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Zambia booted out of CAF U17 Cup

Sports Zambia booted out of CAF U17 Cup

Zambia have been booted out of the 2015 CAF U17 Cup.

Junior Chipolopolo lost 3-1 in their final Group A match to two-time champions Nigeria to bow out in the preliminary round of their debut tournament appearance.

Victor Osimhen and Kelechi Nwakali put 2-0 into the break with goals in the 36th and 45th minutes respectively.

Osimhen completed his brace in the 48th before Patson Daka scored Zambia’s consolation and his second of the tournament in the 6st minute.

Zambia finished third on 3 points, one behind second placed Guinea who lost 2-1 to Niger but still advanced.

Nigeria advanced to the semifinals top of the pool on 7 points.

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  1. Jus ban football in zambia,we no longer good at it,lets find sum otha thinz we could b good at,lyk hockey or sumthin

    • These PF mwandini bwafya, why so many losses?
      Anyway, good for Patson Daka, hope he goes to school. He should rash like Sate Sate.

    • The real problem is FAZ. We can have as many young players as possible on the European big club groom grounds through free transfers. Look at how the West Africa is coming up. Love of money is what has killed the game. This human investment, guys be proactive.

  2. Why do we even bother participate in competitive tournaments when fact is nothing good can be achieved when all is not well at home! Let the mess in the home be first sorted out before venturing out to meet with others. These boys are coming out of a troubled home and how can they be expected to perform wonders! They go out there leaving their siblings without promise of a square meal and/or getting employment, wondering if the mother would not be lynched at her market trading post and/or the landlord has not evicted the family from the rented house. The father who travelled to the village to utilize the family fields to grow maize is stuck in the village with no word of his well being! While the team may have the stamina the mind is burdened with issues affecting performance. Welcome boys

  3. They were over confidence going into the match. The advise of go and win the cup is killing the game by top ministers and FAZ officers. Don’t loss hope. In every match there is a winner and a losser hence lessons are learnt for improvement in the next performance.

  4. Ifintu ni Lungu….PF messing up everything. I was supposed to go to Dubai next week but I can’t ! The dollar just way way too too expensive!

  5. Are you telling us ,that Pf should pay for your trip to Dubai? I live in England, the Pound has gone mad ,and no one is insulting our politicians but in Zambia only. Insala ibi. Sort out your financial problems , its got nothing to do with President Lungu. What were you doing before Lungu became President of Zambia? Are you sure , you have been waiting for Lungu to become President of Zambia to sort out your problems? Shame on you.You will never, enter God’s Kingdom. Lungu is only a month old, in power how do you blame ,50 years of political, economical and social failure on 1 Lungu only in power for three weeks?

    • We must be realistic with our criticism. Lungu has nothing to do with the rising Kwacha the world over is crying for the rising in their currency. Even America has been reducing in the way they support the vulnerable countries. Speak good of your leader and it shall be well with you. Our God will never leave us nor forsake Zambia. Lungu for 2016.

  6. This type of dullness is scaring,are you telling us that the govt has got nothing to do with the falling kwacha.Please,go back to school and learn the roles of the central bank and ministry of finance.

  7. We need a tactician like Herve Rernad in this country, not these local coaches who are just crying for the responsibilities which they can not manage. We are still far to do things on our own. If we want to do things on our own, then let us invest in these local coaches by sending them for high profile coaching courses and expose them. let as send people who are good at practicle work like wedson nyirenda, not like Janza who is just a theory person, People like janza should just be advisers not being given a coaching role. You give such people that means you are killing the game

    • HR is not a tactical coach whatever got you that idea only god knows…you wouldn’t even know tactics if it was sitting on your lap!!

    • @Jay Jay if HR was not a tactical coach,how come in 5 years he has won 2 AFCON cups and your super tactical local coaches have been eliminated in the preliminaries.
      The loss of the under 17 is due to lack proper preparations.They should have been camped in Ghana or Cameroon for a month and playing against top teams there.The problem is that you always think that “infintu ku wina”.This is football bane!

  8. It’s okay for them to experience loss at this stage…the only problem these future players have is that FAZ is filled with corrupt selfish empty suits in the name of Galu and Co.
    Surely how can we have an FA president was resides in RSA all these years…how pays for this guy’s flights and accommodation in Zambia.

  9. Shame on you all talking politics instead of football . This boys were just born dull with no brains but “mitundu” in there heads.In life you God created as with talents and each one have duty to develop it and not wait for politician .The problem with Zambia plays is that they don’t admire the Drogbas , Essien , Eto etc.,,but just want to come back to this life in Zambia meet there ‘MAULEs” and shine with there K20. VIVA LUNGU …KOLOPA.COM

    • They like too much inena these boys! All they think is nganakwata ka $200.00 nkatomba bad amaule ku Alfa, and they fail to concentrate on the field of play. Even these local coaches we have are negatively affecting the quality of football. @ ukampela shinga nga nakubika mu team? Atese iwe coach mother far car chin your cho be makaka. @ MP you are spot on brother.

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