HH wishes President Lungu a quick recovery

File:UPND president Hakainde Hichilema greets the then Defence and Justice minister Edgar Lungu  shortly before President Sata's Body   at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from London  on November 1,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
File:UPND president Hakainde Hichilema greets the then Defence and Justice minister Edgar Lungu shortly before President Sata’s Body at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from London on November 1,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

We are sorry to have received the sad news of President Edgar Lungu’s illness while officiating at a national observance.

As UPND and all well-meaning Zambians, we sincerely call for his quick recovery and pray to God for mercies.

We also pray for President Lungu’s family and the entire PF to remain strong during this moment.

Hakainde Hichilema


  1. Thank u Mr. President. My family and I would also like to join the UPND fraternity in wishing our Republican President and also our Minister of Defense quick recovery. Indeed may the mercies of God be upon u.

    • please stop stop stop. the country is better off without you uttering a word on anything related to sickness.

      You are a poisoned chalice and no one must drink from it.

      You thrive on illwill, sickness and death

      Leave our president alone TWAMIPAPATA SANA ba ichilema

    • First responsible act by HH since the elections of January 2015. However he is relishing the full recovery to come sooner so he can score some political points on the health of Lungu and how Zambians should avoid another “Sick” head of state come 2016.

    • To the likes of Robin, Fyanta Mbuzi and, Gen takwaba ukuwamya, kulibe zabwino, taku chibotu etcetera etcetera so long its uttered by HH and for all they care HH is a ‘Catch 22’ if they understand what it is. HH says something they pour acid, HH doesn’t say something they pour acid, I think they are petty hallucinators. Personally I am among those not wishing anything for many more lives are suffering medically and we are not coming out wishing them well or urging prayers nation wide for their recovery.

    • HH haters

      Start looking for the ropes to hung yourselves in 2016, because HH win with a huge margin.

      HH has been wishing anybody not well in government a quick recovery. He is more humane than most PF minionswho only care about enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.

      HH is not like you haters who can not put aside politics and do what culture dictates at the time when your colleague is down.

      I know most of you HH haters sleep ,and walk wishing HH to fall sick but alas, God is protecting him to your huge disappointment.

      Like HH or hate him , he will rule and restore Zambia.

      HH is the president people want.

    • Comments from chaps like robin and gen would stand up in court as irrefutable evidence that the bulk of pf supporters are shallow minded moronic dunderheads.

    • Mr. Lungu is a good person who was pressured and forced to take up the presidency by evil and inconsiderate people in PF just for their own self and evil interests. Quick recovery!

  2. Now that is maturity in politics….in the same way wish rally behind each other as Zambians to arrest the run-away kwacha

    • That is also a very mature post @ SUPERHUMAN.

      Now for those with short memories during the national mourning of our late president it was this self same HH who offered the most comfort to the whole nation and the first family in particular.

      The PF including now president Lungu we already campaigning during the period of national mourning. I thought I should remind us of that.

  3. Can anything genuine come from HH. The first time UPND decides to attend a National Event, something Bad happens to the President. I dont Trust Free Masons in any way. The first family should have a Mason Filter at Maina Soko Military Hospital. Katele Kalumba, the Grand Master of Sorcery, the Invisible King is the right hand man of HH. The Food pipe thing Could have been ignited by people who claimed before the elections that they had a File of the Medical History Of ECL. They know where to strike. ECL has been MP and Minister from 2011. Just when he gets to State House the Food Pipe causes someone to Collapse! Dont Look no Further, ask the Mwata Kazembe , and the Sangomas from ” Liverpool ” , they will give us a proper explanation as to what happened at Heroes Stadium.

    • Not even a pre-school kid would say your rubbish. The problem with you PF retards is that you are too evil, and you rub that on others.

      The truth is that Mr. Lungu is a good person who was pressured and forced to take up the presidency by evil and inconsiderate people in PF just for their own self and evil interests. Quick recovery!

    • Don’t blame innocent souls for your mistakes, you were forewarned about Edgar’s illness, what did you do?…you stoned the messengers. Now don’t blame anyone just live with it.
      Zambians, you made your own bed sleep in it.

    • Already making such arrangements as to play on slow motion that days activities to establish what happened and get to the root cause, that should not happen again, even mwata fail on day.. But corrective measures where taken…

    • Even when you read through the HH script you can see how hard it was for him to pretend.. What benefits does he derive from the President’s recovery? He is hoping for the worst!.went to school with HH’s brother the boy was bad hearted it must be from their clan.. Ask people of namwala about his heart of hatred..

  4. For all those thinking that UPND are ill wishers , it is not politically convenient for EL to leave us at this stage. UPND has not fully recovered from the January loss. PF is currently at the end of its honeymoon period but it is still relatively popular. We really don’t need another bye election. Secondly some cracks have started to appear in PF as the hard core BEMBA PF center are beginning to realise that the contest was between Rupiah Banda through a Surrogate Lungu and HH . This time round Rupiah using his experience dribled the Bemba just like Kaunda dribbled Kapwepwe and defeated HH. RB is ruling by proxy . Finally PF has been quite effective in using negative tribalism against UPND. Instead of vote for my tribe u say don’t vote for that tribe. UPND needs time to counter this

  5. The Collapse of ECL was caused by a Lightning Bolt manufactured by Masons of the Grand Order. The Guilty are afraid , thats why they rush to offer Get Well messages so as to hoodwink us. But we know who they are!

  6. I have strangely seen an Unusual High Number of people with UPND Vote Hichilema T Shirts this morning . Someone seems to have already Crossed the Bridge , when there is no river and no Bridge! Talk about the Quick Recovery Message ? Hypochrite thru and thru!

