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Father Bwalya rejoins PF

Headlines Father Bwalya rejoins PF


Alliance for Better Zambia President Father Frank Bwalya has joined the ruling Patriotic Front.And the ABZ has with immediate effect dissolved its committees at all levels to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Speaking at media briefing in Lusaka this morning, Father Bwalya says the decision to join the ruling PF follows the solid working relationship his party had with the PF and its leader Edgar Lungu in the run up to the January 20th presidential election this year.

Father Bwalya said this relationship which has been characterized by a strong desire for a long term partnership has served as a successful political courtship.

He said he together with ABZ members have joined the PF because they believe the country which is presently marred by tribalism and too much politicking needs a stable and focused political leadership that spends more resources and time on addressing challenges being faced by the people.

Father Bwalya clarified that by joining the PF, he has not sold the ABZ to the PF.He said all ABZ members that have joined the ruling PF have done so in their individual capacity and therefore there is no collective bench for every member who wants to leave PF afterwards.

And ABZ Team of Trustees Chairperson Janet Chileshe said party members who include Father Bwalya will join the PF at various structure levels of their wish following the dissolution of ABZ committees at all levels.
Ms. Chileshe said members of the Team of Trustees who are in good standing with the ABZ will now take charge of the party until further notice.


  1. #prayforzambia

    Thank you Lord for bring your child Bwalya back to the fold. The more reconciliations, the better for Zambia. May we all work together and let HH be the only opposition.

    • Father Bwalya is no longer a factor in Zambian politics. In fact he rejoined PF shortly after the death of Sata.

    • ABZ has never contested any election, it therefore brings nothing to PF. No value and no members.

      No wonder no senior PF official attended the briefing by Bwalya

    • Imagine the USA without the twin opposing Republicans v Democrats or the UK without the sparring of the Conservatives v Labour.

      HH and UPND, we need you in the opposition. We don’t want another one party state with Lungu as wamuyaya…abash one party mentality. Stay in the oppostion and fight everyday to take over government. That is the reality of life in the prosperous western democracies.

      Africa is poor for lack of opposition democracy…..you then end up with likes of Museveni, Kagame and Mugabe. Their common denominator…..dictatorship!!

    • This unprincipled man is a disgrace to the church, which is founded on good principles and morals. He is now starving since he has to earn a living on his own.

    • At long last one wise decision for an impactless party that only harbored one awaiting unforthcoming appeasement. Now that patience has worn out will in grand style at a double strike campaign rally for PF make ABZ defect from ABZ to fuse into PF. On a positive note though that when you realise that you are getting nowhere it’s better to swallow pride and listen to your belly if that was the force driving the party than the multiple party comedy of meaningless Zambian style democracy.

  2. Do you still want the Board Chairmanship for Zesco??? Elo futi ukavileke at morals. Utekanye lomba apa soti

    • @Chile1
      Very funny! I thought Kambwili was enough but then mwaisa bikapo na ba Bwalya, empty tins make the loudest noise indeed. We are in for it.
      I wonder what he wants this time because he failed at ZESCO.

  3. This man graduated from mukombwe’s school of politics of the belly wit a distinction.ladies & gentlemen I nw present to u the numba 1 political retard

  4. This chi blighter is a typical musela kwakaba Clearly he developed personal issues with the late Michael Sata whom he famously dubbed chumbu fimo fimo because he felt hard done by.He thinks he has a chance now. I hope Lungu gives him short shrift too.He is a disgrace.

  5. I see a one party state in zambia after 2016 because some of the parties may disappear after losing to UPND.This is the only credible party of the moment as seen from the previous elections.

  6. Corruption knows no boundaries even clergy men can sell their souls for money. This man has greatly discredited the Catholic church which I respect so much. He failed to emulate de Jong or the other Jesuit fathers who represented the poor. He wants to represent himself with the help of ignorant electorates. Sad

  7. ‘Father’ Bwalya going, coming or side-stepping, the Dr. Mumba-style, What is wrong with these pastors and preachers? Can’t they just live like normal God-fearing human being? Disgusting! And then we have Chagwa, a guy who keeps falling (Chagwa, kugwa). It’s understandable for Mugabe to fall due to his old age, don’t know how old, but for a young man. It ain’t right.

