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ZESCO MD Cyrian Chitundu fired

Headlines ZESCO MD Cyrian Chitundu fired

Ex- ZESCO Managing Director Chitundu
Ex- ZESCO Managing Director Chitundu

ZESCO Managing Director Cyrian Chitundu has with immediate effect been relieved of his duties.

Victor Mundende, who until now has been Chief Operating Officer at ZESCO, is now the new Managing Director of the national power utility Company.

Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma announced this in a statement released to ZNBC News in Lusaka today.

Mr. Yaluma has thanked Mr. Chitundu for his contributions towards the performance of one of the strategic parastatals in the country.

On Saturday, Mr. Yaluma dissolved the ZESCO board and said a new board will soon be constituted to ensure that the company continues to improve its performance.

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    • So I go and challenge Masumba and win and become an MP
      I get appointed as a Minister, because somewhat I probably get along with the President or I am the sister to his wife, (whatever the case)

      I become Energy Minister, then i fire someone who has academically and experience wise risen to be a CEO in parastatal Government owned company as a CEO and replace him with someone I see fit?

      How puerile is this cycle?

      ONE Minister should have no power to relieve someone like that, a board ( I Know it was dissolved and wrongly so) should be mandated to make these appointments.

      It scandalous!


    • On this move Lungu I salute you. It seems you listened to what I suggested. I said the whole management at Zesco should go.

      Next, stop Zamtel fire the whole management there too and clean it up.

    • the problem with a good number of cadres do not understand good corporate governance. Mr Yalumba, what is the responsibility of the board if they cannot hire the top managers? Is it that you know you are going to appoint cadres into the board, hence you do not feel safe with them making proper board room level decisions? PF you are destroying the economy of the country by this bush type of management skills and practices.

    • This is the second time Chitundu is being fired from the same position in the same company! The first guy to fire him was RB, Sata looked for, and reinstated, him. Now Lungu has taken his turn to fire him (Yaluma just made the announcement).

    • Minister Yaluma needs to take Governance 101. What he has done is very poor from a governance point of view. Appointing and supervising an MD is a board responsibility. Therefore the Board should have been constituted first and then the board should have recruited, using a transparent and competitive process, an MD.

      The process that has been used makes it very difficult for the Board to supervise and MD or CEO. Remember the Chirwa vs Board saga at ZR?

    • The right thing to do is to hire staff in parastatals (even in the civil service) on professional capability and competitively rather than these appointments whereby the board is incapable of taking real action because the CEO was appointed by a minister or president whatever the case maybe. Its time to professionalise the civil service and state owned enterprises. otherwise whoever comes has to appoint his/her own people in the board and in the management. This is costly!

    • President Lungu is just RB’s puppet. It seems everyone who differed with RB is being hunted down. PF has been taken over by RB the defacto president. Shame on PF. You were warned about RB and you never listened. Sata must be turning in his embassy park grave. RB will be the PF presidential candidate in 2016. Watch the space.

    • In my humble opinion, the following ANIMAL FARM boards should be dissolved:
      -RDA(If at all it exists)
      -CEEC(Citizens economic whatever whatever)
      The above are all mammoth loss-making organisations and they need some serious firing and hiring.

    • Corporate governance places the onus of appointing the CEO on the Board of Directors. Why don’t these chaps learn kanshi? Remember one Chirwa of Zambia Railways?

    • Nothing scandalous here. Zambia in itself as a whole is a scandal! Bottom A-line. Scott gave Zambia a lease of life which was short-lived.

  1. This was long overdue. How does the MD go to US to study for a PhD leaving a strategic institution like ZESCO to run on its own? Chitundu called hell fire upon himself. Very people know that Chitundu has been in the US for three years now and Mundende has been acting CEO for that long. He always comes in and out of the country and appears to the media to paint an impression that is in Zambia. Good riddance MR Miniskirt or Minister.

    • One only hopes the Victor Mundende at ZESCO behaves differently from the Victor Mundende I knew during our UNZA days of the mid to the late 80s. In other words, I hope he has matured massively for such a big position.

