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PF challenges Law Enforcement aAgencies to investigate Wynter Kabimba

Headlines PF challenges Law Enforcement aAgencies to investigate Wynter Kabimba

Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow  Party
Wynter Kabimba speaking at the launch of the Rainbow Party

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama says the party is yet to report to relevant authorities over the way former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba left the party’s coffers.

Last month, Mr. Chama disclosed that the former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba left the ruling party’s coffers empty when he was fired and that the people should therefore begin to question where Mr. Kabimba suddenly got the money to fund his Rainbow party.

The PF Secretary General has now disclosed that the party is still studying circumstances in which the former Secretary General left the party coffers empty before reporting the matter to relevant authorities.

Mr. Chama says the party is yet to lodge a formal complaint to relevant authorities so that Mr. Kabimba who is now Leader of opposition Rainbow party is investigated for suspected misappropriation of PF funds.

Mr. Chama has however challenged investigating agencies to probe Mr. Kabimba in order to establish his source of funding for his party.

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    • Silly and childish, leave Kabimba alone, He left your party / position?? for you to have your stupid Job. be thankful else you would not be were you are.. Count your blessing than start witch hunt.

      These are same old stu.pid politics of hate? that’s why African economies never move forward as resources / energy is wasted on rubbish Ideas of hate and bringing each other down.

    • Why can’t you investigate RB ? We know that he stole money . Henry Banda still in SA , what about the arms deal ? Fix the economy and we need the consitistion before 2016. Useless bandits in PF

    • Go ahead and investigate him, so that he can implicate all of you. The Post will be very happy to show the world your dirty linen while making their own look like a saint and a victim.
      Be careful what you wish for. When you dig a ditch for Wynter, be sure to dig one for yourselves by his side.


  2. my advise is for the kanyangus to first investigate themselves why these Polotricians misuse them. Civilians directing the law inforcement agencies to investigate this one and that one whenever people change camp!!!! No wonder Masumba is a free man. Why now investigating one “them”. By the way, Mr Chama do know that road works on the CB are stalled? When did you last use the Chingola-Solwezi Road? All in all I can only say stop the nonsense and concentrate on developmental matters….

    • First police need investigate why Davies Chama wants and needs money for PF. And doesn’t that PoooF party have a treasurer? Where did PF get all money for campaign all of a sudden, two months we saw helicopters flying from Chamawama to Mutendere for a PF rally. Was it Kabimba who was in-charge?

  3. @TRUTH, please read and understand what the SG for PF is saying. Its normal to investigate any one. See how Levi Mwanawasa abused the MMD funds then Rupiah Banda. Political party funds are public funds hence we should call for accountability.

    • Hypocrites!That’s what you are.You think you are saints?The bunch of pf needs to investigated how within a short period the ministers and former ministers have become stinky rich.The road contracts under ,Nsanda is one example.
      So pf own up and put your house in order!

    • Ask your Davies how many useless party trips he has made outside the country and if he doesn’t spend party monies for such trips. PF party broke PF government broke.where are we going?

    • Let us then have independent investigation regarding:
      (a) the health issues of immediate past and current president and
      (b) independent audit on utilization of USD 750 million and USD 1 billion bond.

      Mr. Chama, be very careful when you ask to open “can of worms”.

      On the other hand, let us have INDEPENDENT investigation on the wealth of all PF officials. After all, it is tax-payers money which is misused on daily basis.

    • Pio, you are just as dull as the SG. If you pay attention to what he is saying, he has contradicted himself.

      Firstly, he says they have not reported him to relevant authorities (Police?)
      Secondly, he says they are still investigating (I suppose an internal investigation)
      Then he challenges the investigative wings to pursue the matter.
      Why shud they pursue the matter when you haven’t finished your internal investigations & you haven’t formally reported the matter? Do you want to threaten the police into investigating, like you did Judge Chitabo over the tribunal?
      Let us be consistent!

  4. …..shooting in the dark expecting to kill a rat….it is just logical that the coffers of the ruling party is directly proportional to the coffers of the central govt….it would not be morally right to have these two coffers inversely proportional i.e the govt coffers empty while party coffers ‘spilling’ with money…Kabimba, as dull as he may be perceived to be, used to transact through MCS…..remember a story when Chona was given the loot by KK to deposit some where…but only deposited part of it and pocketed the rest….and has never seen the inside walls of a prison…
    ..Chama is good at propping up ‘dead end’ news…..

  5. The only investigation to be done on Kabimba is with regard to OIL. The ACC stopped this investigation prematurely.

    As to how he is funding the Raibow party – well – we all know he is part of the Cartel that has a lot of money – Mmembe, Nchito, Mathani, Sylvia Masebo, Guy Scott, add to that secret dealers such as GBM, Chenda, Ba Shinono etc and their connections – there is a lot of money to go round.

