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My Supporters are still being being ill-treated-HH

Headlines My Supporters are still being being ill-treated-HH

HH playing a game of Draughts
HH playing a game of Draughts

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has alleged that his supporters and sympathisers have continued being ill-treated by some Patriotic Front (PF) cadres after his party lost the presidential election last month.

But PF secretary general Davies Chama has dismissed the allegation, saying the party in Government is focused on governance.

Mr Hichilema said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that more than 100 cases of violence against UPND members have been reported but that the police have not taken any action against the perpetrators.

“We have reported to the police and I have personally written to the Inspector General of Police, Stella Libongani, but nothing has been done to the PF cadres involved in this matter,” he said.

Mr Hichilema said that a recent attack was on Agness Ndhlovu at Soweto market in Lusaka.

He alleged that the PF has been printing UPND T-shirts which they use to frame his supporters as perpetrators of violence.

Mr Hichilema displayed several medical reports involving his supporters.
“I am calling upon the republican President Edgar Lungu to intervene in these attacks that have been going on against UPND supporters just after the election,” he said.

But Mr Chama said that his party cannot sink so low as to start printing UPND T-shirts for the purpose of engaging in violent acts.

Mr Chama said that if he had his way, he would have some of the UPND members locked up because they are desperate and dangerous.

He said that the UPND lost the election and should now allow President Lungu to govern the country properly.

Efforts to get the police on the matter proved futile as police spokesperson Charity Chanda referred the matter to Lusaka province police commissioner Charity Katanga who said the spokesperson was better placed to comment.



    • Petty politics. seems you got nothing more to say. Where did all thousands utopia promises go? We are tired of HH’s petty politics. Those supporters of UPND are Zambians if u are wise and patriotic you would encourage them to work with the incumbent government in developing this nation than everytime taking them as if they were your personal children..

    • The proper thing HH can do, that is if UPND are truly mistreated, is to go straight and meet with the president and discuss the way forward on this issue or on how to mitigate this problem, than going to the media and start crying. What is trying to plant in people’s minds? He is the one indirectly perpetrating violence in case he doesn’t realize that. UPND cadres also behave like a young boy who starts a fight with big people just to have his parents’ attention by causing a situation to make them think that he is being mistreated-sometimes its best to let the young boy sort out his differences with his brothers on his own so he can grow up. Than everytime a parent intervening..

    • PF are the greatest chauvinists than UPND. The battle is still on and will goad them out of power. Lungu has no clue whtsever on how to run the Zambian Economy. He is KEEPING THE OLD CABINET in order to keep PF intact BUT PF is a disntergrated and a Dead Party run by Rupiah. I have no good words and I loath him.

    • I now see sense in what @Nostrademus has been saying about this Chama thug guy. This Chama guy needs to be sorted out smartly in his personal capacity as a thug. He thinks he is really invisible just like Kabimba thought. Where is Kabimba now? Soon this chama guy will be ditched by Lungu once his actions begin to turn against Lungu and PF.

      This thug is taking UPND ‘s peaceful nature for granted. How can he sink so low as to accuse UPND supporters to attack fellow UPND, when it has alaways been known that it is PF cadres who have been violent all this time.

      How can the whole Minister of Home affairs fail to arrest PF thugs, and yet they are busy, chasing Muhabi Lungu arround an innocent though silly guy for holding a meeting at his house?

      So according to the police is now…

    • IF the IG will not take action for beating my mother suffered in hands of PF cadres,I swore i will start Hunting these guys and killing them one by one.thats the only language these guys can understand.

    • This is how genocide started in Rwanda. If Lungu thinks Zambians are too peaceful not to fight for survival, then he is indeed a f00lish leader like his followers.

      Only a f00lish leader like Chama and Lungu, does not know that, there is always a limit beyond which people can not condone this PF thuggery. Very soon they will react to Chama and Lungu ‘s shock.

      PF is a bunch of thugs starting from Lungu their president. He is too weak a president even to tame his thugs. They do not respect him at all.

      HH is a strong leader and his followers listen to him and his word is final. If it were not so, then UPND would have reacted already.

