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Government condemns the Post newspaper for trying to threaten investor confidence.

Headlines Government condemns the Post newspaper for trying to threaten investor confidence.

Sports and Youth Minister Chishimba Kambwili
Minister Chishimba Kambwili

GOVERNMENT has condemned the Post newspaper for trying to threaten investor confidence.

“In their continued crusade against His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The Post today carried an astonishing story in which they quote Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia Pastor Bob Sinamushanga as saying prayers for the President will be in vain if the Head of State does not abandon his beer drinking,” Mr Kambwili said.

The paper also quotes the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) Vice President Edwin Zulu, asking for a comprehensive report on the President’s health rather than piecemeal bulletins.

UPND national chairperson Mutale Nalumango was quoted as doubting the truthfulness of the bulletins given on the health status of President Lungu after successful surgery in South Africa. She wondered how a person who was declared fit recently could fall ill and adds in Bemba – Ifintu ifikulu tafyalulwa ( Meaning: Big things cannot be straightened).

But Mr Kambwili said; “Mrs Nalumango is a mother who is supposed to be more caring than she is conducting herself. Anyway, abantu bamo babipa imitima ngefyo babipa pa menso. Fwebambi twalibipa pamenso lelo imitima yesu isuma.”

“People of Zambia, where are we going? Surely a person cannot fall ill? Are all these people questioning the President’s illness immortal? Are they saying they cannot fall ill? For those being interviewed by The Post, know that the intention of The Post is to threaten investor confidence so that the Kwacha and the economy of this country are run aground,” he said.
Mr Kambwili continued;

The Post, as Zambians know, did not want Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu to become President of this country but to their chagrin, he is President of the Republic of Zambia, and they will do anything to ensure this country become ungovernable, and the President fails.

I leave it to Zambians to judge The Post, because if the economy collapses because investors decide to shun the country, it is the Zambian people to suffer.

And as we said yesterday concerning Bishop Mambo, It is worrying that preachers have allowed themselves to be used by a newspaper that has made it a preoccupation to attack the President and feast on any misfortune that may befall him.

It is really unbecoming of Pastor Sinamushanga to claim that President Lungu has a drinking problem that is causing him other health complications and to claim to know him better than hundreds of thousands of people who voted for him less than two months ago.

Pastor Sinamushanga’s statement is mischievous for a person claiming to be a man of God. At the rate the so-called Pastor is going, he will remain with no flock as no believer would like to associate with such a heartless Pastor.

One would expect a man of God to be truthful and not to mislead the nation with ugly lies as being peddled by a self-confessed former womanizer by the name of Pastor Sinamushanga.

We are left with no choice but to believe Pastor Sinamushanga’s past life of womanising and heavy drinking, which he, himself, confirmed, still haunts him to this very day. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Government expects the clergy to provide spiritual healing and prayers when any person, not just the President, falls ill. But we are seeing preachers who are even asking for comprehensive medical reports for the President like Rev. Zulu.

The President has been declared fit and is back in office, so what comprehensive statement does the CCZ want on his health?

And Senanga Central UPND Member of Parliament Likundo Mufalali’s allegation that President Lungu should have himself to blame for collapsing, again in The Post, is heartless and sadistic, and should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

The UPND has already offered its sympathies to the President and we wonder whether this MP’s statement is the position of the party or is borne out of personal hatred for the President.

It is our hope that the UPND have not withdrawn their positive message on the President’s health and that Mr Mufalali’s comment is simply personal, mischievous and dishonorable.


  1. I think the past,in their quest to try an reclaim their lost glory are going way out of line.I think GC is back at the past and venting his anger the pf through the paper.

    • Hon. Kambwili just worry about your governing skills as PF not the Post. If your skills are good they will speak good for you; if bad there will speak evil of you. The economy will not lie it will speak the truth about your incopetence–may be it’s already telling. You cannot threaten it as you do your fellow humans. Just go to work and from your work we will know the kind of manager you are. As of now, things don’t look good, Sir.

    • When you say the pastor confessed to have been a womaniser and a beer drinker and longer does that, that is Godly and God forgave him and remembers not the passed sins. The pastor is therefore is on solid moral ground to ask others to obey God. There is no shame in that Mr Information Minister.

    • The Post Newspaper is back to it’s best and we are enjoying every article or editorial they produce! Investor confidence will not be affected by the truthful articles from the post but by cheap lies from the goverment. Where on earth have you seen a person who goes for complicated throat surgery today and is declared fit to work tomorrow? PF buffoons haven’t learnt anything from the disastrous handling of late Sata’s illness.

