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President Lungu warns people against engaging in illegal land allocations

Headlines President Lungu warns people against engaging in illegal land allocations


President Lungu has warned people to desist from engaging in illegal land allocations.

Mr Lungu advised people to follow the laid down procedures of acquiring land as opposed to illegally allocating land to themselves.

President Lungu also warned PF cadres to desist from taking the law into their own hands but instead respect law enforcement agencies.

The Republican President said this today in Lusaka when he handed over development projects to the people of Chawama constituency.

Mr Lungu said he will not condone indiscipline from cadres who are tarnishing the image of the ruling PF.

The President said he was prepared to lose the 2016 general elections on account of losing an exodus of undisciplined party members.

He advised the cadres and general party membership to lead by example as the party in government by respecting the police and observe the law.

Mr Lungu appealed to the people of Chawama to choose a worthy person to succeed him as Member of Parliament in the by elections set for April 14, 2015.

And President Edgar Lungu has directed the Zambia Police to revive the Police Reserve Wing immediately.

President Lungu says the Police Service should revive the Reserve Unit in order to consolidate efforts of maintaining peace and security in the country.

Mr. Lungu said government will recruit additional police officers annually in order to meet the threshold of 35, 000 officers needed to provide adequate security.

The Head of State said this today when he commissioned Misisi and John Howard police posts in Chawama Constituency in Lusaka today.

The Misisi police post has been constructed at a cost of over K700,000 on land that was used as a garbage dumping site while the land on which John Howard police post is built cost K200,000 and constructed at a cost of k487,000.

President Lungu directed Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani to ensure that the reserve wing is not infiltrated with criminals.

The two modern police posts which have private showers and toilets were initiated by Mr Lungu while serving as area member of parliament.

President Lungu also commissioned a water kiosk in Misisi compound to provide clean and safe drinking water to residents who for a long time have been drawing water from shallow wells.

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    • @1 zamcab,

      Aren’t cadres people? Cadre is a group of people who can lead, organize and train within an organization. Soldiers, intellectual think tanks, Private or state secret service Intelligence outfits, students, marketeers, political zealots and or Police units e.g paramilitary or indeed bloggers if we go literally with the meaning of this french word in classification, every Groupthink is a cadres.Remember the word “Cadre” was borrowed into English from French sometime in the 19th century if accurately documented.

    • @ Wiseman, on the Zambian scene “Cadre” stands for the lawless scum occupying the low echelons of party structures and good for any despicable acts against political foes and citizens of different party affiliations. Yours is the elite definition for what a cadre should represent.

    • Just as we are getting loans from WB, IMF, EU AfDB and a whole host of them, we are also lenders in our own right. We have Zimbabwe owing us…Actually, we had to ask Zim to guarantee that they pay back at least the principal on the moneys they owe us for the Kariba dam assets before we can agree to start processes to build another dam on the Batoka gorge.

      Now, we are paying for them for the Kariba Dam rehab adding on to the amount they owe. Zambia is still playing big bro to the nations in the region. We helped with political liberation, we donate food when there is hunger, we donate fuel when the pumps run dry, we build roads in the pedicle.

      Ok, the question is, what measures can we take on our neighbours if they fail to pay back our money and in good time? Take full possession?

    • @FuManchu: Yours is the correct interpretation of ‘cadre’ in the Zambian context of the word. Cadre brings to mind the image of an uncouth, lawless, unwashed, smelly, ready to hack somebody for no reason thug. Lungu is here being hypocritical. When it suited him he didn’t mind them voting for him by waving pangas as a substitute for a vote.

    • Let H.E. start with restoring illegally grabbed land in Ibex Hill and Lusaka West back to rightful owners. Some PF/MMD cadres illegally grabbed land in Ibex Hill and Lusaka West – please return this land back to its owners.

  1. But iyi dressing ichinje
    Pantu chili kwati ba President LIGAYI OR ISOSI
    statehouse image builders and menders, please do something before it is too late
    We support you Mr President but chinjeni dressing. It is sending a message of akamwaice mu plot 1.

  2. President Lungu also commissioned a water kiosk in Misisi compound to provide clean and safe drinking water. The whole entire president commissioning a kiosk

    • It all comes down to actively participating in national development no matter at what level. Basically there are no limits to what the president can commission especially when it comes to infrastructure.

      Look at it this way: he has time for the people. In other words, he is not too self-important to mingle and work closely with the avarage citizens to perceive, plan and implement desired and proper standards!

    • It is his constituency. Since when did your constituency MP do anything for your area. He did not forget they people that gave him that chance to run for office. The people that allowed that on his first attempt he became president of Zambia, standing majestic also.

      Don’t criticize everything, how bitter are you to still be hurt one month later?

    • This constituency is Zambia…why did his small brain take on a mammoth task if he has no vision…where is he is getting funds to bring all this development sincr there is no MP in that consistutency? Why did he not bring this development this he was MP?

    • Why don’t you kolopa the sinking kwacha?

      How about the price of mealie meal and the ever increasing cost of living?

      Or are you one of those that survive on party in government dropping aka corruption in tenders?

  3. Talk and no action, that’s what politicians do. How many PF and MMD illegal land allocators have you arrested? Even if UPND was to win, cadres just change the colour of the chitenge and sign but nothing changes

  4. UPND @Wanzelu and his mate @Sido Marks must learn that Kateka is His Excellency President Lungu. The President has addressed Cadre violence and has set out to increase Police numbers by adopting a new police wing. It is clear Cadre violence is being dealt with and has been acknowledged.

