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Chanda Kabwe moved to Kitwe as DC

General News Chanda Kabwe moved to Kitwe as DC

Mufulira District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe has confirmed that he has been transferred to Kitwe in the same capacity.

Mr Kabwe has since thanked President Edgar Lungu for the appointment describing it a great honour.

‘It is a great honour for me to serve under the good administration of President Lungu who is determined to uplift the living standards of the vulnerable in society,’ he said in a statement.

He added, ‘I pledge my total loyalty to President Lungu through hardworking by serving the people of the great city of Kitwe which is the mining and industrial hub of the Copperbelt.’

He said he is humbled and highly motivated by President Lungu’s trust and confidence he has in him as a youth for giving him the huge responsibility to be the District Commissioner of Kitwe taking over from the seasoned administrator Elias Kamanga.

‘I have learnt a lot from Mr Kamanga and it is not an easy task to fit in his shoes, my appeal to the residents of Kitwe is that let us work together to develop the city because my government is in hurry to move the nation forward,’ Mr Kabwe said.

‘To the people of Mufulira thank you very much for supporting me in my duties as we endeavoured  day in and out to make the district a better place for all by embarking on various  social and economical developmental projects.’

He said, ‘Without the involvement of different Government Heads of Departments, the business community, the Church, NGOs, the Media, the residents and other stakeholders in Mufulira I would have not performed my duties alone because no man is an island. I promise to the residents of Kitwe and other stakeholders that I will work according to their expectations to ensure that the outlook of the city changes through initiating projects that will benefit everyone.’

“As the new district commissioner for the city of Kitwe am urging the people of Mufulira to give full support to the DC they will be given by President Lungu as they did to me in order for the district to prosper.”

“Kitwe is important in the country because it is the second largest city from Lusaka and there is need to transform its status of as I have numerous developmental plans for the city”

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  1. We thank God for this new appointment. Honourable ChangwaLungu Edgar let us tell our people in our strong hold to register in masses so that we can win a land slide victory. We are on the ground campaigning for you but ensure that you put the right people in the right position. Am 100% sure you that you are winning the 2016 elections. Please do not be detracted by people trying to criticise and talk about un development issues. I know of certain section of the media who think they are perfect meanwhile they have failed to honour their obligations and they are heavily indebted.

  2. The govt for Lungu has no secrets I heard this last week on the street and it has come to pass Kamanga is going to Ndola as deputy permanent secretary awe mwandi ba Chagwa bena kuwayawayafye

  3. President Lungu should quickly identify Rainbow DC,s and then get rid of them now…whether the contract has come to an end or not.These chaps are being empowered with salaries and under ground they are campaigning for Kamimba and the cartel.

  4. Ba chanda you are sounding more like a puppy!!! kitwe blabla, the president blabla, kamanga blabla, people of mufulira, blabla……..

  5. Japhat, Kabimba is aheard of Chagwa the DC’s you are talking about do not even care loosing their jobs the damage has been already done to pf just watch Kabimba’s pace.

    • Rainbow a party which is busy overating its self without being tested. Awe kuwayawafye ba Kabimba. Come 2016 you will cry like Hichilema.


  6. Lungu has been advised to lay off all the DCs and if he does not it will be to his paril. All the DCs in ZAMBIA are Kabimba’s men and no matter what picture they paint themselves with as of now, is because they just want a bit of money to survive up to sometime in September next year 2016. Kabomba did his homework, because from word go it was his idea to retain all the DCs. Late SATA never wanted them at all even at the time of his coming in in 2011. DCs are a conduite to siphon money out of government . Watch the space.

  7. Evans watch the space…..all your DC,s are going after all we don’t need them.Come 2016,the rain ball will be soaked and no single colour will be seen.EL will be voted for again….PF is the Party even beyond 2016.Kamimba and HH will merge but still lose.

    • Truely mwana wesu .. Kabimba & H.H. are no where to go,. there time or Votes wasters P.F. will be there .even after 2016/

  8. You sound like its a promotion,this is just a transfer and its normal in the civil service Mr chanda. You and kamanga talk too much but nothing to show. With cadres in the civil service top positions nothing can be achieved. You put uneducated cadres and put those educated in subordinate position and you expect the civil service to deliver ,no vision indeed.

  9. Minister cadre,ps cadre,DC cadres and you are wondering why the civil service cannot deliver,why the economy cannot improve. Pf concentration is simply giving cadres top civil service jobs at the expense of educated professionals. The whole civil service is full of cadres and Zambians should expect very like from these cadres who have not even read their pf manifesto. What plans has chanda have for kitwe? Nothing. So just shut up Mr chanda and eat the cake while it lasts.

  10. do u think they can just appoint a small boy from school to be DC?they appoint pipo who can organise the party dull u.

  11. Big up Chanda Kabwe. Lets meet there (Pantweno club) and celebrate. Welcome back home my dear Friend. God will bless you even more. Kaskev please!

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