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4th Medical Bulletin on President Lungu’s health

Health 4th Medical Bulletin on President Lungu's health

edgar lungu

Pretoria, (WEDNESDAY, 11th March 2015) — Doctors attending to His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia who fell ill on March 8, 2015, have announced that after carrying out four comprehensive examinations today, they have obtained very encouraging results and reaffirmed the findings by the Zambian doctors that the illness of the President was caused by the recurrence of his Achalasia condition.

The four specialist doctors assisted by three Zambian doctors affirmed that the low blood sugar level the President suffered, was caused by the narrowing of his food pipe, (a condition medically known as Achalasia), which requires a specialised medical procedure after another round of further assessment.

The positive results doctors obtained this evening will be subjected to further examination on March 12, 2015, after which a decision would be taken on the method of treatment the President will undergo.

The seven doctors, comprising four South Africans and three Zambians have unanimously agreed that the Achalasia condition needed to be corrected in order to forestall the President’s recurrent low sugar condition.

President Lungu was admitted to a Pretoria Hospital at 22:15 hours on Tuesday, March 10, 2015. The next bulletin will issued at 19:30 hours on Thursday, March 2015.
This statement has been authorized by Dr. Dorothy Kasonde and Dr. Dave Kishore on behalf the five other doctors treating President Lungu.

Issued By:
Amos Chanda


    • Ladies and gentlemen…we now have a new constitution and it’s called MEDICAL BULLETIN…..ifintu ni Lungu zoona….how much is the Kwacha today????????

    • Why are wishing a quicky recovery. The guy is just handicapped in his throat, efyo aba fye. It is like wishing a ichilema a quick recovery when doctors recommend to buy him a wheel-chair instead of continue walking stick, which gives him constant backaches.

    • I think what people are saying is that at least one hospital in Zambia should be able to provide the equipment and services that politicians follow in South Africa. What happened to the presidential suite at UTH? We can then employ doctors specifically to man the ward so they can provide continuous service to the majority Zambians. If the government is failing to raise te standards at UTH, let them bring in the private sector. Create an environment including access to fiavenance for private companies to operate hospitals in Zambia. Milpark clinic in South Africa can open a branch in Zambia. That can give us some dignity for a start. To have your leaders lying in hospital in a foreign country is absurd to say the least. We have managed with shopping malls and shops like game and pick.

    • Zambians pay more tax for your president medical bills . You voted for him even knowing that his sick so pay for the bills .


    • Indeed if the condition is one that medical intervention will correct it will come to pass but we have to also be objective in the way we Zambians think over certain things for health matters are not similar to mechanical ones and don’t turn to mocking prayer. Its a pity that we have a health challenged person in state house and the costs to keep them healthy are already sky rocketing barely two months into the presidency. We receive the bulletins as openness…..well I reserve my opinion on this but the costs being incurred that are not being divulged as part of being transparent worries me too! We may be borrowing to cover expenditure costs for just a few. No bulls exist in government to confront the slippage in good governance and protect Zambia’s pride! Where are we headed to?

  1. Thanks ba Amos but maybe let us release official statements after treatment is commenced?
    Wish Hon Chagwa a successful procedure and quick recuperation.

  2. In a time like this, the right thing to do, for all of us, is to stand by President Edgar Lungu. This is beyond the person Edgar Lungu, it’s about the Presidency of our country. Let us, together, show love, sympathy and empathy. Get well President Edgar Lungu, is our prayer for you. Thank you, Amos Chanda for the update.

  3. Zambians are being given medical bulletins now instead of the new constitution….ifintu ni Lungu malabishi yeka yeka

    • Icho chintu! They are happy to be given medical bulletins for the medical bills being footed by them! Anyone of you that voted them into power will never be evacuated for medical treatment abroad. Muzafela ku UTH(if you are lucky) muli ndwiiiii.

  4. @6.1 is yo Upnd going to be flying all of yu for medical treatment. Look here we all know by now how govt is run. Don’t be cheated that someone can overturn things overnight. That’s a Crystal clear lie that I can’t waste my vote on.

    • I do not expect them to fly ANY Zambian for medical treatment abroad. Zambians should be entitled to the best medical care in Zambia. 50 years on and a selected few are evacuated and the cost is being borne by each and every Zambian including you. The amount of money spent so far on the selected few should have improved the medical facilities in Zambia a 100 times over. True, things cannot be overturned overnight but when are they going to begin? Ej, he was treated for this ailment in Zambia 30 years ago and now he has to be evacuated?!?
      FYI, I am not UNDP….

    • I understood 6.1 to be saying the voter who is also the tax payer is footing the medical bills being incurred in the attention the president is receiving and also costs of the accompanying entourage! How tax money is being spent on a few should be a concern to every tax payer! Where is UPND here? Anyway maybe Sponge Bob @ 8 and Vinabwela Mochedwa @ 6.1 know who they are on party lines but I am not UPND, UNIP, PF, FDD, NAREP etcetera and observing from afar Zambia practices no prudence as a poor country. Even what is borrowed seems goes to service only a few. Another example is Mr Nsanda is in hospital, so is Mrs RB and all are in RSA with entourages, who is paying for all this if not the tax payer?

  5. Ba Edgar we ‘ll support you weather mukulwala or mumutende. Get well soon and we ‘ll keep on praying for you asking God’s favor to be with you and everyone of you must know that God’s hands are on our beloved president body to heal Him. it doesn’t matter, you accept or not, just know His Excellence Mr. Edgar CL will be fine.

