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Zambians abroad should be allowed to vote-AVAP

General News Zambians abroad should be allowed to vote-AVAP

Vice-President Inonge Wina lecture at Columbia University on 11 March, 2015. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION
Vice-President Inonge Wina lecture at Columbia University on 11 March, 2015. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION

The Anti-Voter Apathy (AVAP) project says the call by Zambians in the diaspora to be accorded an opportunity to vote during elections is genuine.

AVAP Executive Director Richwell Mulwani said in an interview with ZANIS that Zambians living abroad should not be disenfranchised because they are away from their home land for various reasons.

Mr. Mulwani said whether some Zambians abroad are serving the country in different portfolios or living abroad permanently, they were still attached to Zambia in one way or the other hence the need to be given a chance to take part in serious matters such as voting.

He said government should consider creating a platform for them to exercise their rights to vote.

Mr. Mulwani said Zambian Ambassadors and High Commissioners accredited to various countries the worldover should ensure that this development materialise and yield positive results.

He said Zambia should emulate countries such as Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique that are effectively according their people living in diaspora a chance to vote.

Zambians in USA requested Vice President Inonge Wina that they would like government to look into the issue of according them an opportunity to vote.

Mrs. Wina assured them that she would deliver their request for them to be voting during elections to cabinet for consideration.

This was when she addressed Zambians based in USA on the side-lines of the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW59) in New York.


  1. our electoral process is fuzzy enough at local level with accusations of “Vernon Mwaangaring ” and you want to create more confusions and opposition tantrums. I also doubt the “Zambianess” of the diaspora voters who believed Chipimo was winning in 2011, moreover mostly ZWD characters< Hell No!

    • OH hell nooooooooooo , most of us are not Zambians so how ? Bring Dual citizenship , then its workable , Smh. People just yap without thinking batini. smh again !!!!!

  2. Why should we allow most of thèse Namazai’s to ne voting when they are already intoxicated with the faecal matter that they always have to deal with plus wiping of old peoples behind. No please we are a Christian nation

    • mudala it pains you that you have failed even to lay one of your toes in a neighbouring country – hence your venom, mwandi continue enjoying chibuku in your komboni!!

  3. I strongly feel we are more than enough to make HH loose the elections so let those abroad be coz they just add to the confusion that we already experience.

  4. Let the diasporans ‘cast the bucket’ of voting where they are. These are people like Mushota who are molly coddled by their western life styles that they really don’t give a dimme what happens home. It’ll be irresponsible to allow such ‘characters’ to chart the way forward- ikalenifye bane ukokwine notuma ascent twenu!

  5. Mr. Mulwani should redo his research. The countries he just mentioned are the ones to emulate Zambia. So far our electoral system is the best in Africa. We can’t afford to lose such ordained honor just to please few individuals who can’t see beyond tomorrow. Let people come home to vote and return wherever they are based. What you guys are planning is what Sata used to say “mano yabumafyete.” May his soul rest in peace.

  6. i see presidents moving country to country begging for votes in the diaspora, this will be interesting to watch. A system can be put up with limitations of course,…

  7. Please add a CORRECTION!

    It should NOT be Zambians LIVING ABROAD.

    It should be ALL ZAMBIANS.

    End of story.

  8. Consider the majority of online bloggers on ZWD, LT,ZR, Zambian Eye are based in UK, USA, SA Etc. The quality of their input in these online media is disappointingly bad – irresponsible, childish and focusing on insults, personal attacks, evil remarks on others. Do they deserve a very expensive postal vote financed by Zambian taxpayers?

  9. So then are the old people in Zambia not being attended or cleaned when get soiled ? otherwise when family do it means they become banamazai? @jacobian Matrix, your a very backward citizen. It now shows why Lusaka and other Zambian cities are so dirty with trush greeting you as you enter the city because Zambian’s think they are so smart that they can’t do jobs they consider dirty. Every job is honerable and respected because we need everybody. If there was nobody mopping the floors in the hospitals or council workers picking the litter which you willingly throw away anywhere what do you thing the surroundings would look like? I suggest you just stay in kalingalinga where you are used to than comment on things you don’t even understand. for those doing the caring job, job…

  10. @VN what is this Sata thing you are talking about? What makes you think Sata was wise? You are just another *****. The problem is you Bemba’s like writing things in you language which not all people understand. Keep your Bemba proverbs to yourselves. Other tribes also have proverbs. Imagine if we all wrote in our respective languages.

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