Chanda castigates Post Newspaper for report on President Lungu’s history of collapsing

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Picture from Post newspaper


The Patriotic Front Media and publicity committee has castigated the Post Newspaper for it’s headlines and editorial which it has described as disrespectful to the office of the president.

Today’s Post editorial said what the nation is not being told is that President Lungu has a history of collapsing. The newspaper said last year on April 23, the day Mr.Lungu was appointed defence minister, he was almost in a similar situation at State House. Mr.Lungu could not attend the swearing-in ceremony after noticing that his sugar level was low. Edgar Lungu, who had earlier walked out of the auditorium twice, told Post reporter Roy Habaalu that his sugar level was low.

After noticing that Edgar Lungu’s walking out of the auditorium was not coordinated, Wynter Kabimba shouted: “Imwe mugwileni uyo Edgar! Roy, mugwileni Edgar azagwa (Hey, hold him, he will fall down).” Fearing that Edgar was about to fall, Roy held him by his hand and took him outside and sat him down in the lobby. “…yah, my sugar level is very low. I have the sweets, don’t worry, I will be fine,” Edgar told Mwansa Kapeya and Roy as security officers positioned themselves to help. Roy loosened Edgar’s shoelaces to allow blood to flow more easily the Post Editorial read.

The Editorial went on to say there is no need to try and deny the fact that Edgar Lungu has a drinking problem. And this is the source of these other challenges he is facing. It needs to be addressed. If Edgar does not address the alcohol problem, it will be very difficult for him to manage his low sugar levels.The Post newspaper said there is no need for those in State House to try and cheat themselves that people don’t know that Edgar has a drinking problem. Edgar Lungu did not emerge from Mars to come and rule us. He came from among us to be our President. So many people know him and his drinking problem. Let him deal with this problem. It is not a new problem; it is an old problem. It is now becoming a challenge because Edgar is in the public spotlight.

In a media statement released to the media and speaking on behalf of the PF media and publicity committee,Mr.Sunday Chanda said it is shockingly that the Post Newspaper has all of a sudden turned into “medical experts,”.Mr Chanda said the Post Newspaper was even questioning findings and recommendations of the very competent medical team managing the President at Maina Soko Military hospital led by Dr Kasonde and Dr Kishore. Mr.Chanda said Zambia Medical Association may also wish to take interest in this matter where a mere newspaper ignorant in medical matters goes on to speculate and publish with impunity alleged medical challenges of the President. MISA may also need to take interest in the journalism ethics and professionalism as they relate to this newspaper. Mr Chanda said Zambians appreciate that for the first time in the nation’s history, State House has been very transparent on the President’s health challenge and even published findings and recommendations of the medical experts – a fact acknowledged even by the Post newspaper itself.Mr.Chanda said the Post Newspaper is wishing the President ill will and mocking and exaggerating about his health challenge


  1. What was this Chanda b!tching about exactly? I’m no expert on the subject myself. But if Lungu has collapsed in public in the past a news report on the matter is no crime.

    • What worries me is the national development. The Kwacha is doing badly and yet we are spending and spending. Some of these expenses would have not been necessary. I wish my president a quick recovery. God bless our nation. We are now used to such situations.

    • Kamukati,

      God bless our nation???

      No no no!

      God Damn our nation. It is a nation of fools.
      We get taken every time!
      God damn us!
      God damn Zambia!

    • These are the same people who led Sata to his death. The hide the truth and twist the facts and will always defend their lies to continue eating because they have nothing else they can do for theselves to earn a living besides ass licking. Chanda you are a retard. Your president has been pushed to act before going for medicals to suspend Mutembo by RB just in case he does not come back. Was this a priority. He seems to think that the presidency is just about firing and hiring. Its time he appointed a minister of defence. He is commander in chief and defence minister, why does he want the defence portifolio for himself? So he can keep manupilating the things. We cant have what happened on sunday where the commander in chief and minister of defence and president collapses and pass out.

    • “medical experts,” or “medical team” managing the President! Therein lies the problem! The president is supposed to have a personal doctor and not a team like we haven’t heard the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” No wonder the haphazard way information is being given.

  2. Imwe mugwileni uyo Edgar! Roy, mugwileni Edgar azagwa
    Hahahahaha very funny especially imagining Wynter uttering those words with his rather arogant voice

    • Thought about that as well, Wynter uttering those words. Sounds military like Ba Buzhu! Mumangeni Anyhow coming to the main issue, Ba Sunday Chanda is more of an ignorant dimwit himself to attack the Post on outlining the falls of Lungu. What did Dr Kasonde ask Lungu firstly when he went to hospital? Baka teka, is this the first time you’ve had a fall? When did you last had a fall? Any sane Dr will ask these questions before he even attempts to do MOT on him. This then brings us back to the Post News which to be fare is the right prognosis of what President Lungu is facing. This Achalasia is just a fallacy medical prognosis if it’s true it came from Dr Kasonde because it is a very well known fact that Ba Lungu nibama dizzy period. Mmembe pena apa I support him.

