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President Banda nominates VJ for Nigeria poll task

General News President Banda nominates VJ for Nigeria poll task

The Future of Zambia-Two finely dressed young politicians of the newly independent Zambia Rupiah Bwezani Banda (L) and Venon Johnson Mwaanga (R)
The Future of Zambia-Two finely dressed young politicians of the newly independent Zambia Rupiah Bwezani Banda (L) and Venon Johnson Mwaanga (R)

Former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda has nominated veteran diplomat Vernon Johnson Mwaanga to represent him on the election observation mission under the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
This is according to a press statement released to the media by Kennedy Limwanya,Deputy assistant administrative in the office of the fourth republican president.

Due to pressing family commitments, President Banda cannot make it to the March 28 presidential and legislative elections, and he has already informed the NDI about the development.

Dr Mwaanga has since accepted to represent the former head of State at the Nigerian assignment where he will join prominent personalities on the NDI team including former United States assistant of state for African Affairs Johnnie Carson, and former Mauritian and Niger Prime Ministers Navin Ramgoolam and Mahamadu Danda respectively.

President Banda is confident that Dr Mwaanga will ably represent him and Zambia as a whole.


  1. They will be massive rigging by Vernon Mwanga. The incumbent president will automatically. Vernon is a master in rigging elections.

    • President RB sole winner in the just ended presidential election has nominated Chameleon VJ who he thinks will convince Southern province people and chiefs to back RB for 2016 but mark my word

      VJ should feel ashamed please even if hes broke stop please associating with RB you old nkotizo with senile brains just retire from politics your time passed longtime .


    • lets not insult these two. lets just admire them. They have leaved their lives to the fullest. Even if you insult them you will never defeat them.

  2. They were so cute as young men! but they have done nothing with their political careers in terms of advancing Zambia.

    • Old ways die hard. I only hope he won’t be tempted to aid in rigging the poll using the outdated rigging mechanisms he had devised for Zed.

  3. The beauty about Zambia. Two months ago these two were on each other throats regarding endorsements of their preferred Presidential candidates. Immediately thereafter they are buddies nominating and the other accepting the nomination. Hope cadres will learn something from this.

    • You are very right these guys are very good buddies, if as cadres you start insulting and killing each other you are just wasting your time! as they will surely sit side by side at your funeral laughing at you and saying these chaps are so dull they kill each other over our opinions!!!!

    • A lesson for all in this forum about the so-called regional voting or tribal fimo fimo.

      I can bet you EL ocassionally “drinks” with HH. And you are here insulting each other.

  4. V J failed to help UPND win in the latest election and so did Daniel Munkombwe.At the climax of the election campaigns, Daniel Munkombwe bragged that he would crawl to HH for a job.What type of job has HH given Munkombwe?

    • Why go to Nigeria at this delicate time? Do not be foolish, and think you can make money without taking risks. You going to Nigeria is for free? He will make a lot of money you fool. He is an Old man you think he can fear to die. He has already calculated. That’s why you die poor. These guys are clever just look at them, they have passed through thick and thin. WOOOOOOOOO! you have nothing to talk about because you thought they were enemies. Ndiye bamene baziba Zambia aba.

  5. VJ to Namibia with RB and ECL. There after VJ will be in Nigeria on behalf of RB. Upon return from Nigeria it will be announced that VJ has joined PF, mark my word.
    What about the belly man, Munkombwe? The belly man also needs to eat.

  6. Banda is reminded of the oil from Nigeria that never arrived. He would not love to go, hence an alibi. Banda, you can only fool yourself.

    • Ba Kanongesha, what are you talking about? Are you not aware that RB was in Nigeria with EL before elections? That’s less than three months ago. You think he can fear to go to Nigeria.

  7. So these men were handsome at one point eh? Chi V.J, looking sharp. Ba bwezani before the grandfather face caught up with him, mmmh. Nice photo L.T. Beneath it all, these people know each other.

  8. @1.2 LETS CHASE THE HEAVY BAGGAGE, I think your thinking Zinjathropical by conception. I mean you are still tied to regionalism and tribal thinking. You boxing yourself in a no win situation. This is very shameful at this age. There should times when you should realise that differing politically does not mean enmity. I think what RB is doing is good. He is not looking at where Mwaanga comes from. In any case, if his actions are aimed at uniting the country, what is wrong with that? We should agree to disagree politically and remain one as Zambians and support each other and the country’s assignments. Mwaanga will be representing Zambia and we should be proud. These guys have been together for a long time and have strong ties. They are still friends. Can HH do the same? NO he is selfish.

  9. What a nice picture, absolutely beautiful, I mean not only that they are handsome and cute, but also in the sense of a tonga working with a ngoni that early in Zambia’s politics. Zambia should be truly proud of those two. Those tribalists are pained by such pictures. To them Vernon Mwanga is a tonga who should only associate with or only represent Tongans not RB a ngoni.

  10. Please see sense in this RB and VJ relationship. These two distinguished Zambians are a hallmark of diplomacy and is why those trying to create a spin between them are irrelevant. RB has a rich history of achievement which Mmembe has tried in vain to rubbish and destroy by appealing and priming young people to hate RB but has failed lamentably. The reason why Mmembe hates RB is simply because he beat his favorite Magande in 2008 MMD presidential elections. Mmembe now hates EL because Kabimba’s fortunes collapsed due to unstoppable rise of EL to Presidency and he knows that EL is with us until 2027. This is what is giving him sleepless nights and farting continuously. NSANJE OCHITA LILA NAYO IYO NSANJE.

  11. Bushe ifi fipopwe fyalekulila pamo mwa?chimwanga you were looking cute. chi banda nakale chalemoneka fye chipopwe nice to see you guys,nice suits.

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