    • Mr Kambwili please tell your presideirst to stop failling and fainting in public,, thats the first thing which scares investors,,, hes too young to fall in public,, Kaunda never fell once,,,,,, its scaring! now children cant even go and greet the president because they are scared that he will fall on top of them,,, me starting miss Sata mwe,,, at least me made me laugh some times,,,

    • This Kambwili chap remained unemployed living off the meagre salary of his wife’s nursing wage and living in some of the most deprived areas in Leicester. After concluding that he could not cut it in a such a highly competitive world such as the UK, he packed his bags and thought, hmmm, what do I do know? Oh I know, politics, yes get myself elected, peharps a ministerial Job and viola, RICH! And he did just that. Then there was Chirwa, a prankster, a consummate lier and total fraudster. The guy spent years going through polytechnics to polytechnics as no Uni worthy it’s salt will take him, after decades he finally got some sort of PhD & with that he cultivated himself a world of make belief that he only knows, he knows Zambians love titles!

    • It seems Chimbwili has no proper job description, he’s fighting hard to hide the truth from the enlightened. His main role it seems is to daily respond to queries and comments from concerned citizens. Most of those quering and commenting are more concerned about the welfare of the Nation and are fed up of sick people occupying the highest office in the land fully aware they are not healthy enough to undertake the task.

    • Kambwili the bandit should just shut up! This chatterbox of PF hypocrites & liars has no clue whatsoever.
      Lungu & PF yesterday blamed the opposition for the rotting economy, kwacha & fuel shortages in the country. This is after Mr. Yaluma lied to the entire world that Zambia has alot of fuel but alas. And today Kambwili the chatterbox of PF hooligans wants to blame the post newspaper is just mere words of Donchi Kubeba sickness.
      Please Kambwili et al in PF with gigantic bellies should honestly trim their weight & give portions of their food to the majority poor Zambians suffering hunger & poverty.
      So PF blame yourselves for your own visionless leadership & lack of efficient planning period!

      The Skeleton Key

    • HH will never rule this country. We have always said this and it comes to pass. If you want to know what WINTER/MEMBE stands for , look out for the meaning of RAINBOW on the inter net.

      Membe has ruled out the U5 hoping WINTER can rule.
      What NEGA NEGANS dont realise is that MEMBE is simplly using.
      So that Winter becomes second favrites

      . THE BANTUSTANTS thats what he calls them.


    • Now PF and Lungu are feeling heat.To rule human beings is no joke.It requires an educated and morally upright mind.PF should accept that they have failed to rule.They are behaving like an impotent man who fails to accept that he can not impregnant his wife of ten yrs.PF are a bunch of criminals pretending to be leaders when infact not.

    • When i was in zambia i used to wright alot of letters in the post news paper but what i can see now is that this paper has lost it,i know the are now scared because they are not in control of governmet like the controlled Sata but everyone can see that the are after Lungu by so doing they are just making him more popula

    • Dear Kabwili, why are you spending man hours on reacting the post. Recall the food you are enjoying is as a result of the TaX Payers’ money, hence use that time wisely. For now work on rebuilding the investor confidence through passing policies which are positive. The mining sector is waiting for prudent leadership from your govt. Please get back to work and stop enjoying listening to your own voice.


    • In my view, the only thing threatening investor confidence is the glaring incompetence, disorganization and confusion we are experiencing in the management of the political and economic affairs of the country. Investors will not be scared by The Post reporting the truth.

      Secondly, Mr. Kambwili needs to understand that no Zambian wants Mr. Edgar Lungu to die: it would be too costly to go through another presidential by-election so soon after the January 2015 one. I’m sure everyone wishes him to go through to 2016. Then he can exit in peace and we elect someone else who would be able to run the affairs of this country effectively and competently.

      So, let not Mr. Kambwili continue to speak empty and meaningless things to us!

    • For me, the Government should act now. Use the law: For example, it should be illegal for a person or family to own a newspaper beyond a certain proportion (or is it equity?) disagreements among shareholders and directors would control any 1 person not to use blackmail through that paper against political rivals when they act in good faith against his interests. Remember what the Post did illegally recording Chikwanda’s conversations? One doesn’t know what else Mmembe’s been doing. The time to act is now. It’s not illegal – remember the UK saga!
      And UPND, be principled: this Mmembe was calling you Bantustan Party to the chagrin of all of us except yourselves as UPND or so it seems. Today you want to lie in bed with him. Do you expect respect from the rest of us in this way. Ba…

    • The President is clueless regardless of what you guys gonna say. Its very sad to see what is happening to this beautiful country. The economy is getting worse every day that passes by.

    • I love your name, Zambian Watch-Tonga. A really hilarious name that depicts ZWD correctly.



