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Kambwili assures employees at the Times of Zambia about their salary arrears

Economy Kambwili assures employees at the Times of Zambia about their salary arrears

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

NEWLY-APPOINTED Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili has assured employees at the Times of Zambia that they will soon be paid their salary arrears and has urged them to continue working hard.

Mr Kambwili said that he would ensure that salaries for Times Printpak employees were paid. He was speaking shortly after being sworn-in at State House yesterday.

“I am very much aware that employees at the Times of Zambia have gone for months without being paid,” Mr Kambwili said. “I can assure them that they will be paid their salary arrears, I will not tolerate a situation where I am paid my salary while my employees are not.”

The minister also said he would not tolerate journalists promoting tribalism in the newsrooms through their reporting because it was becoming the Government’s concern, which if the trend was left unchecked could cause serious repercussions in the country.

He said Zambia had enjoyed 50 years of peace and would not allow the media through their reporting to plunge the country into turmoil.

Mr Kambwili asked the media to be responsible in their reporting and avoid mudslinging but concentrate on reporting development issues and bringing to the attention of the Government matters that would need urgent attention.

“Stop this reporting based on hate and selfish motives, report responsibly and everyone will respect you,” Mr Kambwili said. “I warn you all, especially the online publications who are fond of reporting fiction stories. I will involve the FBI and CIA to clump them down.”

Newly-appointed Lands and Natural Resources Minister Christabel Ngimbu said she would ensure that Zambians were given priority in land issues and expressed happiness that women had been given opportunities to prove themselves.

Education Minister Michael Kaingu said he was happy that he was the new Education minister and would ensure that serious concerns were addressed.

“I will have to consult with everyone. That is a big ministry, I am just new but can assure you that this is a serious ministry and needs quality education,” Dr Kaingu said.


  1. Congrats Honorable Ministers. You need to up your game so that come 2016 we bury this Mujahideen party (Ingombe Illede) together with its unclean and scruffy terrorist. They need to crawl back to their caves these 17 century cattle herders

    • Where is kambwili going to find the money to pay Times of Zambia employees when Sata himself failed to pay the workers promptly for three years?

      Kambwili’s mouth is faster than his brains. He suffers from mouth diarrhoea.

      Times of Zambia should be just be sold off period.

      Very soon ZAMTEL workers will not be getting their money on time as the company is broke and will have to wait for government grants.

    • Get more fat you pig, all this bandits are coming back and you what to develop? PF ALL THE BANITS. How can RB and lungu be friends from different party? scared going to jail with all the money the stole? henry Banda the most wanted person 6 months ago the most wanted person in Zambia and now best friends with lungu? Congolese govern was one of the most wanted person during mwanawasa time and now there best friends with lungu? Xavier chungu killed wezi Kaunda , Paul Tambo even the late form air force commander . Planes come into Zambia getting wild animals and horns for lvory and those bandits making money. barlostland agreement is not vaild anymore we are tired with foolish people in power.

    • Please tell HEECL to seriously look at the drug shortages and fire that incompetent minister of health. People are dying!

    • @1 should be found and get deleted, those are kind of people who will make our LT shut-down. How can you write such stuff on the PF?

    • Hon. Kambwili should have been appointed Minister of Agriculture and NOT a sensitive portfolio like Information. He would have done well under a One Party State dictatorship or oppressive regimes like those in Zimbabwe, Angola, DRC, Swaziland etc. You will notice that countries enjoying freedom of speech are also doing well economically i.e. Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania etc,

      As a Zambian I still beg the President to reconsider if he genuinely wants to unite Zambians. Just look at postings made by zemuntu (@1), Gen, Kudos, and Haleisa Haleisa. Such characters claim to be PF. We can only know such enemies of peace through freedom of expression which Minister Kambwili has vowed to kill.

  2. EL.. You are doing fine. Kambwili’s appointment leaves no room of him joining the cartel. However, he must be watched very closely so that confidential matters do not reach the cartel. You are my President at least for now and you are under assessment for the marks of the 2016 General elections. God bless Zambia

  3. Where is Kambwili going to get the money from? He shojld pledge not to accept his own pay u til these poor people are paid. Actually no member of this circus cabinet sho uhh ld get paid u til government has settled all its salary obligations to all workers that it owe arrears. Lets see how they would like to go months witn out being paid. Lets see how mr PROPAGANDA will take that.

    • why should he appoint your tribe when you didnt vote for him . you will keep on crying .zambia is bigger than your tribe kwata baba.

  4. Just Hot air from the Propaganda Chief, Big K!
    Surely in a Democracy that’s healthy, not the flawed P.F, version, freedom of speech is a must. If online papers write,/ publish garage, Zambian’s are clever enough to see through lies.
    Unfortunately Big Propaganda K, does not perceive matters this way. His way is rapid fire Verbal diarrhoea, & engaging of his thick fists!
    We all know how he engaged his mouth & thick fists against some FIFA Referees in the past.
    This is why I’m not confident with Lungu as leader. How on earth does he tell us, he will not condone violence in his Government, then promptly appoint a Violent Unrepentant Thug to head a top ministry??
    Big Propaganda K, is NOT, & will Never embrace Democracy.

  5. what else do u want kanshi? if he said there is no money, you would have said, you see, he is a dictator, he promises to give you want you want then you start saying, were is he going to get the money. are you aware that the top management always gets there salaries and allowances on time despite others not getting. that being the case, money is there and all should get at the same time period. Even in most councils this is what happens. financial directors set wrong priorities.

    some of you are speaking out of hatred and we know you. you are not going to influence us for bad, we know what this man is capable of doing because we have seen it and we will support him.

    some of you are the same pipo submitting comments under different names we know you.

  6. And meanwhile Lungu is Angola bound….ifintu ni Lungu…ni Lungu chabe.

    Zambia is truly a failed state.PF has failed

    • He is the wrong man.and such a portfolio never exists in democracies such as USA Germany Britain even south africa. It’s a Soviet Union ministry which you are still hanging on to just to give friends and syncophants like Kambwili jobs.

  7. Tribalism is backward thinking , and not democracy , but narrow mindedness it has no room in this country , he who wants to promote it must go and promote it in his village not in lusaka or copperbelt ; and he has no need to participate in national issues he belongs to the past world , his time has expired; good Kambwili we dont want to hear that stinking language again in zambia. one zambia one nation

  8. If you call them dogs then you are wase of, if you can be ruled by dogs then you should be an ***** or stinking fool , and better you leave this nation go where you fit to live zambia cannot be your home

    • These dogs have forced their way to the government. Zombies help them get there, after they were promised governmen positions! We did not vote for these dogs and fat pigs!! This is why Zambia is going down while young nations like Rwanda have learned from their past tribalism mistakes and is now an economically thriving force to reckon with!! Zambia is being ruled by corrupt kaponyas in this day and age???

  9. First of all Times is not a national problem. You politicians have made it into one. Because you want Times to be your mouthpiece so you insist on giving it money from the national treasury. Just privatise Times and let it solve it’s own problems. The govt cannot be owning media in a democracy! That is not consistent with democratic practice. It’s understandable for govt to own ZESCO but not times, Daily mail ZNBC

  10. Chichishimba Kambwili is too over-zealous about everything! I bet he rushes in everything without using his brains! A real man should learn to take his time! No woman likes a one-minute man, especially if you are that ugly!!

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