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Coffin of slain UPND member dropped and broken as Police fire teargas at mourners

Headlines Coffin of slain UPND member dropped and broken as Police fire teargas...

Grieving family members
Grieving family members

Police and UPND cadres clashed today during the funeral procession of UPND Munali Constituency Chairperson Grayzer Matapa. Mr Graizer Matapa was last weekend brutally blungeoned to death with knives and screw drivers by suspected PF cadres in Lusaka’s Mtendere Township.

The chaos ensued after heavily armed Police instructed the UPND cadres who were carrying the casket on their shoulders from Ambassador St Annes to put it on a vehicle, a suggestion the cadres rejected sparking the confrontation.The Police then fired tear gas at the mourners and the casket of the late Matapa was damaged in the ensuing fracas.

A new coffin had to be bought in which to bury the slain UPND member.

The late Matapa has since been put to rest at Leopards Hill Memorial Park. UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was among the mourners.

And the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has described the clashes involving Police and UPND cadres carrying the coffin of the late Matapa as a distressing.YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says the police should have read the mood the UPND were in considering that they were mourning.

Mr Mwanza said it does not matter whether the cadres carried the coffin on their shoulders or in a vehicle.Mr. Mwanza stated that it is unfortunate that the Police went ahead and did the unthinkable disrespecting the dead.He said the move by the Police was provocative and that they should desist from engaging in such taboos in the future.
Mr. Mwanza has since appealed to the Police command to ensure that they do not allow police officers to engage in provocative situations in a bid to promote peace and order in the country.

The UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema in a statement earlier this week accused the Police of shielding the PF cadres who murdered Mr.Matapa.

The broken coffin
The broken coffin

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema at the funeral of slain UPND member Grayser Matapa
United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema at the funeral of slain UPND member Grayser Matapa

funeral of the late Grazier Matapa
funeral of the late Grazier Matapa


    • I blame HH and UPND for this. He wanted to politicize the funeral by having a procession down the streets with a coffin in full view to the public. If that had happened, it would have upset a lot of youths and a riot would have had ensued and private property and businesses damaged. Needless to say, the police are dunderheads too because they probably know nothing about dialogue. This is very traumatizing for the family I might add.

    • Wanting to carry a coffin on foot from mumbwa rd to leopards hill on LSK’s already congested road was completely unnecessary and demanding unnecessary attention. Too much of politics

    • Ati iyo’ he’s humble nangu nakolwa alatontonkanya’. You’re yet to witness total madness for the next 18 months of Mr Visionless Legacy Lungu. A normal President wouldn’t send his dogs to go and disrupt a funeral procession, it’s madness.

    • Was this death certified as political violence or just a man killing another man?

      Otherwise it would be wrong if we start classifying ourselves along Party lines.

    • Will Edgar Lungu describe that coffin was dropped by drunk people, or was it the police who were drunk? That Grayzer has suffered my goodness.

    • Very sad that ichilema is encouraging vulnerable, poor, hungry women to go naked in the streets , why didnt Nakumango ,masebo . Mutinta and Maureen go naked . shameless mASOnist

    • Any loss of life is regrettable.

      However, the fact that the deceased was a constituency chairman does not in anyway suggest his death was political.

      Its this rampant and unjustified politicization of everything that leads to such terrible and undignified funeral procession.

      Ichilema is indeed a desperate boy

    • This is dispicable and should be condemned in the strongest possible way. How can we allow our society to decay in this way where we cant even respect funerals?
      All political leaders need to come together with one voice and not only condemn violence but “disown” political cadres.
      The likes of Miles Sampa who have been captured in photos with “battalions” of malitia should take some responsibility for what we are seeing unravel before our eyes.
      Really sad and beyond words…

    • This is very sad. Why start fighting at a funeral as if you are celebrating futi naimwe. Bu cadre mulebusha kukomboni! Ifya bu puba. That’s a human being being treated like a common thug in death, he wasn’t born UPND or P.F, those are choices he made along the way. Why not give him a respectable and decent send-off just because he is HUMAN? Shame on us for being so divided by the so-called political affiliations which are just names registered on paper by the Registrar of Societies.