  2. My fellow Zambians lets keep on praying for the good health of current president.

    Lets not be swayed by the ‘gonger’ reverend’s/pastors…where on earth will a man of God wish ill or dead his/her brother. Extremely sad to have such minions in church leadership, one even wonders what type of flock these guys are leading…prophets of doom.

    Mmembe is a bitter person…his friend is been tried by courts of law so he is angry and will do everything to fight the government of the day…

    However, he will not succeed …come 2016 will vote in numbers for pf…like it or not…mark my words you heartless beasts

    • Lungu needs to resign on moral/medical grounds. He deceived the nation by pretending to be healthy. Now you are asking the poor folks to start praying for this guy as though they owe it to him. He’s being paid to run the country and not to run from the country for medical emergencies barely two months in office. Zambians need to stop playing religion and be real with their expectation from leadership. This sickness is a matter between Lungu and his God. Zambia cannot afford to keep hosting sickly presidents in the name of religion.

    • Asking Lungu to account for deceiving the nation about his poor health before and after the elections is not wishing him death, it’s called accountability. Being religious won’t solve this matter. We both love Zambia and Lungu, and wish he had done the right thing first. Zambia is not short of healthy brilliant individuals to undertake this job. The sooner we awake from our religious and drunken slumber, the better.

    • Nathan, you seem to have a very narrow view of life. It’s not about Mr. Mmembe. It’s about the person who willingly and intentionally offered to take on an arduous job for the Zambians, knowing fully well his poor health condition, but pretending none-the-less that he was fit to execute the job well.
      Now that he is proving he can’t, he must be made to account for his action! It’s not hatred or bitterness or heartlessness. It’s simply calling someone to account! The more all of us as Zambians can do this, the better for the country and all its people.

  3. Fred is a real beast whom we cnt tolerate 2 rule pipo include his frinds n kabmba useless they re.They got no hearts 4 da poor zambians.Pipo hw abt fred’s tax scandals?I hear dat they don’t pay tax?

  4. Kambwili, in case you forgot PF is the party in Power.

    Squizz the Past Toilet paper in the same way you’re doing Mutembo Nchito until it’s last breath.

  5. Kambwili watch ur language u are a minister, what a kaponya minister…U busy yaping kwacha is becoming a toilet paper..

  6. kambwili keeps impressing me with the way he is responding to attacks on govt. I underestimated you mudala. As for Fred and his minions; the dust will settle, your time draweth nigh!

  7. This Kambwili chap remained unemployed living off the meagre salary of his wife’s nursing wage and living in some of the most deprived areas in Leicester. After concluding that he could not cut it in a such a highly competitive world such as the UK, he packed his bags and thought, hmmm, what do I do know? Oh I know, politics, yes get myself elected, peharps a ministerial Job and viola, RICH! And he did just that. Then there was Chirwa, a prankster, a consummate lier and total fraudster. The guy spent years going through polytechnics to polytechnics as no Uni worthy it’s salt will take him, after decades he finally got some sort of PhD & with that he cultivated himself a world of make belief that he only knows, he knows Zambians love titles!

    • Chirwa & Kambwili are classic examples of failed lives, fraud characters who know just how to milk Africans. Just look at the titles thrown about in Zambian, Honourable, His Excellence, His Honour, Doctor, Professor this and that and the rest of it! People? Ask yourself, think of one thriving country where this is the case outside of Africa! Endless and meaningless titles, yet if you look around, what comes out of all these? Think the US, UK, Canada, Japan, China, etc. Where are the His Excellences there? Where are the Honourables? Have they got none worthy those titles? Oh, we have plenty in Africa and we are the darkest continent – how so, how strange? Wakeup folks!

    • Firstly cellular Gondwe, study history. We are the Golden continent. If your knowledge of history only ends with your village that is for you and yours. I despise Zambians that want to bunch us up into a basket. We are great individually.

    • Nzelu, lol, I thought that means sense in Nyanja? We are the Golden continent, we are great individually, yada, yada, yada, smh. God help us, with the likes of you, what chance have we got? Do we actually have people in the world who are this st.upid, how is this even possible, how is this actually possible? Ah well, I don’t know, I give up.

    • What ever it is you smoke or drink has gotten the best of you to think ” this is the best government ever”. I bet most Zambians are under influence of the same.

  8. Featuring on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview on September 7, 2014, Edgar, who was then PF secretary general, Minister of Justice and Minister of Defence, told the programme anchor Grevazio Zulu that he had no intentions of seeking the Republican presidency because of his poor health:

    Grevazio Zulu: If you are given an opportunity to run for [Republican] president in an event that H.E. Michael Sata steps down due to ill-health, would you go for the presidency?

