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President Lungu warns HH to stop politicizing the death of a UPND member in Mutendere

Headlines President Lungu warns HH to stop politicizing the death of a UPND...

Edgar Lungu
Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has warned politicians from politicizing the incident which occurred in Mutendere compound in Lusaka where a man died after being attacked by criminals.

President Lungu who singled out United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema warned that he will not tolerate provocation, saying what the opposition leader was doing instigates political violence.

President Lungu stated that what happened in Mutendere recently where a life was lost should not be considered as political violence because doing so was inciting violence.

He was speaking when he commissioned rural electrification project in Luangeni village in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area in Chipata district yesterday, where a grass thatched house was lit under the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) project.

Mr Lungu noted that identifying people by tribe or political affiliation when they fight should come to an end as doing so was fuelling violence between the aggrieved parties, adding that as republican President he will not tolerate that.

He stated that the police have a duty to investigate an incident when it occurs saying pushing them to hurriedly arrest culprits poses a danger of arresting an innocent person whose case may end up in acquittal hence the need to give them ample time to investigate before they apprehend suspects.

“When you start discriminating by calling people by tribe, race, colour and political affiliation and religious inclinations then you are instigating people to rise against one another when they tend to disagree,” he stressed.

The Head of State said what happened in Mutendere was unfortunate and that politicians should not politicize the issue adding that as President he will not shield criminals but endeavour to protect all citizens whether from UPND, PF and any other political parties.

Mr Lungu has since given a directive to the Police to do its work and arrest all criminals including those that were grabbing land from rightful owners.

“When you start discriminating by calling people by tribe, race, colour and political affiliation and religious inclinations then you are instigating people to rise against one another when they tend to disagree,” he stressed.

He said it is his duty to protect citizens but will not tolerate those who wish to break the law with impunity saying as citizens everyone should respect the law.

The president has also cautioned the media from negative reporting which fuel violence among the citizen.

Mr Lungu said time for politicking is over and he advised those that lost the elections to join him in acceleration development in the country.

He said there is need for political parties to wait for 2016 to do campaigns because he was ushered in office and now was the time to heal from political campaigns and foster to develop in the country.

He thanked people of Luangeni constituency for being peaceful during the January 20, presidential polls adding that he is in the province to celebrate the Ncwala traditional ceremony slated for today and take advantage of the occasion to commission the electrification project under REA.

He stated that his government will continue to work hard and ensure all rural parts of the country are lit so that children in such areas also enjoy the benefit of studying at home.

He further said for 50 years the people have been waiting for electricity which the PF government has provided in three years a gesture which has shamed the critics.

He stated that roads are also being done to benefit the locals to live meaningful lives.

President Lungu is in Eastern province to grace Ncw’ala traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people held at Mutenguleni in Chipata district today.


    • The late was the one behind cadre illegal land grabbing ,how did he acquire so much land ,he was just a mere criminal/ cadre . i have no sympathy for cadres. karma
      Hypotinised Hyna the merchant of death gets aroused when he sees death

    • @ Kanyanta Jr and Robin…is it not on record that the deceased reported to about his harassment and threats on his life by PF cadres and the Police did nothing. Is it not evil that PF cadres beat up an elderly woman at Soweto and Police did nothing? Is it not evil that PF cadres have continued to harass innocent citizens at bus stops and markets and the police turn a blind eye. Truth be told all the violence by PF cadres is condoned by PF leadership at the highest level and that explains police complacency and ineptness.

    • Instead Edgar Lungu to condemn the murder of a human being, he is busy threatening Hakainde Hichilema. Please Hon Lungu, castigate the police to arrest the murderers & perpetrators of such inhuman activities.
      Why is Lungu to act as he is in the opposition? Yes everything is political, even the death of Grazier too is political & the police should be seen to doing what is required by them, respecting the law.
      It seems Lungu is condoning such murderers action b’coz he has failed to rebuke to such nonsense.
      Citizens should be free & not living in fear just b’coz the Police under PF are unprofessional & have failed to effectively protect citizens.
      Seriously we condemn police’s brutality.
      Anarchy everywhere!
      The Skeleton Key

    • Edgar Lungu is being hypocritical when before departure for S. Africa he said the man died because of beer drinking and now says police are investigating the murder?

      Poor leadership and injustice will put this country on fire soon.

      I appeal to the church to help in ensuring peace and that the police carry out their work professionally and impartially.

      God bless Zambia.

