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UPND needs people of Sylvia Masebo’s caliber, says HH as he calls on her to Join his party

Headlines UPND needs people of Sylvia Masebo's caliber, says HH as he...

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has called on expelled PF Chongwe Member of Parliament Silvia Masebo to join his party.

Mr Hichilema says he believes Ms Masebo will make a positive contribution to the UPND.

Mr Hichilema has told QFM News in a telephone interview that Ms Masebo is more than welcome to join the UPND if she decides to do so.

Mr. Hichilema states that the UPND is open to all the people who wish to join because it is a party for all Zambians.

He adds that all the people who will be expelled from the ruling party and all those who wish to leave for various reasons are welcome to join the UPND.

The UPND Leader says the party needs people of Ms Masebo caliber.

Meanwhile, the Patriotic Front has summoned its Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee to answer to two charges levelled against him.

Mr. Mwamba is charged with gross misconduct and for bringing the name of the party and that of the Party President into disrepute.

In a letter to Mr. Mwamba and made available to ZNBC News,

PF Disciplinary Committee Chairperson Tutwa Ngulube says the party has written to Mr. Mwamba and he added that if Mr. Kasama central law maker fails to appear in person he will dispose-off the matter.

Mr. Ngulube has advised Mr. Mwamba to take the letter as a final notification.


  1. Masebo left confusion in MMD and P.F before she was kicked out. I hope you can tame her or even better, kick her out the minute you find out she wants to to be a ‘mutila kubili’.

    • This is the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I was referring to yesterday. Please get both HH and Sylvia the psychiatric help they need. I hear Chainama is expanding the hospital.

    • Quote: “UPND needs people of Sylvia Masebo’s caliber, says HH as he calls on her to Join his party.”

      Now this statement solidifies the existing perception that HH is an UNDER FIVE in politics. Masebo’s caliber in politics is as good as that of Maureen Mwanawasa and is that the kind of political caliber HH is looking for to help him get to State House? Isn’t this the same Masebo who lost her Chongwe seat to political novice only to be rescued by Sata/PF?

      How can HH fail to do just a bit of honest analysis about people he wants to taut as political somebodies? No wonder HH/UPND lies to themselves and keep losing elections. Their analyses are so shallow and empty!

    • How can he call on someone who is already a member of upnd to join?

      He is indeed a political novice with no clue on how to run a political organization

    • I just wonder if indeed there is any MP that HH would refuse to accept if indeed Silvia Masebo with her track record is welcome with open arms?
      I also wonder thy HH condemns the very same people when they are serving in Govt or part of the opposition MMD?
      Something tells its desperation for State House at any rate or cost. Principles are out of the window

    • You ignore Masebo at your own peril. Masebo is a mass mobiliser. Why do you think she been a minister in all governments? How many times has she been side-lined by a president and only to emerge stronger with the new government from opposition? several times and this time is not the last time. She can use anything to achieve her goals, whether it is rational arguments, bottom power, violence etc. She is a shrewd politician.

    • @ 1.7 RDA Corruption Continues

      If Sylvia Masebo is that much of a clandestine as you have described her, I would say, she is as risky as she is unstable. HH must be very desperate indeed to invite such a politician to join his party.

  2. Mason.ist dont you think she would have joined already if she saw a vibrant party, why is she blocking the expulsion if she believes in you .

    • Good observation there Robin! I think there is something seriously wrong with this guy! How does he welome poeple he was condeming when in Government? ad I thought ”Siliva Musebo” was part to the Govt? What a hypocrite this masonist! Just look at the color of his eyes, Lucifer mutuntulu!

    • Ba Robin Muzindo wenu…masonist wa anyoko..during her time in PF u never complained..today if she joined UPND it becomes bad to u danderhead….go and hug a ZESCO transformer if u r tired of living

  3. Be proud Your Excellence Hakainde Hichilema.

    As of today about 75% of Zambians are really behind you. Be assured that the Inelligence Officers will continue feeding you with the information on your security for they have more confidence in you than Edgar Dictator Lungu.

    If he can not afford, Edgar Lungu should go to Malawi or go to Nigeria to help Boko Haram his Mosque Mates.

