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LAZ told to leave President Lungu out of Mutembo Nchito’s saga

Headlines LAZ told to leave President Lungu out of Mutembo Nchito’s saga

Livingstone High Court judge Gaudentia Milimo Salasini (lef) and DPP Mutembo Nchito (right) interacting during the 3rd International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) Conference for the Africa-India Ocean Region in Livingstone at Zambezi Sun Hotel
Livingstone High Court judge Gaudentia Milimo Salasini
(lef) and DPP Mutembo Nchito (right) interacting during the 3rd
International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) Conference for the
Africa-India Ocean Region in Livingstone at Zambezi Sun Hotel

THE Law Association of Zambia should leave President Edgar Lungu out of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito’s saga and allow the judiciary to operate independently without any external forces, Evangelical Youth Alliance International president Reverend Moses Lungu has said.

Rev. Lungu said LAZ should instead be in the forefront of guiding the nation on the next move to protect the office of the DPP from public odium.

Commenting on LAZ’s president George Chisanga’s appeal to President Lungu to intervene in the arrest of Mr Nchito, Rev Lungu wondered where the independence of the judiciary would be if the association which had been in the forefront of asking for judicial reforms could ask for the President’s intervention.

Rev. Lungu said it was total hypocrisy on the part of LAZ to ask President Edgar Lungu to intervene when they have always called for an independent judiciary.

“Is LAZ asking President Lungu to also intervene in former president Rupiah Banda’s issues which are political?

Is LAZ saying Mutembo Nchito is untouchable? Is LAZ saying Mutembo who did not enjoy immunity should not be investigated and prosecuted?

Is this the first time Mutembo has been asked to step down to pave way for investigations?” Rev. Lungu asked.

He noted that LAZ was not helping the nation to uphold the rule of law and sounded as if they were happy with Mr. Nchito’s conduct.

And UPND vice president in charge of Politics, Canisius Banda said Mr. Nchito had lived a life of controversy and flaws, adding that the UPND was not shocked because not long ago they had demanded for his resignation on similar allegations.

“That Mutembo Nchito has led a life of controversy, riddled with flaws, is not in dispute.

Because of his unsuitability to serve then, we in the UPND, speaking in defence of decency and on behalf of many voiceless citizens, were among the loudest and most consistent voices that called for either the removal of this DPP or his resignation,” Dr Banda wrote on his facebook posting yesterday.

LAZ in its statement said it was concerned with events surrounding Mr. Nchito and attempts to arrest him.

“The reported maneuvers by the law enforcement agencies in executing an arrest warrant against the DPP, which was issued in disregard of law and the reported subsequent arrest of the DPP in clear contravention of a High Court order to staying the execution of the warrant, have come to LAZ with a sense of immense shock,” the LAZ president said.

Mr. Chisanga said President Lungu was expected to intervene in the matter.
He described as a threat to the due process and constitutionalism the Police and the Chongwe Magistrate Moses Phiri’s action.

Mr Chisanga said what had happened to Mr Nchito had the potential of setting a dangerous precedence in handling of cases of alleged impropriety and misconduct against holders of constitutional offices.

Mr Nchito who escaped from police custody on Wednesday is still on the run.


    • How can he be left out. He has all his finger prints everywhere! Who doesnt know about Nguni and Lungu’s connections and RB. Lungu should leave mutenbo alone to do his work on RB.

    • LAZ needs to state why they are taking to the defence of Nchito. Yes, we accept that the office holder is protected, but there has to be means of removing one from that office when there is compelling evidence of “misbehaviour”. LAZ should be standing by the constitution and not Nchito.

    • Who is this Reverend lungu who is speaking for president Lungu??… i hope he is not a relative doing `tribalism“,,,

      This Nchito guy is difficult to defend,,, same like kabimba and mmembe!!,,, these people have done so much wrong to Zambia,,, infact they need to tried at hague

    • This game is being played in the public sphere. There is no way LAZ or any other organization or citizen choose to simply sit back. All needs to weigh in and get involved like we all are.

    • Folks

      LAZ ‘s reaction to events involving Nchito’s arrest does not surprise some of us in UPND.

