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‘Friends of Edgar Lungu’ vow to fight on after leader was detained for 48 hours

General News ‘Friends of Edgar Lungu’ vow to fight on after leader was detained...

Emmanuel Chilekwa leaving Lusaka Central Police  Station
Emmanuel Chilekwa leaving Lusaka Central Police Station

Leader of an organisation called Friends of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has vowed to continue supporting President Edgar Lungu.

This was after its Country Director Emmanuel Chilekwa was detained for 48 Hours by police and charged with false representation under the organisation ‘Friends of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’.

Chilekwa is accused of obtaining K105, 000 by false pretence. He is expected to appear in court on April 11 2015.

But Chilekwa said he welcomes the charges saying it is a great development to once and for all, quash all malice and falsehoods against the organisation’s fight for President Lungu.

He claimed that the detractors are working with known top level officials in government who are supporting them.

‘Our detractors have been scheming with all and sundry, claiming we have not helped the President, that we are a falsehood, all because they pirated our idea which they want to run with, although they have no plan or strategy for it,’ he said.

He said the organisation members have in the last few months been pursued, followed and frustrated thanks to the support from its Patron, President Lungu and Trustee, Vice President Inonge Wina who has been with them through thick and thin and has been briefing the President on the organisations operations and strategies.

‘Am personally grateful to our National Trustee, who has been there with us from inception (and would be ready to testify in Court), Mr. George Siame. Now that we have a date in court on 11th April at the Magistrates Court, they must come well prepared for all their lies, malice and falsehoods against us – as the legal counter claim for damages will leave them gasping in awe as to what the turn of events would be. Victory is certain, falsehood has very short legs,’ he vowed.

He said his team shall demonstrate its contributions to the election of President Lungu, which he has personally acknowledged on record.

‘We shall also demonstrate that our detrators don’t mean well and are working against President Lungu,’ he said.

He added, ‘Come 11th April, all that is not being said will be heard in Court.

However, be rest assured, only President Lungu or the Vice President can stop our fight for our Patron, Edgar Chagwa Lungu – any other, they are just exercise their democratic right of speech.’

Emmanuel Chikelwa with sympathisers after leaving Lusaka   Central Police
Emmanuel Chikelwa with sympathisers after leaving Lusaka Central Police



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  1. What the hell is this, do some people have something meaningful to do? Chilekwa needs to explain more. When did he become a friend of Edgar Lungu? Was it before, during or after Chagwa was elected? And there is even a patron for this group??

    • Can someone tell me what this article is all abou? It is so poorly written that some of the sentences don’t make sense. “followed and frustrated thanks to the support from of its Patron, President Lungu and VP Inonge Wina……” I give up!

    • @ndobo
      They are only friends of people who are alive, whose names they can use to obtain money by false pretense. Ba Sata pali talala, they have no use for him. Evil.
      In the end its only your children who will remember you fondly. The rest of them ni vi kazizi.

    • Ban the group. It is not an organisation. Since when did friendship become a legal organisation?

      There are many of us who are friends with President Lungu, but we are not an organisation.

      This is madness.

    • These silly people have no understanding that the President of Zambia is protected by the Zambian Constitution.

      The Constitution is the single most powerful protection a President can have, and Edgar has that protection.

    • Show us the association registration certificate with name of the President and Vice President as Patron and Trustee respectively; otherwise you are bringing the name of the President into public ridicule and your place is in prison bwana Chilekwa.

    • Most PF supporters are now into schemes of putting more money in their pockets in line with PF vision. Hence the increase in the number of people pretending to be supporters of EL as ways to meet the promise of more cash in their pockets.

  2. Mwebantu Lusaka Central Police is still soooo dusty in the 21st century. Yet the police collects lots of fines from citizens. What does it take to just tar that patch of road leading to the main road? The economy is still not working enough for such maintenance?????

  3. What nonsense. This is not news. Let them fight thier battles uko kwine. Get this crap off the internet. Taking up http bandwidth for no reason. We really don’t care guilty olo not. We really don’t care no ndabaaaa!!!!




    HE ARRIVED WITH A HEAVY BAGGAGE WEIGHING 10000000000000000000000000000000 KG



  5. Ati Country Director Emmanuel Chilekwa??? kikikikikiki!!!!! Who in the hell is this sorry Mo..t#..er Fu…@ker???

  6. Very passionate collecting money illegally from people in the name of the president. Hapunda did the same the case still I court. It’s stealing to extort money from people in the name of the president Chilekwa is a practising thief he must face the law rubbish.

  7. Isnt this Chilekwa the same guy who was friends with Frank Bwalya but dumped him at the most critical hour? People like Chilekwa are free loaders or people who want free lunch. ECL is well advised not to connect himself with such people. He has the whole party PF to himself, so why should he entertain people like Chilekwa? In Zambia you have people like Emmanuel Mwamba, Chanda Chiimba III, Frank Bwalya, Chilekwa, Hapunda, Chifire, Maimisa, Edwin Lifwikelo as free loaders.

  8. Emmanuel Chilekwa is a natural conman. He once blackmailed the Mwanawasa family, alleging his legal advisor was sleeping with Maureen. He swindled Walk Tall institute. Muvi TV employed him as marketing anger but swindled the company within three months. His sweet talking skills enabled him join Zambia Construction of Jonathan Silwizya. He swindled them the company placed warning announcements in the media never to deal with Emmanuel. But EL supports him!

  9. Zambians, why bend so low? Such an exposure is a blessing in disguise. Such a rare chance should be used optimumly to condemn in the strongest terms possible such outright syndicates. Let me challenge you further. I read many comments on how your currency,Kwacha, is weakening.Our Kenyan shilling is getting stronger by the day against the dollar as we cannot allow such open scandals among others. Are all the rest enemies of the president? Such groups are common during campaigns but not after elections. Their intention is to assist win an election,period. Challenge EL to disband it. Do not allow open loopholes or you will never realise your dream as a nation. God bless Zambia.

  10. Yaba koma ba fikalaaa bamo banangani ayi? H mean u cnt jus find sumthin better to do rather than this crap? U r the reason why the kwacha is even free fallin,anyway I blame munkombwe wit his school of politics of the belly,see his students graduatin evryday.cosmo,lusambo,frank bwalya and now this guy again

  11. I think This Chilekwa is just sick in his head! Indeed since when did friendship become an organization? Will he remain a friend to EL after he leaves office yaba! please Chilekwa have dignity!

  12. Look at the Lusaka Police Central grounds, pathetic. Chilekwa boy should be helping to clean those dirty grounds as these pictures appear online hence worldwide. Lusaka very dirty capital city!!

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