    • The Police could not allow them to cause anarchy in the Country by having a procession to Leopards Hill. UPND should have listened to reason. Now they want sympathy


    • @Charles R, just so you know, HH has always tried to politically “exploit” death. He tried this same tactic a few years ago when someone (can’t remember exactly who he was) in WP (I think) died. There he was making a mountain out of a molehill. Even bought a coffin and rushed his donated cows to the funeral. Accused RB of being complicit in the case. I remember even The Post newspaper coming down hard on HH in one of their editorials.

      What is most worrying though about these attitudes being encouraged by the likes of HH is: Are we now going to be defining every murder as being political and nothing else? And is it really prudent for any politician to turn death into a political football? These are the questions politicians ought to ask themselves, otherwise I foresee mayhem.


    • Well Zambia will soon experience violence worse than Zimbabwe if the PF police do not do their jobs properly.

      What happened to Matapa’s coffin is a huge curse on PF for sure.

      If it was PF ‘s funeral was police going to fire teargas like that? The answer is obvisiouly NO.

      This police and PF behaviour is getting out of hand. Soon people will start being defiant as a way to fight for survival.

      I knew worse things are still going to happen after the police were told by PF to steal the body of PF cadre who was killed by fellow PF around Lusaka airport.

      Well police and PF action is strengthening people ‘s resolve to fight for survival.

      If PF will not rein in it’s cadres there will chios when UPND youths start their revenge.

      PF will never admit to anything.

    • Wanzelu and your UPND and HH, that behaviour was uncalled for. Anywhere in the world, no police would have accepted that hooliganism.

      You want the police to condone unlawfulness? Tell your childish HH to grow up and learn to mourn with dignity and honour and not to politicise everything. It means that just because he lost, every UPND member’s death will now be heaped on PF?

      Your HH was whacked clean and out and its over. His useless and childish political gimmicks will never work and because of this, he will never become Zambian president unless he grows.

      HH is not a politician and he is just wasting your time by supporting a losing horse. People have always advised him to become a Ward Chairman first and he does not listen to advise. This will help him become a politician.

    • Watch the funeral of Eugene Terre Blanche killed by thugs in 3 April 2010 in his bedroom on *******and see how the South African black government professionally handled the grieving Boers. South African government officials, some of whom trained in Zambia to run a government are so advanced in managing democracy. Are we not embarrassed? Do you think the South African police is not capable of firing tear gas? They know. And the know more about what it is to accommodate everyone regardless of divergent political views. We are an unfortunate tragedy. And the South African already have an accommodating constitution. South Africans got liberated from apartheid in 1994, which is 30 years after Zambia got independence. What a shame!!!

    • As much as I feel the late Matapa was disrespected i will also put partial blame on those UPND cadres. Eye witnesses said it was ridiculous as they blocked entire roads carrying this coffin and cars had no were to pass. It was completely unnecessary. They should have just used a car!

    • Imwe bachimbwe ba PF what makes you think that only your cadres can block trafficking when protesting ?

      PF cadres blocked traffic when they paraded a mock coffin drapped in UPND and a dog dressed in UPND regalia. Was that justified?

      How can you stupid idoits undermine a real funeral procession in protest to the killing of one individual with impunity.

      Whether political or not the friends and relatives of the deceased had every right to proceed with the funeral they did to demand justice to be done.

      The protest the moaners staged was to send a message to PF and its police that in days weeks and months ahead they will not just stand by and look when their children are being murder effs with impunity.

      No one is safe. Your family members will be robbed and killed…

    • This country is not Syria were u protest carrying a coffin.This kind of behaviour by upnd clearly shows how HH is so desperate he doesn’t have respect for dead. We never know maybe that’s how masons mourn.

