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Government’s mute response to proposal disappoints Coalition

Headlines Government's mute response to proposal disappoints Coalition

Leonard Chiti
Leonard Chiti

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for the People Driven Constitution is disappointed with government’s muted response to its submitted counter proposal for adopting the country’s new constitution.

Coalition Chairperson Leonard Chiti sid they are however not surprised that after promising to respond to the proposal in two weeks time, which has already elapsed, the PF government is still silent.Father Chiti said the Grand Coalition has learnt in the 3 years and some months of the PF government that this is typical of the PF.

He told Qfm News that the Grand Coalition strongly believes there is no political-will on the part of the PF government to adopt the country’s new constitution by the popular demand of a national referendum.

Father Chiti states that this is why his Coalition, the Church and the civil society do not trust that the PF government will ever walk its talk as regards the enactment of a people driven constitution before the 2016 general elections.

He has however noted that members of the Grand Coalition still remain resolute on the goal to make certain that the country has a new constitution that reflects the wishes of the people before next year’s elections.

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  1. So priests also have opposition? Why is Fr. Chiti opposing Fr. Bwalya? Fr. Bwalya’s PF said referendum at same ballot as parliamentary elections next year, yet Fr. Chiti fires back that no no no we want Pentecost before 2016.
    It becomes difficulty to choose to which priest to go for a confession.


    • Father Chiti is right, Edga promised us the PEOPLE DRIVEN constitution now it is being derailed. Bwalya is an oppotunist and a shame to the Catholics. Go and confess to Father Chiti,

  2. How do you expect the government to listen to your politically funded provisions…??
    Where you not the same organisation that de-campaigned ECL because he refused to sign your UPND signed/endorsed constitution road Map…
    Give us a break!

    • Very true Mr Tembo. First question to be asked of ANY coalition, such as this is one, is who is financing/sponsoring it? Then treat what they say accordingly.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!

    If these Churches and NGO’s have such strong political views they might be well advised our democracy is alive and well. All they need to do is form a party and stand for election, then let the electorate decide if they are right on the issues they raise. They should not use their religious/NGO positions to publicly influence politics.

  4. I wonder whom they represent? We have all these politically motivated statements whic are double ended.

    Effectively, they request the PF slows down or stops the Road Map so as to allow them to take control of the process. Then a second stand is to accuse the gov’t of not having the will to release it!

    PF should make a strong move to use Parliamentary route and referendum on some matters.

  5. Father Chiti why are you bothering the Government which you never voted for.? You de campaigned the PF in alliance with Costa Mwansa and his Juvenile MUVI TV. Leave us alone us who toiled to put ECL in GOvt. Wait for Your Govt the you can make that nonsensical noise. In short go HANG

  6. Ba Father Chiti mwikalefye. Just Form a Grand Coalition Party GCP to join Rainbow as spectators on the Terraces

  7. PF inherited the Constitution project from MMD. Therefore, it is not fair to hold PF responsible for the complex approach that was devised by the MMD. This is time for concluding the Constituion project, However, in small poor developing countries, the budget largely determines the pace of conclusion. One thing at a time. First Census, second Referendum. The first term of office for the PF can deliver the Census and then the second term can deliver the Referendum. That sounds more realistic, and more patriotic.

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