    HH please be assured that people including Police Officers and Soldires loves you so much.

    Edgar Lungu, Embassy Park is waiting for you before the end of this year.

    May God bless HH and curse Edggar Lungu the impotent President.

    • You do know that the security wing in Zambia is behind president Edgar Lungu right? He is one of theirs, he was an army officer. Do a little research before spouting nonsense. Now that that is out of the way :

      Viva president Nawakwi.

    • 75%??? Are you smoking mbanje of what? this is the kind of exaggeration that misled HH into believing he had already won the election.

    • @True Zambia. You are a f000l How do you wish your fellow dead? You mansoonist you die first before HE ECL. If you wish like this that is why your president will NEVER rule Zambia.

    • Imwe ba TRUE ZAMBIAN(TONGAN) which 75% of people are you talking about to be behind HA HA. Be assured sir that 2016 will be worse for up and down. You UPND supporters are so dull that you fail to analyze and read the political barometer. In the just ended election, Guy Scott made sure that Edgar did not have access to government resources but he still went on to trounce the under five. Now with government resources at his disposal hichilema will cry like a child who has had salt accidentally applied to his fresh wound.

      Edgar C Lungu 1,278,458
      Kainde chilema 781,452

    • Tame your tongue please. H.E. E.C. Lungu was seen as a no factor, non presidential material, a drunk, before the 2015 Elections, but i can issuer you critics for no good that this Lungu is much better than most of you who think that having unexplained riches is a sure way to get to state house. The figures you saw after the 2015 Election are making you believe that you can out do the peoples party, the PF, stop day dreaming because the margin this time will make you faint.

    • @Lwengelele – Just to clarify a bit, of his 4 buddies he was drinking with at the speakeasy, 3 supported HH. Now, if I remember my arithmetic, 3 out of 4 is 75% isn’t it. Or maybe you disagree?

    • Its high time real Zambians realize that we domt need foriegners like Kaunda(Malawian),Chiluba(Congolese),Sata(Mwachusa)RB(Zimbabwean)and Lungu (Malawian) this trend will stop in 2016.We Zambians are going to end this.VIVA HH.

    • Mphepo, what are you going to do in 2016 when HH becomes president? How can you be sure that he will not be president, are you God? Do you know what percentage of votes Lungu got and how he got them to be declared president? Are you proud of stealing votes or rigging to be in power? What a shame! Cry the beloved country has gone to the dogs.

  4. If HH was as erudite a people say, he wouldn’t possibly entertain Sylvia or Munkombwe. These two are the best example of political prostitutes and any leader seeing calibre in these two just lacks judgement and vision profoundly. HH please assemble a hopeful team and stop showing desperation.

  5. Wanzelu please explain this one. I am befuddled. My president Edith Nawakwi would not ask a Silvia Masebo. Someone educate mister Hakainde Hichilema that this is the downfall of his party and presidential aspirations. It is a sign of desperation for him to quote a known trouble maker that almost sold our game parks to mining conglomerates.

    Viva President Nawaki.

    • Yes they do deserve such wrecks and rejects because UpeNd is a rejected party!

  6. If you have been following Ms Masebo you’ll see that when she joins a new party her chongwe constiuency elects her as member of parliament,I encourage her to join UPND and let them call for elections.She will bounce back.I love you Sylvia.

  7. Yes HH , Masebo must come back to your UPND from which she run away since your UPND is a party of under 5s. Only desperate HH can see something in a finished Masebo.

    Peace and prosperity to mother Zambia.

    • How can you say masebo she is finished? How many votes did HH get from chongwe from 3 to 1?. Shut that pie hole of urs….

  8. Country men & women let me put it straight like this…These guys saying Masebo this Masebo that better shut up coz masebo she was in chongwe yesterday & it’s where i come from….us pipo from chongwe we will vote for her & she will win landslide so is Upnd pliz be serious when analyzing things coz u won’t be the one voting for her coz u are in the city….let those pipo us from chongwe deal with her not you town boys… Check last by election & see what happened.. Or better go @ Mulalika area just ask pipo there that’s when u will shut up….