    • Sorry you can’t dribble God, he already knows who HH is! At the right time he will expose the evil ones… We must be prayerful in Zambia.. Too many factors at play here…

  7. Am beginning to like hh.he is not childish afterall.think it’s the foolishness of his supporters and watchdog that are tarnishing his image.

    • In English you only say sorry if you have caused it! If a friend falls don’t say sorry instead urge them to be careful next time..slowly read thru the article of apology by HH pretence is evident..what happened will not happen again!

  8. The real beneficiaries of an Edgar Lungu demise ((God forbid) are the hyenas who wanted to have a parrallel Mulungushi convention , people like Miles Sampa who is effectively the HH within PF . If Edgar consolidates his power and his tactics to split UPND by being cosy with the Lozi through Inonge and Kaingu among others . Using Lucky Mulusa to enter NW province and then continued negative tribalism against the South with the Bantustan concept, while improving his Eastern province base and maintaining even 50% of his Northen BEMBA base. Then Miles Sampa just like HH will never be President of Zambia either. I am not sure that fact sits very well with Kilometer so he may benefit more from an Early EL exit . So the party my friends for our President being in hospital maybe loudest in PF

  9. he is sincere i guess and trust. any person who is a person knows the anxiety that grips you when your family member is sick. i saw it last week when my wife fell sick, i knew there and then that a spouse is very close to you and i think HH thought about this because at his age he has been through such anxious moments and he know how it feels.

  10. I don’t know what is wrong with Zambian’s of nowadays. They are full of hate for nothing. What is there to benefit from another person’s illness or death? Why do you hate so much and yet claim to be a christians? When someone falls ill or gets fired, you celebrate. Does it better your life in any way? Do insults on social media make you any better than the other person? You need deliverance.

  11. Wanzelu Please note that HH cannot fool me. Let him take his Mason Blood laden Get well message elsewhere.
    And Come 2016, if Muliokela Muliokela will be the only man Standing against HH , i will vote for Muliokela.

  12. There’s nothing wrong in HH wishing the Republican President a quick recovery. If he’s not sincere, that’s God’s business to deal with him.

    No need to politicise everything. Behind our backs, these politicians get on well.

    • Liar you are. read the comments you HH-UPND cadres are posting, your wish is to have Lungu dead but let us assure you that you massonists and sattanist you will not manage to rule Zambia.

    • @Truth Hates. If you know me well you’d not even call me a UPND cadre. You may be a cadre but I am not. I am an independent thinker who looks at things with an independent mind. As far as I’m concerned cadres are low life riff ruffs who support a given political party with blind loyalty.

  13. To every sane person, those words will be appreciated. Only those whose brains are full of water.

    Sata and late Mwanawasa were not seeing eye to eye, but when Sata got sick, Mwanawasa took it upon himself to order that Sata be evaucated to SA for specialist treatment.

    That is what every sane zambian would do.

    Hatred is not good for your health, it retards your right thinking and makes a slave of you.

    wake up zambians.

  14. My President will get well soon. My love. For Lungu is too strong.

    PF is here to stay. Likely to be the longest lived in power under leaders who have always been perceived as underdogs.

  15. 1) month 1 needs rest in mfuwe
    2)month 2 falls at parade
    3) month 3 goes for throat surgery,

    If this was a graph can you plot what will happen in month 4)

  16. That’s hypocritical and unnecessary Mr. Hichilema. Your message is self serving and cunningly spiteful. God, who can see through your inner heart, will reward you If that is the extent of your mischief.

    • So much hatred in PF, and yet most of you are even church elders, and even speak in “tongues” on Sunday morning. Guys, don`t play with God!

  17. Are predicting death.
    If that is your wish, sorry it will not happen.
    But should it happen, HH or leprosy Kabimba will not win.
    PF has Lubinda, Kalaba and certainly the VP to take up the mantle. You will die wishing and waiting for the impossibility to happen

    • We must just wish President Lungu quick recovery. No need to be emotional or no hate comments here. HH has got nothing to with this sickness which started 30years ago and HH is merely wishing and praying for ECL like any other citizen of zambia

    • Those are the people wishing him dead to take over , also Miles Sampa and Nkandu Lou plus Bashi nono who has been left out . I am sure Kalaba is spending sleepless nights trying to see how he can get the Vice Presidency , but he has been dribbled by RB . Inonge will need RB also than rely in the OWNERS of PF from the provinces we all know. UPND is not ready for bye election so we are praying for EDGAR to get well sincerely

  18. Mr. Lungu is a good person who was pressured and forced to take up the presidency by evil and inconsiderate people in PF just for their own self and evil interests. Quick recovery!!

  19. UPND in Southern province are already celebrating.This is cheap politics with alot of hypocricy in it.After 2016,no more UP AND DOWN.What they did to other Presidential candidates in Southern prov will also happen to them big time in other regions and i am sure that they will even disband.

  20. HH-, what has just changed ?? A man who never wished Sata good health. You always wished him death. But if thats what you think Lungu will die , I can assure you that even if he dies PF has Lubinda or Kalaba or Inonge to take over. You and your UPND will continue wishing death to your friends for ever.

  21. But mr HH and yo team you made Lungu s health has a big campain issue just two months ago. Oh what type of pretence from this man

    • @grand. my mother is from luapula side of Congo, while dad from n/w, in luapula the people responsible for an issue in the village will try to clean up but they end up exposing themselves by either their altrances or their actions..hence cause suspicion…

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