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Lungu leaves for troika meeting in South Africa

General News Lungu leaves for troika meeting in South Africa

President Lungu
President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has left for South Africa for a one day bilateral consultative meeting with President Jacob Zuma who is the chairman of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations, Amos Chanda disclosed to journalist at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport that President Lungu was invited by his Mr. Zuma during the AU summit last month.

He further revealed that the meeting between the two heads of states will be held today in Cape Town, South Africa.
President Lugun is accompanied by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba and Mr. Chanda.

He was seen off at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by Vice President Inonge Wina, several cabinet ministers, service chiefs and Patriotic Front (PF) party officials.

Mr. Lungu is expected back home today.

Tomorrow, President Lungu will host his Tanzanian counterpart Jakaya Kikwete who is coming to Zambia for a two day state visit.



    • ” Troika” means a meeting of “Three”, so Lungu & Zuma means a simple duet, ba LT, twa kula mifunda fye ichisungu !!

  1. Why are some people saying President Lungu sneaks out of the Country if his Press aid can speak to people at the airport about the President’s outing. Why politicizing everything kanshi?

    • @watcherman, ZWD and their bitter blind followers will never accept that Lungu is republican president for now. Their reports are so unprofessional and outright childish

    • It is the watchdogs who are saying he has sneaked out. Sneaking out means without officially announcing to the nation.Watchdogs stand for nothing but malicious damage to our beloved President’s name.

    • So you want a president who just sits in state house and expect the region to work with Zambia. So you ZWD and UPND chaps think Kikwete should not be in Zed, Tanzania also has a mountain of problems. So all heads of states should never leave their countries using tax payers money until all problems are solved. This is really under five thinking. I am so glad UPND did not win and will never win the presidency in Zed

    • EL has had a holiday, travelled out but he is yet to face the nation via a press conference….the first thing one does is face his employers but not in Africa.

    • You will die with nsanje.
      Accept HH lost and EL is president for next 12 years.
      IN 2027, Given Lubinda or Harry Kalaba will take over for another 10 years. This why they are saying may be in 2037 will be HH time. At least by that time I will be dead
      Never to be ruled by mabisi

    • baba muzakafunta na jealous. aleteka lungu, mulekeni, naimwe inshita ngaya pya ‘mukateka’. musiyeni muyanuu…

  2. …Ayamvwa manone mambala!!! Ndeke ni ndeke ka!!!!

    What about medicine in clinics
    Mines impasse
    PF Killing UPND Chairman

    Awe mwe!!

  3. Edgar should be ashamed of himself.He is misusing tax payers money plus he travels with a huge entourage….all friends….Typical African leaders. .check out the Western world leaders..they rarely travel…Lungu can avoid all these unnecessary trips by just calling Zuma and discuss any issues over the phone just like Obama does….Lungu has failed and he won’t be President in 2016

  4. I must recommend the zwd for giving us news which we wouldn’t hav known without them.thank you very much.but I have a problem with them which I don’t have with LT.I had to open another account in order to start commenting because they blocked me. So I find it difficult to understand them when they criticizes kambwili for threatening with their closure.they MUST also know that they are emermies of freedom of expession.look at their site now?only five comments a day.they have made it so had for one to comment.they shouldn’t even boast that they have a larger following becoz most of people hold 3 to 4 A/Cs per person .

    • Well, @ganja farmer it isn’t new to many of us. Some of us have long given up on ZWD like eons ago. These days plenty of people don’t even bother patronizing their site and dealing with their warped mindsets. Hence the low #s on their site nowadays. I fondly miss the ZWD of years back before they sold their souls to dubious some politicians.

      Do it the way a many of us have resolved to do; don’t “lend them you eye balls!” I hope you do realize that the more “eye-balls” they attract to their site the more money they make through advertising, don’t you? They sure can go ahead and make money off some ‘lemmings’ but you can choose not to be one of their gullible consumers. So stay away lest you contribute to their bottom-line—revenge of the “anti-gullibility” so to say!

