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PF wants Nchito tribunal proceedings open to the public

General News PF wants Nchito tribunal proceedings open to the public

DPP Mutembo Nchito
DPP Mutembo Nchito

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has joined other stakeholders in demanding that the Tribunal appointed to probe suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito opens the proceedings to the general public.

PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairperson Sunday Chanda in a statement says this is considering the nature of the terms of reference and gravity of the matter in that the person involved is DPP whose office ought to be above board.

Mr. Chanda notes that allowing the general public access to the proceedings is important to avoid sensational media from maliciously reporting on proceedings.

Mr. Chanda states that the Tribunal, comprising of eminent persons also owes it to the public to ensure and assure Zambians and other interested stakeholders who may have been duped into believing that these investigations are designed to reverse the momentum regarding the fight against corruption.

He says the PF is aware of deliberate maneuvers by the cartel and its members to misrepresent the true intent of the Tribunal as a scheme by President Lungu, to maliciously persecute the DPP.

Meanwhile, YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza has told QFM News that it is important that the proceedings of the Tribunal are open to the public.

Mr. Mwanza is surprised to learn that the Tribunal wants to conduct proceedings in camera.

He states that he believes in the interest of Justice being seen to be done, the decision to hold the proceedings in camera should be rescinded.


    • The truth is its Nchito who demanded the tribunal to be public after he learned that the tribunal was about to be held in secret. Nchito wrote a letter to the chairman of the tribunal to hold his tribunal in public for the reasons that all the cases and allegations against him are already in the public domain.

      The PF wanted to Nchito to be probed in secret.

    • Ba LT your title should read the opposite.

      The correct title should be,” PF wants Nchito probed away from the public”

    • Wanzelu

      Yes its Nchito who scouted them b’coz PF & the Tribunal wanted the case to be in darkness.

      I give Nchito a Hi Five with my hat off for telling PF dunderheads tribunal of Lungu, Changaya, Ng’uni,RB & others to be open to the public domain.

      We know that the Chief Mambala aka “Rudely Bandit” RB wants to be acquitted by PF as soon as possible. However its the same Edgar Lungu with his PF MPs who voted for the removal of RBs immunity in parliament. Now Sata is no more, they want to corruptly set mambala loose by intimidating the DPP.

      Seriously Nchito is far knowledgeable than these PF pathological hypocrites & liars. Bravo to Nchito for teaching PF hooligans conversed by corruption the rule of law.
      The Skeleton Key

  1. Is this the same Mutembo Nchito who used to be a darling in Sata’s PF who has suddenly become an ardent thief in the Chagwa’s PF? Most of these people shouting louder are those who were fired by the late and were dead until their resurrection when Sata was declared null and Void (Dead)

  2. But why try and keep the public away from the tribunal that they called for? Then replace those pensioners you brought to probe the DPP we do not want funny outdated tricks on this day and age we are not short of retired and serving supreme judges.

  3. You PF, just bury your Chibuku Kachasu Man Edgar Lungu alive if you dont have anything to do.

    Mutembo Nchito is tribunal is not an interest to alot of us. What we are interested in is to know the ways of arresting the falling kwacha, to know how to solve fuel shortages and to know why the late president’s legacy has been left abandoned.

    Those are issues we want to be made public. I thank You.

  4. Lungu is as damn as a man with no vision of his own to try and cheat learned Zambians . Lungu to allow the tribunal sitting in secrecy will not help his kangaroo court of criminal former Chief Justices Anil Silungwe, Justice Matthew Ngulube. Are these not the people’s names appeared in the Zamtrop Account who resigned. Could these former justices provide and produce a well balanced outcome? Lungu has appointed three members of the panel from Eastern province and the people against mutembo are from Eastern province? What a concident to fix Mutembo
    Does it mean no other province has learned legal brains apart from the place t.ribalist Lungu hail from. We are monitoring with keen interest and those with short lived memories will regret for being used . 2016 no MMD-PF under visionless…

  5. What is ECL up to, what do they have to hide in this investigation. We demand as members of the public for this tribunal to be public. We want justice to done and see it being done

  6. We will compaign through the churches and door to door to ensure Lungu and his corrupt and tri.balist grouping pay the heavy price and answer the questions to The Zambian people. What is done in dark will come open and giving this clueless anotherchance will Mean the likes of Kambwili, Sampa and other out of their hard earned PF going to Ruphia and crooks.

  7. Featuring on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview on September 7, 2014, Edgar, who was then PF secretary general, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defence, told the programme anchor Grevazio Zulu that he had no intentions of seeking the Republican presidency because of his poor health:
    Grevazio Zulu: If you are given an opportunity to run for [Republican] president in an event that H.E. Michael Sata steps down due to ill-health, would you go for the presidency?
    Lungu: Grevazio, I have acted now for many times on this position of President and I tell you this position isn’t an easy one, it’s a very demanding job. I have no interest and intentions of becoming President of this country.

  8. Grevazio Zulu: You haven’t answered the entire question Sir, why not go for it?
    Lungu: I have many reasons Grevazio, I have answered, I said the job is too demanding, my health can’t allow. I am diabetic and that position requires somebody who can handle all the pressures that come in that office. I repeat Grevazio, I have no intentions of becoming President.

  9. This the problem with our Judiciary. Medieval thinking. Why have this tribunal called by the public to be held in camera yet it was called by the public not the court.
    It looks like courts always wants to keep the public intense and under pressure deliberately and to annoy Zambians. There absolutely no need to have this thing in camera. If EL allows this, he will be remembered as the most foolish President this country has ever had.
    Who will agree to accept findings coming from a secretive investigation. This is not an OP operation but a tribunal to investigate allegations by way of calling witnesses. This 21st century not medieval era please “Justices”

  10. My fellow bloggers lets uphold respect for our president-HEECL. We can only have one president at a time.
    The sad part with you writing ill about our republican president is that you have kept on siding with a party specialized in losing …its time you accepted reality and sided with the winning party and you will live a joyful life as I do.

    Free advice- take it or leave it

    • Mukelabai Mukelabai Tribunal was held in camera after the Post had publicly vilified the poor man. Although the Tribunal found the poor man innocent of the lies and tramped up charges from Mutembo and the Post, he lost his job and died a very lonely man in exile.

      What has changed

  11. Mutembo Nchito won’t accept the Tribunal to be open to the public because of the embarrassment it will cause to him watch as he protests against it being open to the public gallery

  12. Chimuka – read please. There is a letter from Mutembo to Chief Justice published on the ZWD where he is demanding to be tried in public. If you have nothing to write about please quiet.

  13. Nathan what respect? The things we are writing about Edgar where said by himself.

    Not all of over us who blog are party cadres like you. Some of us are very responsible voters who have voted at least for more than three different presidents. If you are Egar’s supporter and not happy with some of the writing, then don’t read them. You are not forced to read what we write. If there is truth or no truth bloggers will judge for themselves. So stop crying bwana.

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