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Bowman Lusambo eyes Kabushi seat in 2016

General News Bowman Lusambo eyes Kabushi seat in 2016

A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport
FILE: A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport

Outspoken opposition politician Bowman Lusambo has declared his intentions to contest the Kabushi constituency seat in Ndola in the 2016 general elections.

Mr Lusambo made the declaration when he featured on a live radio programme on Ndola’s SUN FM on Wednesday.

He said he has been motivated to contest the seat after receiving overwhelming endorsements from local people saying time has come for young people to enter leadership positions.

Mr Lusambo who said he grew up in the area added that he identifies himself with the challenges the people of Kabushi are facing.

‘I lived here for many years and i know what you people go through. It is sad that the water and sanitation sector has deteriorated over the years. We need to overhaul the entire water supply system and ensure that the people of Kabushi access clean drinking water,’ Mr Lusambo said.
He said it is unacceptable that some areas in Kabushi are still using pit latrines 51 years after Zambia attained independence.

‘This goes to show that we have not prioritised the basic needs of the people after many years of Independence. We need to put the interest of the people first,’ he declared.

‘Kabushi is barely 2 Kilometres away from the CBD and people are still using pit latrines. This is unacceptable. Once elected MP, i will work towards resolving the water challenges in Kabushi so that our people can live happily in better sanitation standards,’ he said.

Mr Lusambo who is also MMD National Youth Secretary said he will lobby the Ministry of Finance and other development partners for investments in the water and sanitation sector in Kabushi once elected MP.

Mr Lusambo also took a swipe at current MP Dorothy Kazunga accusing her of failing to the people of Kabushi.

‘Each time i come to Ndola, the people of Kabushi tell me that Madam Kazunga has failed them. She has failed to initiate any projects here and they complain that every time they see her, she pulls her car windows to hide from the people thinking they will ask for money. The MP must be visible to the people,’ Mr Lusambo said.

He said, ‘Madam Kazunga rarely speaks in Parliament, most times she is half asleep in the House making her very ineffective as an MP.’

Mr Lusambo also promised to prioritise the street lighting project in Kabushi once elected MP saying it is a security risk now that most areas of Kabushi are so dark.


    • He is already the month piece of Changwa. Lusambo to be an MP is class reason why this country is in the state it is.

    • Unfortunately, that is how Sata lowered the standards, now even Bowman wants to go and join a fellow clown in Chimba Kambwili at parliament

  1. Wishing all the best. MMD is a dead party. The economic situation that will prevail in the 12 months will determine which party will win the 2016 elections.

    At the rate the global economy is going , china’s projected economic growth of 7 percent GDP will have an adverse effect on copper producing countries like zambia. This being the case will result in the copper prices going further down.

    Most the gains that the pf made in the last three years will be overshadowed by the negative outlook that will prevail in the next 12 months , most the projects will not be finished, high unemployment, high fuel prices , high cost of doing business, etc

  2. This chap LUSAMBO is a political connman together with his friend NEVERS MUMBA who is looking for a job in PF as ambassador for survival after geting 15,000 losing even in his home area Chinsali. These chaps are crooks they are praising PF now after they demonized RB for supporting EDGAR what type of crookedness is this? Them they are seeking jobs from PF but RB when he talks to EDGAR they are saying he killed MMD is that normal thinking from this pastor MUMBA and his friends, MBULAKULIMA, CHITIKA, MACHUNGWA, LUSAMBO, NAKACHINDA, SIAME AND ZAYELLOW ZALOUMIS. It is shameful for MMD to have such type of leaders now who has no morals at all, but stupid enough cadres like KADOBI are still supporting such political criminals.

  3. I also grew up in this area i went to Kabushi primary school but since i grew up i have been in alot of different countries i don’t stay in Zambia anymore i left zambia 15 years ago i left Kabushi 20 years ago and i left the same problems this guy is talking about, so for me he is just politicking as usual, every MP who stood in this area used to promise the same things this guy is promising so it is like reading the same book 20 times, i grew up in Lubuto and it is part of Kabushi so my man don’t waist our time we have heard that story before i feel like crying when i remember those days i even hate zambia more.

  4. Already in PF baba. This is season of amalgamation of political parties baba. Some PF others UPND while Mike Mulongoti is on the bench too including bayama G Mpombo.

  5. I can’t believe that people still use pit-latrines in a Zambian city 50 years after independence, that is, if what Lusambo is saying is true. What a disgrace!

    • About 60 years ago, some houses in London had toilets outside. A civilisation of about 500 years is still working its way up. Do not underage yourself, pick up the pieces and move on. Do not be lied to, find out yourself and make things better for your folk. Travel and learn do not watch movies in order to learn.

    • I have lived in kabushi…I think people make comments without first hand information .The cause of pit latrines is not because there are not toilets but because the toilets are blocked due to residents putting stuff in the toilets that is not supposed to be flushed.kafubu to gether with local mp have tried many times to rectify this problems…people things like containers of oil bags of stones,even baby fetus are found to be the cause.the overpopulation caused by one yard having 3 cabins.unless people change their behaviour Northing lusambo claims to do will help.now there is a woman mp….we have new roads for the first time ever..an ambulance at the clinic,shelters in markets,womens projects…to me she has done well from previous mp’s

  6. A young man aspiring to enter the political arena is castigated by mostly fellow young men and women for trying to enter an old people’s dirty game! Amazing.

    Bowman, I implore you to follow your vision.

  7. Even gangsters want to b parliamentarians? Mmmmm parliamentary seats must hav really gon to tha dogs,huh?

  8. Thats good go for it. Its your femocratic right to run for any political office of the land. Dont listen to these PHD fellows. They will discourage you an less it was them or their relative standing it was going to be okey. Go go go Boman and follow your vision and aspirations.

  9. How different is he with Kambwili? This is the type we have pa Zed. The so called learned are cowards who. has left the running of the country to grade 2,s. Dont complain bafi color its all your fault. Go Lusambo

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