  5. Do these cabinet ministers have any jobs to do other than seeing Lungu off and seeing him back? I agree with Dambiso Moyo about Dead Aid. Remove the aid which is being wasted, we will see less cabinet ministers at the airport seeing the president off and back

  6. Chikonko muzafa! Look at what God can do taking the insignificate to become significance from Joseph’s dungeon to Prime Minister there he is now. A little advise to our ECL do not depart from the presence of God just love this God your life will never be the same again

    • Chunkunda Feira, God allows both good and evil men to become leaders of nations for a reason. We need to pray for wisdom so that we will understand why the PF leadership and suffering has been allowed to continue. Look at Nebuccadinesar, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe, etc. Lungu came to power through stealing votes, intimidation and manipulation. Justice to the Zambian people will be done sometime but not just now. What goes up must indeed come down. Zambians are yet to learn a bitter lesson that is when they will open their eyes. Brace yourselves for things to come. Cry the beloved country has gone to the dogs.

    • You children of satan stop your nonsense. Stop your malice, stop your hatred HH will never rule this country unless God helps him, otherwise it will be groaning and gnashing of teeth all the days of your life.

      HH has been a party leader from 2003 to date and he has lost to Levy in 2006, Rupiah in 2008, Sata in 2011 and finally to Edgar C Lungu in just ended 2015 elections and you can’t see that the country has rejected him more than he can bear? Edgar C LUNGU has just been a PF Party President for 60 days and has already been elected Sixth President of the Republic of Zambia.

  7. Lesson 101 – manage your time effectively, because time is money.

    This trend of escorting the President to airport has become widely accepted in Africa, and no one questions it. The whole government institution comes to a standstill when the president is in motion. Shah!

    The time wasted (and costs accumulated) in escorting the president by cabinet ministers (and their cadres) far exceeds that used by Lungu on these foreign visits.

    I know ministers read these comments, so I hope they start leading by example.


    • @ Francis Chishala…whatever you call yourself. It seems you hate HH so much even when the topic is not about HH, you keep on talking about him, Why? This is really shocking and real hate of its kind. You mean you cannot just write an article without mentioning HH. Shame on you. Note that He is the next President in 2016.

  8. Its true ni KAMWENDO MUNJILA.IN ONE MONTH HES BEEN OUT MORE THAN AT HOME.His minsters spend their time at airport.AWE MWE.Withou ZWD reporting we would have known.It was only announced after it was publisized by ZWD.Why do you read ZWD if you dont like the news there?

  9. Dear readers God bless you all. I had a vision last night. Let’s continue praying for our beloved president, in my vision i was instructed to pray against the spirit of lamentation which has occupied state house. this spirit entered state house in 2003. All the events that took place in Zambia between 2006 to 2015 God has been showing me this events even before they happen, Thus pray for Edgar lungu serious put put your political affiliations aside and pray faithfully for his excellence. But this one we must share the burden together us believers. Thankyou all

    • @prophet.which spirit naimwe! Zambia has since 2001 voted for dead walking presidents.2001-LPM and had cancer and sugar,2008-RB had knee cancer,2011-Sata and had cancer too.Edgar now is running with one kidney. Stop using God in vain.maybe try god.

  10. Did you say a troika? Troika is a Russian word meaning three and a troika is usually a meeting of three heads of state. Did I miss out the 3dr head of state apart from Lungu and Zuma? A bilateral meeting cannot be a troika.

  11. This is becoming suspicious. There must be another reason Lungu is taking this many trips out of the country. My guess is that he is having medical procedures done while he is out there. If it was truly all about national duty he would have delegated one of his high-level surbodinates to some of this warrantless travel. Of course he will attend Zimbabwe independence celebration and Mugabe’s birthday too. The truth will soon be known. None of this makes any sense not even for a government as disorganized as the PF. At some point enough is enough. Lungu needs to level with the Zambian people and tell the truth. Who is the special advisor to the president for political affairs?

  12. @ganja farm. I respect your views about Zambia electing dead presidents. My question is, who is a live or health president? As pastor i understand that not everyone will agree with me but those who agree with me they should pray without ceasing. Lastly am none partisan myself am just a messenger. I fear God, i can’t fabricate a vision. Kindly respect men of God regardless of your belief or just don’t comment on certain issues if you don’t understand them. Thanks I Love with the love of God.

  13. So these !d!ots bloggers from zwd ‘ve now come here with their filth comments to destroy the good reputation of lt. Yabaa. Anyway as long as yu don’t bring zwd useless stories here you are welcome BA fi color.

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