am afraid the proliferation of news has made us cold hearted and we look at something like this as just one of those and move on. It is not surprising that nowadays people will take out cellphones first to take pictures before attempting any form of rescue.

  5. Kaunda has a point. NGO’s lets see part of your money be spent on vulnerable like this young lady rather concentrating on your pockets and your nuclear family members.

    We call that ‘voice for voiceless’ well done and keep it up…

  6. Can Maureen Mwanawasa return the money she looted to support this hopeless girl instead of flirting with HH all over Zambia?

  7. Ba Kaunda you came up like someone with an immediate solution to this girl’s problem yet you too have offered no help just like the same NGOs you are condeming. The only person who cares for this girl is the same father period whom she accused of abusing her.

  8. Head of state is busy enjoying the game of pool at the expense of his people, Zambians ask yourselves what Dizzy has gone to think about on his holiday what nonsense is this you people?

  9. The same NGO made sure the father is jailed, now they have gone in hiding, why cant they took up the same job the father was doing until she gets better?

  10. Don’t say a girl who was defiled but ” a girl who was suspected to have been defiled ” iwe kafundisha. That girl seems to be a mental case. How do you explain a situation where she claims that the father used to sleep with her under the bed in the ward? These are all hallucinations

  11. NGO’s should not receive funding directly, but through government ( I know, I know). But there is severe misappropriation, and unaccountability for funds given to them

    It’s scarcely conceivable that none of them have responded to this matter.

  12. so where do they take the donated money? when the father was arrested these NGOs should have realized that the child will have nowhere to go. I don’t even think they are visiting her..by the way have any one seen a thin woman in these NGOs.

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