    • Chitundu may not be the smartest guy, and frankly I don’t like the guy. But the sin he committed was not allowing PF to have access to the company coffers during the campaign.

      ZESCO is the incumbent parties cash cow and when Scott said no abuse of government assets, it meant no use of vehicles and no ZESCO monies.

    • Why is it that in Zambia the positions of MD or CEO of major companies are political appointees? There is no meritocracy and that is why parastatals fail.

    • Mr. Mundende is a very mature and dedicated professional who has contributed immensely to the growth of ZESCO. The problem we have in Zambia is that we are too petty and jealous when we see our peers excelling. How on earth can you compare the Mundende you knew at UNZA twenty something years ago to today?
      No one of course in their times ever dreamed of leading big organizations because we all didn’t know where we would work and build our lives. As for Mr. Mundende, those who know him well and have been close to him know very well that he is suitable for the job and will certainly deliver as has done in the past.
      Too much talking is not delivery but results matter in competitive world. Its time for the young and dynamic to develop Zambia.
      Chitundu’s time is over and let him rest.

  2. Nomba ba Mundende bushe balileka ka beer? Nangu Zambia is no longer a Christian Nation but …….. nation?
    We can do better, in any case the Board should have been constituted first then let them hire the MD in an open and transparent manner.
    Now the new Board to be appointed will have no control over my good friend Vido, whose friendship to late Rubo has opened doors via the Kaseba family.

    • @ Imbwili

      Mr. Mundende is intelligent and cool headed. We all have weaknesses in life and am sure you are living in the past. He stopped drinking beer some time back and was focusing on his family and career.

      This is a good appointment in ZESCO and the cartels that have been built in this important company will have to be dismantled very quickly. There is one name which is all over ZESCO and we all know the incompetent person who has been doing this together with the fired CEO.

      Thumbs up Mr. Yaluma and support the new team Mr. Mundende will constitute.

      Ifintu ni Chagwa 2016 and beyond.

  3. When will the minister restructure management at TAZAMA. it has stayed enough. is it a family comapany?

    PLIZ MR. MINISTER consider also tazama.

    • Another ten year mandate for Mr. Lungu is guaranteed. Inspector General of Police must also woke up and start working. How come all the police stations look like war zones?

      Our police force must do more work of preventing crime than fighting it. There should be no night and day for the safety of citizens. Traffic officers must also be professional. What do they check for at road blocks? Its rare to see a policeman checking indicators, breaks, break lights, reflectors, and tyre conditions to mention a few. They look for the obvious road Tax validity which everyone knows and attends to.

      Let us start working in Mr. Lungu’s Government. Don’t you envy other policemen like in the UK? What is the difference? Infact, I would propose that the uniforms are changed. the current ones are too…

  4. The axe should also fall in other government or quassi CEO’s where corruption is rampant. Most CEO’s have engaged themselves in corruption activities. Some promotions/employment are not on merit but with connections i.e. nepotism, bottom power, and scratching of backs. Relevant cabinet ministers should take time to evaluate the happenings in government owned companies. If CEOs are left out they will definitely de-campaign PF. There is serious abuse of offices. Others feel they are well connected and therefore they cannot be touched by anyone.

    • Why not RDA? Chitundu’s dismissal is a case of second time around by RB. Chitundu was reappointed by Sata after being fired by RB. Now RB is back and it didnt even take a month for him to fire Chitundu again. Forget Lungu its Banda who is calling the shorts. Lungu can deny and say he is incharge but only a fool can not see through this commedy. Its a pity some ministers are just following instructions blindly.

  5. There are serious abuses of offices among the CEO in parastatal Government owned companies. I appeal to relevant cabinet ministers to investigate the happenings at some of these companies. Some Board members are also compromised to the extent that they are not interested to offer solutions but their ultimate goal is to earn sitting allowances plus foreign trips.

    We have witnessed instances where CEO’s have become recruiters and they will handpick anyone who they have a share with such as nepotism, bottom power etc.

    We sincerely appeal to government to conduct an evaluation and get rid of bad eggs in the systems.

    President Edgar Lungu is on the right track and if he continues like this he will bring sanity in our country.

