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Lungu pledges completion of Benguela Railway line

Economy Lungu pledges completion of Benguela Railway line

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu says government will ensure that the Benguela Railway line linking Zambia to Angola is completed.

The President says the completion of the railway line was important so that it can enhance the economies between the two countries.

During his presidential address to the National Assembly of Angola today, President Lungu said the railway line will provide the much needed link to the sea as identified by SADC and AU under the Lobito Corridor Infrastructure Initiative.

President Lungu arrived in Angola today on a two-day official visit accompanied by the First Lady Esther.

And President Lungu says the conclusion of the bilateral Air Services Agreement in 2014 had allowed for the operation of commercial flights between the two countries which will increase the movement of people and goods.

Mr Lungu said strides have also been taken between the two countries to connect the waterways through the Shango’mbo-Rivunga canal project which will span a distance of 10 kilo metres and provide a vital link for trade and passenger transport.

President Lungu also acknowledged the role that Angola is playing not only within SADC but also in the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region where Angola currently holds the chairmanship.

Mr Lungu re-affirmed Zambia’s support to Angola’s relentless efforts as the two countries strive to reach a lasting solution to the situation in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC.


    • I hope that when he comes back, he will not travel again any time soon. He doesn’t have much time till the next polls. Deal with the local issues first before 2016. Delegate some of the Geo-political matters to your ministers especially if those matters directly affect their ministries. Good luck still, no one can change the fact that you are the 6th President.

    • How will you pay for that’s ? Zambia railways has know trains . Check how old the rains are ? Not even safe for people on those trains . ARE you GOING running to Europe for more money ? But you were swearing at guy scott go back to your country . While ask money from Zimbabwe since lungu and Bob are friends

  1. Talk is cheap. Anyone can say that. We are more interested in what is done. You have lied from us and even stolen from us and your clients as a lawyer. Once a thief always a thief.

    • You are bitter just because you lost. Someone also stole from our mines. If I were to ask a question, who has not stolen anything from childhood, no matter how you consider it insignificant? Check your own life, how many people have you wronged or cheated? My friends, we are all no angels, but flesh and blood.

      I know it is bad to lose but you just have let go things you cannot control. There is a lot in life to enjoy than living a bitter and jealousy life. It will only eat you away.

      Smile and enjoy life. Listen to some good music or watch a good movie. Most important, read your Bible. You could be find something interesting by reading proverbs and Psalms. Stay blessed. God loves you. Speak back to Him in prayer and He will take away your anxieties.

  2. Excited about Edgar globetrotting….Edgar is in Angola on personal business pretending to be working for Zambia and dull cadres are still living in poverty.
    Viva Edgar as if you will benefit anything from his Kamwendo munjila trips..Nada…Zero…
    He is busy making deals for himself chapwa

    • Putting Zambia on the world map….?????????? By visiting Angola… .what type of thinking is this and yet his own people can’t afford a decent meal or even basic medical care????????

  3. Only in Zambia where as soon a president gets elected he jumps on a plane to visit places outside his country. This guy is on a mission to make personal deals. It’s written all over. Meanwhile, Zambians are just idle

  4. In a shortest period of time…Edgar will be one of the richest president in Africa…he started dealing with Angola way before he became President..mwalaba shani?????

    • Sorry ZWD, you have always failed. Your tactics do not work. EL has beaten you several times. Give up losers. You have just become empty noisy tins.

      Your HH and UPND needs rebranding. Stop wasting time on fighting Lungu. Start working on you Party and HH’s weakness.

    • @Zambian watchdog, thumbs up. Let’s move on guys the results came out and he won, you have more time to politics than doing your own things get over it. Don’t tell me your so called HH never stole in his life. You can say anything but this guy for now he is the prez, I didn’t vote for him, I never wanted him to be the prez, neither did I want HH, but being a zambia , I would like to suport whoever is in the office and suport good work and hoping we can move forward. Speaking yo you on a good understanding level, these politicians are one and the same, so if you aren’t a politician and you just follow what they say, you will de disappointed when you put another one in the office. As for now we can only hope for the better, he is the prez.Lets suport what he is doing, you don’t have to.

  5. Choma what can we do you know us Zambians are humble people who don’t like demonstrations. Kuikala pa talala is what we have in common Bemba, Tonga or lenje!

    God for us all dear we really don’t care. Actually have never cared. We might even give to Mulyokela soon.

  6. At last The Almighty God has blessed Zambia with a humble, smart, caring, and progressive president. Zambia will definitely develop tenfold with this guy. I’m excited for the first time to see what unfolds in the next couple years. Viva ECL … God bless you and Mama Esther.

    • Visiting the toilet is normal for a normal human being. Going to the toilet is more enjoyable than being bitter that HH lost and hating Lungu.

  7. I thought he was witnessing the reopening of the Benguela Railway as completed by Angola, DRC and China? Now he claims Zambian government will finish it? Does he mean the last few km into Copperbelt? Problem ya news, reporting what the President said and nothing else. Just check Wikipedia if you want to know the facts about the Benguela Railway (minus what the President says)

  8. Kavindele has been working on that for years….why don’t you just say your govt will work with the stakeholders to see this project through instead of lying to the gullible cadres by politicking.

    • Please refer to Indicator Malama who seems to have the facts right. The Benguela rail line connects Ndola and Lobito Bay passing through the DRC and is an old line which was damaged during the Angolan civil war. Kavidele’s railway line does not pass through the DRC but passes through North Western Province and is a completely new rail line.

  9. The Benguela corridor is a good initiative that must be supported by all progressive individuals. It’ll bring about immense opportunities to grow our regional economies and the impacts on our industries will be buoyant. Alternative export and import route for our goods, a boost for our agricultural industry, increased trade and hopefully we can source cheaper oil from Angola whether crude or refined. This should surely have a positive trickle even to the sulking bloggers!

  10. Instead of being sulky and negative, look at what YOU can do with the warm relations to Angola. Most ‘graduates’ are indeed pathetic. Let’s create employment instead of perpetually awaiting and pointing fingers at government. This is what perpetuates poverty, always waiting for a government ‘job’ with illustrious CVs!Reminds me of ‘adults’ who can’t move out of parental homes, still regarded as a ‘child’- Muchinje!!!

  11. The cycle of poverty can not be broken by petty mindedness. As long as people continue to wait for government to do everything, we shall continue to be employed and therefore limited in economic growth and personal achievements. The pathetic noises that we make are a product of our defective thinking. Retirement age,benefits/pension,exploitation from foreign investors- all anchored on the shoulders of a government. Always looking for some one to blame and expecting some “super politician” to solve our problems and in the process kick up some tribal talk to mask our shortfalls! When all fails, we retreat to religion- no wonder a lot of churches! Let us be responsible enough,start our own ventures and employ,pay taxes and ask government to lay a favourable playing field in favour of…

  12. Is this crazy building a railway in Bangweulu Wetlands? People are doing tremendous work in that region and someone with no vision of the negative impacts towards an eco-systems and habitat is eager to destroy it. If you don’t care for ecosystems and untapped lands have someone educate you on the benefits. Madame Jean Kapata where are you and ZAWA in all this. I’m a local and oppose this and my right should be heard. It’s not always about destroying Mr. President but conservation. Is this the reason someone from Angola was in Zambia? Let’s think environmental, economic and social sustainability here for a second. A railway will result in deforestation which adds to climate change. We need a Feasibility Study ASAP! http://www.african-parks.org/Park_3_Bangweulu+Wetlands,+Zambia.html

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