    • All these guys in PF including Chikwanda knew about the history of Edgar collapsing, and thats why he probably said he wa not interested in the presidenncy. However, seen to be a weak person who could be manupilated they pushed him to accept the position when they were fully aware of his sickness. So chanda spares us the moment and try to get a real job. If this did happen in public we were not going to know a thing about it. Leave the post and zwd alone the are doing a great job. Close times of zambia and daily mail bcause the are not news worthy and are just a drain on tax payers.

  3. Its about time we started being real in this country of ours…If one is sick there are no two ways about it; one is sick! What is so special about the Zambian presidency, especially concerning sickness?? We have had two sick men in the job-fact-we had two setting presidents die on duty-fact-Lungu fainted on a parade-fact-atleast the Lungu presidency is ‘transparent’ about his sickness…therefore as long as what the post mentioned is true, am glad to know it and worried for Zambia first, and Lungu secondly. We need to be open with such issues because Zambia is way bigger than any political party or leader for that matter…

  4. Let me start by saying I’m as far away from the medical profession as cheese is from the moon. But my understanding is that this low blood sugar problem is usually associated with people who are diabetic. And diabetes is usually associated with obesity. Our dear prez is skinny bones as they come. Something amiss..

    • You are misinformed about what a diabetes patient looks like my friend, whilst it is prevalent amoungst obese people even “skinny” people can have it.

  5. Lungu is a public figure….. Chanda you are wrong to react in this way…. imagine you chanda collapsed who do you think can go own talking…… as zambians we are crying because lungu is not getting money from his pocket but its tax payers money…. people are worried… and need to be informed…. thank you post…. Viva longwe and viva online media… keeps updated… your reward is in heaven… problem shared is problem solved

  6. State house (& Amos Chanda) have done a good job so far. Please let them continue handling this. State house & the presidency has enough capacity to defend itself. Please everyone stay away. If the Post are lying someone will sue them for libel. We do not want the MCS debacle.

  7. It is surprising that the know-it-all Chief GRZ spokesman Kambwili has not opened his mouth since the president collapsed on Sunday. Was he ticked-off to keep his careless mouth such?

  8. Chanda is very much correct. The Post editorial was written by someone who must have worked in State House. The Post is evil and they’ll pay for their sins. Keep it up Chanda

  9. This will not deter normal people with balanced opinions from voting forPresident Lungu in 2016. I am confident that by then OP will have found the perfect formula to help him carry out his duties.

    I am confident His Excellency will pace himself better from now. It is imperative to manage his role around his medical needs.

    I for one do not expect His Excellency to perform like some super human to prove he is capable. I can see clearly that he has to date made a lot of sensible changes that prove he is cleaning up Zambian politics.

    I have real confidence in my decernment that the alternatives in The form of HH or Kabimba is completely wrong and would cause turmoil in the country. Better a strong righteous man with a weak body, but powerful mind. The opposite of that is HH and…

    • Better a strong righteous man with a weak body, but powerful mind. The opposite of that is HH and Kbimba.

      Mockery and abuse only prove the undeveloped minds of fatuous Zambians. Not mature enough to be allowed Multiparty politics. People are educated within an inch of their idiocy yet cannot reason. It is President Lungu’s mind and his agenda we want not physical gymnastics.

  10. Still more fye! Kateka Ni Lungu! Fwebene natwishiba! Mulekeni ateke nobulwele bwakwe! Ubulwele tesambi! Tebushetanist ngabalya njikwite!

  11. @Partriot abroad
    Prease, take your filish thoughts far from Zambia! You cant bring HH in anequation to compair him to either Lungu or Kabimba. Kabimba is even smarter than Lungu. Lungu is the worst whom upto now I dont know his achievement other than being a victim chosen by the weak for ease manipulation!

  12. Ati ”ifintu ni Lungu” !!!! My foot. All I see is a Weak, Sick, liar, Drunkard, Tribalistic Nepotist. He knew about his ailment but out of greed, he forced himself onto the throne

    Sick/dying presidents are embarrassing our beloved Zambia.

    • At least he tried and he is a lawyer. What about your ka father, where is he? In the village in patapatas eating mizimbe. Post a picture of you ka mudala here we judge him also.


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