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Check what’s on the ground before making pronouncements Nawakwi

Headlines Check what's on the ground before making pronouncements Nawakwi

FDD's Edith Nawakwi gestures during her presentation during the presidential debate
FDD’s Edith Nawakwi gestures during her presentation during the presidential debate

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi has advised Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda to go out in the field and check what’s on the ground before making pronouncements that the country will have a bumper harvest.

And the opposition leader has advised republican President Edgar Lungu to stop being a tourist and attend to the country’s economic and social challenges.

Speaking when she inspected some maize fields in Kasisi Tuesday where she had gone for party mobilization Ms. Nawakwi advised the Minister to stop playing to the gallery and get on the ground so as to acquaint himself with what is obtaining on the ground deal to the bad rain season that has affected most the crops this season.

She observed that ever since Mr. Lubinda appointed as Minister he has issued statements which do not reflect what is on the ground because he is detached from the realities on the ground and has not taken time to investigate the impact of the lack of rains.

“Mr. Lubinda has been issuing statements from the comfort of his office at Mulugungushi house without taking time to investigate what is obtaining on the ground in terms of this years crop yield.

He is busy playing to the gallery instead of preparing the nation on what lies ahead because from what I have seen here almost every field has dried up yet our minister is telling us that the price of maize will be reduced,” the opposition leader said.

She added ” what is happening here has happened in most parts of the country because of the bad rains which has affected the country so I expect the minister and his government to put in measures to mitigate the situation as the country faces hunger.”

And Ms. Nawakwi has advised republican president Edgar Lungu to stop global trotting and attend to country’s challenges.

“Our president is busy moving up and down when the country has so many problems which needs his attention. I think the people here would be happier if they head that you are visiting kalikliki than Nambia or China because they are the people who voted for you.

My advise to him is that attend to our challenges because the people that voted for you are here and not in these countries you are visiting week in and week out,” she said.

Meanwhile the opposition leader has called on women in the country to stop being too dependant on the government because it will not sort out the problems they are facing.

She advised the women to find means of helping their families survive because government will not put food on their tables.

Nawakwi with checking farmers crops
Nawakwi with checking farmers crops

Nawakwi with checking farmers crops
Nawakwi with checking farmers crops

Nawakwi with checking farmers crops
Nawakwi with checking farmers crops

Nawakwi with checking farmers crops
Nawakwi with checking farmers crops

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  1. Oh come on lady, do you expect the Hon Minister to inspect all gardens in Zambia? You have been a minister yourself and you know that the minister gets information from technicians who are on the ground

    • What is the calibre of those technicians on the ground? They are scared to be fired if they tell the truth. Come on, man, you know this! Ministers MUST make unscheduled visits in their areas of jurisdiction. This is not a jacket-and-tie affair at all. It is service to the people. Remember how Chiluba used to sometimes stand at gates of work places to check on reporting habits of employees? Get real – this is the 21st Century, not 1974.


    • “Nawakwi with checking farmers crops” , ba LT seriously ?

      Reminds me of the carrington maize saga , Nawakwi give us a break !!!!!

    • In all fairness, this is a good report to the Minister of Agriculture to rethink he strategies of ensuring there is affordable nshima on our tables late this year and it is also constructive advice to our Head of State to focus on fixing the country’s immediate issues needing his attention.

    • @ Kalok, Then what is the point of employing them? A man worth his salt must stand by his principals. Zambia is 750,000 Sq Km so you cant expect a minister to cover it can you? I work for where the MD is rarely but we are able to deliver more than 85% of our targets. We pay taxes and expect these civil servants to play their part. I cant blame the minister what ever party he comes from. Ask Nawakwi if she ever did what is yapping about apart from visiting Galaunia Farms in Lusaka

    • Kalok, By the way I am a farmer my self and I don’t depend on subsidised in puts. I buy my fertiliser etc. I don’t even know the price mealie meal because I know a human being cannot better my life if I don’t do it my self.

    • Why is that every time Zambians complain or highlight genuine concerns affecting this beautiful country, are called names? ZAMBIANS ARE NOT BELOW THE LAW SO AS ANY SERVING POLITICIAN NOT BEING ABOVE IT.

    • I would vote for her (Nawakwi). She is intelligent and she speaks sense. I would vote for HH, Chipimo or Nawakwi. The rest need a rest. Im not sure about Kabimba. Kabimba was part of PF when they refused to release the constitution. I like HH because he is very consistent with his message and vision for the country.