    Bravo Bwana Minister for your courageous move.

    • But he has had his time and allowed too many bootlickers to control him. The whole HR and security wing in ZESCO is a total mess simply because they used connive with Chitundu. He allowed one woman to travel the world at will at the expense of genuine and hard working staff. ZESCO is like an HR company and hopefully Mr. Mundende will take time to correct the mess caused by the cartels in HR and security.

  6. Good riddance. ..at least someone is reading our comments….please advertise the position online…ZESCO needs to innovate!!

    • Release the directors and top management as well and ask them to reapply when jobs are advertised. ..these people have been too laid back; we have people at home and abroad who can bring innovate ideas like utilising renewable energy like solar energy residential clients roofs in urban areas.
      Please send some sacks as well to Zamtel…there is no way a company should be recording losses!!

  7. This is a very unwise move by PF to fire Chitundu. 2016 itself will fire PF.

    ECL has failed to rule within a month of assuming office.

    Shame with your Bwezani Rupiah because 2016 will catch up with you.

    • @muyunda leave PF alone, if the people of Zambia decided that they are in charge let them operate without unnecessary allucinations from you .. Just take time to give such advise to your president.

    • How can you embrace a shame by the name of Rupiah Bwezani Nyamasoya Banda and at the same time impress us who voted for you?

      2016 will be summer slam for PF to pack. It was PF when the late HE M. C Sata was president of PF.

      ECL your partnership with criminals will make you pack.

  8. @Chiluba FT
    That is some revelation. I wonder why this issue wasn’t highlighted such much earlier. If that’s true, then it’s good riddance

    • Is Kabimba a real man? He told the nation that he would never leave PF no matter what because the one who started PF Mr. Sata (MHSRIP) new him even better than his biological father, so who was he fooling? What was his plan then? We are enlightened now and we cant be fooled.

      Ifintu ni Chagwa, development yabwela pa ZED.

  9. Yamfwa Mukanga look at your colleague now sort out the mess at ZAMPOST we are tired of mediocre management for starters we dont know our payday. The company has embarked on questionable alliances with commissions paid to beneficiaries in Zampost. We will spill the beans at the right moment!
    Over employment of relatives and friends no wonder Auditor general report says the organisation is insolvent!

    • please do not leave out Tazara when you mentions companies that need revelation, the company is in total mess if not just an empty shell. its time for these parastatal companies to tick. people in positions are bogus ones.

  10. Why are people giving Yaluma credit? This guy has been Minister before and has just retained his post. Why didn’t he make those changes earlier? To me, Yaluma seems to have received instructions from above. Let’s face it, Sata was the stumbling block to progress. Ministers could not make independent decisions. Appointment of boards, CEOs were made by Sata, the minister would just rubber-stamp. You wonder why PF has now become attractive to people like RB, Senior Citizen, Dora? It’s because Sata is no more. These people are not courageous enough to state that reason other than hide in fake ‘humility’ of EL as main reason for their support

    • Ministers were too scared of Sata to contradict or advise him. He was a know it all! So let us see if he was unfair to call the minister useless. I think he was wrong!

  11. Let’s hear doomsayers shout tribal appointments. First Kalyalya, now Mudenda, these names don’t sound easternee. Thanks President Lungu for doing your best to put round pegs in round holes. Continue undoing Sata’s cadre appointments. Let’s get Zambia crunking again.

    • Sata’s relatives made the one error of challenging and undermining Lungu et la. Let me do the same as well before I miss a government appointment of merit. I will hire Mushota as my secretary. He deserves a job.

  12. Good decision, instead of advising the President on strategic issues, he went to complain about the mines. EL is a great thinker.

    • H.E. Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu will transform Zambia into a paradise, just watch the space. As I write, there is no opposition sharp enough to stand against him and in six years time all our children will praise us for the wise decision to elect hi as President of Zambia.

      Am sure those that defected from PF to support the Under Five are seriously kicking their heads.

    • EL saw that the guy had no story to tell. I hope we shall be able to listen to ZNBC, without blackouts which come at 19h00.

