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Kambwili dismisses Kabimba’s DPP accusations

General News Kambwili dismisses Kabimba’s DPP accusations

President Lungu talks Information minister Chishimba Kambwili shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Lungu talks Information minister Chishimba Kambwili shortly before departure at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Angola on February 13,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Government has described as baseless the accusations by Rainbow party president Winter Kabimba that it is framing Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito to cover up former President Rupiah Banda’s alleged criminality.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili said the accusations are not only baseless but also unexpected of a man of Mr. Kabimba’s background.

Mr. Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said government has no hand whatsoever in the arrest of Mr Nchito yesterday just as it has no hand in the arrest of any citizen for that matter.

He said as former Minister of Justice, State Counsel and politician who once held prominent positions in the ruling party it is expected of Mr. Kabimba to exercise the highest levels of integrity, truth and professionalism in his comments on national issues.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today Mr Kambwili said President Edgar Lungu is leading a disciplined and law abiding Government that will never stoop low as to prescribe to the courts of law.

He urged Mr. Kabimba to do his homework adding that the case against Mr. Nchito has been raised by a private citizen saying government therefore has no hand in it.


  1. Kambwili thinks Zambians are so stupid to believe what he is saying, How can a simple citizen force the arrest of DPP.
    But knowing Zambian they will fall for this. Lungu is being told what to do by RB and we all know this.

    • @ BANTU notate. You obviously do not know the law. There is a provision for any private citizen to swear a complaint before a magistrate. The magistrate if satisfied that there is basis for trial will then issue an arrest warrant. This is what happened in this case. Private citizens can even in some cases effect what is called “citizen’s Arrest”. Do your research before exposing your ignorance. Please do not spread your ignorance.

    • Kambwili is at it again. Responding to and addressing everything. He is a moving one man parliament, court, council all in one. I don’t think there will EVER BE A DAY when we will not hear from him from now on.
      This man is something out of a text book. I have to say, his kind should have become extinct together with the dinosaurs.

    • I agree with your sentiments. The office of the DPP is a constitutional office. If the DPP is deemed to have done something wrong, the thing to do is set up a tribunal that should ascertain that indeed he has before he is arrested.
      RB at work……

    • Your comments are baseless and childish. That is why Your HH could not get into plot 1. You need to research before you comment. If you do your research, you will find that a number of successful petitions by private citizens in this country have taken place.

      Your baseless and childish criticism, which are a result of jealousy, and hate for Lungu will not work. You just need to rebrand your thinking, party and your HH. As things are and you do not change, forget UPND ever going anywhere politically. It is a dead end, which was unfortunately created by its own membership. Have you heard about suicide bombers? This is true for HH and his supporters. They are bombing themselves. Then you are blaming other for your own mess. What a shame.

    • What is wrong with Yebo Nkosi? The issue of DPP and you bring in UPND/HH. The information Minister is responding to Kabimba..and whatever Bantu Botatwe said has nothing to do with UPND/HH. Let us respect each other’s views and if we have to differ we have disagree with respect.

    • Cisi, I am also asking a similar question, if we want the Judiciary to be independent, why should people accuse President Lungu for the arrest of Nchito. What is the justification in this developing story that RB is controlling President Lungu? To be fair, ask these guys the same question you have asked me.

      It is for this reason that I believe people trying to throw whatever they find dirty at Lungu to the those he defeated in the recent elections. So it is only another way of venting their frustration and anger at him. Which I equally do not find to be fair.

    • We better be thoughtful in our public comments, or else our actions become repugnant to the Constitution. Attorney General found with criminal issues must not be insulated from facing legal suits by citizen. We can learn from the USA where former Attorney General John Ashcroft was made to leave his office early for failing the constitution due to many oversights. The likes of Kabimba are only promoting criminality which if tolerated can lead Zambia in ignominious chapters of our national history. Set up a tribunal now and let Nchito clear his name clean and fair. It’s dangerous to have an AG who has many criminal issues around his neck. How does he preside over our criminal law? DPP has security of tenure but is not an absolute immunity from the lawsuit if he turns out a criminal.

    • You know in bible times people hated Jesus so much that now every one is worshiping him. The one you hate most will be the only one honoured. Leave EL.

  2. Kambwili knows no bounds, he will make Amos Chanda’s job difficult and will collide head-on with the other show-off called Davis Chama, the PF secretary general.

    • Kambwili needs a job description that will create boundaries. From, the day he was appointed he has been making comments. The only time our ears rested was when he was waiting for his appt.

    • @ for el

      If Kambwili 1diocy you can qualify as “very sober and intellectual” then I must congratulate you on your achievement of becoming leading “intelligentsia” voice of your party.

    • You must be an imbecile if you don’t appreciate the consequences of arresting a DDP. That is why there is a provision in the constitution on the removal of DPP . The president should constitute a tribunal and not every jim and jack who has been paid can go and arrest a DPP. Why didn’t Nguni file his complaints when Sata was alive?