      With this thug Chama, at home affairs, Zambia is headed for anarchy for sure. I can see 2016 elections being very violent and bloody.

    • @sido mark

      I am with you on this one my friend. I fully support your resolution my friend.

      I vow to put a bounty on chama and Lungu’s heads and hunt them down if the police do not take any action when my mother or my relative is victimised and beaten up by PF thugs for sure.

      The same thugs Chama is using can easily be turned against him and Lungu with a just a few tokens of silver.

      Chama and Lungu be warned , I am coming for you personally if this PF madness does not stop.

      Lungu is indeed implementing what he told his supporters to provoke UPND and beat them because the police is on their side.

      Just know that violence will not be condoned for long by Zambians. We had UNIP thugs they disappeared when people said enough is enough. We had MMD thugs, the same happened…

    • If the state police can not protect you, then its each one for him self and God for us all.

      This anarchy being condoned by PF will descend into an ugly situation where people will take the law unto them selves and form mobs to hit back at PF thugs.

      The police and PF top officials should know that, once massive violence starts, its dynamics is so ruthless that, no one not even the armed men and women in uniform can stop it.

      Just look at Rwanda, the police melted away, the soldiers ran away. Egypt , Tunisia and Libya the armed forces were subdued to run away because the angry people ‘s numbers are always huge compared to the police.

      So PF please do not push it .Mugabe’s ways will not help you at all.

    • So the Zambian police stopped fighting crime when PF came into power. Instead they concentrate on fighting, PF’s political enemies.

      Their new job descriptions are to target any political opponent they think is a threat.

      If they hear HH is holding a meeting, they swing into action very quickly.

      The proof is in the way they, are chasing Muhabi, a silly man who thought going to bed with PF was a good thing and here he is being victimised by the very regime he propped up to be in power. How stupid is that?

      Banda ‘s immunity case will drag on until 2016, so that, Banda is kept on a leash by PF and Lungu to help PF source campaign funds and deliver Eastern province to PF again.

      The MMD faction under RB were very stupid to think, Lungu can control PF mob in their favour.

    • What really poses a real security threat in Zambia at the moment, between Muhabi Lungu holding party meetings at his house or PF thugs on rampage attacking innocent people they suspect are UPND sympathisers?

      This is a question which needs to be answers by Lungu and his thugs.

      If Lungu, thinks Mugabe ‘s way will help him stay in power forever then he is fast digging his own grave for sure.

      The political dynamics in Zambia are totally different from the political dynamics in Zimbabwe due to huge tribal , language and cultural differences.

      Instead of sorting out the economy and concentrate on ways to raise money to beat the impending deficit and empty government coffers, Pf is busy instigating violence against UPND supporters.

    • @Kabwe

      You are also one useless PF cadre. Are you also blind to the fact that what is happening, was in Lungu ‘s campaign message? Lungu told his supporters to start violence against opposition party supporters and then beat them because the law is on their side.

      In your comment you seem to acknowledge that PF are thugs responsible for committing these atrocities against poor people struggling to beat the cost of living thrust upon them by a rogue PF regime.

      How ever you again apportion the blame on the victims instead of condemning the violence out rightly.

      Chama, is a stupid thug, and so is Lungu the one who appointed him.Libongeni, is costing the tax payers a huge amount of money for doing nothing and propping up violence. Its high this woman stepped down and paved way…

    • PF cadres are a cancer to freedom and democracy. This they have learnt from their violent leaders in PF and now the ripple effects are incorporated into hooliganism.
      PF was formed on violence and vengeance, there, this PF charlatan behavior is here to stay, not until PF is kicked off power.
      Its very sad that, even though PF is in power, they have continued to harass innocent people for being in support for HH & UPND.
      Shocking backwardness in PF. Edgar Lungu & Inonge Wina where just miming about PF stopping the violence. How can the cadres stop these inhumane bandits when its their leadership that encouraged violence! Shame on the entire PF as a party of endless inconsistencies and ANARCHY!
      The Skeleton Key
      Viva HH, Viva UPND & abash PF hypocrites.

    • @Skeleton

      You are absolutely right in your characterisation of the PF thugs.

