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Energy minister blames panic buying for fuel shortage in Lusaka

Headlines Energy minister blames panic buying for fuel shortage in Lusaka

Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma (right) and his Deputy George Zulu (centre) inspect the Lusaka fuel storage depot with Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta before commissioning of the plant
Mines, Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma
(right) and his Deputy George Zulu (centre) inspect the Lusaka fuel
storage depot with Lusaka Province Minister Obvious Mwaliteta before
commissioning of the plant

Energy Minister Christopher Yaluma says government plans to flood the market with more fuel to deal with the prevailing shortage of fuel. Mr. Yaluma has maintained that government sees no reason for the continued shortages that are being experienced especially in Lusaka.He attributed the shortage of fuel mostly in Lusaka to panic buying by motorists.

He was speaking in Parliament when he delivered a ministerial statement on the fuel supply situation in the country.

Mr. Yaluma said investigations by government have revealed that some filling stations had adequate fuel but have now run out due to panic buying which has been going on since Saturday.

The panicking buying resulted in an increase in the daily uplift of fuel from Lusaka fuel Depot from 300,000 litres to 600,000 litres of petrol per day.He said this is despite the country having enough fuel stocks at the Ndola terminal and the Lusaka depot.

Mr Yaluma said he held a fruitful meeting with Oil Marketing Companies today during which it was resolved that they increase the uplift of fuel stocks from the Lusaka depot with the aim of flooding the market to end the shortage.He said it is anticipated that before the end of this weeks the perceived shortage of fuel week come to an end.

Mr. Yaluma said disruptions in the supply of petrol are mainly concentrated in Lusaka and Kafue Districts.He said those areas where not supposed to be experiencing shortages as there is enough stock at Lusaka depot which feeds the southern circuit comprising of Eastern, Lusaka, Southern and Western provinces.

He added that as of 17:00 hours yesterday the Lusaka Depot had received fifteen trucks which translates in about 525,000 litres of petrol for Lusaka alone for sale to Oil Marketing Companies.
By 06:00 hours this morning the opening balance of petrol was at 2,583,000 litres for uplifting by Oil Marketing Companies and that 48 trucks carrying about 1.68 million litres of petrol were awaiting to offload.

And Mr Yaluma says government has directed the Energy Regulation Board to bring to book those who maybe unnecessarily hoarding fuel thereby creating an artificial shortage.
He added that Oil Marketing Companies that might be hoarding fuel in anticipation of an increase in fuel prices will end up selling it at an even cheaper price in the near future because government has no intentions of increasing the fuel pump price.


  1. Mr minister please stop digging. You say by the end of the week? An artificial shortage should be dealt with in 24 hours 48 at most. The quantities you are calling out are only a 14 days supply for lusaka. What about the rest of the ccountry? I am not against your efforts but I can asure you this is not a crisis brought about by panic. The Lusaka citizenry does not have enough private storage for fuel to creat a shortage. This was just poor planning. You were too busy celebrating election victory you forgot to do your job.

    • There has been no significant increase in the number of vehicles in Lusaka in the last week nor have there been more kilometers covered by those vehicles. If the supply and demand equilibrium has not been upset, there is plausible reason for the increased demand, other than perhaps for loss of confidence in the planners of the economy.

    • Flooding?? but have you thought of a strategy to bring the cost of fuel down?? Yalume, I thought you are an intelligent man? surprises me to see how dull our ministers can be.

      No one talks about, by 20XX, we want Zambian people to have better life / buy fuel at K4, K6 etc per litre.

      Look at them all in South Africa for medication?? has anyone of them thought that the cost is high?? let us build a proper hospital with state of art services, to serve Leaders /Zambians who can afford??

      Is our country cursed that we always get lead by such dull people?? Young Zambians Its time we stood up and stop this nonsense.

      Look at their body languages, fat with no brains??

    • Yaluma’s lies are so sickening. He has convinced himself that we do not understand what is going on. First, he blamed it on logistical challenges faced by OMCs claiming that they failed to plan for the long weekend. Is the first time there has been a long weekend in Zambia? Then Indeni announced that they did not have feedstock so what did that have to do with the earlier explanation. As though he had not learnt a lesson he now blames it on panic buying. What Yaluma does not realize is that the filling stations are actually rationing the few supplies they are receiving so as to serve a few more people. Had they been selling full tanks the situation would have been worse by now. Can Edgar Lungu please find a better Minister of Energy?

    • Panic buying has caused the shortage? Let us be serious! Honestly what Storgae in Lusaka do motorists have to buy so much petrol as to create a shortage? Now we are fishing for excuses! Well this excuse does not make sense.

    • Dear Mr Minister, it seems the fuel allocation you get from the government stock is confusing you. Stop getting that allocation and come queue up with the rest of the citizens in one of the filling stations. After that experience, then address the nation; chances are that you will still be PF and tell lies anyway.

  2. George Mpombo was demoted as energy minister by Mwanawasa for such a thing. He sent him to some province as a deputy minister

  3. The fact is that there’s a shortage of fuel period
    The minister should zip up his mouth if he has no valid excuses.

  4. Seen what happens when just one car breaks down on a busy motorway during rush hour ? Traffic suddenly builds up behind the immobile car for miles………., and for some distance ahead of it. Well, the same happens when a slight disruption occurs in the fuel supply chain. The Minister should just own up and tell the nation the truth. The sudden Indeni shut down , on account of feedstock run out ( apparently because Gvt could not issue the requisite ketter if credit ) , is the source of the problem. That was the offending car on the busy motorway. Hence the congestion for miles on end.

  5. This is not good reasoning from the minister ? can you solve this problem.no fuel,no food and lower kwacha.This is PF we wanted.

  6. Sata said it useless minister! Now you can see. This guy was not supposed to be in cabinet. He is there because he raised his hand in kabwe.

  7. Mr. Minister, please, in this day and age, you can not blindfold the masses & come up with lies, there is a fuel crisis in the country, period. Why can’t you just tell the citizens what you are doing to rectify the problem. The entire Great East Road, except for Chipata, has no petrol, Katete has absolutely nothing, no fuel whatsoever. Zambia is not Lusaka and surrounding areas, get your act together or let those that can manage run your ministry.

  8. People fuel will be there in 24hrs. Zambians lovebto panic. There is no fuel shortage in zambia.All fuel stations have fuel.

    • @ house fly. So the speaker was day dreaming when he asked for an explanation? OKAY THEN WE NEED A NEW SPEAKER AND MINISTER. WHY ARE THEY DISCUSSING A SHORTAG THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

  9. This is the Zambia we have created under PF. Now we are being told the Govt will only buy limited quantities of maize from selected areas only. This is the Zambia we wanted under PF. UTH now prescribes even a panadol. This is the Zambia we wanted under PF.

  10. One ill qualified Cadre who surely does NOT deserve this Job, shooting off his mouth!!
    Cadre Yaluma, why do people panic buy?? The answer is so simple, even a grade 5 pupil would have the answer.
    Just continue”fattening your belly”. Its not your fault, you are head of this department, but the fault of Docile Sleepy Zedians who vote for mediocrity.

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