    • PF & Police should behave, It’s embarrassing to have such rubbish happening in our peace loving country.

      Dropping of a coffin is a curse. Lungu should show true leadership and condemn the act by the police and PF cadres involved with the death.

  1. NO NO NO! You don’t do that! We are all Zambians regardless of political affliation and deserve to be treated with respect by the police.what was their business interrupting a funeral? It raises suspicion as to whwther there is truth about Police aiding in the persecution of PF political opponents. My condolences to the family

    • Why things have changed so fast…. PF members used to carry Kabimba coffins in streets, they were not tear gassed. And last month the same PF carried HH’s coffin at inauguration of Edgar, and no tear gas was fired.
      But UPND try to do it, and those PF shoot at the already Grayzer.

    • Sometimes contrition and humility is the way to go especially at sensitive times like these. Too many useless leaders in the Police. You would think they would a bit sensitive considering the circumstances. But not pa zed everyone has to prove a point…tell others how much power or influence they have. No one thinks with their brain anymore. The country has become a circus when coffins have to broken down. I dont care what political party we belong to thats not the way to behave. Even animals behave better when one of their own dies. I am not going to comment on the politics of this or lack thereof..its pointless a man died…Let the family grieve in peace.

    • @Nostradamus, I think you are intelligent enough to distinguish between a MOCK COFFIN and a REAL ONE with a dead body in it!

      If this is the culture you want to encourage, there is place called the GAZA STRIP in the Middle East where such stup!d!ty is the order of the day. You lot can take your madness over there for all we care. Israelis will be glad to give you enough funerals to satisfy your fanatical cravings. God have mercy!!!

    • Thank you @Yambayamba – I was going to say something to that effect. The problem with making sweeping statements is that we even forget to differentiate the illusion from the real thing. You cannot compare an effigy-inspired funeral to the real McCoy. This is the result of trying to find political meaning in something that IS NOT. What those mourners ended up creating was a public nuisance.

  2. There is nothing wrong with carrying the coffin on one’s back or head but there is everything wrong with trying to take the coffin to State house so that EL should eat the corpse.
    This is human life for God’s sake and no one has a right to politisize the situation.We should respect the family of the dead.There is no two ways about it.Stop the nonsense.Shameless people, you are not even worthy to be called human beings.

  3. When you carry a coffin on your shoulders, the coffin will direct you to the murderer.The Police were simply protecting HH. That’s where it was headed to.

  4. very unfortunate incidence.in usa ,the govt can be sued for such barbaric behavior by the police.what was the police doing at the funeral,?as ask this becoz even the kaponya pf cadres have respect for the dead.EL should be pragmatic in his handling of such sensitive matters not this rhetoric which he has been exhibiting in the media.IF I was the presi.i would immediately relieve the Lusaka police commissioner .so most of Zambians are not even bothered by this devilish police action and am sure no displinary action will be taken by the policemen who fired those tear gas.mabvuto ce malilo yoka,chili pamudzako chapita mailo chili paiwe.

    • They were trying to carry the coffin on the streets all the way to the grave yard. Even in America you would be arrested for that nonsense. Let us not politicize this, we as Zambians are mourning mister Matapa, but UPND cadres like PF cadres take things too far.

  5. The police acted accordingly. Why should we expose our children on city streets to savage attitudes. They wanted to carry the coffin all the way through town. This reeks of mas…..onic madness. We are a Christian and law abiding nation. If one is aggrieved the put forward a civil law suit against the PF. Do not scare every Zambian in the streets.

    Viva Nawakwi, she would have acted like she did in the debates magestically.

    Condolences to the Matapa family and prayers for them.

    • That’s true, how can they be allowed to have a funeral process through town, what about the congension. I can’t believe hh and his minions can be so unreasonable all because of a political milage. But of course the Police cannot tolarent such foolishness. HH you will be sued for politicising the funeral of that poor man

    • Narrow minded. How do you define a Christian nation? Zambia is not a Christian nation. What are the benefits of declaring your nation as a Christian nation?