  13. we salute the minister of energy for dissolving the board and firing the MD. We the council employees also request the able minister Local Govt to dissolve the local govt service commission. it a hub of inefficiency and corruption. The continued existence of the commission is against the spirit of decentralization. A lot of issues have been recommended to the commission by all the councils, it is either the information is miplaced and they do as they wish against the recommendation of the councils who are on the ground and understand the needs of the council. There is no collaboartion between the ministry and the commission.

  14. Observing from a distance! Once the PF has exhausted itself from in fighting, then we shall move in and finish the remnants!

  15. A bit of history to this!: When RB was President he fired Chitundu barely months after the board appointed him because he allegedly refused to allow MMD to use ZESCO resources. Now RB is back after supporting Edgar and it appears RB has some issues to settle with those that had refused to bend to his wishes when he was president; Misapa, Nchito and now Chitundu and of course more to follow… To most of us outsiders to ZESCO we do not know very well what wrong Chitundu did while at the helm of that institution! He appears to have reduced load shedding ,asked government to push mines to pay ZESCO bils. If Lungu is not careful, with many changes within the remaining short period,he may end with just finishing Sata’s term like RB did and possibly shove PF out of power like RB did to MMD!

    • … continued…so let us hear more. Is it the influence of the mines or Yaluma is hurt that Chitundu wants the mines to pay when as Minister in-charge of both Mines and Energy he could sit on Mines’ bills and get his cut?t is worrying that it comes few days after proposing that Mines should pay $110m owed, Ministry of Mines should be separated from Energy.Is it because Chitundu hates party patronage like he did to RB that some cadres went and influenced EL and down to the Minister to remove him? Is it RB getting back to finish his unfinished business? Cyprian Chitundu’s performance has not been bad considering that since Robinson Mwansa ZESCO has ever been going down in performance. Visible to us outsiders,load shedding had increased but Chitundu worked to reduce it.

    • Most people commenting and even the Lusaka Times do not appear to know either Zesco, Chitundu (Cyprian not Cyrian) or Mudende (Not Mudenda). At least LT should have tried to get the name correct.

      Of the two CEOs in discussion, the one with a direct connection to the late Sata is NOT Cyprian. Ask those who know both men.
      Those who say boards not the minister/president should appoint the CEO are spot on.

  16. I buy tuma units twa k20 the next day natupwa, what a life, kanshi the ceo was not in the country to reduce the tariffs, zwazwazwa…

  17. Yaaba! This is a recipe for confusion within the yet-to-be appointed board… Who will Mundende be answerable to, the Minister or the board?

  18. Hons. Alexander Chikwanda and Chrispine Yaluma have mishandled new mineral tax royalty and should also go. The duo especially uncle Alexander have been undermining HEECL’s authority. There is nothing they are doing in terms of discussing with the mines owners. Uncle Alex went to KCM just to drink coffee. Imagine?

  19. Kafubu water management should be dealt with. Busy buying expensive vehicles but failing to improve the water network. This company is limping it needs a vibrant Leader not Mr Mwaba who acts on rumors

  20. Please fire CEO for RTSA too!we are fed up with this rude man.he takes innocent people to jail or pay a lot of money to RTSA for nothing daily!!all of us who own vehicles are in danger of going to jail for very simple and silly charges by RTSA!!!we’re living in fear!!!PLEASE PLEASE PRESIDENT LUNGU FIRE THIS SOKO AND IF POSSIBLE LET A NEW CEO MAKE TRAFFIC OFFENDERS JUST PAY A FEE LIKE IN THOSE DAYS THAN PAYING AFTER FAST TRACK COURT!!! WE CANT BE GOING TO COURT FOR EACH AND EVERY SIMPLE OFFENCE!!!GET RID OF RTSA AND LET TRAFFIC POLICE OFFICERS BE MANAGING THE ROADS!!!IF YOU IN PF FAIL TO CONTROL RTSA,IN 2016 WE’LL VOTE FOR HH WHO IS PROMISING TO GET RID OFF RTSA PERIOD!!!


  22. I hope this appointment of Mundende is an interim one pending the constitution of a board of directors. Ministers, should not be the ones appointing and disappointing heads of parastatal companies but the board of directors.

