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“They say I’m crazy cause I smile at the window when a storms outside. What’s on my mind is a promise saying,‘peace be still, your war is mine, I died so you can live’”
After the incredible successes of his debut album “Mizu”, Pompi unleashes his new album “Broken English”. The album title signifies that God does not need you to be perfect in order to use you.
The album, “Broken English”, is proof that Pompi is not a one hit wonder, but a true artist who keeps getting better and better. The album shows growth, in terms of lyrical content as well as the overall feel of the album, all the songs flow seamlessly with one another. The production on this album, like his previous one, was handled by Magnus Mando. All the songs were written by Pompi himself.


Pompi maintains his originality on this album and will surely continue to touch many souls with his positive message and bring people to Jesus with his non-traditional brand of gospel music.
Stand out tracks
Peace be still –This is a beautiful song that talks about how God is with you even when you are going through trouble in your life.
Simpulified- “ Now my life is so simpulified , my desire / I ask and he replies / what you require comes from the most high “ With an Afro-Pop feel , Pompi explains how one’s life is “simpulified” when Jesus is in it .
Zoz are Zoz – With the help of singers Seya and Abby, this song tells us how there is only one God.

“They don’t want no gospel in the club /oh my God, they don’t want no Hip-hop in church /oh my God /no dinner with sinners, that law is a lie, it was for their sake he was crucified “

Pompi still get criticism for his style of gospel music. Some sections of society have a problem with him accepting awards at “Secular” award shows and for performing his music at places known for “Secular” music.
My take is this; Pompi’s music mostly appeals to the youth. I feel he speaks to the youth in their “language” and this allows him to get his message across to them and lead them to Jesus.

Is “Broken English“better than “Mizu”?
In my opinion they are both fantastic albums that need not be compared. The only comparison that can be made is that Broken English has an overall lower tempo than its predecessor. Both albums are unique and do not sound like any other album on the Zambian market.

Ngoma zilile




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    • This guy is in a league of his own. The video he just released today is another of a kind. #DeathOfPlayback

  1. I’m nowhere near youth but I enjoy Pompi’s music, I like the beat, its unique, it is good music, Give us some more Pompi and God bless you as you minister through music.

  2. The Bible says; (Go ye in to the WORLD and preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whoever believes baptize them in the Name of the Fathe, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.) What is the WORLD? The world it meant are those who are not yet born again in tarvens, pubs, addis ababa ladies. Follow them there and minister. The church in the 21st century is stuck because it is just preaching to the already preached. Go! Go! Pompi.

  3. “Si…………………….

    ………Si ndine………….. Wamene mu Sakila……..”

    The track Broken English itself is a FINE track!! Simple and mellow,…..!!

    But has that not so stand out creativity,….., but only for deep listeners that appreciate those little small things you would easily miss out,……!!

    That said, Zuhile is a good track as well… Haven’t regretted buying this album!

  4. Pompi blesses me personally, i have no reservations tht by the grace of God, definate years from now, that guy will #minister at my wedding!!!

  5. Wow Pompi I jhs luv yo music..go on with wat u r doing coz not everyone in this world will always appreciate wat u do..jus continue doing wat God has always blessed i to do coz ur rewards r with Him..we luv u & may God always bless u..otherwise this album is an incredible & great one

  6. Pompi Pompi Pompi….His music really transforms lots of lives..we luv u + your music wholly..GBU Alot

  7. Bro, this music is amazing and one of a kind not only in Africa but the world. shocking coz i dont understand half of the words he says.
    Gospel or secular regardless, this guy and Lota house as a whole are far better than the gibberish staff Nigerians artists make. cant wait for his next show in Uganda. u going more places bro.

  8. Comment:thats how music should be like ..changing pipo not idols making God proud and not drink from the cup of his lath…God blee u POMPI…for God told ABRAHAM that “who ever blesses you.i will bless him too but who ever curse you will do so”.

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