      The whole LAZ new executive was hand picked by Mmembe and his cartel for which Nchito is very much a part of. They conducted sham elections in which Chisanga won and soon after that LAZ changed its stance on the interpretation of the constitution to side with PF under Sata. It was at this moment that I lost confidence in LAZ.

      LAZ is just reacting according to their boss Mmembe ‘s dedictates in order to save Nchito from going to jail.

      Who ever never saw this day coming for Nchito and his cohort must have been fast asleep since 2011 when PF took over.

      Mmembe is crying foul now in his editorial comment.Had Mmembe stayed true to his journalistic ethics he would a free man today.

    • These apostate christians in Zambia are going too far. This is not your area of competence Bwana Reverand. Coincidentally your name is Lungu!

      The combination of the Church (especially, Catholic) and CIA is deadly. Keep them at arms length if you want peace.

    • Whether Nchito is being made to face the law for RB ‘s sake or not, it matters less, as long he is made to account for all the abuse and ridicule he subjected the DPP ‘s office to by falsifying evidence in order to settle his personal scores with RB. And the in process he fabricated false evidence to intimidate PF ‘s opponents and critics in return for being allowed to persecute RB.

      Its a double wammy for Nchito because the same PF he helped fabricate flimsy charges for to punish the opposition, has turned against him.

      What goes around comes around so goes the saying. Mmembe and his cartel are experiencing it first hand.

    • Some 8 months ago Nchito was a sweet boy when he trumped up charges against the opposition to all PF minions here on line media.

      Its no surprise to me that the same PF minions who praised him then have now turned against him

      The same with RB,the man PF minions scorned and used as a beacon for being tough on corruption, is today their darling, because he used the very corrupt deals with Nigerians to finance PF and Lungu’s campaign.

      All these things happening just shows what a bunch of thugs PF minions are. As long as corruption benefits them alone its fine and they choose to turn a blind eye.

      Under PF there is no consistency at all. You can be a villain today and a hero tomorrow as long as you bootlick them.

      PF administration is one big useless joke.

    • It is sad now that once on reads the headline, it is easy to establish which name is in support. In this case another name is justified here “Reverend Moses Lungu” supporting wako ni wako.

    • Wanzelu well said. Very well said. When Membe was hounding out Mukelebai and Mchenga they didn’t even have evidence of any wrong doing. Let justice take its course without any fear or favour. We are tired of Nchito winning cases by manipulating courts with his friend Membe. This has been a long time coming ie long overdue!

    • lungu is even behind the harassment of nchito to pave way for RB’S cases to be dropped,that was one of the deals in the two weeks marriage and PF u are in rude shock if you think RB WILL LET YO KA CAKOLWA STAND IN 2016


  2. These charges leveled against Nchito are there to benefit Rupiah Bwezani. The public now have a clear picture on this whole issue.


    • Great men are judged with what they talk about.rev lungu u a one in a million who think with degnity.i sirliute u,laz live my chargwa alone are u telling me mutembo should not be proscuted?is he above the law?faling to reson the whole lot of laz its a sharme.its the job of judicary to detamine the case with fear or fever.my appile to hid exallence kindly appoint a board of inquiry and as such relive his duties to pave way for investigations nothing like constitution office.

    • @Bwaamba if ncchito thinks he is not guilty ask him why he is running? 4get grapevine and concentrate on facts on the case.. Ni bwanji malume?

  3. But Ba Reverend Lungu, PresidentLungu is the one who has initiated Mutembo’s saga, so he cannot be left out of it. Read the Post’s editorial for the nexus linking Lungu to Mutembo’s harassment. Can you not see that political scores are being settled here? Mwe bantu ba ku Chipata, ni chani kansi.