  3. DPP case has RB signature all over it. Only the uninitiated and gullible will believe Hon. Kambwili. Mr Nguni was issuing out instructions to the Police. Surely a private citizen has such powers. Wow this case will burn fingers for sure. DPP has security of tenure and although I don’t think Mutembo is as holy as he wants us to believe, it’s better to allow him live out his tenure

    • I disagree with you. Instead of debating presumed guilt or innocence of DPP, the issue at hand is “due process of law”.

    • eAnalyst, I like your short but very powerful statement. It is about the cause and not the effect.

      The cause is that the DPP has got allegations which he has got to answer to. This time round it just happens that the name of that DPP is Mutembo Nchito, whom the Post and cartel do not want to see arrested. On the same reasoning, a former heard of state had his immunity stripped without being heard and when the matter was before the courts of law. The reasoning then was that let RB prove innocence if he truly is.

      We the public this time also contend that let the DPP prove innocence if he truly is, in the face of 14 billion Kwacha owed to the Zambians. The money the DPP does not deny getting but refuses to pay back by taking us for granted. We need the money back, like yesterday.

  4. Ba kambwili don’t forget how desperate you were when lungu delayed to appoint you. In fact you had a leg in each faction, Now we know why you are in politics. You are indeed a lucky fela. Uletola no bwapona.

  5. Some issues,its better to just watch.This drama started when RB decided to support Edgar.I said it at another fora that the cartel will be in problem once Edgar wins and I did advise them to support HH but they ignored by advice and started attacking UPND by using tribalism as a weapon.RB was forced out of retirement with a view of hitting back at the cartel and he will stop at nothing but seeing that Membe,Nchito,Kabimba, Mathani and their supporters are punished.For now,I’m enjoying the drama.I also hate mmembe and the post or is it the past newspaper.

    • Hatred is an extremely strong feeling of dislike for someone or something. Hatred kills. In Zambia we are a nation full of hatred. As a people we hate each other for no apparent reason. Bembas hate Tongas for no apparent reason. Mkandasenga and the likes of him hate Mmembe and the Post for no apparent reason. The catholics priests led by Archbishop Mpundu and the late Fr. Mwebe hated President Mwanawasa to his death for no apparent reason. RB hates Dr. Mathani for no apparent reason. The Post and Mmembe hate HH and RB for no apparent reason. Sata hated Kanyatamanga for unexplained reasons. Kaunda and Chiluba mutually hated each other for no apparent reason. Miriam hates her step mother for no apparent reason. Etc… Hatred is bad and destructive. Love builds. Let us love each other.

  6. The DPP is in trouble, as expected kabwamba has committed soon another will follow suit, the main bally with the tabloid can’t comment but works really hard to manage issues in the back ground.. We r watching you closely..

  7. Iwe Fat Albert Kambwili, who do you take the people of Zambia for. Do you think we are as thick as you? Of course this case is politically motivated as Kabimba has rightly pointed out. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to see this. Instead of concentrating on developing this impoverished country Lungu and his cohorts are busy trying to settle scores, How truly sad for our country!!

    • Why not ask same question to EL. As the minister of Justice he was instructing AG and SG to fight “tooth and nail” to prevent cases against him reaching the Court.

  8. You as a citizen can effect what is called a citizens arrest. The DPP is no exception. The only protection the DPP has is that he cannot be removed from office even by the President. Suppose Nchito murders someone, are you saying he cannot be prosecuted? Needless to say Nchito, Mmembe & Co worked hard to ensure the former DPP Nchenga was removed from office. Oh I nearly forgot, they did the same to the other one who later died.

  9. Isn`t this the same Nguni Mr Lungu used to sure Guy scot over his presidency a few months ago . Nguni is a hired gun in the back ground the real men are pushing . Why not finishing Rupiya Banda`s issues of oil procurement before zeroing the task force head?

    You should remember Rupiya does not like task force that`s how Chiluba and the rest their issues were thrown away.

    In the it is Zambia economy which bleeds every time over few selfish individuals

    • Do you realise that we are owed 14 billion Kwacha by the man you are defending?

      To put it into perspective, Zambia wants to construct 600 clinics. and K14 billion can do 0.7% of that project.

      Is it not true that part of the money can reduce poverty?

  10. @HU
    This is same Nguni who declared Lungu president at the PF general conference in Kabwe. and don’t know how much this guy is being paid to do all these things.Kambwili as typical bemba dunderhead just yapping ignore him please before his fellow illiterates insults us

  11. Amano mambulwa I agree with you! We are nation of haters. But not only are we haters but we are also petty, jealous and seemingly frustrated for whatever reasons. We never want to see someone doing well. We will eat their food and drink with them but meanwhile we are stabbing the other in the back. That is why this country is in the state it is in. We call ourselves a Christian nation but the things that go on in this country are shocking and unbelievable. We are also extremely vindictive. This has been seen many times in the corridors of power!

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