    After reading comments by @Wanzelu and @Sido Marks (who could be the same person), In a Posting on UPND, it’s clear that LT must stop the two posting comments because they are not mere citizens responding to Zambian every day matters, but that they are In fact violent activists hoping to shape their dream’s outcome.

    Shockingly they ignored His Excellency’s request. That surely involves UPND Cadres. UPND is disturbing in that aspect. They refuse any democratically elected President.

    • You have no idea of what democracy is and humane politics.

      Talk about when your president will reverse the sky diving kwacha and sky rocketing price of basic essentials. That is what Zambia needs to hear. You dont get in the drivers seat for decoration but to work and bring general good and correct all ills. Clearly you are not up to the task.

      If you are in Zambia, and if you can afford it check out the astronomical increase in prices along Freedom Way, and the chain stores.

    • I don’t know wanzelu and we have never mate,but we have one thing in common to end tribal politics that started in 1964 and restore Zambia as prosperous country.Looking at Zambia today any riffraff can be ascend to presidency as long as he belongs to the so called power full tribes.We need men and women of high moral value and integrity to be presidents.Men who are ready to die for mother Zambia to ensure all children Go to School ,have clean water and proper medical care.Building Roads and posh houses is not development on its own .In a modern society development is measured by per capita per income and Human development index.

  5. Excellency, kindly address the drainage issue comprehensively.
    Ask the Dutch government how they manage to keep water from their streets. I suggest you phone the Prime Minister of Holland to raise this issue. Only delegate to your Ministers after you have firmed up your discussion with the PM to avoid the issue being watered down by lower offices. Holland is a land below sea level and cities like Amsterdam, Den Haag etc, could have submerged a long time ago. The Dutch have been Zambia’s cooperating partner for a long time and are very supportive of pro-poor policies.
    The existing furrows in Chawama constituency are insufficient as proved during the current rain season. Plse sir, this is your chance to deal with this vexing problem we have lived with for a long time.

    • I agree. I have a worker who lives in Chawama. Recently I had to drive him there after working late. I was literally shocked.

      Shocked that whilst we live in affluence and comfort and even doing further drainages in a location close to Lusaka Golf Club, our brothers and sisters live in inhuman conditions.

      Go and visit Chawama and see for yourself. I felt sorry for the people who of no fault of their own (the majority) have to contend with that soggy waterly filth.

  6. The whole entire president commissioning water, what the ministers doing, shame, the shirt looks like he is going to a canival celebration, who dresses this person?

    • Stop dreaming – first ask the Americans to make the dollar weaker – do you have any idea why the Kwacha is under pressure?

    • You guys you don’t cease to amaze me .Honestly you think Lungu and PF are seriouse people that Zambia can bank on to bring development.You know in your hearts that HH would have been the best to confront Economical issues in zambia.Lungu was MP fro Chawama and he failed to find solutions to over flooding and you expect him as president to solve this problem.Lungu has been poor through out his life ,while spending heavily on beer and prostitutes and you expect to make zambia rich.Zambians lets be serious we are slowly going down to one party state.This guys will only continue to rule if we are poor,since its easy to give hand outs during election to poor people.I SIDO will make sure i send my children abroad and remain to fight here in Zambia to change things for the better.

  7. This is when he is thinking of the chawama people, when he was MP, he never saw this, yet,he was drinking from their, his drinking mate are now shocked!!!, now he can see.

  8. “The President said he was prepared to lose the 2016 general elections on account of losing an exodus of undisciplined party members.”

    Those are wise words. Even we of the Nawakwi brand welcome this point. Hopefully more of the angry bloggers here too can open their eyes.

    • Early in his administration, President Kenneth Kaunda once told the nation that he would resign if Zambians did not cut down on their alcohol consumption. Well, Zambians actually turned up a notch and Kaunda had to be eventually pushed out of power after a 27 year rule. You need to take politicians utterances with a grain of salt.

  9. His excellency should warn those people in councils especially the so called mayors who are stealing people’s money and allocating the same piece of land to many people it is happening in Kabwe municipal.They allocate land 6years down the line the land land is not surveyed even when money was paid.Please do something your excellency tavutika kuno Kabwe,How can we trust people who are abusing their political powers?

  10. Our President in skinny jeans/cords. Dapper Mr President. You are on the right track because image matters. Mututeke batambalakuta.

  11. Did u hear or read dat? He is prepared to even lose the 2016 elections on account of exodus of indiscipline members,no president of any party has eva condemned violence in this manner.bt sir plz also address the state of roads in ktk,esp the dual carriage way frm wusakile round abt to town

  12. Ninebo nimpampa. Red carpet mu Misisi? Yet street vending is ok in Cairo road. Lingu used to walk mum at ipad in Chawama and now wants red carpet in Msisi? This is because we have dull Zambians.

  13. One Zambia One nation. Yes indeed the illegalities will be countered with legalities. President Lungu is on right track. So far so good, but chancers must be watched discreetly in all dimensions, lest they spoil the PF thick soup.

  14. Thank you , your excellence for the police post and water, may the good lord guide you and give you wisdom. Ichapala lesa takuli ingawatipa. kalebalika.

  15. Yeah, new facets, things anew, a fresh breath, what a good feeling, all round-with Lungu and team at helm! Forward, Lungu!

  16. Illegal land allocations are symptomatic of the high cost of land due to inflated prices as a result of foreigners having a free hand in purchasing land at will. We need a land policy that empowers Zambians and not a few elite individuals with financial resources. We need government to come up with housing policies and land policies that are affordable and realistic to an ordinary Zambian.

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