    • A sober mind has to be applied to this issue. Its very political and touches past and present presidents.
      There are many issues that could have been avoided if the right thing had been done right at the start. This whole thing has its origins in the Zambian Airways case. Had that been resolved either way, Mutembo and co being cleared or not we would not be here. As the reasoning goes, Mutembo had it for RB for having liquidated the airline and pushing for the directors to be brought to book. Had RB remained in power that case would have been pursued to the end. However, since he lost and MCS had his own agenda against RB, knowing that Mutembo was already on a war path, MCS appointed Mutembo as DPP and despite his agreeing at the time before the apptmnts cmtee that he wouldnt prosecute RB…

  4. Check out how the Past news cartel has come out in support of their number. Mmwembe never ceases to amaze. He was quiet when the law was being abused as long as it suited him. He and Mutembo walked out on a high court judge, an act that amounted to insulting the judiciary, today he tells us to respect the judiciary. Look mmembe, the time when you had respect and influence in our society is long gone. Everything that you write now is a contradiction of what you yourself have written before, and you expect anybody to listen to you? Well sorry, let me tell you this mmembe only that discredited “father” Luonde has time for you.

    • You will never succeed with all your mercenary tricks against the Post or Nchito. Most of you vomiting your ignorance on this site are either ignorants of the law or are simply foreign to the tenets of the law and the Constitution. Unfortunately in a democracy you cannot stop anyone from vomitting their ignorance, but if I were you, I would first swallow the contents of the Constituton before i vomit any ignorance.

  5. The reason why the Past and mmembe will write stories and editorials on Mutembo everyday for the next few weeks is clear to all of us. Mmembe knows that once Mutembo is sorted out the whole world will crumble around them with regard to the DBZ K14bn plus debt.
    This time there is nowhere to escape to, you have left a trail of solid evidence against yourselves.

    And when Mutembo abused his powers by wanting to “prosecute” RB’s contempt case against his friend Mmembe did they think that we were not looking? Well, Mmembe if you have morality and fairness as you claim, can we have an editorial on that?
    Go on Ng’uni you have our full support to sort out these shameless scoundrels.

  6. Mr Nchito escaped from police custody on Wednesday is still on the run? How did he escape? Nchito is innocent and needn’t be on the run.

    On LAZ call for HE-EL’s intervention, one wonders if they want him to speak as a lawyer using his skills, if so LAZ better first hand him back EL practicing Licence!

    If they want him to intervene as a president of the Republic of Zambia… this will be interference in the judiciary and conflict of interest at the highest level.

  7. Whoever is following Post Newspaper at the moment has a weak mind to judge what is right and wrong. If there is a person who loved to read post news I’m one of them. But when I analysed how they change goal posts I stopped. Its animal farm.

    • @sams E,
      You claim you stopped reading the Post Newspaper, but then how do you know what is in it ‘at the moment’ when you don’t read it?

  8. And please Past news, leave out our beloved President from this. After all you did everything to try to stop his election as President. and now you want him to protect you? No Sir, that went with your Michael whom you blackmailed. For President Lungu, it seems you used your tactics prematurely, you said everything bad about Lungu and we the people told you that we had no problem with him no matter what rubbish you spewed.
    Just prepare our K14bn plus interest, the bill is on the way to your doorstep no matter what you do or say or lie.

    • In fact the President’s rally in mandevu was clear on these cartel fellows owing the nation, and that he would make sure that he collects that money on behalf of the poor Zambians. Put on your seat belts it a bit rough..

  9. BBC
    Just a reminder to BBC as i told you yesterday read this article carefully before commenting if you are not clear do some research my brother,am afraid you might come and demonstrate your ignorance again today,after seeing you struggling with tribal composition of Zambian population where you lied that ngonis are more than Tongas,these are the basic things that you should know even kids know that the two biggest tribes are bemba and Tonga by big margin when compared with rest.Aim for facts in your blogs you will finally improve.

  10. Brilliant article Rev. Lungu. Ofcourse, the LAZ chair is part of the Cartel – you saw how he supported Guy Scott in almost everything when Scott was Acting President (illegally)

  11. This Rev Lungu has finally resurrected now that his man RB is in front seat. This guy with the likes of Lifwekelo, Thabo Kawana, Kelvin Sampa through their bogus NGOs used to parade themselves in front of ZNBC cameras singing praise songs for RB.

  12. membe should start preparing himself because any time from now the police will pounce on him.The way he used to misbahave during sata,s time is not the way it is.H.E lungu edgar is working according to what we wanted and the message was clearly directed to tax evaders like membe and the 14 billion saga.These two pagans membe and the friend nchito knew that their time would come one day,even the cries from winter and membe are just fake and they just want sympathy from the poor zambian majority they have had robbed their priverage of living descent lives.It is time for rule of law not rule of men.

