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Grade 12 results are out, pass rate rise by 14.1%


A TOTAL of 66,971 pupils out of 119,862 candidates who sat for grade 12 examinations last year have passed, representing a 14.1 percentage increase over the 2013 examinations.

Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Michael Kaingu said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the figure represents a 55.8 percent pass rate.

“A total of 122,056 candidates entered for the examination, out of whom 54,236 were female and 67,823 male. This represents an increase of 14.1 percent on the 106,956 candidates that entered for the same examination in 2013,” Dr Kaingu said.

“Out of the 122,056 candidates that entered for the examination for the 2014 examination, a total of 119,862 candidates sat for the examination, of whom 53,173 were girls and 66,689 were boys,” he said.

The minister said Southern, Luapula, Central and Eastern provinces have recorded an increase in the pass rate.

Dr Kaingu further said the other six provinces recorded a sharp decline in the pass rate.

He also said a total of 2,197 candidates were absent from the examination, representing a marginal decrease in absenteeism rate from two percent in 2013 to 1.8 percent last year.

Dr Kaingu said all provinces recorded a decline in absenteeism except Muchinga and Luapula.

He expressed concern at the low pass rate and directed officials in the ministry to investigate the matter.


    • THIS IS VERY BAD… VERY BAD INDEED. So, almost half of the pupils that sat for Grade 12 EXAMS last year have FAILED? What sort of future can this country look up to? No wonder we’re now sending children to countries like Botswana, Namibia and South Africa when it was quite the OPPOSITE in our days! This is a disgrace and should be declared a NATIONAL DISASTER.
      1. Poor and low quality teacher training
      2. Lack of Career teachers (those that whole-heartedly chose the profession) as opposed to those who had it as their last option after failing to whatever else they’d longed for.
      3. Poor teaching standards: Very high Teacher/Pupil ratio, poor learning environment e.g. Over crowding,
      4. INDISCIPLINE Among both teachers and pupils – teachers’ silly sexual relationships…

  1. By FAR the best best news from Homeland, the worst is Chishimba still in Cabinet. He better join the weight loss program, he’ll be too heavy to be air lifted to SA.

    • Tiyokoooo kapulikobe! That is one area (leakage) where we as a nation had congratulated John Phiri. He seemed to have stemmed the leaks. Unless you say you got some for your grandfather doing GCE in Shaibila?

  2. I’m truly happy for those 66,971 youngsters. This pass of their grade 12 exam will be a good boost to their self esteem. While it lasts. On the down side, today’s Zambian economy will not accommodate even half of them. Like the man said, it’s like having a million dollars in your pocket, lost at sea in the middle of the pacific ocean.

  3. teachers in zambia are not serious, out of 100% teachers in zambia 14.6% who’re serious the lest 85.4% are not serious, to them as long as there getting payed that so, they dont care about the rate of pupils of passed and the failure rate they dont care?

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