      PF is a bunch of cowards who know that, Lungu ‘s victory was fake. They are scared that come 2016, things might not go their way.So they want to employ Mugabes’ strategy of intimidating the opposition.

      Unfortunately Mugabe’s ways will not help in Zambia.

    • Why is it difficult for people to think in a civilized manner.HH is just bringing out something that is real and look at the response of majority of bloggers.Fellow Zambians when are we ever going to unite as a country?Pf is not going to be in power for eve and would they want to be treated in the same manner they are treating their colleague?

    • @seniormanmost

      You are indeed a senior man in spewing rubbish here on by supporting, PF ‘s thuggery.

      In your small brain you think that, UPND will perpetually continue to allow them selves to be victims for ever. Just wait and see what will happen one day, when these guys push their to attack one senior member of UPND. I can promise you, that Lusaka will burn and become inhabitable.

      PF is playing with fire. It should not push its luck beyond what people can take. There is a limit to what people can condone. Just wait until one innocent UPND is killed in the process thats when Lungu realise that people become dangerous when they begin to fight for survival.

      These same thugs will very soon turn against PF and Chama like what they did with Kabimba. Innocent victims ‘s blood is…

    • Wanzelu
      Feed the trolls! You have hammered this cadre mentality point blank. Spilling out rubbish is their priority.
      Seriously Senior man has lost his position to PF primitively way of doing things. Awe mwee, shocking to say the least.
      The Skeleton Key

  2. Chama’s reaction to HH lucks maturity, it only goes to explain how much his boss is quickly catching up on bad leadership tuition he is getting from uncle Bob and Edwardo!

    • @kabwe

      Lungu is fully aware of chama’s personality that he is a thug, thats why he appointed him home affairs minister.

      Right now he busy giving work permits to Nigerians, Zimbabweans and any foreigners who can bribe him without due regard to laid down procedure in order to enrich himself.

      A rumour from my reliable sources at Passport office are telling me, he is charging K15000, for a Zambian NRC and passport to foreigners who want to stay in Zambia as long as they support PF and continue to fund PF activities .

      He has instructed licensing authorities to only renew business licenses for only those businesses which support and fund PF.

      Zambia = failed state

      He is doing this under the guise of raising money for the party and yet all the proceeds of his criminal…

  3. These Police management is all about Charity names Why? Charity Chanda, Charity Katongo, Charity Mwanza, Charity Hakuba etc.

    For the UPND and PF both are accusing each other they should both advise their supporters to take a break and start in 2016 again. Useless cadres they don’t think, just given those packs of chibuku and meat from HH farm then they start fighting. To you cadres think of your children and your wives first.

    • @Moyes

      You seem not know whether you going or coming in your comments. You are one totally confused fellow.

      There is only one thing to be done here and that is Lungu to instruct the police to move in and arrest all the thugs causing violence.

      Unfortunately, this can not happen because those responsible are PF thugs and both Chama and Lungu know that. If it was UPND just holding a meeting you would have seen police swing in action in on time.

      Do you really think that, if those were genuine UPND causing violence the police would sit by and watch? Just look whats happening to Muhabi, he is on the run from the police for holding a meeting at house, really?

      Zambia is truly a failed state under PF.

    • UPDN cadres it is time you rested after all the campaigns you still have energy to keep on kicking. We need fresh breath. See you in 2016.

  4. HH is always a cry Baby…
    Yes, Tongas in particular are being tossed and tumbled trying to disintegrate their tribalistic DNA enhanced behavior as their choice is always a tribal one, too difficult to be introduced to modern life but to be cringed to Mabisi, Seventieth Day, UPND,…. as their choice once more is always a common features, a common mind, easy to term…

  5. The responses are very savagery and this is expected. Instead of becoming someone of assistance , all of you are just like scared wolves. Why are you so guilty in a simple case like this one. All is required of PF Secretary General is to issue orders to his people to live in harmoney with others. Let us be more realistic and use our brains to reason not our physic. I think to some education did not do anything to their way of looking at things. Some of you need to be born in places like USA where RACISM is at its best or UK, then you will appreciate what it means to live as one and appreciate your like brothers even if they are not from your tribe. IGNORANCE IS THE MAIN CHALLENGE WE HAVE IN ZAMBIA. PEOPLE TROUBLING COLLEAGUES ARE THOSE WHO ARE ILL EDUCATED AND THEY MAKE THE MOST NOISE.