    • @Joe
      Sorry we tend to forget that there are no morals in Politics and anything goes as long as it wins you votes. Thieves, prostitutes and all….
      Why then do we call MP’s honourable? Perhaps we should come to our senses and do away with that salutation.

  9. Why is Lungu always referring to moslems every time he wants to talk about diversity? And when is the DPP going to charge Lungu with treason for revealing Cabinet proceedings to Newton Ng’uni in November last year contrary to the Official Secrets Act when he was challenging Guy Scott’s Acting Presidency?

  10. So this woman is still attractive ka? Or maybe that’s when HH has noticed? Where were you Mr HH those days when the rest of us used to snatch a glance at Sylvia as a richly endowed witty politician?
    Anyway you can have her in your party any time, all yours, we have seen enough of her. I suggest that you pair her with Vice President Canissius Banda, should keep him away from embarrassment with retracted stories from fantasy island, like magic ballot papers …..kikikiki….laugh…

  11. Masebo is a political prostitute, she is a very ambitious, smart woman and gets bored quickly if you can not satisfy her…the question one should ask themselves is how close to you, you want to keep her to keep her happy. The closer she is the more likely she is going to undress you in public when you part company.

  12. Sounds like a political merger made in hell.

    The two can go right ahead and unite. I suspect Masebo must have a modicum of sense, psssst…….RAINBOW…they will not win, but they are ever so slightly normal in comparison to HH.

    Don’t join HH Masebo. Take some advice and join Rainbow OR even better, Nawakwi or do like she does and start your own party!

    Your dissent to mediocrity is due to a lack of trust in your own abilities.

    HH is destroying himself with silly nonsense.

    • descent is also good to go!

      Your descent into mediocrity is due to a lack of trust in your own abilities.

  13. And Zambia needs people of HH’s caliber and his business mind to grow our economy and save us from rotten Bemba misrule.

    Its not yet uhuru in Zambia.

  14. You need more bembas and easternas and NOT solis. Why cry for something that belongs to you. Its like asking munkombwe to join upnd because he is a political heavyweight.

    • \bembas or Bambas and so called ngonis will never vote for HH.Only Tumbukas ,soliz and Mambwes can vote for HH.Its not a secrete so come 2016 we know were tostart from and shall win.

  15. How can you hold a rally on the day you are suppose to be in church? Are you a serious wa sabbata? Kaya

  16. Yes Masebo is a fire brand politician any serious political party would like to have on their team. She is fearless and a sharp intelligent straight talker! Welcome mama, we are proud to have you as one of us.

  17. Kabimba & Masebo are a better pair than with hh…though both Kabs & hh are not Christians. Maybe rain-fimo fimo could be logical coz that tongue I see in hh is a salivating wagging type… ready for blood drinking. Careful indeed Masebo… but nga walitanina go for that inviting tongue. Me….ifintu ni PF & EL 2016

    JUST CHECK THE TONGUE AGAIN & AGAIN % again.it looks spookish to me..eish..

  18. It looks like UPND is now attracting a lot of people and PF is scared sh.it. We can see that the PF are not agreeing among themselves, especially that Edgar Lungu is on rampage appointing MMD members who he hopes will eventually take over the PF. This is a sure sign of the PF being at its lowest ebb. We told you that all those thugs who backed Edgar Lungu during the campaigns had nothing to offer; all they wanted was to continue looting the country’s coffers. They will all go down the drain one day and we shall all point fingers at them and laugh. Watch this space…..HH is coming whether you like it or not. People like Davis Chama will be made to swallow their sh.it. He keeps on saying HH will never rule as if he’s God. Just wait and see. You will swallow your vomit one day.

    • Thats what you always say HH will win this time. HH will be president this time but you lose. Even in 2016 your HH is losing . Do you hear me ??? Continue pacifying your self and burying your head in sand..

  19. The UPND Leader says the party needs people of Ms Masebo caliber. I see nothing in this woman apart from the fact that she is woman and by the way I respect women. May be the people of Chongwe have seen development during her tenure. Syvia is an opportunist. She judged wrongly, that move she made to support UPND was a miscalculation. She is a female version of Munkombwe apart from the fact that she was elected and Munkombwe was nominated. Sylvia seem to be an abuser of power as far as the tribunal set for her was concerned just recently and a corrupt being at the center of 100 hearses from china (US$29,000 per Hearse) in 2009.

