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Eastern Province Water firm cuts hospital water supply due to no-payment of bills

General News Eastern Province Water firm cuts hospital water supply due to no-payment of...

THE Eastern Water and Sewarage Company (EWSC) has disconnected water supply to Chadiza District Hospital and Petauke Police Camp in a bid to recover over K8 million it is owed.

“Our target is to disconnect all customers – Government and non-Government by the end of this month,” EWSC managing director Lytone Kanowa said.

Mr Kanowa said in an interview from Chipata yesterday that that EWSC is owed K8.1 million.

“We need this money to purchase water treatment chemicals and pay huge debts to our faithful suppliers to avoid a situation where we fail to provide water supply due to inadequate supplies of raw materials and spare parts,” he said.


  1. Have negotiations to restructure some payment plan completely failed?
    The problem is that even if your on the right side of this issue Bwana Water Supplier, because of the danger of loss of human life at the hospital for lack of water, you may be completely misunderstood. You will be called names as heartless, murder etc.etc. Have you ever heard of the saying that “Water is life”? You are denying people their lives. All the best!

  2. Negotiators are very intelligent. How can you disconnect sick people from proper treatment? You must be crazy. As if that was not enough, you disconnect the Police. How do you expect Police to operate efficiently? Is water supply your personal problem? You must learn to negotiate until you obtain what you need. Government departments are not simple private clients. They are public clients. Any service provider to public clients must first learn to respect government.

  3. Oh dear. Another f.o.olish Zambian innovation – punishment appears to be all you know. What a useless bunch of so-called professionals. With the vast array of instruments at your disposal that is all you can think of: mass disconnections !????

  4. Sinking a borehole and setting up reserve tanks will cost government less than K50 000.00. This will help in the constant water supply to a hospital which critically needs the commodity. Its high time govt started thinking in these lines to lower costs.

  5. That is one bold management decision – government has the money since it can afford to spend nearly that much for one politician to go abroad and die in comfort in a 5 star hospital. I doubt this will affect voting – Zambians have perpetual amnesia!

  6. Policy synchronisation is key. EWSC MD has done the right thing. GRZ bodies should learn to pay for services. Otherwise the company can collapse. All water companies in the country must emulate EWSC in order to survive.

  7. but these guys are funny .how do you disconnect water to a hospital ?is that not unethical?what is the intention really to punish who.why cant they confiscate management vehicles and auction them than inconveniencing patients who have nothing to do with the debt . this is very unfair .

  8. This is a radical decision for the management which should have been reached after so much deliberations, unless we have management that just wants to increase revenue for the company and careless for the people that have employed them. In this case the tax payers. As much as we would like to castigate the management, one should bear in mind, that both institutions are very sensitive in ensuring optimal service delivery to the public. Water utilities are mandated to provide safe drinking water and that requires investment of procuring water treatment chemicals. CUs have guidelines in the quality of water they provide to the public and this have been set by NWASCO (govt wing).

    The government as a duty to provide finances to health institutions. The same way they put importance in…

  9. I support the disconnect. EWSC has a mandate to effectively supply water to all people as a service. As a government Institution, Management of the hospital and of course the Police should have been servicing the bills (to avoid the accumulation) for continued water supply.

    EWSC needs the money to help service their outstanding payments especially with the suppliers of equipment that helps them in good service delivery.

    If hospital management think they wont need to pay the bills then it would be good for them to identify another water service provider or have boreholes drilled.

    Water Supply goes with a cost and you don’t get the service if you cant pay for it.

  10. police are quick to arrest but extremely poor at honouring credits at personal and institutional levels. lets learn t pay 4 services.govt institutions shud be having priorities in a right order. go green which has proven cheap at the end

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