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Davies Chama accuses Kabimba of leaving PF coffers empty

Headlines Davies Chama accuses Kabimba of leaving PF coffers empty

Wynter Kabimba
Wynter Kabimba

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Chama says former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba left the ruling party’s coffers empty when he was fired.

Mr Chama says people should therefore begin to question where Mr Kabimba has suddenly gotten the money to fund his Rainbow party.

Mr. Chama has told QFM News in an interview that after Mr. Kabimba was fired he did not leave any handover notes or leave anything in the party’s account when the party was and is still running the poverty reduction department, research bureau and other companies.

He says Mr. Kabimba has bought vehicles for his party while, he as the current party Secretary General is still paying for a vehicle that Mr. Kabimba purchased when he was Secretary General of the ruling party.

Mr. Chama says there is need for Mr Kabimba to be investigated thoroughly.

But Mr. Kabimba when contacted for a comment, Mr Kabimba who is Rainbow party President says the Patriotic Front should write to him if they have any issues that they need to clarify with him.

He says he has no time for debates with the PF but has time for serious work.

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  1. Kabimba has always been like that! When he was Kitwe town clerk a lot of money was not accounted for but he got away with because of support from people like Michael Sata!

  2. I think Chama is the dullest SG in the world.Kabimba was fired and didn’t just leave own his own.someone fired at a rally in solwezi and you expect to have time to hand over anything as if he voluntarily resign??didn’t you even search his house a day after he was fired?

    • Beautiful moma I don’t think Davies Chama is a co- accused. The man is always dressed in that same jacket. He looks like he doesn’t have two pennies to rub together. Have you ever seen him look smart? He is paying for the car that Kabimba bought while he was SG. Any idea what car Chama drives that is taking him so long to pay off?

  3. Davis Chama; the Great Disfigured Facial Mask goes for our man…. until now???…there is something really wrong with Bemba IQ mwe…Muleke kunyenga nokulya bakolwe…Some chaps from Kolwestan Zoo are actually worse than ebola diarrhea (amafi ya bulwlwe bwa ebola …ukuplomya !!

    • When did Chama become sound minded and sane…people are expecting far too much from him…please the man has the smallest brain in PF

  4. Where were you when he was emptying the cofers. You must be dull!! You expect him to come and handover to you where you were not around when he was fired. Dull person.

  5. Ba Chama,stop finger pointing.Tell the Chinese to give you money.You are the SG of the party in power & with a “powerful” ministerial portfolio.

  6. While this is a party matter it is of public interest since we need leaders that are aspiring for political office to show probity in public service. Instead firing aimlessly at Kabimba, Chama should commission an audit of party accounts and bring the Party Treasurer (who is still their member ) to book and then he can level well founded charges against Kabimba.PF,please evolve and follow procedures, that is why Wynter is asking you to write to him.

    • Maybe Chama does not know procedures? Is this man educated or is he another cadre elevated to position of SG? He looks dull.

  7. Mr. Chama should be a very dull someone. Kabimba was fired and besides he was not the treasurer of your party. How did he empty…. unless monies in your party are treasured by SG.

  8. Bamudala ba Chama apa pena mwafaula. Do not make statements that will beef up Kabimba…the PF has run a successful presidential campaign. Surely if the coffers were empty, how did we do it?

  9. Where have you been all this time? The gentleman has got lots of friends plus the proceeds from the oil deals which you allowed then. Do you have short memories? Why didn’t you bring in auditors then, when he was fired with immediate effect?

  10. Kabimba is a bit smarter than most chaps in PF and hence he has looted the loot and they will discover nothing. All the business transaction he did with the late president were under his name and his businesses. So when he was fired he simply fired the other partners in their businesses. He became a sole beneficiary. Chama try something else you are on a losing side!

    • Never. Kabimba is a thief. Ask Kitwe and Lusaka city council. He sold himself houses in Kitwe and Lusaka.
      He is a thief. Open investigations and allow people to come and testify, you will be shocked

  11. Yes, let’s hang him upside down, and see what drops out of his pockets!

    I must say, it’s surprising where Zambian politicians get their riches from! How much money can you steeeeal from your people!

    • When a Zambian is a politician he becomes rich suddenly. Where does the money come from? It is not always from the salary!

  12. Leave my president alone. I support him fully, how do u expect him to hand over with those rational emotions from pf morons ? Just make yo money without him, which I doubt. Winter was a think tank no wonder you are now crying. I wonder if the late president fired him, or was just induced to do so without him being not sure. Did u hear any word against winter from Mr. Sata after he was fired? Just thinking. Rainbow is coming.

  13. And receiving all and sundry in Mfuwe so that the public does not see the comings and goings. The truth will out someday!

  14. Bt mr chama sir am still waitin 4 my appointment,whats all this? I campaigned vigorously evrywhere even on this site bt up2 nw no appointment

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