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I can easily scoop seat on PF ticket – Simbao

Headlines I can easily scoop seat on PF ticket – Simbao

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Communication, Transport, Works and Supply Kapembwa Simbao
Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Communication, Transport, Works and Supply Kapembwa Simbao

FORMER member of Parliament for Senga Hills Kapembwa Simbao says he will easily win the seat if adopted by the Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr Simbao, who was MMD MP until last week when the Supreme Court nullified his election, has applied to contest the seat on the PF ticket.

“The people that campaigned for me have asked me to stand on the PF ticket. I have personal strength and I will certainly win if adopted,” he said in an interview yesterday.

Mr Simbao expressed hope that the ruling party will adopt him.

“I will deliver this seat on behalf of the PF if they adopt me.

I am strong on the ground and I have a huge following,” he said.

The Supreme Court overturned the High Court decision that Mr Simbao was duly-elected after finding that his election was marred with election malpractices.

PF losing candidate Giles Yambayamba appealed to the Supreme Court after the High Court found that Mr Simbao was duly-elected as MP for Senga Hills.

In his petition, Mr Yambayamba contended that Mr Simbao’s election was characterised by widespread undue influence, bribery, intimidation, voter treating and electoral malpractices contrary to the law.

Mr Yambayamba further alleged that Mr Simbao made false statements and displayed an awful picture depicting the late PF President Sata as a person unworthy to rule Zambia and that the PF and its candidates were satanists.

He also alleged that Mr Simbao accused Mr Sata and PF male candidates of being pro-homosexuality and further false statements were made that the PF government would do away with fertiliser subsidies.


  1. Do any Zambian politicians have principles and political convictions anymore? When did Kapembwa Simbao start believing in PF’s core beliefs and agenda for him to switch political parties so easily?

    When are we going to see the end to politics of NJALA in Zambia kanshi???????????


    • Ninsala yonse iyi. These are the useless easily compromised policy makers Zambians entrust their future in.

    • ZWD nibakali….they managed to get pictures of Brian Hapunda’s unfortunate road accident in the bush and they took him and his family to hospital. ZWD is all over! Quick recovery Brian and family!

    • There are some cases of nullified MMD seats where PF applied to the court to bar the nullified MPs from re-contesting the same seats and the cases are still in court, one of them is Dora Siliya of Petauke Central constituency (if not mistaken).
      Will it be morally right for the PF to adopt Kapembwa Simbao to re-contest the seat on their ticket when the same party has applied to the court to bar others who lost their seats in similar circumstances from re-contesting?

    • This is a laugh in the face of the election malpractice sanctions. It time election corruption was added to the penal code to send all those convicted of election malpractices to jail, in addition to the loss of the parliamentary seat. To allow this person to re-contest the election on whatever platform is to condone the behaviour on which he has been punished via nullifying his election as a parliamentarian in the first place. He is tinted.

    • Mr Yambayamba, it seems you are going to lose twice and Simbo winning twice. Zambian politicians are not trust worthy at all

  2. Political leadership should be driven by genuine principles. Unfortunately job seekers have spoiled the height of leadership that this country requires. I hope PF use some sense in this matter. Adopting people whose seats were earlier nullified is a serious contradiction in terms. The purpose of nullification is to show that the individual involved did not behave as upright as the process requires. In short that they were corrupt! To embrace them is to say that corruption is ok. Just a simplistic approach to realize matters has left Africa behind. In other places Simbao would have buried his head in shame!

  3. Politics world over is a career.They lie to you that it’s a service,not anymore.Since when did Simbao become PF.He has realized that he can’t win on the ticket of any other party in northern province.This trend of jumping from this party to that is meant to prolong one’s career and principles can’t pay your bills.That’s the way it is.

  4. So petty and this sh.it is being validated by the courts. Now if HH was not so strict in playing by the rules he should have petitioned the last elections on the basis that he was portrayed and still is being portrayed as a satanist,,,, HH just abandon that country

  5. Eng. Simbao may not be eligible to re-contest the sit. Refer to Dora siliya, milobezi seat which were nullified because of malpractice .

  6. What makes Zambian politicians so cheeky? The court says you are corrupt and then you have the audacity to brag about standing again on people you accused of being Satanists- shame.

  7. If PF is there for the pipo, let them not adopt this Simbao *****……there are so many loyal PF members who deserve a chance there……am watching

  8. Simbao , stay in MMD, leave us PF alone. We dont want our PF members to be forgotten, who have worked hard. Lets put our own PF member to take this seat. Ba Simbao shame on you. You think we dont have those who can win.? We have them Seleleni uko. Wamuyaya no.Join PF on the bench to campaign for 2016.

  9. I think, for me it is not even a question of whether someone can or cannot stand, because others may cry human rights – may be he has his rights to stand on any other platform not the PF. For me the biggest problem in this and the Masaiti cases is that the Party that sponsored the petition saying: good; now that we have the seat vacant, we can reuse you! Is that the cost of getting numbers in parliament on the PF side, cause a costly bye election for cosmetic purposes. That is wrong, and it really renders our justice system useless. Imagine, if you were on the Bench that ruled and only to discover that the petitioning party was just kidding! Not in a civilised counrty!

  10. Zambia is moving to effectively become a two party state. This gives both leading parties a genuine chance of forming governement.

  11. These are very very dirty politics that we are playing as Zambians,,,this lacuna constitution really needs to be replaced with a 1 that would promote intergrity in politics, bcoz as of today there are no principles, intergrity, strong belief in real agenda/program, people are js crossing the flow like I don’t know, you Mr Simbao what really do you want, if you think you are strong on the ground then stand on MMD ticket and scoop the sit! You are the people who are delaying dev’t,,,,,,,,,,,Pf don’t adopt this guy, his sit was nullified bcoz he was not clean so open your eyes!

  12. Shameless, PF takes you to court, you lose and you say can win them an election! You are such an immoral and shameless dimwit! Why not context on MMD ticket so that you can prove that everyone wrong! Ba Edgar does not need such politicians, muselela kwa kaba! retire or stay in MMD

  13. Very interesting psychology at play here: Since my enemies have caught me out fiddling with the books, let me go fiddle their books for them… is this man even listening to himself at all? I hope he has been misquoted.


  15. simbao…….simbao…….simbao…….?how many times have i called you?anyway its ur democratic right to choose ur party of associatian.which province is senga hills

  16. politics pa zed is so sickening.surely ba pf why shud they even give simbao a chance to re-contest the seat when the court found him wantin.demotivin pf members is rife in pf.this mmd has brought more problems in our party.fwebene ba munganda we are bein thrown out ba mmd nomba ebo balepela all chances.l find it sad and unfortunate.me l think the election committe pipo hav been oiled big money by simbao that why they hav intetest in him contestin.how can young pipo b intetested in politics so with all things going wrong…hop the pipo in charge sort out this issue by saturday..let yambayamba stand on pf.simbao u stand pa mmd tumone ngawalawina..selfish politician….muleikutanako alaa!

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