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Nevers Mumba ready to dialogue with expelled members

Headlines Nevers Mumba ready to dialogue with expelled members

MMD's Dr Nevers Mumba
MMD’s Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba says the party leadership is willing to dialogue with expelled members of the party to resolve their differences.

He said, however, that the expelled members must be willing and indicate to the leaders that they want to dialogue.

“Negotiating, dialogue is always an option.They must be willing and say let’s talk,” Dr Mumba said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday.

“I sent a letter to Muhabi Lungu last week to let him and the other members know that the door is open,’’ Dr Mumba said.

He said the expelled MMD members should realise that they had injured their party and used their resources and energy to build other parties.

“They cannot just come back and cause further injury, they should follow procedure,’’ Dr Mumba said.

He said it will be difficult to reconcile with the party if the expelled members remain adamant and behave as if they did nothing wrong.

Dr Mumba said the members were expelled for going against the party rules and therefore need to acknowledge what they have done.

He said the current leadership will do everything within its powers to save the party from extinction, adding that the party is being re-organised, starting with the grass roots in all the provinces.

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  1. Bt nevers mumba u also r not a serious man,dialogue 4 wat? Jus stand by ur decision,its no wonder the God father of corruption shrek deemed it fit to coup de tat u

    • Ba-Nevers, why are you pleading with the people you yourself expelled? They are not begging for you to reinstate them. I won’t be surprised to read that you have asked RB, that old traitor, to dialogue with the party leadership. Over what? RB will definitely grab the chance and come 2016 do another coup de tat! Wake up ba-Pastor.

    • I pity Nevers Mumba. He is not necessarily a bad person but just confused on the political scene. All he has is just a loud mouth and no political strategy. He initially wanted to endorse HH for the by-election. Some MMD MPs started working with HH and then Rupiah came on the scene and grabbed the MMD presidential candidacy. Some MPs went along with RB while some remained with HH. Nevers decided to try contesting the by election. After failing lamentably, he expels his MPs who supported the man he earlier wanted to support HH and spares those who went with his arch rivals RB and Edgar Lungu. No logic at all.

    • While there is wisdom in what Mumba is calling for, the truth of the matter is that Mumba has failed to energise MMD.

      There is a big difference between have FAITH in God to help you (AND) Working hard to achieve results.

      Mumba must revisit the “Parable of the 3 Talents.” in the Bible.

      The bottom line is that come 2016, Mumba will fail to pull the numbers again, unless if he really changes the way of running MMD.

      He has the MMD NEC who simply don’t believe in him at all. The number in the just ended elections spoke very powerfully.

    • Nevers has not made up his mind on what he wants. Why should he worry when people use their resources? MMD’s issue is to worry about remaining relevant to the political landscape of the nation. At the moment MMD is far behind in terms of popularity, if the just ended by elections can be used to infer to MMD’s political position.

  2. He wants to dialogue over the 2 pin those expelled members have withdrawn. No Nevers just let them be and we shall see how you will survive. ID.IOT.

  3. This nonsense your party members will support other candidates again more do you think all MMD members will support your idea of taking them into PR? You have lost it Muhabi is will be looking for a job in PF never trust that ka thing.

  4. MMD can partner with different political parties. MMD can not partner with individuals that exerised their freewill by supporting rival political alliances. It is clear that MMD is going through a rebirth or renewal process. If there is no political miscarriage, then MMD will emerge stronger than ever. The vote of no confidence in MMD. There is nothing wrong with expelling a member that disregards procedures and norms of good poltical conduct. Bravo Nervers! Time is on your side.

    • “Bravo Nervers! Time is on your side.”

      What time? He has run out of time when it was appointed as MMD President.
      On the other side, if you think that joining PF will help, clock is ticking. 2016 its just aground corner.

  5. Iyiwe Chi Nevers u are a seller out… U met Edger at state house & agreed to finish UPND by supporting them & denouncing HH starting by expelling those good MPS who campaigned HH forgetting they are the ones feeding u,paying your bills etc…Now look how pipo are suffering dollar selling at k7 per $1 shame on you with pf……

  6. …But Nevers, you never cease to amaze me. You are very undecided. You expelled the MPs who supported UPND and you spared those who supported PF at the expense of MMD. Tell me, what is the logic? You met EL and obviously he has given you conditions that you must bring all the MPs to PF.

    Now, listen and listen properly. 2016 is a Tripartite Election time for Zambia. In this year, Parliament will be dissolved and the MPs will get their gratuities and what this means is that they will be free to stand on any other party other than your MMD. You will not have time for threats of expulsion.