    Lungu: Grevazio, I have acted now for many times on this position of President and I tell you this position isn’t an easy one, it’s a very demanding job. I have no interest and intentions of becoming President of this country.

  9. Grevazio Zulu: You haven’t answered the entire question Sir, why not go for it?

    Lungu: I have many reasons Grevazio, I have answered, I said the job is too demanding, my health can’t allow. I am diabetic and that position requires somebody who can handle all the pressures that come in that office. I repeat Grevazio, I have no intentions of becoming President.

    Who is lying Kambwili because these word came from Lungu himself but you forced him to stand. Just shut up iwe.

  10. Sarah Longwe and Nalumango, need to continue attending kitchen parties, am sure they can learn something from my 22 year Angela.

    Bishop Mambo surely needs deliverance or some annointing oil

  11. Chile 1
    You have been lying ati here in Kitwe, which Kitwe and whom are you trying to influence. Come to Kitwe in Kalulushi and you will see how we are suffering. Continue dreaming with your Kachasu uncle. Read the final version of his cofession that he is sick.

    Grevazio Zulu: You haven’t answered the entire question Sir, why not go for it?
    Lungu: I have many reasons Grevazio, I have answered, I said the job is too demanding, my health can’t allow. I am diabetic and that position requires somebody who can handle all the pressures that come in that office. I repeat Grevazio, I have no intentions of becoming President.

  12. Why blame the post over investor confidence when its the PF Govt that has failed to give a clear policy direction. Kwacha is at free fall against other major currencies like the Pound and the Dollar, the president is almost becoming an absent landlord due to poor health, the so called chief Govt spokesperson (Kambwili) who is the Govt’s mouth piece is nothing but a south African Vuvuzela. No serious investor would invest in a country like ours with so much uncertainties. Chagwa Agwa

  13. Iwe Chi Kambwili stop saporting Lungu blindly.

    The Post is now our favourite News Paper than ZNBC, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail, Daily Nations, national Mirror combined.

    We love and cherish Mmembe and no one can harm him.

    Mmembe continue with your reporting, your articles are very nice and educative.

  14. Quote of the Day: “Mrs Nalumango is a mother who is supposed to be more caring than she is conducting herself. Anyway, abantu bamo babipa imitima ngefyo babipa pa menso. Fwebambi twalibipa pamenso lelo imitima yesu isuma.”

  15. Ba Kambwili twipusheko,what sizes do you wear ? shoes,trousers ,shirt(around the neck and stomach).You are very confortable so ,you just yap,yap.Do you know what is happening in the communities?.. there is misery

  16. I have reliable information that Chisimba Kambwili and Emmanuel Mwamba are extremely happy with Edgar Lungu’s sickness and’s eminent demise as they would like to takeover the leadership of PF.

    So Kambwili’s support for Edgar Lungu is a plastic one but deep down he too enjoys the Post Newspaper’s editorials.

  17. Until I read this PF critique of The Post, I did not know ka Lungu has a beer drinking problem. How did the mambala make it to the presidency with his uchakolwa?

    ha ha

  18. Fred Mmembe is now reclaimingg his glory by calling a spade a spade.

    During Micheal Sata’s time, the Post nearly lost its credebility as it was on the side of PF.

    But now, that respect has been restored and we thank heavens for that.

    The truth is Edgar Lungu is a moving grave and it would oger well if he is buried alive. He is the one responsible for the falling kwacha, shortages of fuel, and many problems that zambia is facing nowadauys.

    Personally, I wish Edgar Lungu quick death and I will never retract my comment. Nature must sace us by taking the Kachasu Man.

    • Mmembe has not regained his credibility. He is a hypocrite and a crook. He did not want to pay his tax liability and his debts and had Sata’s protection. He does not get on with Lungu that is why he reluctantly paid his tax and he is bitter – hence the attacks on Lungu. Do you really think he would be critical of the PF government if Kabimba was the president?

  19. “..Anyway, abantu bamo babipa imitima ngefyo babipa pa menso. Fwebambi twalibipa pamenso lelo imitima yesu isuma..”

    Has the Zambian government just called a citizen, a woman for that matter, UGLY (a few days after commemorating Women’s day!)? Or is it just CK at his nasty best?