    • Dear President Dental Formula, The King Cobra entrusted with a good mark but there’s no continuation loyalty. If you had shared a lot of ideas with the late President Sate, then little changes could’ve been possible to the cabinet. You’ve just wasted tax payers money for all those changes. And big mistake, treating Dr Guy Scott like he has ceased to to exist. So get this message, we not gonna smack you from the back of your small head but face you in 2016. Mind you, there will be more than enough international observers. We The Rainbow Party are getting stronger each day.

    • @OBATALA from Panga to Plank – You’re 100% correct dude. Add to that the beating of Chilufya Tayali. Evil, evil, evil!

    • HH is dividing Zambia along party lines. A heinous crime was committed when the man was killed and his killers must be brought to justice but it is wrong to classify the death as a political death.

      HH is a prophet of doom. He never sees positiveness in anything. I pray day and night that he is never Ruler of Zambia.

    • Lungu is as stupid as his cadres.

      HH wrote to him to stop his cadres from attacking opposition members when Matapa complained of harassment by PF and after the poor woman was beaten. But as usual this stupid man Lungu failed to take action.

      Instead telling the police to take action he is threatening HH.

      If the police are failing to protect citizens, failing to arrest the criminals beating and killing people then top police command need to be fired.

      If Policers are incompetent and Lungu is doing nothing about it.Then the motive is nothing other than political. He is shielding the known PF criminals.

      Let him do something stupid to HH and see how bitter and hot his presidency will become.

      Let him dare us and see we can do to him.

      If he carries on like this he…

    • This is a good one Mr Dental Formula Halitosis Oral mouth as if its ruptured Haemorroids for Mr Lungu Cosmetic President who is being controlled by RB.
      what a fool this man is utumolu kwati nika ostrich ati Humble man this man is a WOLF akapuba .
      You thot getting the backing from RB will be easy mwanya ba PF you are in for it .
      RB is there to control you ba shikamanyela imwe.
      GET RID OF THESE two RB and Lungu

    • Nyama soya is their President all PF know that this ka tolo is a doormat ,gets orders from his supreme leader Nyama soya


    • This sounds more like BOKO HARAM now! Why must we not mourn our dead the way we want to mourn them? Didn’t this hopeless and hapless president Lungu see how Hong Kong’s business district, one of the busiest in the world, came to a stand still – not for one hour or one day – but for weeks on end? Must we not protest even when we should? Why should the police tear gas a peaceful procession of mourners? How ominous the forebodings of such repercussions from a president who has refused to relinquish his position as Minister of Defense!

    • Edgar Lungu is not a trustworthy person ,he first threatens the police that no PF thugs was involved . How do you take him seriously?

    • While I agree with the President that we must avoid labeling wrong acts on the basis of tribe or political affiliation, he is the one in the best position to demonstrate that wrong acts and crimes will be delt with regardless who commits them. Obviously there are some people in PF who feel untouchable . If they are dealt with EDGAR will replace some of these disgraceful PF sUpporters with genuine peace loving Zambians who currently may not trust him because of the company he keeps with these thugs. The ball is in his court and not in HH’s court

    • So sad and scary. Top leadership politics out!! Just thoroughly investigate this murder. If Police had confidence in Zambia Police Service they would give information. As it is, people fear recrimination and may therefore chose not to give information for fear the “mighty” PF cadres may be unleashed on them. Remember the BGOCCA assault in Matero after which Hon. Miles Sampa went and donated K20m (unrebased). Can anyone tell Zambians who was arrested and convicted?


  1. HH and ZWD are free masons. Everyday they pray that PF cadres attack and key UPND cadres so that they keep geting the atention they seek. Behind closed doors these people are celebrating and would be even happier if they saw a big Headline saying 300 UPND cadres killed by PF. That is what they hunger and thirst for. That is their agenda. To get UPND cadres attacked so that they can justify and satify their blood thirst. Thank God ECL has read through their lies. Let the police do their job. Anyone found wanting should be locked up and ECL’s directive is very clear and if Libongani fails to deliver, she will be fired. HH should’t rush to politicise everything. What happened im Mutendere is criminal and should be treated as such.

    • You are just the biggest ***** that there is. This country will never develop when morons like Observer here celebrate death of citizens at hands of state sponsored violence

    • @ Observer, I read your foolish comment twice and I will not engage further with you because you are demonstrating an IQ less than that of an imbecile….you are probably a cretin

    • In fact truth is that the UPND cadres dress in PF regalia, go about attacking and harassing innocent citizens and then claim to be PF cadres. They think this has worked well for them but not really, God knows the truth, UPND cannot full the Lord.