      Jews are a chosen race by God . Jesus was a Jew and Israel is not a Christian nation.In 1992 crazy born agains declared the nation as Christian and after that the country’s economy and morals have gone down . We have a lot of hypocrites .

  6. Trying to get attention….UPND can you grow up and act as responsible people. The bitterness wont take you anywhere. You loose elections because of the way you handle yourselves.
    Am sure the police tried to negotiate but Up and Down cadres are too BITTER.
    With this attitude, YOU WILL NEVER WIN AN ELECTION. Laugh and joke with everyone if you want reasonable attention. Where in town, like Lusaka do you do like that??? GROW UP.

  7. Even mad people’s funeral deserves respect plse it is uncultured, show humility to your enemy in times like this. I m shocked how far this generation can go. Zambians change or else this generation will perish.

  8. We stick to what we have been telling you all along, PF is violent & full of thugs. Worse yet to come, 2016 election will be a real eye opener. Watch this space.

    • Don’t you think this song of “PF is violent & full of thugs” getting old and repetitive? UPND has thugs and cadres who are just as uncouth, rude and violent! These people deserve each other. But they shouldn’t bring their lunacy to every funeral in Zambia. Leave these bereaved families alone to mourn in peace and help the police couch the murderers!

    • @Kalaluka
      Tell me according to you, what is William Banda doing in UPND? If UPND is full of saints as you wish to portray why is William Banda “a Vigilante whose whole political life has been full of thuggery” a special adviser to Mr. HH?
      The violence you see is directly connected to William Banda. Good luck in your political propaganda.

  9. Police Republic! Whatever intesions good or bad police had no right to provoke an even more provoked situation. Heart sinking, no words, It reminds me of mine favourite komedy Death at a funeral though! This must be hard for beloved HH and the relatives. sata would not have allowed that!

  10. Goodness. UPND cadres and PF cadres on LT, do you guys articulate a topic here before you start spouting nonsense? We as Zambians are tired of people that do not use logic to reason. Firstly it is wrong to parade the dead for political mileage. Secondly it is wrong for the police to use unnecessary force when there are mourners and aggrieved people. One Zambia one nation.

    Viva Peace and blessed Is our Lord and Savior Jesus.

  11. These days each time you read comments on any on-line media you are bound to read 90% utter stupidity and pure display of poor parenting. Such low life comments give blacks a bad name. Please write like educated people that can reason. The fact that one can manage to browse shows one went to school though mostly using leakages. Respect other people’s misfortune or else you will learn the hard way sooner or later.

  12. Don’t copy what happens in the Arab world or in the Middle East.
    This is Africa, and we have norms to follow.

    If you want a procession on foot, do not do it with political motives, and do not use the dead.

  13. you zambians have taken peace so much for granted that when bad things like this happen, you do not see the danger coming towards you.

    if this is not curtailed, its just a matter of time, there will be problems, for everyone.

    our society is deteriorating very fast indeed.

  14. Sad it seems some people are making funny out this because it suits them for now, but remember this is death we are talking about this is a life lost. Please let’s be serious with the way we comment, this is bad seed being planted, very dangerous indeed we love mother zambia don’t take people for granted. Zambia is bigger than pf or upnd.

    • Be bold enough and it to your HH. He can take everyone for his loses and politicize anything and everything. Law and order has to be maintained in life or death period.

  15. The country that has been peaceful slowly plunging into civil war police seem to be adding salt to Tonga/bemba hatred,Cry our beloved Zambia you will be divided into pieces soon in Full view of Edgar Lungu

  16. HH must grow up and stop this madness. Is this the first time we are witnessing someone murdered and yet people conduct themselves normally? These UPND carders weredisturbing traffic and wanted attention which they never got and sadly it had to end like this.