  20. why is government wasting time to fix this ka evil paper in the name of the Post News paper? no, we have had enough of this nonsense from this Broke paper that is in debts and that has not been paying tax to the Poor Zambians. Fix this loop hole in the name of the Post as quickly as possible

    • The government is the biggest buyer and advertiser in the Post Newspaper. Remove this support and see what happens to the paper. They are in massive debt, they can’t pay their obligations as they fall due and they are badly limping. Chiluba, Mwanawasa (Before he was blackmailed) and RB all shunned the PAST by not advertising in it. Business was given to the Post only when Sata ascended to power and for obvious reasons. So Bwana Kambwili just do the right thing quietly withdraw you financial support and see what will happen to this paper. LUNGU IS BRAVE TO TAKE ON THIS POWERFUL CLIQUE. No wonder they did not want him to be President

  21. Chishimba Kambwili is the most hated Information Miniter that Zambia has ever had.

    The frog is hated for his unpalatable language.

  22. Chishimba Kambwili is the most useless minister. He is busy going out with young girls instead of advising Edgar Lungu to step down voluntarily b4 he worsen the economic situation in this country.

    • Ati Banji? Kambwili with yoing girls! Atase chi mudala pa twaice. No wonder HIV will never disappear. Disgusting man and also those little girls afulilila!

  23. Which broke paper iwe? Is not your government which is broke with credit down grading by fitch? Just shut up. We are the ones who are tired of the falling kwacha and chakolwa Lungu. We will never stop buying the post newspaer if you want to stick to your times of Zambia and Daily mail which papers are very broke you can continue.

  24. May Edgar Lungu die b4 the end of this year.

    Lungu ‘s continued governing Zambia will render it useless in just a year, no wonder alot of us Zambians wants him dead. Let HIV/ HIDS kill him for us, if it fails; then Throat Cancer can sort him out for us, and we have already composed fake gospel funeral songs to sing for him as he rots in State.

    • @Jemaika wishing ECL death will not make yo under5 (HH ) president I can assure you that HH will lose in 2016 which will be conducted under the current constitution Remember that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction As you are wishing our president death we are also wishing HH to lose all future elections kekekeke. ..

    • Foolish man. Alefulilila abaiche. The sad thing in Zambia is politicians in the public eye get away with immoral behavior. We don’t see anything wrong with that. Yet in the West leaders have resigned because of having mistresses or love children. This is why this country should never have declared itself a Christian nation. During KK’s rule it was are to hear about a leader who was sleeping around. Leaders were scared of KK. Am not saying that it wasn’t going on but now it is blatantly done.

  25. Zambians should stand and demonstrate demanding the resignation of Edgar Lungu.

    Edgar Lungu is now a liability

    • you start the ball rolling and see how far it will go. You UpDn supporters failed to take HH to State House through the ballot box and now you want to use any other means. Facts are facts HH will never rule Zambia. Even Miles Sampa stands a better chance of ruling Zambia than HH. Besides Edgar should not resign now as we do not want another by election. ECL will rule until 2016 and there after we Zambian voters will assess him. AS FOR HH, KAYA MWE? PALIBE STYLE PA BODY YA BA HH.




    • KK didn’t drink alcohol, didn’t sleep around and he ate sensibly and looked after his body. Now he gets I’ll due to old age when the body lets one down. Had KK led the type of life that Sata led, heavy smoker and womanizer he would have been long dead. My hat off to the old man and all those who take care of their bodies.

  27. …Esther Chagwa Lungu is not only an ugly woman but also a very bad woman.

    She knows exactly what is wrong with her hubby.

    Let her advise him to step down and ignore selfish advises from Kambwili the frog and others.

    Rupiya is ruling and he is busy laughing while SATA is busy rotting.

    Vincent Mwale (MMD) to be PF spokesperson, My foot!!!!!!!!!

  28. The Past news has become irrelevant- let it indoctrinate ZWD worshippers- they are used to the nonsense! Daily Nation has already filled the void- Spot on Kambwili- Hit them Hard!

  29. Kambwili is doing fine. These baboons need to be told exactly what they are, baboons. This is why U5 and his nega-nega baboons will never get power. They easily fail to read the situation. Now in desperate they turn to a rabid dog Mmembe who actually has scorned U5 hippo hyena that he leads a Bantustan party in a village full of nega-nega baboons. These baboons cannot see that Mmembe is promoting Leprosy Kabimba while he is De-campaigning U5. This is why this junk U5 will never rule. It is known that Rainbow party died just at its pronouncement. It is BID. No amount of twisting will change this. Mmembe’s brain got twisted after years of Duffy’s penetrating his anus and U5 knows this. Instead of condemning the PAST, they are embracing it. Shame. The PAST is HISTORY. FACT Chapwa

    • Leave Kambwili alone Under 5 with his UPND chaps have realised that with the referendum being pushed to next year at a time we shall be voting using the current people driven constitution HH will lose 5 times(under 5)in a row.kekekeke…

    • @ JL….it seems you are out of touch with reality…there is no baboon in nega-nega, and HH and his bantustan group of supporters have never embraced the Post…unless you are one of those chaps who failed to achieve any form of IQdevelopment because you absconded school to trap chimps for dinner, then I understand your frustration…tell your fellow id!ots to vote wisely next time, or continue living on one meal a day, continue to buy salaula.com, then go for a 24hrs queue for gas, and continue to be eat tribalism…It is said, some tribes can still vote a Chimpanzee as long as it is wearing a PF lable….and this is what you just did…voted for a skeleton coz it wore a PF lable, and you want to turn around and accuse Mmembe…no-one holds you at gun point to read the Post midiocre!!!!!