      UPND are the ones that brutally murdered PF cadres in Mapatizya and Livingston and no one tried to politicise the murder, they left it to the Police to investigate/

      HH don’t be an attention seeker

    • @Ka Jo

      Is that a pretext to label UPND supporters and arrest them instead? Well carry on . You will not believe what will hit you next because people are really fade up with Lungu and PF madness.

      Must people not go about their business in fear PF thugs? Must people not criticise the president who just a few weeks was not different from them?Who is Lungu to be treated like a small God now?

      From now on,like I told you before UPND will start hitting back with 4 times the force compared to PF.

      If Lungu wants to enjoy his presidency, he better listen to HH and control his mad dogs otherwise Lungu will find himself in exile in Mugabe’s bedroom in Zimbabwe like Mengistu of Somalia.

    • There is nothing wrong being a free mason or Christian or Hindu or Muslim . It’s your right to worship and associate with any organisation of your own choice. Abash shallow thinking . Read the Zambian constitution before exposing your self . There is nothing being a free mason. You research who masons are .

    • Most if not all that ZWD publishes happens. They must have a very effective investigative journalism. I salute them. The rest copy, paste and modify what ZWD publishes.

    • We shall let them now to test the salt they have brought on themselves.PF we shall give you what you want and soon we shall teach in a language you understand.When we come takuli ati twachi layangala fye Guys.You good at intimidation when infact you are so weak.I will not give the clues what we shall do to you,but at the right time we shall strike and zambia will be never the same.Lungu should tame his people in two months if he fails he shall surely taste the salt.

    • Nobody knows and he does not claim to know or not know, all he said is give the police a chance to investigate and whoever is found to be behind this, the law should take its course whether they are PF boys or not. This is what he has said. he has further directed the Police to arrest whoever is grabbing other people’s land even if they are PF, what more do you want him to do. Send in the army and kills or PF cadres to satisfy you free masons thirsty for blood? No that is not the wise thing to do. Let the police do their job, period.

  2. can someone else launch the electrification program??? is the sole duty of a ZED president just moving up and down to do tasks that juniors or even locals can do? yaba

  3. Hate, Anger,Envy,Bitterness are bad and like acid they eat the container they are kept in.
    HH and Upnd are halfway eaten by the above, their eyes cant see well. Their leader hh worse cant even aticulate issues now.
    It is wrong for a leader to tell mourning people that the person they are mourning was killed by so and so. it is irresponsible for hh to say the least. Where is the leadership.
    it is wrong for mourners to carry a coffin accross town disturbing those not concerned.
    lt is sad to lose that young man but hh is not strong or wise ,intellingent enough to a party with cadres that need mental guidance like upnd cadres.

    • @Wine Mushi

      Is there a law to ban that? NO

      I think your faeces think better you all PF minions.

      PF thugs paraded a coffin and a dog dressed in UPND regalia, disturbing traffick, why didn’t the police stop them.

  4. I think Lungu himself was instigating violence when he dismissed Mr Mutapa’s murder as a mere drunken altercation when there was a suggestion that it could have been politically motived. What he said was irresponsible and inflamatory, and he ought to have known better as head of state.The sabre-rattling nonsense we are starting to get from him is completely uncalled for.

  5. A criminal will always support a fellow criminal!! Who doesn’t know who lungu and his men are?? Vihwanga menu!!

    • Barotse is a white elephant. Start it at your own risk. Dont play with life and authority. When yu fail politically it doesn’t mean yu shud put at risk other people’s lives.

    • Impossible the Nkoyas won’t allow you. WP is more than Lozi. Wha North Western are you talking about. Are you dreaming. Just sell yourselves in Zed, there is no North Western Zambia, learn some marketing skills

  6. Shut up vodgar . what could you do if it was your son who was killed if you have any ? would you ignore to the nonsense taking place in the country . this is not zimbabwe , where you are copying the useless attacks on the opposition . God is watching . Libongani your days are numbered . we had Mulopa , Chela < musonda Mateyo Malama etc so be careful . the life of hiding you self when you retire is not good .

    • Let it sink in your thick skull that his son will never be a land cadre ,who miscalculated and jumped ship on the 20 january to safe guard land he grabbed from hard working Zambians.

