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Lubinda directs NCZ CEO to maximize capacity and pay retirees.

Economy Lubinda directs NCZ CEO to maximize capacity and pay retirees.

Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA
Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA

Agriculture Minister, Given Lubinda, has directed Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia(NCZ) Chief Executive Officer, Zuze Banda to maximize the company’s capacity of production if the company is to reduce the cost of production.

Mr. Lubinda said the company must be working towards capturing the 100% of the local fertilizer market.

ZANIS reports that the Minister said this during his familiarization tour of NCZ in Kafue.

He also urged the NCZ management to ensure that they show case the company’s capability of fertilizer production to neighboring countries during the coming trade fair.

The Agriculture Minister who is also Kabwata Member of Parliament, has further called on NCZ management to aim at increasing Ammonium Nitrate production which can later be exported to other countries.

He noted that maximizing production will help create new industries and increase employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lubinda directed the Chief Executive Officer , to ensure that retirees being owed by the company are paid off by the end of the year.

He further directed the NCZ CEO to ensure that all D compound fertilizer input reach famers in various districts in the country by the first day of August this year to enable them prepare for the farming season.

He has since assured the NCZ management of government support to ensure that they achieve their goals.

Mr. Lubinda was accompanied by his two Deputies Greyford Monde and Maxas Ngonga.

Kafue Member of Parliament Obvious Mwaliteta who is also Lusaka Province Minister was in the Minister of Agriculture entourage.

Speaking earlier, NCZ Chief Executive, Zuze Banda said the company which is operating with two plants, has increased production from 96,851.39 metric tonnes in 2013/14 farming season to, 11, 0572.90 in 2014/15.

Mr. Zuze revealed that the company also managed to deliver 106 409.75 as ordered by government.

He attributed the increase in production to government support, dedicated management and committed workforce.

He added that the company had enhanced industrial harmony and healthy working environment, increased production from 15 mt to 60 mt per hour and purchased 30 rail tankers with a capacity of 40 tones to transport anhydrous Ammonia.

And Mr. Banda cited lack of working capital, electrical power outages as some of the challenges faced by the fertilizer production company.

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  1. Companies in Zambia whose future is never promising are: (1)NCZ(2)TAZARA. And I wonder how those who work for these firms feel? They just thank God for everyday that passes.

  2. Its really very shameful because parastatals are performing so badly. Imagine Zamtel making loses in the telecoms sector where loses are unheard of. ZESCO which has the monopoly is unable to supply power but the CEOs get heft salaries, ZRL is a dead donkey.

    • What do you expect from Zamtel with all the free talktime at say K3 per day, while their competitors are charging fully? That is madness; not sure how they will ever recover such investment in advertising and subscriber recruitment drive, which is unending!

  3. Pay workers with what? maximise capacity with obsolete outdated machinery…i thought this govt was importing fertilizer from the far east

  4. Problem is not that NCZ cannot maximize production with current equipment. It can. But major problem is utilities (water, electricity and energy chemicals) costs. During KK time NCZ was not paying electricity as much as it doing today. This is what makes price of imported fertilizer cheaper than one from NCZ

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