TAZARA managing director Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika signs the book of condolence
Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika

Former President Rupiah Banda’s Political Advisor, Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika says there is need to depoliticise criminal justice process in the country.

Mr Lewanika noted that some suspects are going freely with their life even when they have committed serious offences because they belong to certain political parties while others face arrests because of belonging to certain political parties.

He reiterated that such happenings have continued because the criminal justice process is politicised in Zambia and some other countries in the world.

“No suspect should go scot free on account of belonging to a political party and no one should be arrested for belonging to a certain political party.
I think there is need to depoliticise criminal justice process in the country and in some other countries in the world,” he said.

The former Mongu lawmaker was reacting to the continued brutal killings of innocent people in the country by some alleged party cadres where no arrests have been made.

In the early hours of Monday on February 243rd, 2015, a Munali Constituency Youth Chairman of Mtendere Compound in Lusaka identified as Glayzer Matapa was attacked and killed by some suspected political party cadres that wanted to grab his land because he belonged to a different party.

Mr Lewanika told ZANIS in an interview in Ndola that he has also urged the police in the country through his face book account to do their duties without taking account of political affiliations of victims or suspects.

“The media, general citizenship and other law enforcing agencies should address crime in a non-partisan or political term.
As for police officers, I am urging them to be professional, they should do their duties without taking account of political affiliations of victims or suspects,” he urged.

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  1. What ever PF says just know that the opposite is true.

    Aka is correct on this issue. At least he has echoed what HH has been saying all along.

    Kambwili released a statement yesterday that PF is not shielding the criminal elements that killed Mr Matapa when reality is PF is actually shielding them.

    So many murders have been carried out by PF thugs and yet no one has been arrested why? Can we assume that police under PF have lost their skill to hunt criminals but instead they have gained a skill to hunt innocent opposition political supporters? The evidence available suggests YES Police under PF just arrest opposition political supporters leaving criminals lurking freely.

    Criminals should be arrested no matter which party they belong to. They are a danger to society.


    • Great echoes my Aka!

      We have always said, say it again today & will concurrently do so in the future, that the justice system is completely rotten to the core!
      There can’t be check & balance at all if one person belongs in all the arms of govt, viz~Legislative, Executive & Judiciary.

      Only in Zambia where there is such marionette mediocre & political monopoly where injustices are celebrated. Bo Aka indeed it’s pathetic failures (PF) who have hammered the last nail to destroy the justice system.
      It took Mutembo Nchito the DPP to educate the gullible ones that, he as DPP can’t prosecute & be a judge in his own case.
      The justice system is a juggernaut! Great effort Professor Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika.
      The Skeleton Key


    • AKA has always been a very good academician……..However, Aka has never been effective on the ground for the reasons best known to himself. It is nice to still have him around. Special adviser to EL, yes yes yes, he is the right person as compared to some of the analysts we have.


    • As long as the Police Top command is politically appointed and can be politically dismissed, it is a pipe dream to expect them to not get a cue from the appointing authority as whom to arrest when the offence is politically linked. Aka knows where the solutions lies, we all know where the solution lies;.. the new constitutions.

      But, the question is; will the fish empty its own pond? Your guess is as good as mine.


  2. Aka. Is right looking at how things are moving in this country only the PF cadres are going to survive from the pf criminality. The police seem to have lost touch due to political influence such that they can nolonger operate freely, fairly and proffessionaly for fear of being desimised.




    • 7 masters degrees does not equete one to be called DR.mostly DR is for PHD holders..maybe in zambia but not in usa.



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