  6. Even at my local pub over the weekend there was a bunch of PF cadres who dropped by. They harassed our favourite waiter for wearing a UPND tee-shirt & kept on shouting demeaning remarks about UPND and people of a certain Province. The bar-lady was forced to repeat their favourite song (with dot com words) over and over & over again. We left the joint prematurely.

  7. useless complaint.pf cadres are smart and are now busy with their own busineses.why should they fight when they have already won?.

    • @pungwa

      Grabbing merchandise from the people they label UPND sympathisers and sell as theirs you call that smart?

      If infact its UPND supporters who are smart able to thrive and go about their businesses in this hostile environment.

      You are a very useless PF thug thriving on reaping where did not sow.

      Any way time is the best equaliser. Time will come when all these violence will be corrected by people who want real peace.

      Lets wait and see, what the economic hardships ahead of us will do to PF and its supporters.

    • @Chile1

      No one is provoking PF thugs you useless thug. No wonder lungu has totally forgotten you in his appointments because even him knows that you are useless. Can’t you read in every paper that its PF cadres who are busy instigating violence and beating who ever they think is UPND.

      If HH had no authority to tame his supporters do you really think in your shrivelled brain there would be peace in Lusaka?

      If there is a leader who really commands a lot of respect its HH. His word is final. On the other hand Ka chakolwa ka lungu is not taken serious by his thugs at all.

      How many times has Lungu issued warnings to his PF thugs to stop violence and message fell on deaf ears. Lungu is weak. He can govern peacefully.

    • I think he was ‘forgotten’ deliberately…..because good Cadres are hard to come by.

      Promoting him would weaken patriotic civilian defence force!

      I write jokingly Wanzelu!

    • You call going about their daily chores provocation? Where do you want them to go and settle peacefully if not in their own country? Zambia belongs to us all.

  8. There is no police in zambia what is there is PF maphia. HH stop complaining just mobalise your cadres and sort out these vodka thugs. We are more than ready to join you in this battle.

    • HH never lost the elections. He is the winner. You can even ask PI she will tell you how she managed to manipulate the elections results . How do you call this democracy? These pf thugs including their sg must be ashamed of themselves.

    • As young as you are, you think nkhondo is good for you? You do not know what is happening in other countries. Your HH’s time will come if God says so. So innocent people should not suffer for your own selfishness. Go to school instead of being a permanent cadre.

  9. If upnd cadres are being beaten for supporting upnd then it’s ok. If I a had a way of beating up @wanzelu I would ve done it without wasting time because all upnd cadres are provocative by nature. Yu suck big time I hate yu. Mwaba ama rainbow.(if color).

    • AND SO SAY ALL OF US! You express the sentiments of all peace loving Zambians.

      These UPND buggers need dealing with!!

    • @Yobo

      Be careful what you wish for. I can trace you your ISP easily and tell known Pf thugs to panel beat you for 30 bob.

  10. my fellow zambians,we are at a mercy as this country is slowly becoming unsafe because of Lungu and his PF carders.The Police has failed us ,they are not fit to control the situation.If EDGAR continues to seek Advice from SATANA MUGABE we will soon see markets taken over by PF thugs the way SATANA MUGABE ordered ZANU carders to GRAB farms from the white commercial farmers. PRAY.. PRAY.. PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  11. Hahahaha, and you know what we really think of HH? We think that he is the provincial minister for Southern Province. ROGER THAT!

  12. The biggest problem we have is illiteracy levels among the PF cadres,especially bembas,due to illiteracy,bembas have been misled to believe that Tonga is a minority tribe and bembas is a majority tribe,NO TRIBE is a majority(more than 50%) in zambia even if you combine the big two(bemba/Tonga)they do not make majority population(more than 50%)let bembas and Tongas should torn down and work together.





  14. HH it is you who is not protecting your members. A father needs to protect his children. GRZ can only chip in once in a while.