  13. This game is being played in the public sphere. There is no way LAZ or any other organization or citizen will choose to simply sit back and watch the events as they unfold. Needless to say, LAZ must weigh in and get involved like we all are.

  14. The question that needs to be answered is” is Mutembo Nchito clean of all these accusations or not?
    No one is above the law, just like anybody else let him answer to those charges, what’s so special about him?

  15. Nchito escaped from police custody in Chongwe and is still on the run.
    LT, where is the police man hunt news to your statement?

  16. This is just another PF cadre hiding behind the pulpit. Ngúni can never do such a thing without a go-ahead from Edgar Lungu. Edgar has manipulated and influenced the judiciary since the transition period. Who has forgotten the Mulengeni saga? So stop assuming we are dull like you and we don’t know Mutembo’s harassment was instigated by Edgar. Go and tell that to your fellow hypocrites

    • The opnion of the Daily Nation is revealing and I quote:
      THE Mutembo Nchito issue borders on integrity.
      The definition of integrity by both the South African Constitutional Court and Kenya High Court is very clear. A person lacks integrity if he has outstanding unresolved moral and financial issues. It could not be any clearer.
      These are the grounds on which the two courts rejected Presidential appointments of a DPP and Integrity chief.
      It does not matter how much the Law Association may protest. It has exposed itself as a reckless organisation that allowed an individual without integrity to serve as the Director of Public Prosecutions in this country.
      This situation should never have been allowed.
      The Association should have been the first line of defence to ensure that our…

  17. You can bark from the front or the back-side but the truth is that only true justice will prevail at the end of the day. That is, whether you are PF, UPND, MMD, FDD or one of the other 8 political parties that contested the last presidential election; relative or no relative to either ECL, RB, Mutembo, Christian, Moslem or pagan. The bricks are slowly falling off the “Caertel” wall and soon, and very soon I mean, the wall will collapse.

    Save your bundles for productive work instead of wasting peoples’ hard earned money donated to you for food for foolish talk.

  18. For the readers Rev Lungu is not related to President Lungu in anyway, Rev Lungu speaks Lamba & I’m not sure he speaks any Eastern language. This man was heading Evangelical church in Kitwe’s Ndeke township in the 90s & for those of you who remember “Frank Talk” a Tv show that was anchored by Frank Mutubila will remember that he poured out his CV during that show ( it was around the period 1992-1996) somewhere there.
    All in all its in the best interest of the Juciary that the president doesn’t get involved. Agreed……..

  19. The big problem is that THE PRESIDENT made clear on the rallies that he will deal with THE POST and the group to recover the money how can he be clean on Nchito saga. let independent people deal with him if Nchito has committed all those cases.

  20. This is a clear case that Edgar Lungu is involved. There can not be any arrest of the DPP without him knowing. This is another new RB cartel.

    New Cartel
    Newton Nguni
    Alexander Chikwanda

    • Do not be delluded, Nchito was not arrested. If at all you think the list of people you have mentioned are as dangerous as the real Cartel, then you are really genetically shallow- minded or at least, pretending to be. Rajan Mahtani runs a bank that has breached nearly all the provisions of the Financial Services Act. Nchito has ‘refused’, literally refused to pay $2million owed to DBZ. Mmembe is party to the misuse of Zambian Airways funds with Nchito and is known to have carried out illicit recordings of individuals at their private residences. Kabimba is known to have owned a company, Ilunda Chalo, with the late Michael Sata that obtained government contracts.

  21. Mmembe and Nchito
    It is pay back time Kwasila
    You have injured and destroyed many innocent people through your newspaper
    WHY DO SAY From informed sources. Why not reveal your sources.

  22. Look, Nchito duped the Zambian people over loans obtained from DBZ and remain unpaid. Nchito must face the law and clear his name. The following is a list of suspected criminals in Zambia; Mutembo Nchito, Fred Mmembe, Rajan Mahtani, Willie Nsanda, Maureen Mwanawasa. These have short-changed the Zambian people and must be brought to justice.

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