    The PF will be taken by surprise by the Rainbow party in 2016. I hope HH will not be embarrassed by this Kabimba boy by losing to him with a large margin in 2016. HH will be depressed if he loses to Kabimba mwandini!! He lost to a person every one thought had no vision and a drunkard – EL.

    Politics are getting interesting.

  6. yes i agree with you Chama 100% on this one, wynter is a green snake in a green grass, just the other day he was on radio condeming the pf failures of which he is party of…………..Wynter can really be a chamilion. Instead of of him regreting for missing that golden opportunity he lost of becoming zambias president, he is busy digging for faults in the ruling party in a bid to gain popularity . no wonder he will never be president

  7. Chama is so dull. Winter left in August, and the person who took over from him your boss achalasia did not raise any complate. When you came in December you never said anything till last month. Between you and achalasia should know what happenned. Stop making noise and do some work. You are feeling jeolous of Wynters progress.

    • These politics of hate have continued in this country. Chama should also start investigating Nsanda, Mulenga Sata. And all thosewhobecamerich in PF in the past 3 years.

  8. winter the BIG thief,u will b drinking yo A RVs in prison ,Zambians never want sick presidents ,u are wasting yo money BWANA.

  9. Do unto others as you wopuld want them to do to you. Quick one, Lungu should immediately remove all the DCs who were appointed by KABIMBA for these are KABIMBA’s PEOPLE. There should never b the office of the DC again in Zambia, because they are the channels of stealing funds. We should only have the Administrate people left working under the Clerks or town Clerks or whichever. We are fed up with these thieves. Late SATA actually never wanted them to start with. As for money being not in PF coffers, Iam afraid this should have been discovered earlier, not six months after.

  10. Kabimba was fired last year and left the office with immediate effect, how could he have stolen PF funds? Mr Chama when did you realise that the coffers were empty? How much was in the coffers? What does the PF treasurer say?Why didn’t PF take stock immediately after Kabimba left?
    Mr Chama you appear to be fishing in the dark. Just be careful Kabimba can sue you.

  11. That is the only job that pf can do!!!!!!! to investigate successful people that is all!!!!! This party please it is wasting the national resources by investigating all the time and they dont realise the fact that the people they engage in tribunal researching are to be paid hence wasting money!!!!!
    How long are we going to suffer the misruling of the pf and its failure to address the economic crisis that we are being burnt by in zambia? All the time tribunals for just their personal differences and they want to take these issues as national issues.

    Now on your own you can tell and separate wheat from the chaff on who the pf is!!!!!!!
    I am seeing zambia declining speedily by the pf regime of dunderheads and scrupulous leaders!!!!!!

  12. Let all and I mean all wrong doers be investigated. Its the rule of law. Kabimba has always been malicious. Sata had so much faith in him not knowing that the chap is a sniper. Its a best friend going behind your back for your wife kind’a affair. PF cadres celebrated when he was stripped of his position. Whether Sata protected him or not probe the sucker and many suckers like him. UPND have fallen in love with him. I am not surprised that this party is always in love with wrong chaps(vomited political elements)
    Investigate all wrong elements and do not let ’em selfish individuals in crucial national supply chain of vital commodities. No single individual or member of cartel should hold the nation to ransom. Investigate the kapolis and let justice prevail though! Iwe Boma ni Boma


    1. EDGAR.

    E= Empty and Useless President who will soon be

    D= Dying of several sicknesses and his

    G= Grave will also be Embassy Park and

    A= Again Zambia will be morning as they say may the soul of Chagwa Agwa

    R= Rest in peace.

    2. CHAGWA

    C= Chibuku addicted President is said to be

    H= HIV Positive

    A= And has Throat Cancer which will make him go in the

    G= Grave at Embassy Park and the

    W= World and

    A= Africa will conclude that Zambians had voted for a moving

    2. LUNGU

    L= Lusaka and Copperbelt Residents are now regretting having voted for a

    U= Useless and Sick President who is a 100%

    N= None Performer but is busy

    G= Gallivanting like a mad dog

    U= Under the…

    • Analyzer,if you have never head of a saying that goes like”creaking doors hang long”,this is a timely warning to you.Death does not always follow those that are on sick bed.We have had people who were seemingly in good health dying through one cause or another before the sick ones die.God is a giver of life and so be careful when you mock those you perceive to be sick.You could very well depart from mother earth before ECL.

    • Have respect for people. You think everyone with HIV asked for it? And you think you are immune? As are your brothers, sisters and wife? Yes your wife (you think no one is humping her??).