    When we tell you that HH has something that has been eating him, you refuse. It’s sad though for the family. Politics is not dirt game but people like HH. Get rid of this chap and you may see some civility. Don’t take the law into you hands otherwise it will visit you.

    This chap HH must be taken to prisoners to be taught a lesson by HARD CORE CONVICTS while we conduct the next elections in peace. Where was Maureen, takwali ama appearance allowances?

  17. Iwe musana wanzili u r a mad fool ,pipo lets be realistic if wat we say ,god can never mocked i tell u upnd u ll face the full rath of god wait very soon u ll be wipped out.

  18. Well done police! Control these thugs in the name of cadres, thats why there r killing each other coz they have no brains
    We r tired of their behavior they think they own the country. Today they r grabbing land that day they r beating innocent pipo another day they r killing and that other day they r posing with the coffin in town, nonsense!

  19. Ba Hakainde , twapapata please do not bring chaos in this country. We have seen peace for a long time and we cannot lose it just because you want to be president.
    You are using innocent people to drive your own personal agenda. This is not right. This confusion lies squarely on your shoulders.
    Accept defeat and peacefully prepare for the next election. Your bitterness will not take you anywhere Sir. Ba Edgar is the President , chosen by the people of Zambia. The other candidates have accepted defeat but only you is causing problems to this country. Please Sir , we need peace for our children. You are not helping matters .

    • Spot on HH ha lost trust me.The Police acted within the law no need to debate.Let us not use funeral to promote our evil ways ba UPND.Which Govt.can allow evil to prevail?Police prevented trouble and only evil men can support UPND on this issue.From today on wards Zambians let us denounce every manner of evil.

  20. Life is valuable gift of God and no one has a right to take it away just because he or she does not like someone. Its sad that Mr. Mutapa died in this manner.

    Whoever committed this crime, culprits must be brought to book. No one is above the law.

    However, the funeral was dangerously politicised. There was no need for UPND cadres to carry the coffin in the streets, even if they were aggrieved, Mutapa deserves respect even in death. It was needless trying to win political mileage by turning the funeral it into a political procession. The cadres had taken over, did they consult the family on this and sanctioned by UPND leadership?

    The cadres should have taken heed of police advise by not taking the law into their hands.

  21. Spot on HH ha lost trust me.The Police acted within the law no need to debate.Let us not use funeral to promote our evil ways ba UPND.Which Govt.can allow evil to prevail?Police prevented trouble and only evil men can support UPND on this issue.From today on wards Zambians let us denounce every manner of evil.

  22. Majambazi wa PF panga party wako na damu pamoja na mauaji kwa mikono yao chafu.

    This chaos and death is what you get from Bemba tribalists.Zambia would be better without dirty Bembas.

  23. Police are an embarrassment there are many communities in Zambia that carry coffins for burial on their shoulders. The mourners made a choice within the law. Why did the police cause unnecessary attraction? They should have just left the mourners alone instead of politicizing the who issue.

    • Those were not mourners. They were UPND cadres that hijacked a funeral and turned it into a political platform. This made it an illegal gathering, the procession I mean. They were forwarding a political agenda and not mourning that is the difference. You cannot blame the police for maintaining order and sanity. Why not leave the family to mourn in peace and let the police do their work. Mutapa needed a decent burial but UPND and HH turned it into a political game.

      If HH and UPND thought they were going to gain public sympathy by this behaviour, they misfired and now they are getting a lashback.

  24. It’s not against the law to gather for a funeral. And its not against the law to go an procession for burial on foot. Then what was the problem?

    • The problem is that people like you, HH, and your ilk have failed to reason. Where in the civilized world would you find people “herding” coffins with dead bodies across town for burial? Have you been to Lusaka lately? Allowing such conduct would grind Lusaka to a halt. Was this the intent of the UPND/HH? Please think!

