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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

CEC Liquid Telecom launches Fibre to Home promising fastest broadband speeds in Zambia

Economy CEC Liquid Telecom launches Fibre to Home promising fastest broadband speeds in...

CEC Liquid Telecom launches Fibre to Home promising fastest broadband speeds in Zambia

Around 8,000 homes and businesses in Lusaka will be able to enjoy fast speed internet after CEC Liquid Telecom launched its Fibre to Home service.

The Fibre to Home service will provide speeds of up to 100Mbps, the fastest broadband ever available in Zambia and Africa allowing homes and businesses of all sizes access superfast broadband with unlimited data packages.

The service will also provide Zambians with the Real Internet enabling businesses to use cloud-based services as well as video conferencing based on Over the Top services, like Skype.

The service will enable the whole family to be online at once using multiple devices.

The service is initially available to around 8,000 homes and businesses in Lusaka including the areas of Rhodes Park, Northmead, Longacres, Sunningdale and Kabulonga.

Announcing the development in Lusaka this morning, CEC Liquid Telecom Managing Director Andrew Kapula said his firm will invest around US$15 million in the Fibre to Home infrastructure which will continue indefinitely and is expected to reach 20,000 premises in Lusaka by year-end.

An initial pilot project last year received extremely positive feedback from customers who were impressed with both the speed and reliability.

Mr Kapula said “This is a major milestone in the development of Zambia’s telecoms infrastructure. We believe in the power of connectivity to change lives and will continue to invest in building a high-quality network which will enable our people and businesses to prosper.”

Today’s announcement cements CEC Liquid Telecom’s position as the country’s most reliable and consistent broadband provider.

Last month, the company announced a US$5 million investment in building a new fibre link between Lusaka and Victoria Falls in Livingstone to provide both retail and wholesale customers with the most reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity in Southern Zambia.

CEC Liquid Telecom is a joint venture between The Liquid Telecom Group and Copperbelt Energy Corporation PLC (CEC), a Zambian power generation, transmission and distribution company.

Its nationwide fibre network is the first fully-redundant network in Zambia, providing SLAs at a level not previously experienced in the country.

International access is through the multi-award-winning pan-African fibre and satellite networks of The Liquid Telecom Group, which connect to five different sea cables-WACS, EASSY, SEACOM, SAT3 and TEAMs.

CEC Liquid Telecom provides IP Transit, MPLS, backhaul, disaster recovery and data protection services to a wide variety of customers: businesses of all sizes including financial institutions and tourism-related companies, Government and education institutions as well as operators and ISPs.

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  1. No this is development….. However government should legalize Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) because at the moment, Skype is illegal in Zambia.

    • you have made me laugh……..I are you really saying that the are that behind not even to understand the the difference between a switch and a hub or cat5e and cat6

    • @Mthangatambeta, the reason they are not commenting is that one of their leaders owns the company and they dont want to be seen as nepotist and only allowing their party access!

    • @Mthangatambeta, the reason they are not commenting is that one of their leaders owns the company and they dont want to be seen as nepotists and only allowing their party access!

  2. Lungu has reportedly said he will not allow Barrick to close Lumwana Mine and that if the mine is placed on care and maintenance, he will find investors to partner with ZZCM holdings to run the mine. This statement sounds good if you don’t analyse it deeply. However, I see a number of problems here. First and foremost, it means GRZ and the investors have not reached any agreement; secondly, Lungu is threatening Barrick. Threatening investors can be popular to ordinary Zambians but whether you like it or not, multinationals are more powerful than GRZ and you can have no peace if you treat them like that. They will squeeze our balls like no man’s business; that’s the time the kwacha will reach 30 to a dollar just in a month.
    Which investors will agree to take over a business under…

  3. All this gloss and not ask how much its going to cost the consumer? It likened to walking into a car showroom and told about its special features and walking out with being told the price!!

  4. introdution is not the problem. the issue is maintenance and management. I know of some ISP who use to be the best in Zambia now they are something else. still using old cisco routers, switch etc one can boil an egg before a page opens

  5. @Mthangatambeta, the reason they are not commenting is that one of their leaders owns the company and they dont want to be seen as nepotists and only allowing their party access!

  6. What they will bring will just be cables. They do not have the outside capacity tot offer such a service. We shall use for cable TV anyway

  7. Good job Andrew Kapula…. always good to see one of Hillcrest products leading the way. As Alisinda used to say….” You are the cream of the nation….” All the best!

  8. Congrats CEC Liquid Telecom! With this fantastic move one can safely say you have now grasped the highly promising Zambia market with zero competition and the margins will be only for you to enjoy.

    Good bye Zamtel this was supposed to be your niche market but your hopelessly blew it up for a new entrant. It will be very difficult to dislodge CEC Liquid Telecom from their newly acquired position especially by the current hopeless Internet Service Providers

  9. Internet should not cost so much. People in developed countries pay as low as $6/ month for very fast unlimited internet.

  10. Cec liquid are not providing any services to the public. They r simply providing the infrastructure to ISP retailers – who r also in business to make profit and thereby increase the cost to Joe public. If the chaotic and unacceptable cable laying exercise by cecliquid is anything to go by, I will not be rushing to change …..

  11. But how affordable and accessible is this to home owners like me? No one is saying anything about the monthly cost to home owners. If it proves too costly, it will just end up as an expensive white elephant and I will maintain my loyalty to Iconnect wireless.

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