      As for Mr Lungu, what a wasted two years. There is so far nothing tangible that the man has done to impress some of us. Mr Sata was much better, though he was a tribalism and dictator, we at least saw development moving.

      Nothing to say about Mr Mumba. He can do better being a preacher. RB has no shame.

    • Do Zambians deserve anything good? not at all. There is some sense in what this woman is saying. There was poor rainfall in most parts of the country resulting in crops drying up. People in Zambia should learn to open up their eyes and see the bigger picture because certain issues should not politicized no wonder the reality always creeps in with shock. Its not about which party one is supporting when it comes issues affecting everyone.

    • Between Nawakwi and Lubinda she is also a hands on farmer whose interactions are wider in this field so I would give more credence to what she is saying and Lubinda must give her a listening ear. Technicians take advantage of ministers, permanent secretaries and, directors who don’t surprise them with field visits!

    • What comments can you expect from a coloured who does not even own a backyard garden. They will keep on telling lies. Isn’t this the same man who lied that mealie-meal prices had come down after discussions with millers. He is just a dreamer, brought into government by a trribes-woman.

  2. Ba what does “Nawakwi with checking farmers crops” caption in your pictures mean?

    Just remove the “with” and you will be right on the money! Is that too hard to notice???

  3. Yes, Nawakwi is right she did not rush on critising Lubinda. Give her the ministrial job as she herself is a farmer and interact freely with commercial and subsistance farmers. Why Lubinda has to make a statement from his office room just to please his master?

  4. What is wrong with these opposition leaders? Just last year we had one Milupi who was claiming to have gone round the country and vehemently opposed the statement by then agriculture minister that we were going to have bumper harvest! He propherced serious hunger in the country. The rest is history!

    Some people can buy this woman’s cheap politicking but I wouldn’t. Minimal difference with one **** from chongwe.

    • What Nawakwi is saying is true. I am a farmer on the Copperbelt and over the last week-end we found our maize fields drying up! This year nikaya harvest…!

    • It is because you have no idea about farming. You just eat whatever your grandmother provides. Frankly speaking, there is hunger this year. Nawakwi is not just policking. It is a fact of life.

  5. technicians are giving the minister wrong information that the will pamper harvest and eventually the whole hyena kraal will be failed project

  6. says one former Agriculture Minister who struggled to deal with an extreme drought in the 90’s and who also mismanaged a maize contract. That said, hope EL can start adressing some of the economic challenges …



  7. Iwe mayo wacilamo ukubosabosa kwati ni nalubwense awabindula! What do you expect Given to do if there is no rain? Start watering the Kasisi maize fields with a bucket from his home in woodlands. Try to be normal coz you will run mad nombaline fye so.

  8. Lungu is a political tourist. A fly by night. He has spent more time outside the country evading the many challenges the country is going through. It will take him longer to settle down in his office. No wonder he lacks so much confidence.

  9. Ms. Nawakwi might mean well, but she is not in a position to advice government especially on agriculture…because history records that, when she headed this ministry, Zambia had YELLOW maize.
    Yes PF has so many short-comings, but Nawakwi doesnt have a high moral ground to advice government on this issue. Is it wrong for Lubinda to lobby for reduction in Mealie Meal prices, even if we have a weather anomally? Whether we have bumper harvest or not; Zambians need to be able to access the staple food, at a much cheaper price.
    We are blessed with plenty, but we continue lacking….

  10. Kalok, By the way I am a farmer my self and I don’t depend on subsidised in puts. I buy my fertiliser etc. I don’t even know the price mealie meal because I know a human being cannot better my life if I don’t do it my self.
    Same people have been receiving inputs from government since the Kaunda days. How come they cannot stand on their own?

