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Government reduces mealie meal prices

Economy Government reduces mealie meal prices

People in a queue for Mealie meal at National milling in kabwe
File:People in a queue for Mealie meal at National milling in kabwe

The PF Government has announced a reduction in mealie meal prices.

Agriculture and Livestock Minister Given Lubinda announced the reduction in mealie meal prices in Lusaka today at a media briefing.Mr Lubinda said the wholesale price of a 25kg bag of breakfast will now be K61.00 from K65.00 while a 25 kg bag of roller meal will now cost K44.00 from K52.00.Mr Lubinda said the reduction in mealie meal prices follows consultations with relevant stakeholders.

Earlier this month Superior Milling Company Limited had reduced its mealie meal prices by more than 3% in all outlets operating outside the line of rail in response to the recent reductions in fuel prices in the country.

Managing director Peter Cottan had said Superior Miling wanted to encourage farmers to produce bumper harvests. We also need to ask ourselves if the price of maize from farmers or the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) is fair or not.

Mr Cottan said his firm had reduced the price of a 25 kilogram bag of breakfast mealie meal from K69 to and the price of a 25 kilogram bag of roller mealie meal had also been reduced from K52 to K50.

The further decrease in the price of mealie meal has been welcomed by many Zambians.When the PF government removed maize subsidies in 2013 mealie prices reached up to K90 per 25kg bag of breakfast and K85 roller meal.

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    • PF is confused, K4 sure?
      Seriously PF should consider defeated & knowing well that sucks, they have no clue whatsoever. Visionless & continuation of denial!
      Please look at the man carrying 5bags of mealie meal, that’s 125Kgs on his head. Common isn’t this abuse & torture if not alienation! Its a worry.
      Izanyokola njala, $1=K7 yazanda manje, you see this following of visionless leadership eeh. K7-K4=K3, thereby & as it should be trading for $1=K3, but monetary policy is a must have to succeed. Too much recycled at the helm of financial misappropriation of the country’s arteriosclerotic system.
      Bo Lubinda & PF K4 reduction only is just shocking & misplaced. The economy is plummeting, hunger & poverty escalating, statistically at 86%. Lungu te fintu,…

  1. It still seems to me that the price of mealie meal is high. The solution lies in ensuring that gvt begins an ambitious plan to create milling plants at local levels. This way the transportation costs will wiped away while at the same time employment will be created for the so many unemployed citizens

  2. And due to the weak Kwacha, the prices will be increased next month.

    The justification will be that millers buy spare parts for their machines in dollars.

  3. This is not adding up for me! Are you saying Hon. Lubinda that the government is now determining the price of Mellie meal? Is it not the market forces that must direct the prices of commodities on the market. It is not making sense to me. What is your Government/Party policies on Prices? Again Chipantepante!!!

    • as much as the market forces determine the government can put limits on how much the highest and lowest prices can be, that is price ceiling, basic Economics

  4. This is really a mockery to the Zambian citizenry consumers!The reduction is better as nothing has happened at all!We need a strategic sustained & rational economic policy not this useless cosmic move!This is an insult & flea circus in PF s’ economic policy-Chibwi no plan!

  5. I doubt if it will make any difference in a free market economy like ours. Is the Minister going to supervise and control the prices by the retailers across the country?

  6. I’m a farmer and I don’t grow maize for one reason. A politician who is in Lusaka and does not understand my costs of growing the crop is the one who announces the price for maize price for political expedience. This commodity is very politically motivated.

    Other crops like sweet potatoes, soya beans e.t.c. have no price fixing by the government and therefore no political interference. Have you ever head the food reserve agency announcing the price of sweet potatoes or tomatoes?foods.

  7. Thank you! Now finally I can increase the size of my lumps of nsima. When I sit down for supper I really like to see a lump of nsima on my plate the same size as my head.

  8. Wrong timing at the time when the Kwacha is not doing very well. This will lead to a further decline in the value of the Kwacha. Just because some individuals want to be in government post 2016, does not mean you have to sacrifice Zambia and the Zambian people.

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