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Judge Lombe Chibesakunda elected president of the COMESA Court of Justice

General News Judge Lombe Chibesakunda elected president of the COMESA Court of Justice

Lady justice Lombe Chibesakunda acting Chief Justice
Lady justice Lombe Chibesakunda

The former acting Chief Justice of Zambia Justice Lombe Chbesakunda has been elected as the new Judge President for the COMESA Court of Justice. Justice Lombe Chbesakunda was voted to replace outgoing Justice Nzamba Kitonga of Kenya whose tenure and that of the other Judges comes to an end in June 2015. The election took place on Wednesday 4 March 2015 in Khartoum Sudan during the meeting of COMESA Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General.

Ten COMESA Member States presented candidates for the position of Judge President of the COMESA Court. Justice Chibesakunda polled nine votes leading her closest competitor from Egypt. She becomes the first female judge President for the COMESA Court of Justice, which is hosted in Khartoum, Sudan.

Justice Chibesakunda has previously served as chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Zambia, Solicitor General, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Legal Affairs and also served as an Ambassador to Japan and the United Kingdom, the Holy Sea and the Netherlands.

She participated in the Lancaster talks ushering in the independence of Zimbabwe and campaigned for the end of Apartheid rule in South Africa.


  1. if she will still be wearing these wigs ninshi nothing good can come out of it. Do us proud though madam. CV mdala kuibikapo weka even when you just said in passing ati end aparthied in south africa ninshi chapwa,you are a staunch opposer of aparthied. imimbulu ishi!!!!

  2. Congratulations on your election auntie! Wishing you God’s blessings on this new journey.

    Who Jah bless nuh man cyan curse

  3. Congratulations ma’am.

    Yes, I remember Justice Chibesakunda, was Ambassador in London when I arrived here. (I Sometimes confuse her with Chibesakankasa (sorry sp).

    This continues the rise of Zambia on the region. It’s all good!

  4. Congrats Madam. I can see poverty stricken people getting hurt here. @Suntwe and DM all your families put together no one can achieve what she has achieved.

  5. Congrats Judge Chibesakundu. In your own country people out of petty jealousy opposed you to be Chief Justice. Just as you were the first female Solicitor General in Africa, again you have scored a mark by being the first female Judge President of COMESA.

  6. Mama Judge Congrats on your achievement you have made it at the international level and you deserve it. Haters in your own country made it look like you are unqualified and incompetent but there you are you have proved them wrong and like always achieved another first. Your journey started when you scored the best overall results at O level and that earned you a place at Jean Raine School now known as Kabulonga Girls and you were among the first three female black students at that school. Since then you have always broken records of achievements.

  7. see what ECL can do! Two months in power and a Zambian receives so many votes from other African countries.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Chief Justice, this is what i call AMA LEVELS 2015. Zambia forward and may you continue to rise to new heights, my learned friend. Female VEEP, now COMESA, in the words of Maya Angelou “Still I rise.”……..

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