      This death was politicized by UPND/HH right from the get go. And this was their final attempt to try and extract as much political capital out this unfortunate death as they can. By the way, this is NOT new behavior by HH and UPND cadres. They have done this before in Western Province. I remember The Post newspaper publishing a scathing editorial condemning HH for it. But it seems HH hasn’t learned any lessons—this guy will set this country on fire some day!

  25. Most of you bloggers reason like apes no wonder you always blame HH out of the ills and mess that you and your Patriotic Front are doing to Zambia. Let me be frank with you, if ECL won last January’ s election through honest means, his leadership will shake the heavens but if he did so through cheating as this is the truth, the Good Lord will deal with him ruthlessly. You don’ t condone such barbaric killings of innocent citizens and you go out celebrating because you are a party in power – no. I want to repeat what I have said before that if this situation gets too far, then we shall have no option but to go in the bush and wage war so that we can truly liberate Zambia. Ubupuba bwacila and we are tired about this.

    • The earlier you go in the bush the better so that we sort you out nicely than hiding behind funerals, markets, NGOs or churches. You can’t scare us, coz it will be fire for fire.

  26. Zambians are we are too dull and dumb thus why we ended up with a president who has never been near a school sometime back

  27. @HH 29, you are fool and whoever brought you on this planet MUSt remain cursed. I don’ t debate with i.d.i.o.t.s like you. Just hide behind your ka computer but you’ ll never hide from the barrel of the gun or be forced to go and hide in th jungle.

  28. You PF cadres on this blog are a distress. Your fellow cadres walked along Lusaka roads with a mock coffin of Kambiba and there was no tear gas. The same happened at Lungu’s inauguration in the presence of the international community and no tear Gus was fired. Shame on you. Which law in Zambia is against carrying a coffin on shoulders? We have laws against street vending but EL and his cadre VP has ignored. Matapa’s death will haunt EL and Libogani, Katanga and the PF police force who disrupted the funeral

  29. It is difficult to sympathize with these poor people! Give them chance to vote, they still go and vote for PF and edgar lungu! Let them suffer, that’s what they want!

  30. WTF is happening in LSK which I don’t witness in the CB? Weather UP ND or PF or whatever, they have already moved on and drink together like they always do even during elections.CB is a unique place and it rocks!

  31. Tribal HH is a great danger to our peace!!!this f00l has nothing to offer than disturb our peace.if not controlled or jailed,this tonga bull will set Zambia on fire!!!his is power hungry.all he dreams about is to be Zambian president at all cost!!!honestly why allow his cadres to carry the coffin on foot across town?that was going to be hell!!!THE POLICE DID VERY WELL AND THEY SHOULD HAVE LOCKED UP THIS TROUBLE CAUSER HH!!!TIME FOR POLITICS IS OVET AND ECL WON,WHY CANT HH WAIT FOR 2016?AM VERY UPSET WITH THIS IDI0T CALLED HH!!!

  32. when Vodgar Lungu wont they close the road , what would be the reaction of Libongani ? if it was the son of Lungu him self who was killed by upnd , how would the PF police dogs react ? Let us be fair . how many people have been killed by pf since the have been in power and how man out of this cases have been arrested ? it is recently Ms Chilufya luanshya district chair lady and others killed UPND cadre in Mpatamato , Nothing has happened . now we start to live in our country just because pf is in power , remember leadership come and go . God is watching

  33. They can use dead people or broken coffins to campaign but the people of Zambia know better. UPND can not rule this country. They are tribal and reckless. The Satanists wanted to see the body inside.