  20. Sounds like sour grapes from all those talking ill about Masebo. When she was with PF in the Sata days, all was well. Now that you have parted company, you have to say all sorts of demeaning words. We hear these things every time a woman and a man part company. The more vitriolic the comments, the more hurtful the parting is. PF are regretting losing Sylvia, judging from the outbursts. Suddenly she has become rotten because HH has invited her to join his party? Clowns.

  21. Political vomit. Masebo will soon face criminal litigation considering her case against Harrington. This will not go down well for her. It will be messy and she knows it. I doubt she will be eligible to stand in Chongwe with these charges!


  23. Tame your tongue please. H.E. E.C. Lungu was seen as a no factor, non presidential material, a drunk, before the 2015 Elections, but i can assure you critics for no good that this Lungu is much better than most of you who think that having unexplained riches is a sure way to get to state house. The figures you saw after the 2015 Election are making you believe that you can out do the peoples party, the PF, stop day dreaming because the margin this time will make you faint.

  24. people we have time and again advised you HH to avoid are the people you are eulogizing. masebo is a confused harl0t. she will not contribute anything to you. anyway umulembwe wacipuba upwila mulitumfwe. you should have identified young fire brands from other tribes to help you not those good for nothing you used to pick like grayford moonde, cornelious mweetwa etel just because you speak the same language. now you are going for political grasshoppers with nothing more than a foul mouth?

    • yes HH welcome such people to your house and your madame will chase them again…prepare for another funeral next year ndate

  25. Hahahahaha! HH is a dreamer. Sylvia is Wynter’s long time live-in hule. Wynter lived with her until he was tired of her p****sy, then he moved on to younger girls. But bcoz he wishes he can take her back, she has always worked for him. She spied on MMD for him. Yes, she will join HH’s party so she can feed Rainbow info. Just wait & see. when she is done with HH that’s when he will understand her calibre.

  26. That tongue scares me.
    Sylvia uli mu cibe. But pantu walibelela you are free to kiss that tongue. It looks evil to me. I doubt if am alone on this one. Just compare the facial expression and the tongue wagging, also see the eyes… to me spookish indeed …Eish…

  27. Chi PF has lost Chongwe and Kasama constituencies to UPND! HH you are showing rare experience in politics. All those who criticise your statement on Mama Masebo are retards and there are many on LT. When RB a UNIPst joins MMD and now PF, it’s fine but not when Mama Maseko exercises her constitutional as she is shortly going to – political retards!

    • @Kamwale you are wise thee TRIBALISTS think this 1964.We all clever now.so stop this psycological warfare.Wo bafikala mwaloba lyauma.

  28. I beleive we have still bamunyeme in PF who do not analyze issues but just go into insults without thinking well. Let me tell you that it is RB who helped Lungu to go through by dismantling MMD in Luapula, Northern and Eastern Province when we all know that Copper belt and Lusaka was all about PF. The results has proven through the previous by-election that PF is no longer popular the way it used to be. Remove GBM, Miles Masebo and prove to us that once they join UPND they will lose.

    I am a none partisan put I tell you who are fond of insults which is your nature on the media to think b4 you comment.

  29. HH I can assure you, you don’t need people like Masebo in your party. You can desperate but not to the extent of getting riffruff like Masebo. There’s something seriously wrong with this lady. But you should know better, she was your class mate at Unza. But I can tell you again, the Masebo from Unza days and this one are two different animals. Something is chewing her somewhere which has made her brain start dancing. She is not a person to have in your camp.

  30. This is the last straw bwana HH!!! Inviting Masebo to join our party is an insult to most of us that held you in high esteem. You have lost my vote for good.

  31. @ YambaYamba

    Sylvia Masebo was the darling of PF until recently, Are you really telling PF is near any political and moral decency to judge other politicians? And Yes … you are PF just in case you are doubting my perception. PF thinking is the same Kambwilli and you are no different. Someone is as good as the relationship with PF …

    There’s another question for the moral highs like you … Is RB corrupt as your late leader perceived him? … No No No I guess not, I shouldn’t ask …..




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