    • Mind you there are more Bembas and Nyanjas in Southern,Lusaka,Western,Central and North western provinces than the Tongas or lozis or Luvales in Northern,Muchinga,eastern,Luapula and you know what that means?So lets respect each other all you put all these people in danger in provinces they can not defend themselves.I am praying lets not reach that far.

  7. Why warning an innocent citizen? Are you going to declare war with with your own citizen on you preside over? That is mediocrity from PF leadership and followers which we dont condone in UPND! If you have no scope to govn, you better simply leave the office! And, you PF supporter, try not to take VODGAR when arguing, try a sip of water, then we shall engage squarely!

    • When you stupid HH Comments its fine, but when the Zambian Presidents corrects a situation you complain, Why? For once accept defeat. Even the PF if they had lost they could have been behaving the same way. Let the Police do their JOB period.

  8. Lack of objectivity on this site makes me sad.This man reported to police on the attacks by PF cadres and the police did nothing.This means that he told the police who these PF cadres were and when these cadres finally killed him,police already had the names of these PF cadres. Honestly,even if your highest qualification is Grade 4 is this difficult to understand.Pliz,try to invest in education its very,very important.

    • ba mkandansenga ,yes the deceased reported the matter to the police but in his complaint to the police did he mention specific names and if so are you sure that the people the deceased complained about are the same people he was with on the fateful night. UpDn supporters on this site try to show that they are more intelligent but their comments show that like HH they are very dull people. You what ever you are have the brain of a chimbwi.

  9. I do not support ICC but this thug Lungu is gonna end there like others before him. If he thinks the opposition is going to tolerate political murders he is wrong…if he thinks he can treat HH the way he did Sampa and others, he is wrong..Northwestern Rhodesia will revolt, and go, and the electricity he is putting in his village will go out because, like everything else, it comes from northwestern Rhodesia…stupid drunken imbecile

    • Baba come to terms with reality – your HH is history. Continuous sulking and insulting will not get you anywhere – you will only commit a crime with inciting political violence.

    • what is this animal called HH. A simple thief who together with kafupi , ben mwiinga and Ronald penza stole from the people of ZAMBIA. You cow dung infested 1diots if you want war then that is what you will get. So you think with your scotch carts pulled by oxen you can defeat the Zambia Army? The Mabisi you chaps drink must have polluted your brains. Just try to give it a go and you will see how we will come down on you.

  10. When the police fail to do their job, then people are left to wonder whether these atrocities are not politically motivated. An innocent woman was brutally beaten up for being an opposition supporter, the police failed to act and no condemnation came from Lungu and camp, innocent people are beaten up at the bus stations which the PF has taken control of, nothing is being done. What should the people say? This Masende ngusha should stop talking as though he is drunk in his own urine. He must show decisive leadership. Today he says this, tomorrow he says something else. He should stop fueling violence by intimidation.

    • As for situation in Markets and Bus Station, UPND are the ones who harassed PF cadres when they thought UP n DN was winning. PF only retaliated when situation turned around. Not that am supporting the violence but UPND are also guilty

  11. These acts of violence are starting to show a pattern. The likelihood of them being random is very low. Something is brewing under the surface. If nothing is done now this will escalate and cause chaos. This is a test for Lungu, lets see if indeed justice under his administration can be dispensed. The courts of public opinion are out and based on the circumstantial evidence it is clear who the perpetrators are. The whole world is watching ” what will Lungu do?” No-one is in power forever ask RB.

  12. Let the ZP do their job! HH is trying to gain mileage only. Murder is murder no matter who is involved. What HH is doing is desparately

    • When are police under PF going to be efficient in investigating murders and arresting criminals?

      There are five murders and no one has been arrested except for one UPND supporter who were wrongly arrested and later released when real evidence emerged that it was actually PF cadres who hacked the Rufunsa guy to death.

      All departments under PF are failing because of mediocre leadership.

      Which government department can one sane person point at and say it doing fine? Health, shambles, Education shambles, Justice Shambles, Defence Shambles, Agriculture shambles, Local government shambles, RDA rampant corruption plus shambles, Police gross incompetence and rampant corruption.

      Everything under PF is shambolic.

      PF is still chimbwi no plan.

      Lungu is worse than Sata.