  30. At the rate this Kambwili gorilla is going, it won’t be surprising that he has developed a cancerous goiter. Is he going to be chasing after every one who comments about Lungu? He is now behaving exactly like a mad dog trying to bite everything in its way. For goodness sake, Lungu new that he was sick but chose to deceive the people and now all is coming out in public let the people talk. People can can now see through their lies.

  31. People have stopped buying and reading the Post newspaper. It is full of lies and devilish stories wishing their own president to die so that their sin maybe forgotten.The Post is toothless.

    • Which people you ignorant cunt….I buy the Post everyday and quickly go to the editorial….Stop being naive….or go and have your balls removed if you cant find pucy to shag…redeem yourself from such severe levels of midiocrity….Upon my foot, some people can really be dull!!!!!

  32. @ JL, yap, yap, yap, bark, bark, bark. You always sound like you talk from you dirty behind. The gorilla is Chisimba Kambwili trying to bulldoze his way into scaring innocent people. You are the mad puppy that is running around without stopping. Be careful you will even fall into fire. Chimbwi died last year. Or you are always drunk like the Kachasu man. Stop drinking your urine early in the morning.

  33. Lets call a spade a spade. President Lungu is paranoid. He’s insecure because of his health. He’s very reactive that he has to answer every publication about him through his chi-loud mouthed Kambwili.

    The man is clueless on how to solve the affairs of the country and the only reason he can offer is a conspiracy theory. For everything and anything going wrong in Zambia its either the opposition or the media in particular the post and ZWD.

    Lungu has no vision and there is an irrefutable evidence to that end. Lungu and his team have been preaching and singing tribalism propaganda all the way to the polls because they knew that they had one leg to stand on – President Sata’s vision, which wasn’t enough. The only political leaders who are still talking about tribalism today is PF.

  34. We all know the agenda of M’membe is to rule the country using underhand methods and Government should NOT allow this nonsense anymore. He did it through the cartel to Mr. Sata and he still thinks he can do it to Mr. Lungu’s Government.

    My advise is this: don’t take M’membe and the Post very lightly because the perception he is painting on our beautiful country is slowly being believed by investors and other unsuspecting citizens. So Government must move in swiftly and hard on this selfish man and ensure that he is made to account for his wrong deeds.
    1. Government must immediately stop advertising and buying the Post paper.
    2. Whoever maliciously say slander on the President and Government must be made to accountable
    3. The Police Inspector General must up her sleeve and…

  35. let the post pay the money they hav bn stealing fr government they shouldn’t hide in lungu ‘s health we need money back mule mona kwati tatwaishiba story yenu imwe ba cartel plz ,plz money back to government cofa inform of tax

  36. Those demons are bitter the last cartel wings remaining to be chopped still looming, we need to cut them off. If you borrow money, you have to pay back! That is not the fault of Lungu or GRZ. If you show stoolpidity while governing, you need to be removed and again that is common sense. Atase fi Post, no sense of patriotism, you need to fold up soon.

  37. Just unleash the wild dogs on this small man called M’membe and let him stop fighting Government through his Post Newspaper. We know that M’membe and Kabimba have from time immemorial wanted to dubiously rule and govern this country.
    So when he comes out strong, lets retaliate and let him start respecting authority. Its too much of M’membe and negativity on our beloved President and the country. Government agencies must move in and stop this negative propaganda. He is bitter like HH because he has been made to pay taxes to the treasury. Get on this small man and let him stick to ethics of sound journalism!!

