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We are not attacking government, we are offering free advise- FDD

General News We are not attacking government, we are offering free advise- FDD

Antonio Mwanza Speaking at a rally
Antonio Mwanza Speaking at a rally

The opposition Forum for Democracy and Development says it is not attacking government but offering positive criticism and advise which the current administration should take advantage of in sorting out some of the challenges the country is facing.

Speaking in an interview FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said his party does not attack individuals and that those in government should pay attention when they are criticized because it is free advice that the government can use to tackle some of the country’s social and economic problems.

Mr. Mwanza said he does not understand people especially government officials and PF sympathisers who are accusing the party of attacking the President and his government when all the party is doing is pointing out specific issues affecting the nation.

He added that people should remember that the FDD as an opposition party will continue to offer alternative policy direction, advice and positive criticism when ever they notice wrongs and that they will not do it in a charitable way.

“What we are saying is criticism is essential in a democracy and those in government should realise that when they are criticised they should pay attention. The problem that I find is that every time you raise an issue with the government they take it personal and they don’t want any one to ask questions,” Mr. Mwanza said.

He added “those in government should realise that they are in government at the benevolent of Zambians and that they don’t own this country, this country does not belong to any body it belongs to all of us. We all have a stake to play and as FDD will continue to criticise and will not do it in a charitable way, sometimes will do it a hash way because we feel they can do better and sometime we don’t agree with government policy.”

The opposition party has criticized government for failing to resolve a number of challenges facing the nation including the impasse between government and mine owners over the royalty tax and political violence which is being perpetrated by suspected PF cadres among others which some PF sympathisers have taken as attacks on the government.

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  1. Advice is never free unlese its from a relative especially ba mbuya,,,,, what peope get for free is not attacks but manyozo

  2. My question to ask FDD is this, do’nt you know where EL’s office is? Or dont you know where parliament is? Why do you shout your advice through the press?

  3. You need more advice than the P.F. There is so much work you need to do in your party if you are to get anywhere in Zambian politics.

  4. A Mwanza mweo , which advice? yokwela pachulu ati advice> Chansoni maningi. How do you advise from a mountain top (press) for all to hear and in a queer way? Who can take that advice. For advice even if good but done wrongly or in a wrong place no one takes such advice. It becomes as good as own opinion and no one is obligated to take it.

  5. It is not necessary to volunter advice. In actual fact, the mistaken belief in the opposition circles is that the government is always wrong. and that the opposition know best. This attitude is wrong. Basic distortions can be removed from the nation as long a shared vision and patriotism are upheld. Not long ago, FDD just woke and singled out individual ministers for verbal abuse and disrespect. That is unacceptable. What is needed is to point out shortcoming and propose solutions.

  6. Keep it up madam Nawakwi you are keeping the government on their feet.Thats the role of opposition leaders who are intelligent.I dont know why PF canders reactbadly to criticism and every criticism is actually constructive in a way.Mama you are speaking for the voiceless thats why we voted for you.Please keep it up.We are not in one pary state.

  7. It is true Zambia is not a Lungu’s farm.We need Democracy and we shall never accept to be crashed like bricks.Nawakwi sosa tuleumfwa.

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