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Lungu picked experienced deputy ministers-FODEP

General News Lungu picked experienced deputy ministers-FODEP

FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi
FODEP Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has commended President Edgar Lungu for appointing experienced deputy ministers for various government ministries.

Commenting on the appointment of deputy ministers, FODEP executive director McDonald Chipenzi said it was impressive that Mr. Lungu picked people who understand their roles.

He hoped the retained and newly appointed deputy ministers will deliver accordingly because they are committed and understand the ideals of the democracy.

He said the newly appointed deputy ministers do not need to be inducted to what they are supposed to do because the Patriotic Front administration is racing against time.

He noted that the retained ones already know where they left off.

Mr. Chipenzi further stated that the ‘new comers’ were also expected to effectively contribute to developing the country.

“It is interesting to note that President Lungu has also remembered Lupososhi MP Bwalya Chungu (Deputy Minister Office of the Vice President) who was so consistent despite being on the back bench for a long time,” he said.

On February 16, 2015, President Lungu unveiled deputy ministers for different government ministries.

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  1. They say hind sight is 20/20 looking back and at the situation in the country’s affairs as it stands now. I can say with a free conscious that God does indeed work in mysterious ways. There is a reason why it rained on election day resulting in low turnout in rural areas which made it easier for the PF to rig the by election. The country is in a total mess and HH would not have had enough time before another election to implement significant reforms and have them actualize to meaningful difference in people’s lives.The voters of Zambia would have been blaming HH for the mess the country is in now and the collapse that is to follow in the next few months. HH will have a full term to implement his reforms and actually have enough time for the changes to take effect. KWACHA DROPS AZAZA.

  2. Dull Chipenzi can not critically analyse the consequences of un efficient bloated cabinet with appeasements on this banana republic!

    • @civilised scum, now you call me chipenzi dull for bringing out his earnest thought, you are also intitled to your own,the experience and bloatedness are isolated issues, unless you don’t agree on the experience part you should avoid calling your friends names and keep quiet for once…

  3. Experienced in what exactly? The bloated cabinet is composed of people Sata said were useless and stup!d. They never disputed this sordid truth. Sata was of course insane but he was correct when he pointed out this fact, and we know the reason: as dictator he wanted only lap dogs constantly licking his…….., and these lap dogs are extremely experienced sycophants. I hope FODEP didn’t mean this type of experience. The minions are already doing it. Kneeling and worshiping EL at every opportunity, kissing his ass at the airport, state house, yes yes to everything he says. ba FODEP, if you want to be helpful, ask Lungu to reduce cabinet and get rid of excess chaff (deputy ministers). They are an unnecessary and unwarranted expensive burden.

  4. Another plus on the ministers experience, @loadist we agree with you time was going to be too short for your HH to make significant change,but a prudent leader can show change within months we hope you keep waiting until 2050, our lungu is going to show you how short time works..put on your seat belts..

  5. lets give constitutional power n protection to institutions…if institutions are not there to plan ..direct..monitor n execute govenment policy, then let them be created…as long as we do not hav this..our system output wil always remain impaired even if we put in 10 deputy ministers…

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