  34. Now PF has CB, LP, EP. MP, NP clear as its strongholds
    UPND remains with SP with NWP and WP diminishing
    PF and UPND have LSK and Central Province.
    This tells you that HH is going for the 5th straight loss.
    Manipulating coffins, saying that EL has no vision, EL stole votes, EL is not confident will not change anything. HH is simply not Presidential material. He should go back to ground rules. Smile, Charm, Humility, Laugh, commingle with poor, drink with the poor.
    Do not advance or boast of riches, do cheat that you are an economic manager, stop self and ego talk. Admit your strategy and vision is folly. Zambians will start listening. Now they are not looking at you nor listening from you. Skunk

  35. honestly i dont understand the reasoning of this upnd prefect with his entire pupils. what exactly did you want to achieve by moving the coffin in the streets of lusaka?? that was a stupid desision. and this hh has no respect for president lungu.there is no way he can start bringing the president is the issue of that guy who died and the police.are doing there work. hh you will never rule zambia. hh you have money but you dont have sanity in your stupid brain. your mind and your thoughts are full of evil.

  36. With all the comments iv read,PF cadres are danda heads!! You need to go to school maybe ur empty brains will b filled with something

  37. Glazier was given money for campaign by HH but Glazier allegedly started running away fm fellow Unpd cadres, thats why his fellow cadres decided to go after his life and they started by burning his shop thinking that’s were their money was diverted to. They have being looking for him everywhere until that fateful night, HH is aware of that and the entire upend are aware. So stop pointing fingers when u know the root cause of that death and suspects r there to tell the truth. HH ulekwatako insoni, a lot of pipo r likely to die coz of your satanic behavior.

    • i hear that Glazier and his fellow former mmd cadres also killed a whiteman near salama park and got his farm. they shared the land and he got himself so many plots. wages of sin is death.

  38. PF NEVER WON the election it stole it, phished the votes from the winner, HH.MMD stole Mazoka,s victory. The brutal murder of Grayzier was/is political the thugs who killed are members of PF. If they were ordinary criminal police would have arrested them before he was murdered,since it was political murder pf police wait instructions from above to act or not to act. Zambia is in canternkerous situation. Viva HH viva UPND.

  39. All those writing evil things against HH simply cowards and tribal. HH won the past election but PF stole it from us. PF is a clique of selfish,intolerable,begots,who think they alone can rule Zambia. Lungu has no leadership qualities hence no wisdom he’s running the country as if it’s his party. 99% never voted for him. At PF convention he was never voted in, instead he used pangas to drive everyone out then he was said to be president of pf. It was Sampa who won that party election later.

  40. Stella Libongani, in such instances you should bring in the trainee recruits from Kamfinsa and Lilayi who know how to deal with wrong doers who do not heed to instruction and get advise from others. I know some people always want to take their own way! Very sad indeed for whatever happened due to actions of some people who do not want to be advised!!!

  41. That person who is recommending the s/African police to be better than the Zambian Police doesn’t know what he is talking about. He must be taken back to the Marekana issue, how many lives were lost. Learn to be analytical with sensitive issues.

  42. Carrying of caskets/coffins for the deceased is only done in Muslim countries and zambia is not a muslim nation. How on earth would you carry a coffin on your shoulders from St. Anne Ambassador funeral parlour through town up to memorial park with all this traffic in town. Let us be serious and accord diginity to our departed colleagues, otherwise the police did the right thing to our colleagues who wanted to politicise the funeral. The PF also lost their publicity secreatry and they have not pointed fingers at UPND to have killed him unlike our friends whose death of any of their members is blamed on the PF and they are mourning silently and maturely. Grow up UPND and learn to respect the dead.

  43. Now PF has CB, LP, EP. MP, NP clear as its strongholds
    UPND remains with SP with NWP and WP diminishing
    PF and UPND have LSK and Central Province.
    This tells you that HH is going for the 5th straight loss.
    Manipulating coffins, saying that EL has no vision, EL stole votes, EL is not confident will not change anything. HH is simply not Presidential material. He should go back to ground rules. Smile, Charm, Humility, Laugh, commingle with poor, drink with the poor.
    Do not advance or boast of riches, do cheat that you are an economic manager, stop self and ego talk. Admit your strategy and vision is folly. Zambians will start listening. Now they are not looking at you nor listening from you. Skunk

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