    • That’s yo hope and prayer that Zambia blows up in flames but God loves Zambia and will never allow such a thing. God will continue to watch over this Country which has been dedicated to his care

    • @ 16.1 Jo

      Yours is mere wishful thinking. Innocent citizens are being slaughtered with impunity, by ruling party cadres; and yet you would rather not acknowledge that such things are happening!

  13. EL should know that these quacks blogging in fear of his fail-liars that, facts are the one that speak for themselves not mediocre blogging coupled with VODGAR DRUNKENESS!

  14. What kind of drama is this? The aggressor now wants to portray himself as the victim. Grazer was killed by PF cadres and every Zambian knows that; unless our president does not live in Zambia then we can forgive his ‘ignorance’

  15. Like you boasted in Kapiri, can you command whoever to wipe out us UPNDs, whilst dead, we shall obviously hear what you and your blind followers shall say to the world!

  16. @Mkandansenga.I absolutely agree with you on lack of critical thinking and this is why some research equated Zambians ‘ objectivity to that of a Grade Six pupil in a neighbouring country,shame.

    • HH is an attention seeker, he has abused the deceased’s family by using their dead relative to gain some political mileage. He is evil shame

    • @Jolex HH can never be a baboon because Tongas eat cattle not Baboons.Its you the Congolise from Ituli forest that can be like baboons because thats your meat.So Jolex take your Ebola out of Northwestern Rhodesia or we force out.

  17. Police are doing their job. It’s made difficult by political leaders like HH ROUBLE ROUSING.

    It is shocking the family of the deceased allowed HH to turn his funeral into a political statement. It is always respectful for people with a public profile to stay away from private funerals and weddings as they become more important than the people for whom it is intended for. It is just polite not to overshadow a family’s private grieving.

    HH and Nalumango clearly intended to use this incident for party voice and gain. It was wrong. His excellency and the police have been patient but HH is a problem in Zambia. He is a criminal and UPND has become a small army of wrong thinking people. Clearly they exist for some revolutionary effort of self interest not within Constitution.

    • There is grounds to put HH under house arrest and his Party banned. He has become disruptive in his personal effort to lead. We are looking at an attempt to eclipse gov’t. Ms Nalumango and her naked ladies marching through Lusaka should have been arrested for Public Indecency

      There are other ways forward, through the Constitution. We need to redefine what constitutes a Party or Party Leader. The Leaser must have a seat in Parliament as Member of Parliament to start. That way they have a voice in Parliament rather than set up parallel self defined Parliament with powers to apprehend Security Reports such as HH has informed us. A Party must have more than 1 Member of Parliament. Increase the minimum number to at least 5 MPs in Parliament.

      There are far too many small noisy…

    • @Patriot don’t dream of that .It can not happen in Zambia .Do that at your own peril.I say it again don’t even dream it or else Zambia will burn on fire.One hour will be enough to change Zambia for good.So keep the peace my brother.HH is not a small boy you can be tossing around.I know what i am saying if you don’t believe try it.


    (Para 1)
    He HH, is looking at an attempt to eclipse gov’t.

    (2nd para)
    The LEADER must have a seat in Parliament as Member of Parliament to start.

    (Para 3)
    There are far too many small noisy Parties, that frustrated individuals are using as self promoting vehicles.

    Finally, The Media should only report those that fit that bill. It is a waste of good Media resources to print hallucinations of small unimportant Party ‘Leaders.’ That does nothing but cause divisions among the citizenry.

    It is very sad to say; but the truth is you really can’t have Multi-Party Democracy in developing countries. At least there must be firm rules to define what constitutes genuine Political Representation.

    HH is Morally Corrupt. He steals from the country, THEN RETURNS…

    • HH is Morally Corrupt. He steals from the country, THEN RETURNS to own it!!

      It’s the horror movie a Nightmare on Elm street……the Trilogy. Except we are now on the fourth release, and Freddy is still at large!

  19. UPND please do not respond to violence even under provocation. There is a political price to pay when the public views a party as being violent. Urge your supporters to remain peaceful. There is only one Zambia and it should be protected at any cost.

  20. To this day, I scratch my head wondering how someone like Lungu become president of Zambia. Did he really really win those elections? Can voters be that dull?

    I am not convinced by Lungu. He needs to humble himself and try make his term in office productive. He needs to develop infrastructure in southern and western provinces as they have been neglected, hence the resentment.

    By the way, I don’t think HH is the answer either. His behaviour has become rather childish. Everyone knows he won those elections but perhaps it’s good he got rigged out. He is a mess right now and if voted in, he will take revenge on 71 tribes of this country.

