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President Edgar Lungu’s reflections after one month in office

General News President Edgar Lungu's reflections after one month in office

President Lungu Inaugural Address at Heroes Stadium
President Lungu Inaugural Address at Heroes Stadium

Dear countrymen and women,

It is only through true faith and belief in God that I have been able to assume the very huge task and responsibility of leading our great nation.

My campaign was driven by selfless motives focused on strengthening the peace we enjoy as well as the creation of a conducive environment to unite Zambia and bring prosperity for all.

I have been in office for a month and it is a good moment to reflect together with you my fellow Zambians on the real and present state of our nation.

As a Presidential candidate my campaign message was largely based on how, once I assumed power would address, review, change and impact the many different issues and challenges I learnt of first hand whilst on the campaign trail.

My fellow Zambians, I feel particularly privileged to be your President. A President for all of Zambia. Holding this high office has brought about an even stronger sense of duty and motivation to not only meet our campaign promise targets but exceed them.

One of my initial focus points has been in leading the cleansing process which is the aftermath of a hard fought election battle. It is my prayer that we can all contribute to this process. Being graceful is not the preserve of the losing candidate or party, it is even more important to assume the role of leadership with humility and a deep sense of gratitude.

I believe one of the milestone decisions I have made as your elected representative is to break the gender barrier and appoint our first ever female Vice President. I also believe the position of Chief Justice has been accorded to another highly qualified female colleague.

My party, our government and I are proud of the manner in which we have approached this sensitive juncture in Zambia’s journey to a better tomorrow.

I am very pleased with the unity and solidarity in my party after a very challenging period of electioneering at both party and national level. I thank my party for unanimously standing for peace. It is my wish that this peace can continue to prevail across the political divide and the nation as a whole. We have a great amount of work ahead of us.

We must now implement the actions and changes we told Zambian’s we would. I stand before you fully committed to ensuring this and where feasible more happens to benefit us now and very importantly our future generations.

To ensure my government meets this task head on, I have taken time to reflect on the needs we have as a nation. I have the honour and privilege to draw on the very valuable experience of two former heads of state and indeed many other notable citizens. A good leader should be a good listener, this is true.

However a good leader must also make tough decisions, at times these decisions will appear to be driven by personal agendas. I appeal to all Zambians to stand tall and look beyond the cheap political rhetoric and embrace the change I intend to bring for all Zambians.

I have assembled a team of very capable people to bring my vision for Zambia to life. We have a largely youthful cabinet and also have some very experienced leaders to bring the balance required for optimal performance. I have looked beyond gender and made key appointments based purely on merit.

Performance is a key aspect of my very huge expectations of all those I have called upon to join my team and validate our hard fought election victory.

I expect nothing less than a hundred percent commitment. My team must remember, Zambia is watching and it is Zambia that will decide. We have very little time and a very huge task ahead. Let us work even harder.

I pledge on behalf of my government that we will complete our infrastructure development plans and bring new roads, hospitals and schools to all parts of Zambia for the benefit of all our citizens. This is very important to us.
I also wish to urge all Zambians to continue rejecting tribalism and rekindle the one Zambia one nation motto.

In closing, I would like to pay tribute once again to all Zambians for electing me to this high office. I humbly remain at your service and will endeavor to make my Presidency one that is consistently focused on progress and unity.

I firmly believe we can achieve all that we desire if we are united in common goals that embrace all our challenges as a nation. I listened to you before you elected me to be your President. As your President I want to reaffirm my position on listening to and acting decisively on what the nation needs.
God bless you all and God bless our great Zambia

Edgar Chagwa Lungu
President of the Republic of Zambia.


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    • Mr President, i like how you have conveniently forgotten the overriding “motto” of your campaigns, continuing with the legacy of someone!! I m also disappointed that you did not allude to the violence being committed by your party comrades – please can you address this serious issue. In Zambia we have never known political violence that leads to death. The death of a brother, sister, parent, etc is not an easy thing in the family

    • I totally agree with someone who has said that the speach is hollow but all the same many times better than those childish George Chellah written speaches. and also despite the speach saying nothing for us the masses really and a some lies, Chagwa Lungu is better than Sata many times as president. That man was evil, devisive, corrupt, a serious tribalist and father of this violence we are seeing today. The only problem I have is the lie that he is a president for all. It is clear that he is not a president for the people of southern province as he has denied them with even a single full cabinet appointment. SP is a big province. The fact that they overwhelmingly voted for the opposition just like western and North western provinces doesn’t warrant the denial of a full cabinet position…

  1. No one cares about this Mr president. In case you haven’t heard, muvi TV president HH already got this speech before you read it. Lol

  2. Well said Mr President. This is the way it should be, that’s how we know you are alive and well and you know who put you in office. I have nothing negative to say. Very good.

