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LCC, Vendors lock horns over cemetery vending

Economy LCC, Vendors lock horns over cemetery vending

Vendors at Chingwere cemetery
Vendors at Chingwere cemetery

The Lusaka City Council (LCC) says the removal of traders and vendors from the graveyards in the City has continued to remain a challenge.

Council Public Relations Manager Habeenzu Mulunda says the exercise was being thwarted by some vendors who he said have continued to trade from the cemeteries despite being warned of several times.

Mr Mulunda explained to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that members of the public were also encouraging the hawkers to trade at cemeteries by buying from them.

He said if mourners were not buying from them, the hawkers would not see the reason of trading from cemeteries in the city.

Mr. Mulunda said a graveyard is a private property which should not be trespassed.

“Graveyards are not trading places. Any one selling food stuffs and other related stuffs risked being prosecuted for abrogating the public Act,” Mr. Mulunda said.

He wondered why despite the local authority sensitizing members of the public not to buy from vendors, most of them continue to do so.

He stated that Council was committed to removing vendors from graveyards because the traders were also contributing to littering the cemeteries because of indiscriminate throwing.

The LCC PRM warned that those found wanting risked being prosecuted for abrogating the Public Act.

Lusaka City Council has in the past fought running battles to remove street vendors as most of them have continued to go back to trade on streets.

Leopards Hill, newly Mutumbi and Chingwere cemeteries have become trade areas where hawkers are seen selling their merchandis to mourners.

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  1. silly mulunda these ones are not exposed to danger as compared to lumumba road vendors,what criteria are you using,wait until a truck looses breaks then you will see the traders you have allowed to trade right up on the roadwhat will happen,why do zambians ignore what is cardinal onpoverty eradication and bloated cabinet,these are same vendors who voted for pf let them suffer even more whilst the cabinet grows

  2. @Humanty and Zamali you are very spot on. You will see how the Govt will jump around when a disaster happens along Lumumba road. Lives would have been lost and vendors will oblige to leave as a result of that disaster.

    Start with Lumumba road KOLOPA CLEAN!! Yes their ill e resistance because they will claim that they are the ones who voted for PF. What bout disease and death?

    For the cemetery, those vendors knock off half day and they don’t work on sundays. kikikikikiki

  3. I wish there was no city called Lusaka City and no silly city council called LCC in Zambia. What a county? what a toothless city council? what a an airport cabinet with leaders with no vision for the country except to buy votes and be in power through street an cemetery trading.

  4. I used to observe something interesting about UNZA management circa early to late 80s: whenever students treaded an illegal path on the lawn they would put up an attractive pave of round concrete blocks to actually establish a legitimate path. Funerals in Zambia are a major time-demanding event and people do need refreshments and other conveniences. Instead of sticking to silly regulations, we must see how we can make that a regulated way of doing things. That way we can better appreciate the function of those demanding services at such places and those providing it. Mulundu, need consultancy? I can offer it for free…

  5. We will soon go back to the cholera days.Kuwayawaya muli ba PF,no direction. Lumumba looks looks like a place emerging from a civil war. Is it under the jurisdiction of LCC?

  6. Streets are not trading places either no toilets etc but you have allowed them. Live with it and keep singing yo Ifintu ni Lungu/PF!! Zambia a failed state!!

  7. Mulundu and his LCC are always a big joke. If these guys were holding public hearing sessions they would amass a great amount of wisdom and practical solutions to counter their short sightedness. Vendors at grave yards may have just come to stay. LCC should change approach of solving these so called problems. Take positive approach, take advantage than confrontational approach. Why not establish small business centres at grave yards, give restricted licences to some vendors (with restricted merchandise), PUT TRASH bins at several spots, (& engage companies for recycles). This way you get a levy, you get control; can choose what should be sold, the seller, where and when. Then you can prosecute the illegals. This way you will not send everyone back to the streets!

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