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Multi choice courts Zambian film Producers

HeadlinesMulti choice courts Zambian film Producers

Multi Choice has announced the impending launch of a Southern Africa region DStv channel, which looks to include programming of local movies.The announcement was made during an event dubbed ‘ Zambian Movie Producers’ forum,’ that was held at Lusaka’s Protea Towers, on March 18, 2015.

The one-day forum, which drew over 70 movie and music producers, directors and artists, from several local studios in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, was meant to be an information sharing platform, as a forerunner to the launch of the said channel.

Among the prominent artists present at the gathering, were former Big Brother housemate and musician, Macky II, Njoya T, Diffikkoti, Saulosi, and Preston.
Also in attendance was the MultiChoice head of Sales and Marketing, Guntila Muleya, M-Net Africa Channel’s Cheryl Uys-Allie and National Arts Council (NAC) chairperson, Mulenga Kapwepwe.
Highlights from the presentations included, sharing developments at DStv / M-Net Africa and the expression of M-Net’s desire to introduce local content, for regional consumption, which would grow, as advertising revenues grow.

In his opening remarks, Muleya emphasised the importance that MultiChoice attached to supporting local content.
He also noted that for now the company was only providing a platform for show- casing works that had been done already but not yet viewed.
Uys-Allie indicated that the format for the programmes would be in Standard Definition (SD), after which it would migrate to High Definition (HD), as more HD content got introduced.
“The channel will provide opportunity for producers to showcase content across the region,” she noted, adding that M-Net Africa was equally serious about partnering with local producers currently producing independent films in West Africa and in East Africa.

Uys-Allie further stated that the vision was to grow the film industry across the region.
“Last year M-Net Africa launched a Portuguese M-Net into Angola and Mozambique. This year we are starting to produce local content in partnership with local filmmakers,” Uys-Allie explained.
Independent licensed films are passed through programme acceptance where films are assessed for technical quality of picture and sound.
“What we would like is for you as filmmakers to see this as an opportunity to showcase your content across the region and we look forward to a longer and more sustainable relationship with producers.

We are here to know more about you, about the stories you want to share and the challenges you face as film producers and film directors in Zambia,” she stated.
Kapwepwe who was one of the speakers at the forum, gave an overview of the film industry in Zambia and shared the producers’ expectations from the announced venture.
MultiChoice also furnished the participants with information about some of quality specs that were expected from productions, and provided necessary guidelines on licensing and contractual agreements.
The visibly delighted participants applauded MultiChoice for providing a platform of that nature and described the initiative as great idea, which they hoped could come to fruition.


  1. Reduce subs first then we can talk business.
    We are still not paying this coming month.

    Taken Zambian for ride for too long now.

    Enough is enough. People join well meaning zambians to teach multi choice a big leason. DON’T PAY SUBS IN APRIL.

  2. Yes, this multi-choice and their apartheid mentality think they can sway away the zambians from their intended boycot of subscribing to their useless DSTV are in for a rude shock. Come April, no well meaning zambian should pay for their DSTV services until they reduce their fees or pack their bags and go back to their country RSA. No amount of tactics will change our resolve until you reduce the subscription fees whether you promote music or anything of any artistic nature. Foolish investors. How I wish this was in south africa, this time around all their offices and equipment could have been burnt and destroyed. Go back to your country and practice your zenophobic attitude.

  3. So you think we will just forget just like that, we are not paying. In fact this is the best time for me to catch up on quality time with the missus in the evenings. Wink wink nudge nudge

  4. …Ine I will pay for up to 6 months in advance mama.

    I don’t care mama…

    Those of you who don’t have money contact me on ALV 3568 GP. KIKIKIKIKIKIKI

    • No jokes Chanda. Corporate arrogance shows weak governance and oversight status of a country. A Congolese boasted to me in J/burg about how Zambians can take anything; to him it’s easy to make money because Zambians are quality ignorant. He boasted that he got rich out of Zambia because anything of any quality sales in Zambia. And my perception is that Multichoice feels the same about Zambian consumers.
      Please let us appeal to Government about this corporate arrogance that we’re witnessing in Zambia.

  5. Its nice to see the bully CK pleading with Multichoice. We don’t need your tears CK we need investment policies that make these xenophobes arrogant relooked at.
    As for april subscription forget my payment.

    • This CK is pushing a company where he has no control. CK does not know his job description. To CK, his job is to respond to anything. Kindly do not respond to my Girl friend’s beauty……waufya!

  6. Simon, your company is exploitative and is in a wrong markert. Imwe Ba Botha we know you are just a messenger and you should be able to pass on this messenger to your bazungu in SA. Your charges are exploitative considering this type of economy. Is it possible for once for this DsTv to listen to its loyal customers? No boyi we did not grow up like this at St. Edmunds.

  7. We are waiting for reduction, the rates are very high, please consider our request. We are your customers,you are running business because of us.You have no option but to show respect to your customers.You are called multi-choice,big Company etc Because of the same people you are disrespecting.

  8. Multi choice does not own the signal channels and content it provides. The satellite bandwidth, time and content has to be paid for in DOLLAR. SO anytime the kwacha loses value they have to charge more in Zambia to make up the difference. That is the nature of providing services that have foriegn operational aspects. So now we have a choice watch ZNBC OR PAY TO WATCH MULTI CHOICE. Multi choice has done nothing wrong the problem is the kwacha. THATS OVER FINISH!

  9. All you chaps complaining about the high rates, stop subscribing. They are not forcing you. Why are you spending money on things which are too expensive for you? Another thing, if you subscribe to DSTV and you are still ignorant on why the subscription has gone up. You are clearly not watching the value for money channels. Again, stop your subscription. You are too uninformed. Get educated first, and then we can talk about whether they have the right to increase the rates (hint: they do)

  10. They will surely reap for their ioncrease and arrogance response! In economics, price increase entails less customer base and most people will downgrade their bouquet and ultimately less income. This action should also create opportunities for others to capitalise on the unsatisfied customers. I am already exploring for alternatives next month, alot of stray signals!

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