      Being HIV positive is not a death sentence my friend. In fact, you are more likely to meet your maker in a car accident if you live in zed….so think twice when you get on that mini bus going home from whatever it is that you so.

      Have tolerance and understanding because being sick is no joke on the person and their family. I do not support Lungu, and yes sometimes humour or sarcasm is ok….but idiocy my friend….no no.

      Grow up.

  14. What is not good for selfish individuals to begin dictating terms to the Government at all. Everybody needs to be governed:
    the small and the big; the poor and the rich; the powerful and the week; the minority and the majority; the humble and the proud; leaders and the followers; the lawyers and the politicians, the some-of-us (selfies) and the some of them, the kind and the greedy; the learned and the uneducated; the media and the newsseekers; the male and the female; the busy and the loafers. That’s why we have the Government. Everybody needs to play by the rules. No amount of cash, position or assets should make one begin to think they are above the law. The Rules and Laws apply to law-enforcers, the monitors and makers themselves as well.

  15. Chama might have a point if he found the account in the negative.It is strange given that the PF is the ruling party.

  16. Zambia is fascinating. They only follow regulations and laws when they sense someone has broken away without detrimental incident. Amazing. Enough said. No wonder typical African companies want to hound you when you resign but feel satisfied when they have fired you…

  17. Let us start asking about Kabimba’s health before 2016. We don’t want you minions to start making noise when he stands. Why are you not asking him about his health and instead you are ranting over a health president?

  18. Kabimbma was removed and given mercy by President Sata.

    The truth is that people,wanted to,rip,him apart, at that time, but President Sata’s love for him stopped the mobs who wanted a body in those coffins they were carrying as mock effigies of Kabimba.

    Kabimba, in PF was a character, a henchman of PF. He is guilty of carrying out abuses on opposition party members.

    How shortsighted can people be? kabimba needs to be stopped in his tracks. He will split PF votes and will be a Human Rights disaster for Zambia. We all know Kabimba and his tendencies for haughty, hard earring problems. There is no credibility in him. He is a slick politician but arrogance and bullish behaviour is not the qualities of a Leader. Zambians should stop this, nonsense of party politicking…

    • Hard HEARING politician!

      WE NEED YO STOP THESE PARTY BASED DIVISIONS. The best thing for Zambia is to be united, and opposition parties to work in unity with gov’t while maintaining a civil personal agenda.

  19. Fools paradise,-it seems you are all saints when in Government but criminals when you leave boma.come 2016 u will also be running from the same most abused government wing in todays mordern history-the zambia police

    • They know that it will be a tough gig with him. The lot of them were scared of him. Now chama wants to use the cops to scare Wynter. Spent time working instead of wanting your friends arrested. Achalasia Fatigue Lungu thinks working as a president is just firing and appointing people. Waatch Wynter is coming!

  20. Haa. Mr. Chama, the Confuser of men. Can a pot call the pan black? NO. So Mr. Chama don’t divert our attention from real issues; The ECONOMY IS SICK WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT??????????

  21. I would not be too concerned if he stole PF money.

    But if he did steal public money, that is another matter.

    Surely he must be funding his party using his Zambian bank accounts. So why not work out how much he had declared when he became minister, and see how much his local accounts have. Factor in his salary, benefits etc. etc. and then ask him where he got the rest from.


    However, no one will do this for fear of them being audited as well, whether in this government or the next. So we are left with politicians throwing stones at each other – and yet they all live in glass houses.

  22. Chama Davies is going in the book of history of PF as the very dull SG PF as ever have, PF remove him from that position before he mess up your party.

  23. My president never stole any money from pf the money we are using in Rainbow Party is from well wishers within the country and abroad.

  24. If this ***** called Chama has nothing to vomit, please tell him to shut his big mouth. Pf is dead, it died with my President. Chama you have only 15 months to go, so watch out MR Kabimba is going to be the next Republican President.

  25. Ba Gift, and others ! you have got to be careful of how you say things. Who eva is supporting you to these stupid words about PF is also a fool.

    Who does not know Winter Kabimba goal? And you guys you are there just supporting things that you dont even understand. The GUY is afta revenge. This guy never loved SATA, and all those who truely supported SATA. He always moved with a hidden agander inside himself. And all guys who supporting Winter you will one day see it for yourself. Mark my words. His move will just put PF back into power next year. Mark my words. He will divid UPND deeply, thereby giving PF a good chance of going back into State House. MArk my words! To this point, i feel sorry for UPND,with their red eyes and red heart in them. Mark my words!!!!!! Wina Azalilanso mu…

  26. Never mind investigating Wynter, is any one investigating Chishimba kambwili for the houses he has in Luanshya and the source of the money to build them?

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