    • Praying for Edgar is the best, however, knowing the truth will help to pray effectively. The truth revealed by God is that the healness of Lungu comes from God. Why do I say so? In early 2013 I had a dream in which I saw the entire heaven over Zambia turning into the face of God, and his face was extremely furious against the manner the PF government was illtreating the opposition, including former president Banda. And God tald me:” go and tell Sata that if he messes up I am going to crush him.” Consequently Sata died. Therefore, If Lungu and his new team dont improve on the manner they treat the opposition God reserves him the same fate as his predecessor. My Humble Advice is that the government should turn to God and stop illtreating the opposition then Lungu will be healed and Zambia…

  6. Wish you quick recovery your Excellency, President of all Zambians whether PF or UPND, whether Chipimo or even HH : -).
    We hold you in our prayerful hands!!

    And thank you State House for those updates, much appreciated and comforting as we cannot all visit our beloved President to pempula him.

  7. The opening of the story goes ;” Doctors attending to His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu,… who fell ill on March 8, 2015, have announced that after carrying out four comprehensive examinations today, they have obtained very encouraging results and reaffirmed the findings by the Zambian doctors…. the recurrence of his Achalasia condition”.

    How can this be encouraging when we have been told the implications that it may require a surgical operation which would certainly put the President off duty for sometime? I thought it was going to be encouraging if they said “there was nothing serious all he needed was may be a change in diet” or something like that without any need for hospitalization. Now this??!

    • @ zambia ni yatu. I think encouragement comes from the fact that the problem is known and has been confirmed by specialists.

      0nce a problem is known, it is shared with us. A problem shared is half solved.

      But that doesn’t mean those statements are true. They also suffer from ” high levels of suspicion.”

  8. My President,

    The Almighty God favourable will is with you. Be positive and relax..you are in good hands.
    We are praying for your quick recovery after treatment.

    Get well soonest

  9. A better view of things than the previous escapades that resulted in terminal evacuation. I would like to also see the doctors stepping forward to give the bulletins themselves instead of authorizing… Let Amos authorize the doctors to give the bulletins.

  10. why muyika muntu ondwala pamupando ba koswe??Playing with state authority!!Foolishness and stupidity has taken over in some Zambians men!!! So far we have some online!! Baibwa zawatu!! Your children ate languishing and now you wish him well,, where were you before giving authority ba MUMBWEE!! Are you not ashamed?? Change your attitude!! You have become a laughing stock!! Bapumbafu!!

    • This is what they voted for i guess…..very disappointing and they are busy wishing Lungu well while kids and mothers are dying every day in hospitals due to lack of just basic medical care….ZAMBIA THE REAL AFRICA INDEED

  11. Yaba, was this communiqué authorized by Medical doctors? Can Achalasia cause low blood sugar? Seriously???? The man is a known diabetic, non compliant for that matter. All he needs to do is check his BS levels at least 4 times a day, and stay on a regular regimen. Stop lying please!

    • Get it to your head
      Blocked food pipe makes someone not to eat adequately which starves the body of source of glucose hence the low blood sugar in the blood. It is that simple.
      Glucose comes from the carbohydrated foods we eat which is converted into glucose by amylase enzyme. So where there is no adequate food intake, the body is starved of presence of source of glucose. This is what is there. Mind you 4 RSA and 3 Zambian doctors have arrived at this conclusion that narrowed food pipe caused low blood sugar. These are trained personnel not bloggers like you.

  12. zambians wake up, the whole world is laughing at us. achalasia is not a diagnosis but a sign that something is wrong. its like a headache. what we need to know is what is causing the achalasia.

  13. The purported affirmation attributed to the RSA specialist doctors that the LOW BLOOD SUGAR level the President suffered, was caused by the narrowing of his food pipe, is only to hide fact and protect the bungling go information by Zambian medical personnel. I take it with a pinch of salt that RSA specialists would attribute Achalasia to LBS.

    Try Wikipedia and be informed on Achalasia

    • ‘bungling go information’ meant to say ‘bungling in groping for information’

      How can constriction of the oesophagus cause low blood sugar? So each time we swallow there is accompanied low blood sugar in our system for swallowing involves muscular constriction of the food pipe (oesophagus)! Please tell me something else.

    • @FuManchu, I do not belong to any party and walasa with your comment. I just cannot get round the fact that Zambians are being taken for a ride yet again.

  14. Why are you using a term which is foreign, why not say he has cancer without wasting people’s time.

  15. Jeez, how many doctors does it take to treat this Achalasia disease? 7 doctors, really are you kidding me? In one breath we are told, it’s nothing, no biggie but in another 7 doctors are needed. How do they even resolve differences in opinions? Is this the issue of trust or incompetence that one dedicated doctor can’t run away with this?

    Also if these medical bulletins are really needed, could we have them released by the doctors themselves at press conferences so the media can have an opportunity to query? Something is really wrong with Africa and in particular Zambia.

    Please have one doctor treat this and let the others attend to other needy patients… this a waste of resources and it’s not emergency trauma or anything. In fact get a nurse to attend to him.

    • Maverick let me make a guess as to why it should take 7 doctors, I think it has all to do with the patients’ status! It’s not really for opinion (Zambian doctors already provided the preliminaries) but just think how much they are reaping in fees! They are just pumping up on the bill that the Zambian tax payer has to settle. The Achalasia which was already attended to by UTH earlier on suddenly requires 7 RSA specialists! 50 years down the line the medical facilities in the country are still at infancy.

  16. Nga chakukalipa Lila. Ifwe ni Lungu even in 2016. Continue wishing him ill. Our prayers are ascending to the heavens for God to give our Lungu long life.

    PF is here to live longest in power. If you are arguing, wait for 2016.

    • @Renee, nobody wishes anybody ill. Everybody’s prayers do ascend to God to grant them what they pray for. However, you do have to meet God halfway. How about just being honest?

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