    So for 2016, let us find a fresh face to lead the country. Tribe or colour should not matter. The fossils vying at the moment are all impotent…

  21. I repeat if PF wont cage tribal HH and his cadres,soon and very soon,Zambia will be on fire!!!day and night,HH schemes about how to enter state house.for him,entering state house is the only thing remaining to achieve before he dies!!!this id10t called HH doesnt care about our peace or economy.he will be very happy if Zambia would be at war today!!now i believe 100% that HH is a satan1st!!!YOU CANT DRESS A WIDOW A UPND CHITENGE THEN TRY TO CARRY A COFFIN VIA TOWN FOR POLITICAL GAIN!!!THIS HH MUST BE RETIRED FROM POLITICS.HE IS A GREAT DANGER TO OUR PEACE!!HIS DREAM IS TO KILL ZAMBIA THE WAY HE KILLED COMPANIES BY SELLING THEM CHEAPLY AND EARNING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR HIMSELF!!!PLEASE ZAMBIANS OPEN YOUR EYES AND CAGE THIS D0G CALLED HH!!!!WE’RE TIRED OF HIS POLITICS OF HATRED!!!

  22. king solomon asked for wisdom from god and from that he was able to make good decisions. when you are a leader dont just utter words as if you a mad person think before you make a statement because people will use your own words to rise against you. when death has happened people are grieved in our language we say nyamalila somukata kukamwa its when that person will go through grieving process well. pf cadres you are the ones misleading your leader because you expect him to react to every situation which the opposition will do. people will judge ecl by the way he handles situation. ecl think of what people will remember you for when you leave office, dont listen to these cadres who will jump to another party when things will be bad in pf. be wise

  23. Ukwatumpa abantu, amembya yabafye namu mushi…

    Bwalacha nombaline ifipuba fisungishefye ifilamba.

  24. RB was a bloody murderer. And now another Easterner is proving to be just as bloody, if not worse! This morally bankrupt Edgar Lungu is clearly devoid of any remorse. What a hardcore criminal he must be!

    How does one conceive of tear gassing a mourning procession on its way to the graveyard to bury a deceased person? Not even the Boers of South Africa’s Apartheid era would have engaged in such an ignominious act.

  25. president lungu you should know that one of cadaes that killed matapa in mutendere was even campaigning for you use a silver toyota pick up that belongs to danny the one who is drivering the GS for pf chama and the name of the criminal pf is banbars.

    • BANABAS,BANABAS,BANABASI is the one that killed Matapa.We shall catch him alive if he is not in police custody and burn him a live in cage and beam it live on Yu Tube.This is the language which PF understands.

  26. Zambia is really becoming unsafe due to poverty stricken people who have seen a little hope to feed their families by inclining themselves to some political parties as a way of life and gaining some income. Our people must be educated about the danger of identifying themselves through political inclination as this breeds violence among the disagreeing parties. Just imagine being scared to go into the public bus station because some thugs will pounce on you while the police are watching. Zambian politicians must change for the better and educate their followers to desist from violence activities. How I wish political clothing could also be banned.

  27. The message from President ECL has not been well thought out! I agree that always talking about violence has a tendency to instigate violence in the listeners. But one thing Presido has to remember that always including the word “tribal or regionalism” in all his speeches has the same indirect effect of referring to certain Zambians as being tribal or regional. This has a tendency of intigating resentment by listeners especially that the statements would not end without the mention of HH. One would only conclude by inference that whenever ECL talks of tribalism or regional politics, he is talking about UPND and yet forgetting the words of his master “wako ni wako” and the eye opening high levels of nepotism in the civil service created by the late MCS in all appointments…

    • @ 39 The SEER

      There is an old adage that says: “he who asks for the riddle becomes a riddle himself.” Yes, president Lungu’s rhetoric regarding tribalism has sinister overtones. He is, in effect, creating a thicket in which to hide PF’s atrocities against innocent citizens – those implicitly being identified as “the tribal” ones. In Zambia, politicians and the government are tribalism’s biggest sponsor. They cry wolf only so they can divert attention to someone else. They are the wolf themselves.

  28. @Kelvin we are also equal to the task.We were trained buy KK and Chiluba in Cuba,Taiwan,and israel you think we are a joke.We are peace abiding citezens but when the law is broken thats our duty to help Zambians who believe in democracy by simply removing those who want to put Zambia on fire.That we shall do.

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