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ZICTA to introduce new measures to make mobile service providers more accountable

Economy ZICTA to introduce new measures to make mobile service providers more accountable


THE Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) is this year expected to introduce new measures to make mobile service providers more accountable.

Cyber Security Officer Nawa Samatebele explained that the authority was working on plans to ensure that fake phones were eventually blacklisted by all mobile service providers in Zambia.

Mr Samatebele said many fake phones have flooded the market and make it hard for the authority to track stolen phones.

He said that this would help the authority curb crime and would enhance service delivery.

And Consumer Protection Officer Edgar Mlauzi said the authority would be in every quarter publishing in the media the names of the mobile service providers that have performed poorly during that period.

He said that this would enable the consumers to make better decisions on which networks to use.

Mr Mlauzi said that the authority was trying to put in place a requirement where if the service providers cannot provide internet services for a period of time, they should compensate all their consumers for the inconvenience caused.

He said that all these were efforts to try and ensure that there was better service delivery in the telecommunications Sector.

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    • ZCTA are just saying this but there wont be any action taken. They just pay lip service only. They forget they are empowered by law to take action on any mobile providers who do not satisfy the needs of the customers. Where is ZCTA when customers are not given good services that these Mobile providers claim to offer? Where is ZCTA when the customers air time is stolen by the mobile providers thru fake adverts? Where is ZCTA when the mobile providers sell K10 worth of talk time but you only talk for 1 minute the whole K10 airtime is gone? They are only in the offices fattening their necks only? Let them be on the move please we are fed up with being cheated by ZCTA and mobile providers – unless they have no eyes or they are using different net works which ourselves are not using.

    • You thin MTN are a pain? Try Airtel. It is the pits. Their charges are high yet service is crap. You go to their Arcades branch ant the employees behave like they are doing you a favour, forgetting we pay their salaries.the attitude of the majority of the staff in Airtel are arrogant. Only one or two staff are helpful and humble at Arcades. Airtel also steals from customers and it is nigh impossible to get the airtime deducted. Vodafone or Vodaohone should be allowed to come in.

    • You think MTN is a pain! Try Airtel. You go to Arcades branch and the staff behave like they are doing you a favour. They forget that we pay their salaries. They are unhelpful, unsmiling, no idea who to deal with customers. Only one or two members of staff are helpful. They opened the branch with numerous desks yet they are hardly all manned. The Airtel charges are high but service is poor.
      Vodka com or Vodaphone needs to come in and give the current companies a run for their money.

  1. Excuse me, but if someone buys a fake phone and it gets stolen, why should ZICTA be concerned? Or where they misquoted and they meant some miscreants are using fake phones to commit crimes? Then what was the point of registering SIM cards if all I need to do is buy a fake phone and ZICTA loses me.

  2. Fake phone, Real Phone, Soft Phone, etc. When you apply polymorphism reasoning, they all ring, receive, and send signal. Let consumers have a choice. ZCTA better do something important than waste time over this issue. The phones cited have to be SIM card enabled to be authenticated and propagate signal through the phone provider network. If you can afford a fake phone, so be it.

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