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Men can’t survive without women – Luo


An unidentified man and his wife making a majestic ride on one of the streets in Chipata
An unidentified man and his wife making a majestic ride on one of the streets in Chipata

Gender and Child Development Minister Nkandu Luo says it is unfortunate that men abuse women when they cannot survive without them.

Speaking when she toured the Ngo’mbe Gender Based Violence Survivor Support Project in Lusaka ahead of Women’s Day which falls on March 8, 2015, Professor Luo urged men to respect women and treat them like human beings.

She said it is high time that men realised that women also have rights which needs to be respected.Professor Luo said men should learn to treat women like companions according to God’s plan.

She observed that God created a woman from a man’s rib so that she can be beside him in harmony and not to be trodden upon.The Minister also urged women to change their mind-sets and claim their positions in society if they are to be treasured by men.

Professor Luo said women should not allow men to undermine them but should strive to boost their self-esteem in order to realise their full potential.

And World Vision Gender Based Violence Survivor Support Project manager Mnayando Chisenga said the centre has received over 3,000 Gender Based Violence victims since inception in 2012.

Ms Chisenga appealed to government to allocate them land to construct a bigger facility to house victims especially women to help them recover and achieve self-sustainability.

Government has since declared March 8, 2015 as a role exchanging day where men are supposed to perform women roles in homes.

This year’s Womens Day is being commemorated under the theme Gender is my Agenda; Make it Happen


    • I totally agree with prof Luo on this one. My wife has been a pillar in my life. Being a very busy man at work, I have little time to be with my children but thank God for my wife, she has always been their for them.

      Each time she leaves the country to visit or attend funerals out of town, the home is not the same. Alot of things get messed up in the house esp our bedroom.

      Dont pretend fellow men, some of you look as if you are mad when you are divorced. Women have special roles in our lives/marriages we cant deny this. unless you are not married then u wouldn’t know how it feels. well said prof. If this was said by HH, we where going to have sensible contributions here. SHAME!!

  1. Luo – look at the picture on the story above. Ninani alechofa injinga? What that does tell you? Also when was the last time you heard a man start panicking because he is not married at the age 30? Luo – Men like you misled a lot of people.

    • @nkalanda

      Hon. Luo is a woman actually.

      That type of talk is an attempt to degrade a successful intelligent woman.

      It is sickening when these type of insults are hurled at women. It says more about your insecurity in your gender identification than your chosen victim.

      You see this a lot on this site. People can’t bear the differing opinion of others.

  2. “Professor Luo urged men to respect women and treat them like human beings.” Luo, women ARE human beings.

  3. She should said Men cant survive without pretty ladies. Because when she says women she is including herself, and its common knowledge that she is urgly.

  4. She has no husband and her ex-husband Dr Manda is surviving without her, so what is she talking about?

  5. With a breed of women like luo wi can survive a life time without a woman.if anything that can be the end of humanity

  6. She has raised serious gender issues here. What response do we get in General by bloggers here?

    Yes! Responses in general show the mindset of Zambian women and men. The status quo will be retained as is, because Zambians are pseudo intellectuals at best if educated at all.

    There has not been many serious comments just mocking and heckling. The personal attacks are mortifying, inhuman and come from lazy sewer minds.

    • Assumption is a mother of all mistakes.never generalise your thoughts and opinions and conclude that you are smarter.while women are victims of gender violence and the like,it is wrong to drag every man in this and genaralise that they are culprits.there are men who are abused too.therefore this gender equality thing shouldn’t only seem to favour women.and who doesn’t know the arrogance of this luo trying to appear all righteous

  7. luo you were abusing Dr Manda and he couldn’t differentiate between you and a man that’s why he ran away with ka nurse that’s why u hate nurses.
    some families awe sure .

    Luo us we are ready moving forward with our bemba slogan
    heavy baggage too much

    • Leave her alone. Why should she continue living with a man who suffers from inferiority complex just because she is more educated than him please don’t be so backward move time.

  8. Nkandu Luo must never be taken seriously, bashi Lubemba already classified her as an unprincipled woman (chitongo), a footstep follower of the thug lying at embassy park. You listen to her at your moral principles’ peril. She is worthless.

  9. She’s a prof. That’s wht she shd have been talking about. That women (or anyone else for that matter) can attain the highest if they put there mind to it. Not talking who about who needs the other more. After all for procreation we can’t survive without each other.

  10. “Government has since declared March 8, 2015 as a role exchanging day where men are supposed to perform women roles in homes.”


  11. If ba LT’s story is correct, then I am afraid Pro Lou’s concept of relationships between man and woman, and marriage is at best misleading. Missed the whole plot completely, ba Minister.

    Relationships / Marriage is about complementing each other and bringing the best out of each other.
    It is NOT about who can do without the other one. Thank God the man in above photo does not subscribe to Prof Luo’s misleading concept. He uses his God given physical strengths to complement his wife by proudly giving her a ride on his ‘Mercedes Benz’ like a princess, and NOT dump her because she is weaker, or that he can ride faster without her.
    Needless to say, she obviously reciprocates and complements him in areas of his life where he is not as able as she is. This is love.

  12. LOL. Now, about this Gender swapping thing on 8th March 2015, I am still scratching my head… but no worries…my wife is not pregnant. Kids are grown. So, I am good to go. But I feel for the men whose pregnant wives are due on this date. That will bring a whole new meaning to delivery and Labour Pains.

  13. Luo has raised some important issues. But the abuse of women will continue UNTIL we change the way sons are brought up in this country. Mothers wake up and bring up and treat your children, sons and daughters equally. It shocks me in a home where the sons would sleep till they feel like waking up, they don’t help with chores. Yet daughters are woken up early to work and serve the brothers. What are we instilling in both daughters and sons? Sons; they are superior and daughters; you are there to serve the men. This mindset needs to change if we are to eradicate abuse of women. You can’t expect a son to change when older, the change should start from the mother’s home. Bakula mi tuta pefye!

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