  3. Zambia will soon join BRICS….To be renamed BRICSZ
    Mwabombeni Bashi Dalitso….And Bana Dalitso too, for backing you.

  4. Ok.. But why not give us some specifics, especially on the needs of the people, respect of the law, and the exchange rate?

  5. So far so good Mr Presido. You have done well and you have minimized the tension in the nation. Your efforts of rebuilding Zed image is being witnessed by the recent visits to Zed by one ,
    Dr Kikwete. We were going downwards internationally but now the image is slowly being rebuilt.

    • Yes appointments were Tongas have been completely left out for the first time in zambia.I have no confidence in Lungu and he knows his days are numbered as he is going to loose terribly in less than 18 months time.It will be round two with HH.

  6. Just get to work naimwe, what reflections? This adds no value to anything apart from pleasing your tuma butt kissers. Fix the bloody kwacha, who gives a toss about your party issues?

  7. Good approach. I hope this monthly update continues. Do not despise the opposition. Try to get sense out of their nonsense. Mwanawasa/Banda made a mark from what Sata said e.g houses for the police. Avoid the word tribal and substitute with ‘fellow Zambians. Next month we want to hear a well spelt vision and it’s implementation plan. God bless you your excellency.

  8. As a pastor I only learnt one thing on the election of His Excellence EDGAR. C. LUNGU. And this lesson is; (God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the Wise). That’s what those who supported a different candidate have failed to understand and live with.

  9. After one month in office ECONOMICALLY we have gone backwards.We are not interested in humility but how our kwacha is fairing.Too much consultation with other presidents shows lack of self confidence.God help our nation. We need somebody with economic knowhow.We havent been told the focus for the next months.

    • I 100% second you madam inonge , these foreign consultations are going to cost us. We still have people in-house with governance experience, why not take advantage. Swallow your pride Mr. president and listen to even opposition.If anything adopt every opposition’s vision and implement , that is how levy and your predecessor made it.

  10. But in Zambia we really have dull people! This useless speech is hollow! We expect national address to our social economic development aspects! So far this last episode of pathetic filthy PF rule will be the worst to experience in Zambia! No hope in all spheres of human development only the usual political rhetorics!The humility this Kachasu Man is exhibiting is signs of being dullness & visionless! The cabinet is not youthful as such,its not new,its the usual one sata left & any normal person should not expect something new from this useless flea circus! One month has past but all we are witnessing is violence,presidential globe trotting, acquittals, presidential brick crush machining of critics & more loans! Where are we going as a nation-people,let us have a direction in…

  11. Planning to crush all those who don’t worship you! Growth of a dictator! Wait…someone will be fearing his own shadow! You cant start scaring the electorate like that! It’s shameful in a democracy like ours! The statement was not in good faith and feel sorry for the poor ministers who will be being down for fear of being crushed like bricks if they have a different opinion. Ask RB, he remained alone after losing and didn’t know what had befallen him! They will be showing their teeth and nodding their heads but their hearts full of disagreement. Old habits die hard…..wait for 2016….. What happened when MCS died is bound to repeat itself. The policemen, the defence forces, intelligence are all watching….no one has absolute power. Better to tone down.

  12. I must say I have been impressed with president Lungu thus far. All that talk during the elections that the man was a drunkard, sick and that his kidneys were packing up was all hot air. To the gullible who believed that nonsense, I hope you can now see this man for what he is. He looks as one who wants to develop Zambia. He need support of all true Zambians. Sata made a good choice in him. Atyleast we can forgive Sata for all his shortcomings, that he did one great act before he died by choosing someone for PF who would see the party survive. True he had very little to choose from but Lungu was a better choice over a number of other PF cadres. The interview with SABC shows clearly we have a president we should all be proud of. This man is far better than Sata and I would venture even HH.

  13. WamuLungu… God indeed favors the humble.. He now a leader with reverence for God.. With such leadership watch the favor if God upon our great nation Zambia

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