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The Petrol situation in Lusaka is getting back to normal

Economy The Petrol situation in Lusaka is getting back to normal


A check by a TV2 news crew on Wednesday found that most filling stations have the commodity.

And some motorists talked to say they are happy the situation is getting back to normal.

Meanwhile it was the same situation in Livingstone.

A check has revealed that the city recorded shorter queues at filling stations.

Petrol was also available at the two Engen Filling stations in the city.

It was also available at Total, Mount Meru and Kobil filling stations.

Livingstone has in the last 5 days been experiencing a shortage of petrol.

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  1. Good sign and good job,but we should never be going through such situations at all,after 50 years of independence.Lets find a lasting solution to this and many other energy problems the country faces.

    • Zambians just like lining up for “shortages”. Tomorrow they will be lining up for mealie meal, even if they already have 2 bags to end of month.

  2. Such shortcomings can hit a country rarely only that we tend to blow it out of proportion.we are more focused on the problem instead of thinking of possible solutions. we tend to give much airtime to the negative though it serves as a good campaign tool to others.

  3. EL will surprise us and the Post Newspaper because he will perform like Mwanawasa. Let us wait and see.

  4. Thats the problem with zambians….when there was a shortage everyone made noise, now its getting back to normal everyone thinks all is ok.
    you will have another shortage again.
    after 50 years of independence,we still cant sort out this mess!!
    why did we ask for independence kanshi?

  5. Sounds like ECL was right—there was NO SHORTAGE of fuel but MANIPULATION of the local fuel market by some lowlife cartel. Now that the president has gotten tough with these SHAMELESS ECONOMIC SABOTEURS, they are now scared and have pulled back.

    Unless some one can tell me that there has been a major shift in the supply of crude into Zambia from a few days ago, the only logical explanation why fuel supply is getting back to normal so quickly is due to the president’s stern warning he gave to the greedy oil suppliers. And people thought ECL was simply talking without facts.

    I say investigate people like Kabimba and his oil dealings if you really want to solve this problem long term. I think investigations the president has instituted is a good start. He only needs support!

    • You are absolutely spot on Yambayamba… suddenly there is petrol in abundance no queues at some stations, where has it come from? What has changed in the past couple days? Petrol has fallen from heaven?

  6. Typical of PF donchi kubeba, they create a problem, sort it out and want praises that they are working. Literally if someone HAD a vision, there was not going to be any shortage

    • No the problem was not like you put it, any prudent person in the chain Wil know his supply but shortages come when other chaps want to spoil the chain for financial gains by holding back fuel causing panic buying… Congratulations Mr President.

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