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FIFA Presidency too early for Figo – Kalusha

Sports FIFA Presidency too early for Figo - Kalusha

FAZ president and soccer icon Kalusha Bwalya says it is too early forPortugal legend Luis Figo to contest for the presidency of FIFA.

Figo, 42, a former world player of the year, and two others are challenging incumbent FIFA president Sepp Blatter on 29th May.
Kalusha has openly backed Blatter.

“I’d have loved to see Figo go into the Portuguese football association, learn the ropes then come out,” Kalusha told BBC.

“It’s the logical way but he (Figo) has decided to go for the big position. It’s going to be very difficult in my opinion,” he said.

Kalusha said he was happy with the way Blatter was running FIFA.

“We have made a commitment to president Sepp Blatter. We are happy with the way he has run things,” Kalusha added.

And Kalusha suggested that he has not immediate plans to run for CAF presidency.

He also spared praises for infamous CAF president Issa Hayatou.

“Everything in its time.I think we have good leaders in Issa Hayatou and Sepp Blatter.”

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  1. …LT You are very behind. Kalu said these words about 4 days ago. Pull up your socks.

    Or could it be that you were busy with Women’s Day Events?

    • Ka KALU kakudya nabo bena Blatter and Heyatu that’s why the talking……….both Blatter, heyatou and Kalusha are heavily corrupt elements in football and without them integrity will be restored in this lovely game of football

    • Kalusha is very corrupt and the two leaders he is praising oil his hands.

      We need a new leader at FIFA, CAF and indeed FAZ

  2. Why Galu? Are you still getting kickbacks and soft loans from your corrupt granddad Sepp? At Figo has a plan of action unlike yourself who is an empty suit.

    • @Jay Jay don’t you see that in Kalu’s eyes and pockets, Figo is a little ”too thin” compared to the well-greased Blatter!

  3. Time to read Kalusha’s biography. Where he tells it as he sees it. His early beginning, schooling, soccer, family, money, politics, injustice, etc. Enough of the political biographies. Time to search for alternatives.

    • What did he says on the issue of USD 80,000?
      What is his stand on holding World Cup in temperatures as high as 40C?
      Who is going to pay FIFA arbitrated amount to Bonetti?
      Why Zambian football quality its getting worse?

  4. Kalusha you are a disgrace to African football.You are the same corrupt characters who have kept that fossil at the helm of African Football.Why are you applying double standards.

    You became FAZ president AND national team coach at the same time,something that has never been experienced anywhere in the world.

    Now you are supporting Blatter ,the corrupt guy who has kept football in the stone age era while other sports have moved into the technological era.

  5. Soccer politicians they look after each other big crooks,you win Africa you win FIFA presidency and Blatter has Africa Figo don’t.

  6. Figo has the age & experience. Reason is as Vincent Kompany put it “the old crocodiles at fifa don’t want change”. Imagine in fifa’s 111 yrs its only had 8 presidents & the last two (havelange & blatter) were there for a combined 41yrs. The other fossil that’s outlived its usefulness is Issa Hayatou. Please Kalu, at yo age we expect you to be progressive.

  7. That is typical of our mindset: there must be one and one way of getting from Point A to Z – only the alphabet, no numbers. We pass up prodigies and geniuses by so doing. If Figo articulates his vision such that it sells well I do not see why he shouldn’t be given an opportunity to exercise his policies and inject fresh air into the Association. There are just some brains that must not go through the ranks.

  8. Just leave Kalusha Bwalya alone. That is his opinion and you have yours. Everyone is free to think they he wants.

  9. Kalu; and how much have they paid you this time around? You think we can forget “give me $80,000.00, am outta cash Bin Hammam”.

  10. Kalusha, the most corrupt and selfish Zambian Footballer to have graced our times!!! People who have personally known this ka chap will tell you horifying tales about his insatiable appetite for cash. The ka ma chap is so greedy that if he had his own way, he would be delegation leader for all national and club football outings. Even then, he personally chooses who to be delegation leader, and that person must pay loyalty to this ka guy. Even his face looks greedy greedy. What people dont know is that at FAZ there is alot of bucs, un audited for. Clean money than mu ma politics. No one can be jailed for stealing FAZ money ; just like at FIFA. Brace yourselves gulible Zambians, this ka ma chap will be FAZ president for the rest of his life.

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