    Why should we continue treating M’membe as if he any different from an ordinary citizen? Lets learn from our neighbors in Zim; respect authority or face the full force of…

  38. The post is a dead party waiting to be buried, only devils and evil people enjoy the evil propaganda potrayed by this broke paper. Thanks God to the Daily Nation which has come to feel the space been left by the evil Post Newspapers, by this time around next year, The Post will be History

  39. why cant we just go and put the Post Offices into flames???? am anxiously waiting for that time when all Zambians will just gang up and march to bwinjimfumu to set this paper ablaze, its too much of Membe, he is the one dividing this country ,and we are busy enjoying and supporting him,. ba Post Kuya bebele , your time has come

  40. My mother had a terminal illness due to the enlarging of her heart she suffered due to late measles, She lived another 45 years from the time I was born when doctors told her that she would not live long! The point being If God STILL HAS A PURPOSE FOR SOMEONE HERE on earth, they will live no matter what all you evil people wishing them dead. If Edgar cheated the people of Zambia, only God will deal with that! The rest wait till 2016 to make your decision; Get lives and stop talking about someone’s illness, as if its the only thing that matters.

  41. The biggest prob is that our friends think that if Edgar goes automatically HH goes in. What a fallacy.


  43. Not all pastors are bad or lazy, for example we have the likes of Bishop Joshua Banda or the likes of Joe Imakando who are known to be compassionate and hardworking. May God bless genuine men of God. On the other hand we have known adulterers, HIV transmitters and lazy pastors like Father Luoude, Bishop Mambo, Pastor Sinamushanga etc. These pastors are lazy, they suffer from a disease known as “laziness”. The cause is unknown, the likes of Sinomushanga, Luoude don’t have time for hard work, they only want to enjoy the benefits. These so called pastors the Post is quoting are too busy watching tv, hanging out with friends in bars, managing two or three mistresses or girlfriends, spending countless hour on Facebook, twitter and sleeping three time a day. Simply lazy.

  44. I think Chimbwi – Lee is doing a good job. He has become the best Minister of Misinformation so far. He has guided this nation on all serious Policies i,e The Post and ZWD. He dreams the Post, drinks the Post and eats the Post. He is very blind about all the problems the Zambian people are facing even in his own constituency Roan. Ichibemba chilanda ati imfula pakuya epo yona ifisabo….Last kicks of dying horse….we will see what you will be talking about in 2016.

  45. This is strange. Chibwili or is it mabwili ( kabwili is no longer appropriate considering the level of obesity) forgets that this post paper played a role in bringing them into office let them feel what RB felt the game has just began This what w the post for not that fake news the used to give where they we praising our late president even when things were wrong.

  46. the money that our contry can spend if we dont ask God for grace to give Lungu a long life cannot be compaired to the money that Lungu gote from the post newspaper such that they should wish him dead… also praying for a person dosent mean that person should stop what they do our faith can save our President regadless of his carector.

  47. chachine bambi babipa pamenso nomutima.this woman even in parliament she was heartless.she behaves like ntwanikane.

  48. Kambwili can you say you have good heart , my foot ! your hate- rate grows like bush fire every day . Why do you hate Hon Chungu so much , why are you jealous of him ? God will punish you . when Catholic church supported pf, Bishop Mpundu preached against MMD, you never complained. Fatherless Bwalya who in fact became your best friend at one time, insulted mmd, for you it was sweet . when father Miya said bad things about mmd you even started going to church . why are you insulting the pastor ? If God the almighty had to anvil or show all, the evil things you have done in life , people would start running away from you in fear of being …………. . you should be the last person to point an accusing finger at you friend .

  49. Zambian politicians including Kambwili are becoming richer and richer and we, the electorates, have to pay the price. Shame on us. Next year 2016 not me and my family casting a vote. These people are the same. politicianssssssssssss

  50. Hon kambwili, please dont mind the Post Newspaper. Ifwe fwe bengi………are still behind PF and H E EL

  51. Has the health talk of a President become a career to others that they talk about it daily. Don’t such waywardness only equaled to witchcraft? Such hate, why? NO, we need to have certain comments examined and re-examined because there is no way even people of little semblance like Edith can go the way of the disgruntled and speak mockingly as written in some paper today? Very shameful indeed. Do we have the conscience for real?

  52. Let me help put this matter to rest so that Zambians can spend their time on things that help develop Zambia and shame the Past and its unsuspecting prey.
    During the run up to the by elections we voters were fed with lots of information about Edgar’s health so there is nothing new that you are adding. The point is that despite our knowledge (correct or incorrect) of this, we proceeded to vote for him to become our President. The message that we were sending is that sick as we were made to believe he was, Edgar was the only candidate that we could trust and relate to among the whole pack. He is doing a good job so far, we will lovingly nurse him if he becomes sick, and if the Lord takes him from us we will lovingly mourn him.
    Get it? Now shut up and let Edgar rule us in peace!

  53. There is so much bile against His Excellency!

    Zambians are really appalling, for a Christian nation; it has so many satanic people. The problem is the gov’t keeps inviting Church and so called Social Groups to take part in governance. Then we have a confusing number of Political Parties in our multiparty democratic system. The result is a lot of desperate people seeking attention at the top of their voices! Trying to be meaningful to society.