  23. Congratulations Mr. Mundende.

    Now can you stop this rubbish contractual works by most Zesco employees. Why putting people on contracts ? These people you have are all professionals. And they are not even getting thier gratuity on time. please act on matter soonest. Why reducing grades for all those on contracts.

  24. Good move.

    He was too talkative. He thought he would deceive an intelligent President into believing that he is hardworking through noise making.

    The heading should have read: Noisy Chitundu clipped.

    He was basically getting money through false and noisy pretenses.

    You cant outmaneuver an intelligent President. He should join Rainbow Party where all noisy people are rushing to.

    • Rodgers Chisambi (Dorothy’s mojo) and the two bungwes Fred Membe and Okello (that dark ugandan) in our good unzando days used to produce the prolific ideology rich ‘Bulwark’ magazine. Remember the days of managerial tea and skirmishes with ba toonlay?!!

      So I declare interest and wish Rodger and Fred well. After all, us and the likes of Hakainde served time at zns camps doing highpot, belt-level, ‘look-future’, silent drill, galamoja, grazing, sentry duties etc

  25. i am not privy to the deeds on one chitundu but its against governance operations for a minister to fire employees who should ordinarily be employed by the board. where will the CEO’s allegiance be when the board is reconstituted?

  26. Bad governance. The Board should have made this decision. Reminds me of PFs early days when they broke law by skipping the Times of Zambia board to appoint the CEO.

  27. In the 90’s we were told by ZESCO top management how well ESKOM was run. Even the electrification of townships like Matero and Chilenje was given to ESKOM because ZESCO workers could not erect a pole that was truly perpendicular to the ground. Twenty years later, there are long periods of outage on a daily basis or to use a euphemism loading shedding in South Africa under ESKOM. ZESCO has managed to complete power rehabilitation projects which RB of MMD failed to do in time and Lunzua. The ITT project is on course. It is clear for all to see that ZESCO has managed load shedding better than ESKOM which has happened under the helm of Mr Chitundu under PF’s rule. As for Wanzelu the only good Bemba is a fired one. I am beginning to see RB’s hand in this, Nchito now Chitundu. Coincidence?

  28. Cyprian is undeniably a Professional with an MSC from Russia & currently studying for an MBA in the US. The problem with his style of leadership were nepotistic tendencies where he sidelined long serving & well qualified employees & sorrounded himself with close friends in key management positions on what came to be known as the ‘inner circle’. Deserving employees were deliberately left out of appointments leading to demoralised senior staff especially in Distribution directorate. The Director HR who espoused a good working relationship with employees & the Union was sadly unceremoniously retired a week ago against the advise of many well meaning employees. He possessed the Tech knowhow but his reputation will be gagged & dented with unfair practices not reminiscent…


    • This is how ZESCO is run. Each time a new MD is appointed he fires all the directors he finds. This unsavoury trend started with Mwansa in 1991 when MMD came into power. One MD went overboard by firing more than 70 professionals who had worked for ZESCO for twenty years or more at one go. These actions are counter-productive but are tolerated by presidents of the day who appoint MDs. This was not the case in KK’s time. An MD did not have the power to fire his colleagues who in most cases are perceived as threats or competition. They were more senior directors who were seen as a threat when Mundende (sp) was appointed as Chief Operating Officer. Most CEOs are allowed to get an MBA to enable them run the company more effectively and not a PHD. A PHD is for university lecturers.

  29. Looks like some one has already collected the dues from the mines behind zesco’s back at a discounted amount. The Zesco/mine’s saga is deeper and anyone who’s talking about collecting this money will be silenced by government.


  31. Thank you for the development on zesco, your excellence. With zawa its worse, they have made the organization like a family business, visit them accordingly.


  33. We need sanity at electoral Commission of Zambia as well. That lady I glasses—-Priscilla must be fired. She has messed up things there.

  34. Freeze on ZESCO tarrifs for 24 months, ZESCO board dissolved, ZESCO CEO fired, all in quick succession. It points to something that might have gone amiss in the malaiti parastatal. Could it be corruption, embelzement, inefficiency or incompetence? I can only speculate.

