Harvard Business School Names Dot Com Zambia’s Bus Project as Africa’s Best New Venture for 2015

 Mawano Kambeu giving a presentation at Harvard business school
Mawano Kambeu giving a presentation at Harvard business school

Zambian company, Dot Com Zambia and their start up project called ‘Bus Tickets Zambia’ was named the 2015 New Venture Winner at the 17th Annual Africa Business Conference, held at the Harvard Business School Campus in Boston, on Saturday February 27th, 2015.

The theme for this year’s conference, which was hosted by the University’s Africa Business Club, was “A more inclusive Africa: The pursuit of progress for all”. The objective of the New Ventures Program is to showcase Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs that are focused on solving Africa’s problems. Along with the accolades, the university has awarded Dot Com Zambia a $15,000 grant towards the project. $10,000 of which was awarded by a distinguished group of experts, while $5000 was a viewer’s choice award voted for by the delegates at the conference, where Mawano Kambeu, Managing Director of Dot Com Zambia, delivered a powerful 3 minute pitch about Bus Tickets Zambia to the audience.

Speaking in Boston, Mawano said, “For any business, start up or established, there is no greater honor than being recognized by Harvard Business School and there is no better motivation than having some of the world’s top business leaders and academic minds telling you that you have the capability of changing Africa. I am proud for my organization and I am proud for the people of Zambia”

Mawano further explained that conference had many companies with great ideas that were inspirational. On paper the concept of bus ticketing seems like a fairly standard project that hundreds of companies have done, but Bus Tickets Zambia in essence is a national transport system that will have tremendous social and economic impact to the African traveler through technological efficiencies, with some of the experts stating that Bus Tickets Zambia could be the template model for much of the continent.

To his fellow Zambian Entrepreneurs, Mawano says, “Don’t give up! It is hard out there, we are working 18hrs a day with little resources and even for this project we have been met with lots of road blocks and challenges, not to mention it is hard to get cooperation from stakeholders, but it can be done, so don’t give up”

This is not the first accolade that Dot Com Zambia has received for their technology solutions for the Zambian market. Bus Tickets Zambia recently won second place, last November, at the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition in Morocco sponsored by the U.S Government.

DOt com team receiving a check of $15000
DOt com team receiving a check of $15000


  1. This is the best news to come out of Zambia this week. Away from the politics. young man congratulations and may the Lord bless you.

  2. Congratulations guys . This is very inspiring and I hope this would a stepping stone for all of us, of the possibilities out there to change mother Zambia and the world.

  3. This is good news from Zambia. And the Harvard decade winner of filthy county and and filthy city in Africa goes to: Lusaka and Zambia.

  4. Fanstastic news and well done. Now please put it to practise. Is there anywhere where I can read about how this actually would work. very interesting stuff

  5. Congrts.i hope the zambian govt can start to have a look at the solution presented in your project.dot com also has a faster safe shipment of products from usa to zambia.

  6. Brialliant. This is how 2 celebrate youth day not getting drunk & marching for clueless politicians. M told Mazhandu are using the technology. Check it out.

  7. Way to go true son of the soil! This is the inventiveness that we all are supposed to be exhibiting than hurling nonsense at each other. God bless this Nation!

  8. congratulations to Dot Com Zambia, this made be feel great today and i cant wait to see about the future growth of the company

  9. Well done guys. Its time buying a bus ticket went online. This will spur other online ventures in Zambia to spring up, and slowly push our Country in the same direction as other progressive Countries. For instance, online shopping and have items to your local collection point.

    A farmer in a remote part of the Country can make an accurate order based harvest per day or week and make a delivery to each collection point with an accurate projection of revenues. etc..etc..

    Possibilities are endless. This is the true power of the internet. This is the kind of article that should excite debate because it is a powerful tool for job creation.

  10. Congratulations mawano, some of us that know you personally know that you deserve it because you are hard working and above it all persistent.. Go all the my friend we are behind you..

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