    Appearances, matter but really does the PF gov’t not think that they have been too lax in bending over for Multiparty’s other purposes? SELF PROMOTION. Do we need less players in the field? Do we need to concentrate on PARLIAMENTARY power rather than all this noisy ‘large’ gov’t? Gov’t spends too much energy defending itself.

    • The solution could be simpler if carried out decisively. Close the Post. Sensitise Zambians so they understand that it is what happens during Parliamentary sessions that matter, thus shutting out Non MP Players from being meaningful to their duped followers.

    • The Priests should not divide people but bring good reasoning and teach against laughing at ill people, teaching instead tondo what Christ said, Pray for One Another, even asking for Mercy for sinners.

      Nalumango as a mother is probably raising the type of daughter that prefers to overspend her husbands money and when controlled, asks for a divorce demanding a large alimony. The daughter can’t know how to love her husband because of the greed taught her by mother.

  54. @59 Umwina Zed, please don’t show your ignorance here. Haven’t you heard of the impact of public sentiment on investor confidence? If you have travelled in the world haven’t you heard of people who believe that in Africa people still live in thatched houses and monkeys jump from roof top to roof top among us, and that we have no electricity at all? How do you think those beliefs come about if it is not scoundrels like the Past and others around the world? The Past knows that and that is the weapon that they have chosen to use to damage the country’s reputation. All this so that the Past can restore its hold onto power and money in Zambia, regardless of the negative impact on you gullible poverty stricken Zambians. In short Mmembe’s tummy is more important than your hungry one.

    • I’ve got a right to show my ignorance anywhere. Clearly you havent got my point. It is that the Post is such a biased newspaper no sane investor would consult it for an assessment of whats happening in Zed.

  55. Since its clear the POST NEWS PAPER is determined to make the President and his government fail, and worse still make it ungovernable, the best is to stop RESPONDING TO THEM.

    To me, the owners of the POST NEWSPAPER are nothing but attention seekers. They will make noise in order to be recognized in a group.THE BEST WEAPON IS GIVING THEM DEAD SILENCE.NO RESPONSE TO THEM and slowly they will have no ammunition to fight back. Responding to them is giving them more ammunition and that what they need to continue fighting their battles.

    HON, CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI PLEASE CONSIDER STOPPING RESPONDING TO THESE GUYS, THE POSTNEWS PAPER. That will be a more descent way of handling them.Its not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of greatness.
    In your shoes, that’s how i would handle such…


  57. People are still bitter about election results, why? In a democracy, even one vote can make a difference. Edgar won cleanly. Transparency international confirmed so with the so called parallel tabulation. Those who cry foul have not proved their case beyond any reasonable doubt. Can we Zambians move foward and build our country. We will not go any where with rising against each other. Divided we fall, united we win. Let us rise and support government of the day, no matter the president and party that takes majority. Zambians are tricky voters nowadays and politicians should realise that times of banking on masses that attend your rally as a sure way to win is long gone. May God bless our country.

  58. Truly Bwana Kambwili, Ifishinka filakalipa. The president could be suffering from the WITHDRAW SYNDROMES. He will be fine soon as long as he stops completely from quaffing too much.

  59. We shall continue buying the Post for its truthfulness .
    We will not waste our time listening to blind followers.
    Government should concentrate on delivery and ignore the Post. Zambians are mature enough to ignore lies and deceipt

  60. @67, yes you shall continue buying the Past for its “truthfulness”, of course you mean selective truthfulness don’t you, my dear? Well ours is a country of free choice, all under the guidance of HE President Edgar Changwa Lungu.

    We shall also exercise our freedom of choice by reading the Past for the sole purpose of enjoying the mental anguish of the once mighty and regal Fred Mmembe, now fading into shame and oblivion, and of course not without the proverbial last kicks of a dying horse……..kikikikiki…………I love it, oh boy!

  61. This Kambwili, I saw him today taking photos and I could not see the difference between him and the mountain gollira yet he claimed Nalumango was ugly. If that is the case where do you put your Nkandu Luo?
    This minister should learn to tame his tongue.

  62. M’meembe should not think that he can sway public opinion on the unpaid taxes and debt he and Nchito owes this country. He writes what he does for the fear that the next DPP will deal with the two since Nchito will not be there to enter the nolle.

    • Which public……? Talk about yourself. As for me, like someone already said, I want this sick Lungu to fix the economy. He knew he was a patient but jumped to be presdient.

      He is like a castrate who fights for a woman and then cries that his friends and in-laws are not being sympathetic that siyiwuka…….!!

Comments are closed.

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