  35. kindly note that CHITUNDU is still CEO.Dont talk too much.
    Do really know how much this man has done for ZAMBIA and ZESCO in the infrastructure development or u are just looking at negatives.Mind u NO ONE IS PERFECT ,May b u its worse.

  36. Senior Engineer RTD, most projects were completed or started under RB and continued by Chitundu and others. Why don’t you come to ZESCO Head Office so that we show you some facts that will enlighten you?

    • Most of the power projects were started by KK. E.g. KK only developed 400m of head at Kafue Gorge of the existing 600m enough to meet Zambia’s power demand and exploit the remainder later. RB attended a ground breaking ceremony for this project. So if UPND came into power and finished the project I will give it credit. I won’t say RB or KK started it. The power station at ITT was planned by KK but PF is doing it. The power rehabilitation projects were started by FTJ but took long to complete perhaps because they were mired in corruption (according to the Post there are some Zambians with Swiss accounts) but was completed by PF. It is one thing planning a project and another to execute it . “Ni sangwapo”. If low price of oil resulting in lower prices of goods ECL will claim credit.

  37. To me Chitundu was the best ZESCO CEO. If he is unfairly dismissed, he will bounce back again. If RB is playing a role, let me assure the PF that my vote will go somewhere else.

  38. How can you embrace a shame by the name of Rupiah Bwezani Nyamasoya Banda and at the same time impress us who voted for you?

    2016 will be summer slam for PF to pack. It was PF when the late HE M. C Sata was president of PF.

    ECL your partnership with criminals will make you pack.

  39. Cleanse Livingstone too. The chaps are corrupt. They can put a cable on top of your plot, but when you ask them to remove it, they want you bribe them for their mistake.

  40. Congratulation Mr. Mundende such a very hard working man and a team player who has been helping some of us poor villagers. stay blessed!!!

  41. This is stale news that was reported at 8hrs but was overturned by 13hrs. Statement will soon be issued to that effect though maybe minus the initial prominence.
    Chitundu was even back in the office this afternoon working.

    • The CEO for ZESCO is Mr. Mundende FULL STOP! Are you one of those who came to ZESCO through back door and the so called links and never productive? Too bad, people see and this is just the beginning. Let him go with his HR girl friend who has employed relatives right left and centre at the expense of young and deserving Zambians out there in the street.

  42. Most of these parastatals CEOs do not deserve these high profile jobs. Chitundu, Mwanakatwe, Zindaba Soko, Bernard Chiwala just to mention a few are so over rated just because they talk and talk. If the country is to make progress in sustainable development it’s high time we appointed industry leaders on merit. You’ll be amazed at how poor the leadership style is with these high profile cadres. Just look at how quickly they rushed to Mfuwe to buy themselves time! Why not make same presentation to the Board where you report??

  43. I once was in a meeting where a senior called his boss a fckin retard for over reducing expenditure. The next day, the guy was fired.So much staff goes on in meetings which an ordinary worker at blue colar level can not understand

  44. Victor Mundende, “Vido”as we called him at Mukuba boys and UNZA is a very intelligent and professional man. He has always been an Engineer at heart. That’s where his passion lies. If he has not been compromised over time, then he is the best thing to happen to Zesco in decades. Give a man a chance to prove himself.

  45. Senior Engineer RTD, I advised you to come to ZESCO Head Office for some education on the facts but you continue to wallow in ignorance.
    If you complete building a house and your brother comes along to do the last finishing touch which is painting the outside walls and tiling the verandah, which you could have done yourself if your father had not sent you for further training abroad, who built the house? If you say it is not you, then you need your head examined bwana “engineer”.

  46. Chitundu shot himself in the foot at chichele Its like he sold out ministry of energy

    There has to be some changes at Zesco though and new Senior Management be brought in including change of cartelling team of Accountants Its been a slowly sorry site

    Every one know that Chisambi ,the Kabimba clan , the FD is only time to go and new Director coming including some Directors and Station managers who have for some time grown too big headed and only time has come to pave way As for HH he cannot use Zesco to win him support across the country its danagerously bad

  47. Mr president ,u need to think twice over this decision,other that mundende will just finish ZESCO,just wait and see.

    Mundende,as long as what u have done to the man who promoted u to that position is betrail ,GOD will deal with u.