  15. PF won the election by the slightest of margins. The party benefitted from incumbency and manipulation. The reality is that despite people’s sympathies for Sata, they recognized PF under Lungu was headed into oblivion. You can sense from the language used by its cadres herein that we have ruthless and uncouth individuals in power. We are in for a dictatorship and those shouting loudest in praise will cry the most by end of this year. HH is loved ny Zambians except he does not have media to shout for him. Keep the focus and be determined.

  16. It would help really if HH conceded defeat. We are now told by ECZ’s Issacs that an inquiry by ‘experts’ will look through why ZNBC published wrong election results. HH DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW ANNOYING YOU ARE? And I should add, how un-endearing you are to the people of Zambia.

    You are singularly the biggest problem for Zambia’s development. If it is true that your supporters are getting slapped around ( it’s questionable since sedition is your forte); it’s a message to let you know the citizens will not tolerate your type of politics.

    I mean just read the respond of Nkumbula and Wanzelu above! At once violent and threatening while trying to play victim! It’s a silly game and we’ve got to run the country to success. Please stay indoors and play chess and any board game…

    • @PF parrot

      You think people can continue to put up with PF ‘s thuggery for long hey?

      Just wait and see what will happen the day UPND supporters will defy HH and go for it. We shall see if Ka Lungu will feel safe in his own state house.

      Please don’t joke with people power when they are angry and begin to fight for survival.

      Carry on supporting your PF thugs, and see if non of relatives will be mistaken for UNPD and get attacked . Your relatives are safe from these thugs if and only if they wear PF regalia were ever they go for protection.

      The more PF thugs cause violence and beat up people with impunity, the more they will now think its ok attack any one and extort money.

      All they are doing is nothing other than a rein of terror to extort money from poor people in the…

    • @Wanzelu

      I don’t think the outcome would be good for UPND Cadres if they took to the street. They would be taking on Police, Military etc. and most likely dealt with severely.

      Please Wanzelu, speak the language of peace. UPND must change their provocative politics and join in with the human race.

      It’s strange how you guys ever between outright violence and then protest at the response.

      I am no Cadre and I am non partisan as far as the democratic processes being respected. If HH. Ever won the election, I would be a patriot and support his gov’t as long as he was not running the country to violence and break up of the country.

      As for my relatives, I think a few of them are UPND, I have no problem with that. Naturally I would be upset if someone hurt them if they did…

  17. Naturally I would be upset if someone hurt them if they did. NOT. Deserve it by their conduct to others.

    As for you addressing me as Parrot in such a derogatory manner, I have to say if you were nearby I would have to correct you. Being rude and aggressive cannot bring you peace.

  18. We will surely bounce back one day in the driving seat as UPND & as a civilised youth & supporter of UPND,we will advocate for unite & not vengeance! Yes,PF thugs can do what they deem to be fit & desirable in their ignorant & arrogant manner but its just a matter of time, God is with Us in UPND & God is good in all the times! I really feel hurt to see innocent UPND being harassed & brutalised without any protection from the so called police who get paid from our tax for doing nothing!God is not sleeping,he watches over his children & surely it will soon come to pass!God is in control-everything happens for a purpose!

  19. Zambia matters more than any one individual or political party .The election is over:the time has come to work together and develop our beloved motherland instead of bickering about inconsequential things. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.

    • the above is only attainable when majority,if not all, feel safe and a part of the nation. At the moment only PF cadres are a part of this govt.

  20. Has HH finally conceded defeat?l saw him on TV the other day while at UTH looking lonely and certainly abandoned by his endosers dipak, murambiwa Silvia , mutati , etc.
    I realize those were not genuine supporters but job seekers.

  21. UPND guys and their cry baby HH have now become a nuisance. How much pity do you want for losing the election? If HH is a leader worth his salt, he has the right to meet with his fellow leader EL and discuss these issues. HH is not a politician but a noise maker. He has no right to command the police chief. It will not work because she does not take orders from him. The childishness in HH is sometimes annoying because you do not expect such kind of attitude from person of his level. It appears he has no advisers. You clean bwana!!!

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