  8. If the members if ABZ joining PF are doing so in their own capacity, why dissolve the whole party? Another thing, did their party constitution say that the party president will dissolve the party whenever he wishes?

    Anyway, since it is his party and his blind followers’ wish to act like muppets, let it be so.

    • Judas Iscariot would be jealous of Bwalya, he is a failure with the church and a falure in politics, PF is welcome to him but I think President Lungu is sharp enough to recognize the snake in Eden

  9. If the members of ABZ joining PF are doing so in their own capacity, why dissolve the whole party? Another thing, did their party constitution say that the party president will dissolve the party whenever he wishes?

    Anyway, since it is his party and his blind followers’ wish to act like muppets, let their wish be done. That’s the beauty about democracy!

  10. Post election accords are common in africa due to ‘hunger-pangs’. They claim that it is due to public priority but the writing is always clearly on the wall.

  11. Cosmo Mumba and the so called Frank Bwalya are the most useless, vision-less politicians Africa has ever produced.

  12. Some evangelical pastors view Church as a business. And you should see how some so called Bishops, Apostles, Overseers, Prophets or whatever they call themselves live. Some have mansions, posh cars, airplanes and move around with bodyguards. Now why should a Man of God move around with a bodyguard? Some do not even carry their own bibles when they stand up to preach but have a guard carry the bible for them. These people behave like politicians and no wonder they do not see anything wrong in vying for public office. Moving from a Man of God to President of the country is but a simple upgrade to some of them. A number of them have lost their first love. When one looks at Pule, Nevers Mumba and Bwalya don’t you see how these three have lost it? Can one Love God and Politics?

  13. Good, Father Bwalya, that is what we call unity. We hope that others will follow like Mother Nawakwi, Brother Chipimo, Father Sondashi, Uncle Sinkamba. HH is too smart for alliances, and he is not welcome in any alliance anyway, so he remains in opposition for checks and balances while his MPs align themselves to the rest of the country.

  14. UPND, we saute you as the only opposition political party in Zambia, We do not deserve to be taken back to a one party state which the true MMD helped us to bury. UPND should remain united and strong. You are not an enemy to Zambia but a true creation of a democratic society. The announcement by the Minister of Justice in Parliament is a progressive move. Let the non-contentious issues in the proposed new constitution be dealt with prior to the 2016 elections. Zambians should not allow state capture. The new clauses in the constitution should not be tailored to individuals’ interests. If, e.g. UPND fails to go through in a 2nd round, that should still be a victory in that UPND will have succeeded in bringing about progressive laws in our country.

  15. What i sad about our laws is that they deny serious leaders like HH from having a voice in Parliament even after amassing many votes. This situation should be reviewed. We need to have laws that will allow leaders of parties with many seats in Parliament to be in Parliament and be part of government. It is only fair to not only the Presidential candidates but to the voters. Parliament is the only organ of government at national level that is closest to the people. This arrangement is far superior to the current situation where losing party leaders and their MPs opt to join the winning and ruling party. This is about Zambia with or without HH or any contemporary politician. It is about the future of Zambia and democracy. Works well elsewhere. Zambians unite.

  16. i’m sure he became a priest because of the offering, when Petersen sensitized the people with ‘makwebo mu church’..he realized money making is over mu church…so he started politics..


  18. Ba Father! Wekelenifye ukupepesha nga muli ba Katolika abacine. Umunenu Nevers na bwela ukupepesha ku Pente. Imwe babili filekeni fima politics, mwaliba ubufi. Kings and Prophets were and are never the same imwe baice. King alatina Prophet pantu Prophet alanda na Lesa. Wekeleni pa calling yenu baice. Ama politics yaliba nabene. You will never win any political election since this was not your calling.

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