    What you need to do now, is to heed Kavindele’s call for MMD to disband and the sooner you do this the better for as you can now go back to the church. Politics has failed you or you have failed…

  7. I think Mumba has realized there is a very real possibility the court can over turn his expulsion of party members. I think party constitutions don’t give that much powers to party presidents to just wake up and expel members. It says something like “the president in working with the NEC bla bla ….can expel members”. To resolve MMD issues, Mumba should try to understand why his elected NEC failed to support him, and why the party performed so miserable in the elections. Probably politics are not his ‘calling’.

  8. NEVERS MUMBA is a trick star what type of a pastor is he? now he has been caught up in his own tricks by going to EDGAR LUNGU and negotiate the merger while in the other hand he expelled members who supported EDGAR in just ended Presidential elections it does not make sense, problem with NEVERS MUMBA he listens to political conmen/women like LUSAMBO, NAKACHINDA, MBULAKULIMA, ZALOUMIS AND CHITIKA you can never go any were when you are surrounded by such political criminals. For MMD to survive NEVERS should just swallow his pride and call for a CONVENTION by APRIL

    • Believer in what?
      Dialogue at the point of gun?
      Wasting Party financial resources by helping PF wining election?

      To day there is more chance of I.G of Zambia Police wining Nobel Price for Peace than Nevers wining 5% of votes in General Election.

  9. I think Nevers has a very big question from the people of Zambia before they can believe him when he says he is rebuilding the MMD: Why is he only expelling the MPs that supported HH, while leaving out those who supported PF through RB – even saying the party has agreed to the appointment of some to Cabinet; who had similarly deserted him to campaign for ECL? What is the difference in the MPs’ actions, in supporting other parties – is it because the others supported the losing party, or are you conceding to RB’s power to take MPs to PF? Why not UPND?????????????

  10. Why should Nevers Mumba take MMD MPs to evil UPND????not on this planet baba!!this party UPND must not be allowed anywhere near power bcoz Zambia could be divided badly on tribalines!!!I REPEAT,TRIBALISM IS IN UPND’S MEMBERS BLOOD!!!LOOK AT HOW THEY VOTED FOR THEIR TRIBAL HH?AMAZING!if people like GBM,Felix Mutati,Mucheleka,etc are serious and wants to retain their seats in 2016,they must join Mighty PF now bcoz under UPND they’ll 100 per cent lose their seats to PF in 2016!!!!

    • @Eddy
      We don’t want them, after they have dilly dallied with the opposition. Can’t trust them not to de-campaign again. Bunch of rakes. Let them go.

  11. All these questions coming from people only point to one thing: Nevers entered into some kind of deal with ECL which is causing him to panic. He is also the carbon copy of Munkombwe, he is used to eating.

  12. Nevers… Nevers.. Nevers! how do you apply selective justice? It is un biblical man. Now wait and see how Edith will fill the political void that your party has left.

  13. Expell……dialogue. That’s the wrong way round.

    Pastor Nevers is all over the place. It’s like The Rakes Progress. Is there any low place he will not descend to, in an effort to gain earthly power?

    Oh dear!

  14. Mutati & group went to upnd as individuals, RB & group went to ECL (not PF) with MMD regalia, symbol & everything.
    Of the two who betrayed Nevers more.

  15. You don’t understand anything you are talking from a physical point of view .These expelled MPs asked thru a third person for dialogue not that Mumba is asking them or begging them.In a democratic society dialogue is key

  16. @eddy whatever you call yourself. I have been following your contributions on this platform. Am not sure how far you went with your education because your level of analysis is questionable. It seems your mentality is still in the stone age of talking about tribal all the way. Its unfortunate that people like you are the ones dividing this country if you did not know. Right now the country is more divide than ever before because of people like you who are always dreaming, eating and thinking about tribalism. On the voting patterns, records are their to show since 2001 to 2015 as to who voted for who or what per region or province. In the past years no one complained about voting patterns apart from 2015 elections, WHY? Wake up my friend and start thinking like a modern person

  17. Nevers Sekwila Mumba should just throw-in the towel and take a trip to, and long rest in, Israel, for in-depth contemplation, reflection and spiritual renewal. Politics is definitely not just up his alley.

  18. Wisdom Dr. mumba give them an opportunity and its good signs that others have already appeared before the discplinary committee. But it is a well known fact that the likes of felix mutati and luck mulusa cannot dialogue or attend the discplinary committee cause of the loss they incurred at the conventon 3 years ago. On the other hand Muhabi kabinga pande and fostina sinyangwe are prideful and arrogant and will not dialogue or appear before the discplinary committee. Indeed dialogue is an option and takes two. Its also christian to reconcile. RB is not MMD and has his own agenda. All he is looking for is a horse or platform he can ride of his political come back. Dialogue yes but must not be forced on the expelled.

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