    Yaluma ,u are not as intelligent as CHITUNDU,Time will tell,so some of u were pretending to love the likes of SATA.

    CHITUNDU was the best CEO to run ZESCO

    • It is NOT true. Chitundu was a know it all man and always wanted credit to himself. You are just one of the cartels brought in ZESCO by Chitundu and his rotten girl friend HR. Who doesn’t know that Mundende is a performer?

      Why was he appointed as COO in the first place? Those are soar grapes. You are the same chaps who underrated Mr. Lungu to HH and now he is shocking you just wait. How can a company be owed $110million dollars and yet you go borrowing at very high rates? Where is the intelligence in this? Mr. Lungu is very sharp President for your information. Let the mines pay and to Government and those who work hard let them be rewarded accordingly and no petty jealous here. ZESCO can pay even more because it is capable!

      Ifintu ni Lungu

    • Chitundu like many other people had his share of friends, enemies, relatives, and those who benefitted rightly or wrongly from his three-year reign at the apex of Zesco. From this range of human beings we expect commendations, condemnations, and of course lamentations/tears from those whose economies and tummies will be affected by this dismissal. Such is life but we move on, as do all other sensible people.

  48. Bwezani Rupiah Banda wants to get rid of key members in the PF.

    He is the one behind lies against Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila and Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba. Why accuse the two ministers of meeting Dr Nevers Mumba? Even accusing the two ministers of challenging ECL. These are cheap politics of the past.

    Rupiah has observed that these are very close to H.E President Lungu, so in order to fulfill his ambitions he has embarked on a mission of causing a tumoil within the ruling PF. He want to take full control of the party.

    We the voters observed the same man bringing the MMD to its knees after his rule.

    RB should go back to his party.
    HE ECL should be very careful with this unpopular politician.







  50. next will need to remove the fake auditing firm represented by HH and Hamuwele in auditing Zesco books of accounts and Units

    There is no way since 2000 same firm Grant Thornton Auditing all Units of Zesco and without any competition to ensure share holder value

    We will change that and this time the cartel as extended to ZICA and Zesco Granthorthon is also addressed

    Same individual people running accounting services in monopoly situation in the country using such to try and gain political mileage

  51. We are not in support of Yalumas personal decision.

    Otherwise H.E ECL still has 1 year and some months to remove incompetent and corrupt ministers like Yaluma.

    They are the ones making my party unpopular.

    1. Yaluma acted without using his brains.

    2. Tribalism also is in him at full course as we personally know this nsanya.
    3. People are saying HE ECL has no vision and yet it is the same ministers like Yamfwa who are visionless!

    Its never too late to remove debris like Yaluma from PF next year to avoid it from losing popularity in preparation for 2016 elections.

  52. The best ECL should have done is to finish the 5 years with people who were appointed by late Mr SATA(M.H.S.R.I.P).

    Besides, PF won elections by 2% margin and these are very costly and risky decisions undertaken my him to bring in RB friends who are damaging PF.

    Emukwai yee!!!!

  53. @ Kbwisa76, @Lizaza 77, no matter how many times you change your names on social media, you will never defeat the majority without justification my brother.

    The man was unfairly fired for we expected a concrete reason and people are complaing!!!!!!!!

    Are you the relative to Yaluma!!!!!!!!!!

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The Constitutional Court has dismissed a petition by Law Association of Zambia -LAZ and Chapter One Foundation Limited to have the Constitution Amendment Bill...

Lungu loves to dine and wine with corrupt people — Mweetwa

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) deputy Spokesperson, Cornelius Mweetwa says president Lungu’s statement on the presumption of innocence until proven guilty by the...

UPND accuse PF of traversing the Country to look for UPND Councillors to Buy

The UPND on the Copperbelt says it is aware that the PF mob that traverses the Republic to look for UPND Councillors to buy,...

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