  11. Bakano ebo. Nawakwi give us a break.
    Lubinda is getting information from the established systems not chova chova bokosi. Buy another bombasa as one you are wearing is lost elasticity cos you bokosi is wasting. Kasisi is not the whole country. Visit EP, CP MP, NP and LP and see for yourself how the crop has done. A bumper harvest is expected. Am sure she will be in the PAST news again condemning the PF for the coming bumper harvest which will surpass the current available storage capacity. Nawakwi must not talk anyhow. If it is sex hunger she is suffering, UPND youths can quench this hunger by simply going into alliance with HH

  12. @Mervis you are a blind follower! Vodka himself said that there is no settling in when it comes to presidency. So what are you defending here. It like a louse stuck to a dead and it fails to move out. PF has failed together with Vodka

  13. I fear when I look into this ka woman’s eyes. I see a future , tough and uncompromising president. She will be President of this country one day. Just one day! Please iwe ka Nawakwi when you ever become President of this lovely country don’t ever blow or spoil it. It seems you are using your political experience very well. All the best in the game of thrones …

  14. At least Nawakwi is a farmer,with banana plantaitions,thousands of pigs and other livestocks.she over stands agriculture.
    ba Lubinda cant manage agric,its too complex,its for learned and qualified pipo…not carders and mediocre’s.Lubinda is only good at managing bars and tarvens.muleumfwa ngabalemyeba abafishiba namusebanya ishina lyakwa sata.mhsrip.

  15. Edith Nawakwi is a ‘Hard’ woman. You like to have a strong Leader don’t you! Yeah, yeah we all do!

    However, she has one immensely annoying habit. She mixes her pronouncements, projections with personal criticism of her Colleagues in the Party pool. Now no one of us likes a jibber do we? No. We want constructive input.

    Lordy, Lordy….I DON’t think advising the President to neglect International Relations very good and sound advice. His Excellency must travel to our next door neighbours to make connections that will see us get help in our plight if indeed we are going to have starvation next harvest time. Similarly his trip tomorrow to China will be to meet other world Leaders and most importantly to keep up with our Special Chinese Relationship. Every Western country…

    • Similarly His Excellency’s trip tomorrow, to China will be to meet other world Leaders and most importantly to keep up with our Special Chinese Relationship. Every Western country gets development loans from China. Why even USA has had Trillions apparently from China while bad mouthing it. If we are going to be starving this harvest year, we will need our special friend/s to ‘throw us a bone.’ That’s what friends are for ( all together now)…….”in good times in bad times….I’ll be there to help you..ooooooo. OOOOH” as that song goes.

      How contradictory can a person get? One minute stop being a tourist…..ok…then on the other tell trusted and very able Hon Given Lubinda to be a Farm Tourist? Are you serious with your advice Ma’am?

    • It’s just a serious carping and denigrating conduct malfunction from Nawakwi.

      Causing Hysteria and Terror is the order of the day for her and her opposition buddy HH.

      What does she mean really causing this Panic? Natural causes can not be blamed on people surely.

      We must progress together with one heart in a united way as our old motto goes. We will face our challenges head on… I hope oh American friends won’t send us GMO maize again like last time we were starving. Everyone was hungry and rioting…..at the same time!

  16. Well, the farms appear to be in a pathetic state but rainfall shortage is a natural phenomenon. Notwithstanding, the govt should be prepared to avert this disaster by stocking cheap affordable food to feed the nation. Nawakwi however, should not use the opportunity for her political mileage. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

    • Agreed. It’s not reall….great… For someone who hopes to be President of a country to turn her female compatriots against the gov’t of the day, to create an opening for herself!

      HH, and Nawakwi should try to make citizens uphold their patriotism to the country. If we destroy our country by divisions what will be left? Carnage like Rwanda? For what? power mad people!

      Come On Zambia We Are Bigger Than Any One Politician UNITE BEHIND ZAMBIA!

  17. Ba na wa kwi, nishani notusha ukulandalanda? teti wawonda? ulekwatako umuchinshi, ukulandalanda kwati ni late dean mungo`omba mwa!

  18. Does this woman have time to make love with her husband as she is always talking.Kuti apushila, alaba ati mulipacupo atampa ukupatapata ka.

  19. I think in Zambia there is a problem, and I realise, it is the more reason why Barotseland issue is growing. There is no way one can agree to be a Zambian when there is this confusion in the country. We can not allow skewed leadership, where it is possible those who wish to opt out , let them pull out and look for their own to lead them. Most of us know exactly what the problem is in Zambia, but we have reached a point where we may not help sitiatomn

  20. this bitch has only said one sensible thing here.
    women should strive to be self reliant. i call her a bitch because she is a husband snatcher, she was also sleeping with ftj and bore a son for him while he was married.

    about foreign trips, he is going to bring more the treasury if he went to china than if he visited Kalikiliki, she should stop cheap politiking. why cant she visit a country wide tour of all farms before issuing such a careless statement.

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